Chapter 2: "Did you have sex with..."


"Baby i want this dog."I strolled down the website while i was naked in bed with Dre. He looked at me with those seductive eyes and pointed at the dog and said, "Ka'Shon, i dont like dogs."I hit his chest and pleaded, "babe i be boring around yall all day. I need something new and fun. Besides, a house isn't a home until you have a pet."I poked my lip out and he said, "okay okay okay baby. Ill get you a dog. Now put that damn laptop down and lets have some fun."

I chuckled as he closed the laptop and placed it across my body on our dresser. It was 2 in the morning and i knew Dre was Horny.I leaned down and laid on the bed. He climbed on top of me and placed those lips on mine and we began toMake out. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist so he can be between my legs. 

He bit down on my lip and i let out the biggest moan. "Ahhhh baby."He suddenly stopped and looked in my eyes and said, "i love you."

I love you Too Dre.

If anything was to happen or shit hits the fan, know i love you."I looked at him confused and he climbed off of me and was sitting on the side of the bed. He was rubbing his head. He has never been this down this fast. I crawled across the bed and went to massaging his shoulder and saying little sweet nothings in his ear. 

He looked back at me and i said, "bae whats wrong?"

Nothing, i just need a minute.

"Did i do some--"

No its me.

He got up and stated, "imma go smoke a blunt."

He Grabbed a blue pair of briefs and walked out of our room. Leaving in me horny and confused. 

Why is he so afraid to hurt me? What is going on?


I placed a dish in the dish washer and said, "yes Walé just got up and left.It was like he wanted to tell me something, but couldnt find the courage."

Wale hit his fork on the plate picking up a piece of Turkey and said, "maybe he wasnt feeling it. Ja'Shon and him just went out .When he gets back just ask."

I shrugged my shoulders and stated, "speaking of Ja'Shon. Whats ya deal with my brother?"

Walé began to cough and just as he was about to talk , someone ringed the doorbell. I wiped my watery hands on my grey joggers and walked toward the door. I opened it and the small funsize chico stood there with nothing but some shorts on. Showing off his great body.

"Hey im Carlos, i live next door with my boyfriend Brock. I was wondering is Dre here?"

Brock, the guy who kissed me in the parking lot. As he said that the memories of that kiss came back. Ive been trying to push it to the back of my head.

"Umm No he isnt . Why do you want him?"

He fixed something of mine. Weeks back and i need more fixing.

Walé came up behind me unknowingly and stated, "call a local plumber or something."

Carlos laughed and said, "i would have but Brock doesnt like unknown people in the house."

He doesnt know my boyfriend, i stated.Carlos eyes got big and shocked looking."Wow didnt know Yall was together. Didnt even know Dre was gay.Umm well when he return can you tell him to stop by and dont forget his tools."He gave me the most fake yet sly smile and walked off.

Walé snapped, "i dont like the queen. Ill drag him for you."

Please i highly doubt, Dre will even give him the time of day. 

"Then why didnt he tell him yall was together. Somethings up."

I closed the door and said, "ive been kinda worried about that too. But Dre and I are in a good place and i dont wanna ruin it."

Walé replied, "well you wont have to if Carlos chico papi ass come in his life. Cut that off now. I may know a little about relationships, but i know much about being a hoe and he has it written in BOLDED letters across his face."



"JA'Shon i love your brother alot. However, i did something that will hurt him if he find out.Also, that thing i did got me in a sticky situation."

Ja'Shon stuffed the Mcdonald fries in his mouth and stated, "bruh listen. If you did something , fix it. Then if youCant tell Ka'shon. My brother wears his heart on his sleeves. So be careful."I know and we are in such a good place. Besides , he have been bugging me about this brown Teacup yorky dog for weeks. However, i went behind his back and contacted the lady who breed them in te next town over. She has a 5 month old girl one. So after this im going to pay her a stack for it. Also, i need to go buy alot of accessories and shit.

Ja'Shon eyes got big and he whispered, "i may be fuckingg a male but im the male in that situation. I dont know shit about accesserizing , especially a damn dog. Now while we are at the Pet store buying stuff, ill call up Walé.

"And when you do, make sure not to forget to keep it a secret. His big mouth ass."Aye watch your mouth about himAlright. 

That big mouth does wonder if you know what i mean."

We laughed and i asked, "its like a vacuum?"Ja'Shon replied, "and my dick is the carpet."I laughed and asked, "so are yAll together?"Just as he was about to answer, my phone ringed. 

I grabbed it and stepped to the side."Are you crazy why are you calling me?"

"Um, I went over to your house. My boyfriend wants to meet with you and discuss business. Your little husband and his slick friend, nearly cursed meOut. Tell your puppies to stay calm around company."

Carlos, you better watch the toes your stepping on, because one just might step back. You may have something over me and thats only because i love Ka'shon. However, you ever disrespect him again. Life is short. Now ill be back in town tonight and we can meet up. IM OUT!"

