Chapter 16: The Courtdate.

Judge Reddington looked over at the jury of 12 people and said, "Juror Number One, what is your verdict on the accused, Deandre Johnson. He has a few other last name, but that is his real name."

Juror number one stood up and cleared his throat and pushed back his glasses and looked down at the paper. Ka'Shon and Wale grabbed hold of eachother hand and held the breath for dear life. Dre looked back at them and then focused on Juror Number One.

Juror Number one said, "The defendant is charged with two accounts of Murder: Antwonio Gonzales and Brock Ghales. After a very long delibration we find him..."

(2 Days Earlier)


"Yea, Alex girl. He says he is on his way so we can do my project. I had to legit cancel my damn waxing appointment."

She said, "T.M.I My friend. At least your partner is putting in effort. Pheobe isnt even trying. She had the nerve to say do it and put my name on it." She talka about this girl all damn day. It literally is getting sad, just admit you are a lesbian. I heard a knock at the door and said, "Cartier, must be here. Ill call you back,Chile."

I hung up the phone and jumped out of bed and wen lollygagging towards the door. I realized I only had on black briefs. Luckily, I didnt give a fuck. I opened the door and said, "Hey, I-" I stopped midsentence, because it wasnt Cartier, there stood a frazzled Jay-Royce. I Didnt even know, he knew where I lived.

He wanted to meetup a couple days ago, but I declined. What he did got my brother killed in cold blood. All the people who had a hand will pay for it.

He walked in and I said,"Jay, you can be here right now. Cartier is coming over to do Ms.Carter project." He walked down the hall disregarding what I just said. He asked, "where is your room?"

He opened Wale room door and I snapped, "thats wale room. What are you doing?" Wale was gone somewhere he didnt tell me.

Jay said, "this must be yours." He opened my roomdoor and walked in. I scurried after him and as I walked in, he was stripping. He was shirtless and that was a nice sight. I swallowed the lump in my throat as he unbuckled his jeans. I asked, "Jay, what are you doing?"

He looked back at me and replied, "im about to take a shower and lay down." I walked over to him while he was grabbing the brim of his Andrew Christian Briefs. I stopped him and yelled, "JAY WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? ANSWER ME."

He exhaled and confessed, "I got kicked out. Ive been living in a damn halfway house." I asked, "kicked out, why?"

"Grandpa caught me fucking a dude in the house." He blurted out. He saw my eyes get big and continued, "ever since we kissed, I had to explore this. Now it has resulted to me living on the street. So can I please stay a few nights?" My heart poured out to him, I cant put him out back on the street.

He stated, "look I know you hate me for calling the cops that day. Maybe I overstepped, but at the time it felt right. You could have been hurt and I wouldnt have been able to live with myself if you would have gotten hurt."

I screamed, "Fine, go bathe.towels and rag are under the sink. Dont use my soap. Get a fresh one from the cabinet. Ill see if I could find you some clothes."

He said, "speaking of clothes can you put some on." I chuckled, "this is my house. I can be naked if I wanted to."

We both laughed and another knocked erupted. I grabbed my Victoria secret jacket and some purple ripped skinny jeans. I quickly go dressed and ran towards the door.  I opened it and Cartier tall frame graced my presents. His light brown lips, little mustache, broad shoulders, oh my...

He said, "so can I come in." I stuttered, "uh--um-yea yea. Come in. He walked in carrying bags.

He admired the view.

"wow this is a nice apartment. Your parents must be loaded."

I walked toward the living room and replied, "Parents dont live here. I live here with my bestfriends. I dont get on with my parents."

He looked back at me and said, "because you like dick in the butt." I chuckled,"bingo."

We took a seat and asked, "so where all the money from?" I answered, "lets just say someone gave it to us. Now what you brought for our Skeletal system display."

He went to blabbing on,"I found alot of shit yo. So I just brought it all. I need to pass this year, I dont wanna be a senior for the third time."

I asked, "why you allowed yourself to do 2 times?"

He exhaled, "I was into drugs, guns, robbing, hell almost killing last year. I always felt like the world owed me something. So being a thug was my way of getting it. Last summer, My partner in crime got in a car crash. Before he died in  the hospital he told me, to give up that life and go back to school. You worth more. He left me with 2.3 million dollars of drug money. I didnt know what to do with it all, so I gave half to my family and returned to school. That life only gets you so far, you know? Well you dont  you into badazzling and beyonce." Cartier just spilled every word out that I was trying to get through my brother and Dre head.

I playfully hit his arm and said, "whatever, Beyonce is Queen. You better respect the beyhive or be stung."

He laughed, "aye you funny,shawty. Nah, she cool though."

I stood up and said, "lets get started."


"So being that im 18, I wont be able to adopt?"

Ms.Columns stated, "I understand what you are trying to do. I pulled the baby case file, the mom is alive and can get her child back being that the dads in jail."

I snapped, "Ma'am , Dre maybe in jail, but he was more of a damn father than any man could be. He protected that child, cared for that child, hell even cried for that child. My bestfriend, Ka'Shon, havent been alright without this baby. He maybe putting on a good face,  but its lies. This baby was theres and to be giving this baby back to his horrible mother isnt right. I read the guidelines. 1) Have a stable home. We have that. 2) have an income to take care the child. We have that. 3) safe environment. We have that now. 4) adoption license. Well, thats why im here. If there is anything you can do, Im begging you." Jamar doesnt deserve to go back to Rita, hell no. With Dre courtdate coming up Friday, everything can be back normal. Well, almost. Plus, I killed Brock in selfdefense. Seeing Dre take the blame is eating me up inside. This will do me right.

She exhaled, "Ill put in for a trial run, but dont get your hopes up."

I asked, "Trial run?"

She explained, "its not adoption, but its a 4-6 week period for a family to be under evaluation to see if that child is getting the needs it need met. If it goes through with my boss, ill be conducting house visits. All I can promise you. Okay?"

"Okay, ill be waiting for your call." I told her as I got up and exited her house. As I walked out I recieved a message, from Mr.Vause.

"Hey, Wale. My daughter want you to teach her to curl under the water and push off the wall before her Saturday meet. Her coach says it needs practice." Ugh, Im really contemplating this. I dont wanna be there around him. I replied, "Tell her ill be over, after school tomorrow."

He replied a smiley face. I rolled my eyes and sighed.



"Wale, do you mind if he stay one more night?"

Wale looked at me as he was headed out of the door to go to Mr.Vause house. He had the towel threw over the shoulder. He said, "I mean he can, but he have to be out, before Dre comes home."

I put the emphasis on "IF-" and continued, "he comes home." Wale took off his towel and asked, "where is Ka'Shon at , because Ka'Shon I know would not be this coldhearted. Its like you want him to live the rest of his life behind bars."

I mumbled, "it wouldnt be a bad thing.."

Wale gasped, "say it with your chest."

I stood up off the living room couch and yelledd, "IT WOULDNT BE A BAD THING.Ever since he entered our lives it flipped upside down. He have poisoned our lives and tomorrow half of me wants him out for his kid and half of me wants him inside for me. My brother is dead, because of him."

Wale banged on the counter, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Ka'Shon let me say this to you, Ja'Shon is dead because of himself. You are going around blaming the world when the person whose to blame is floating around in Paris Lakes. Ja'Shon made his bed and have to lay in it. I loved him just as much as you did. Yea , he is your brother, but we shared a bond. I cry myself to sleep knowing he cant cuddle me if im cold. Or I forget to wake up because he woke me up every morning with his soft kisses. I lost the love of my life. It was like my heart was ripped out of my chest. Some days I wish that the bullet in me did make it to my heart, so I can be with him. Ka'Shon wake the fuck up and realize that you still have a chance at your happiness, you are too stubborn to realize it. Yea, Dre has fucked up...i mean who havent. I know why you dont want him out, because you will have to face him. And once you stare into those hazel eyes, your heart will melt and you will be reminded that he is the love of your life. Am I right or Am I right?"

I took a deep breath and plopped back down on the chair and tears ran down my face. I didnt even care to respond, because every word he spoke, spoke volumes. I heard the door closed and I sat back on the chair. My phone buzzed a picture message from Cartier. I opened it and it was the finish product of what he mads yesterday. I replied it looks amazing. I laid back on the chair and mumbled, "lord, get me through this."



"Unghh-uhh-awww---fuckk---shhhh--ummm--ohhh---shhiittt--oh fuckkk--im cummmingg!!" I whispered in a hard tone as I released ropes of cum into Carl mouth. I heard him licking off his fingers and he said, "wow, I never had so much protien at one time. Welp, this was a great finale."

I sat up in my bed and replied, "huh?" He looked at me and whispered, "this is your last night in this place, hopefully. You didnt join Titan Bitches and I got some dick. I think we are all happy." He stood up and walked back over to his bed. He took a seat and said, "damn its  only ten o clock." He laid back on his bed and asked, "so whats the first thing you are going to do?"