I hung up and walked back over to Ja'Shon."Its the lady with the dogs. We can go get her now."


Carlos moaned, "Yess Brockk eatttt that asss!!"

Brock had carlos backed arched, knees down, and ass up. Feasting on his ass.He spit on his hole making it more wetter. He slowly yet roughly tongue lashed Carlos. Sending Carlos over the edge.

Brock rubbed on his hard dick and then stuck it in his mate. He was givig him stroke after stroke.

"You like daddy dick?"

I love you dick Papi.

"Then Act like it throw that ass back."

Carlos listened and went to ramming Brock dick all the way in him balls deep. He screamed in Pain."Awww Fuckkk baby. This dick feel good bae.""Papi why didnt you get Dre for me."He rammed it more in him causing him to wince in pain."He was out, Baby."Moments Later, Brock cummed all in Carlos ass. Carlos leaned up and kissed him and said, "ohh baby. We will get Dre. We both will, in due time."




"Ja'Shon, they should have Cheetah print beds. Also, cut little pink bows."Ja'Shon snapped into the phone."Baby i dont see that."

I yelled, "look harder. Ka'Shon is going to be so fucking happy."

Where is he now?"

Upstairs with Jamar. Changing his pamper."

Suddenly, i heard Dre in the background say, "i found it."

Ja'Shon said, "baby we found it. Thanks. Also, we got some treats, collars, leashes, a bag he can carry her in, a lot of Beneful food, and all type of shit. Dre went all out. See you in like an hour."

I smiled and hung up. Dre really do love my bestfriend. Ka'Shon has a good one on his arm. Dre maybe have alot of screws missing , but one is tightened in. And thats Ka'Shon.Dre will be stupid to throw all that away for a piece of ass.

Ka'Shon walked back into the living room and stated, "his shit was actually green. He isnt eating peas anymore. I heard you yelling, at who?"Your damn brother. He is so late coming back with my chipotle."

I called Dre he didnt answer. Speaking of my brother again whats the deal.I took a deep breath and said, "we arent together, but we make each other happy right now. With both of us losing my sister , we are just comforting each other.

"So how is it?"

"Your brother can lay down somePipe. Have me sore for days. Like ya brother dick is a monster. I be trying to ride it lik a horse. He is mad cool not only in the sex department.Like i think i love him. But we havent made it official. But we arent rushing. We are just taking it slow."

Ka'Shon leaned across and hugged me. "Take care of my brother. He needs find a movie on Netflix while i take out out the trash."



I walked got the trash and walked outside. It was windy. I quickly hurried and dumped it. As i was walking back to the house i heard a familiar voice say, "hey Ka'Shon."

I Turned to see Brock all dressed up.Versace shirt, leather pants, shades, and Jordans."Hey and where are you going all dressed up?"

Out to town. Its boring in The house all day.

I sighed, "tell me about it."He slowly but surely walked over to me and then he said, "look about that kiss it was a spur of the moment thing."I exhaled, "yea I know. Besides, you are happily in your relationship with Carlos."And you with Dre."Yup."I gave him a Smile and he said, "yup but that doesn't mean we cant have fun."

My eyes got big and he suddenly wrapped his hand around my waist and grabbed my ass. His touched was so invigorating and inviting. However, it was wrong.I slapped him and stated, "im in a relationship are you serious."He laughed and explained, "well you might want to remind Dre of that."

He dug into his pocket and grabbed his phone and strolled down something. He then showed me a video. It was of our backyard shed. Seconds later Carlos walked out smiling. Then Dre followed behind him. Zipping his pants up.My heart dropped into my briefs and the tears was coming at any minute. I slapped the phone out his hand and ran into the house. I didnt even bother to tell Walé. I ran upstairs to my room and closed the door. I jumped in my bed and got under the covers.Tears was pouring down. That video proves it. He is cheating on me with Carlos. I was fighting every thought in my head, because i was two seconds off that bitches ass.



Ja'Shon and I pulled up and i grabbed the dog and went to the door. I knocked and Walé answered.He said, "aww she is so adorable. Ka'Shon is upstairs, must have got sick.""Okay go help Ka'Shon with the bags."I was happily running upstairs with the dog in hand. I knocked onThe door.

he snapped, "walé leave!"It sounded Like he have been crying. I swear if Carlos did anything to him, im going to beat his ass.I banged opened the door and cut the light on.

He sat up and his eyes was puffy.I snapped, "WHO IN THE FUCK DID IT? BABY TELL ME."


I had to lie."What the fuck? No i didnt."I saw proof of yall coming out the shed. Did you have sex with Carlos, Dre?My chest was rising and dropping fast. I didnt know what to say. He got up and walked over to me and grabbed his dog and said, "Thank you, but answer my question! Did you?"

Ka'Shon im so--





Ipleaded, "but i love you Dre. You cant do This to me. Im sorry. Ill do Anything."

Ka'Shon smiled and Said, "goodPack ya shit and go. Leave Jamar."

To BE continued.



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