I exhaled and said, "first thing first Im going to eat a decent meal. Then after that, where ever life takes me. I really fucked up,Carl. I fucked shit up so bad, that I might as well stay in here. Everything that I was living for was snatched away from me. My love, my child, and my life."

Carl said, "I know the feeling. 7 years ago I was in your spot. I was the baddest bank robber. I got caught and my whole  life stood still. I never thought Ill be a cockhungry fag. I had a million bitches hanging off the nuts of my dick. I got three children and a nice family. They all turned away from me the day I was sentenced for 23 years. I was a mess in here. Fighting everyday to keep these niggas off. Titan gave me safety. All I had to do was be his bitch. I was hesitant at first, but when that dick dropped inside me it hit a switch that I never want to turn off. He isnt all bad. I havent been in a fight since then. These people fear him and so they fear to mess with me." Wow, I never got this much out of him. You think you know a person, until you hear their story. I sat up and asked, "so what of your life once you get out in 14 years?"

In the dark, I seen his shoulders shrug and him say, "Im not even Carlton Jameson anymore. Thats Why I go by Carl. I lost myself in here. So thats why I said this was the finale, because if your courtdate turns to shit. This will be the last day that you are yourself." My chest rose and fell fast, I finally became scared. I was shocked, because nothing scared me, but this did.

"Lord, please get me through this."


"This was a nice dinner, but I have to get home. I have a something in the morning." Wale said as he got up from Mr.Vause kitchen table. Mr.Vause got up behind him and replied, "let me show you the door."
They walked down the hall and Mr.Vause replied, "you taught her pretty well. I know she will succeed on Saturday."

Wale in a cocky voice replied, "well,with my skills anyone would." Mr.Vause opened the door and looked into Wale eyes and said, "Goodnight." Wale stood shocked,because he expected some effort from this man to try to get him to go upstairs and make noise all night.

Wale blurted out, "nothing."
Mr.Vause squinted his eyes and replied,"come again?"
Wale said,"nothing." Wale walked passed him, brushing his shoulder and as the door closed and locked, Wale looke back.

Mr.Vause leaned up against the door and a saddened look fell upon his face. He exhaled and walked off upstairs.

Wale bit his bottom lip and walked back toward the door, but before he can knock his phone started ringing. It was Ka'Shon. He answered it and said, "hey wassup?"

"nothing, I just cant sleep. Can you hurry home. I wanna cuddle. Jay-Royce is sleep in your bed."

Wale exhaled, "I wanna be mad, but Ill give you a break. Im on my way."


-The Courtdate-

Judge Reddington looked over at the jury of 12 people and said, "Juror Number One, what is your verdict on the accused, Deandre Johnson. He has a few other last name, but that is his real name."

Juror number one stood up and cleared his throat and pushed back his glasses and looked down at the paper. Ka'Shon and Wale grabbed hold of eachother hand and held the breath for dear life. Dre looked back at them and then focused on Juror Number One.

Juror Number one said, "The defendant is charged with two accounts of Murder: Antwonio Gonzales and Brock Ghales. After a very long delibration we find him..."

The doors of the courtroom burst open and Judge Reddington snapped, "D.A Johnson, why are you bursting into my courtoom?"

D.A Johnson caught his breath and said, "the missing piece of evidence was found today. The State prosecutor failed to even look for it, because it will hurt his charges."

Dre lawyer said, "D.A Johnson, what are you saying?"

D.A Johnson smiled and said, "The Glass used to slit Mr.Brock Throat has no trace Of Deandre Fingerprints. The fingerprint on here is faint, but sure is not Accused, You Honor."

Judge Reddington stated, "Sorry, but this case is about to close and that evidence could have been tamperd with. Juror number one continue."

"After a Long delibiration we find the defendant not guilty on both account of murder due to the lack of evidence.".

Dre looked over at Ka'Shon who was had fell weak in the knees. Wale was clapping. As they unloosened the handcuffs,Dre mumbled, "Thank you,God."

He hugged his lawyer and said, "Thanks."

His lawyer replied, "you are a free man."
He burst throught the wooden small gate and ran over to Ka'Shon. They hugged eachother tight and Ka'Shon said, "I thought you was gone forever."

Dre replied, "I Did to. I did to. Lets go home." They released from eachothers embrace and Ka'Shon replied, "No, here." Ka'Shon handed him a MCM bookbag and continued, "Its about 400,000 in here. Dont use it all on one place." Ka'Shon patted his chest and said, "Take me home, Wale."

Dre stood at a stand still. Lost for hope and words.

Chapter 17: This is my life.



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