Chapter 14: Mistakes Lead To Death.


I felt so bad cheating on Ja'Shon with the principal of the school but it felt good. I been being good though. J have been calling me back to back. I have like 15 missed calls. I didnt answer them, because I was afraid he would know I cheated by the sound of my voice.I pulled back up to the Hotel and parked. I got out and recieved a text from Ka'Shon.

"Wale, Jay-Royce kissed me. We have to talk when we get back tomorrow." I was shocked as if I was trying to read a foreign language. Shaking my head. I arrived to the hotel room like 3 minutes later. The door was cracked open, maybe room service was here. So where was J. I walked in and realized no one was here, but a paper on the desk.

"Hey, sweet cakes. I rode off. See you later." Ja'Shon never called me no damn sweet cakes, but this is in his hand writing. Hmmm..maybe he isnt mad after all.

I laid back on the bed and looked up to the ceiling. I began quickly sleepy. Maybe, if im asleep about time he co.e back, he wont argue at me.


A water bucket is picked up by Twon and dashed on to a tied up Ja'Shon, in a unknown location. He wakes up coughing up water and looks around the room. Blood drips from the top of his eye. He sees Brock and Carlos in the corner and Twon standing in front of him.

He chuckled, "yall have fucked up. Yall mofos are dead."

Carlos said, "nope, the note we made you right will buy is time... time to kill you and get rid of the body before any one no you are missing."

Ja'Shon laughed in the inside. He knows Wale will read that note and realized something is up, he never called him sweet cakes. Hopefully, he will contact Dre.

Ja'Shon replied, "So why im not dead yet?"

Brock answered, "well, that will be top easy, plus we need the intel on your little friend, Dre, location."

Ja'Shon snapped, "That aint happening. Ill die before I give up my boy."

Twon picked up a container filled with Bleach and other household cleaning products. He walked over to Ja'Shon and said, "Welp, I see you want it the hard way."

Twon poured the fluids on to his face burning Ja'Shon's eyes really bad impairing his visions.

Brock snapped, "Give him up or we return to that hotel and bring your little dick sucker back."

Twon looked over at Brock and said, "Thats a great idea. Carlos stay here with this shrek looking motherfucker. Pour that shit on his ass every 5 minutes. Brock and I are going to get Wale. They will talk if they see their loved one being hurt."

Brock and Twon exited the hard steel door. Carlos looked over at Ja'Shon and Ja'Shon groaned at him, making him jump. Ja'Sho mumbled,"pussy once I get out of these chains, you are dead." Carlos cleared his throat and went over and made sure the chains was tightened.


14 Hours Later.....


"Is everthing packed up, Slim?" Dre asked as he carried the cooler into the trunk. We was finally getting out of these woods. It was a nice trip for us, but I need to get home. Jay-royce kissed me and im so scared to tell Dre, because he might kill him. To make matters worst, he have to drive back with us. Im letting him drive in the front seat, so I can be able to watch Jamar in the back and Derrick.

We all loaded in and Dre pulled off. Jamar had starting holding his own bottle and I felt like a proud father in a way. All of a sudden, Dre asked, "So Jay why your girl left? She couldnt cope with the forest life?"

The biggest lump formed in my throat and I was pitching the seat under me hoping that Jay response doesnt give off any clues to the real reason why. I want Dre to know that Jay-Royce kissed me, but from me.

Jay cleared his throat and chuckled, "No, her parents needed her back home.  I think her Dad got sick. I was enjoying it out there, so I let her go own ahead." Dre looked over at him and looked back at me and said, "So thats why she left, huh?"

I chimed in, "I hope her dad is okay." Dre is looking at me like he can see my chest beating fifty thousand miles per minute. I quickly pulled out my phone and texted Wale.

"Wyd." I needed a distraction.

He replied, "Shaving, I saw a couple of hair crowding around this bussy. You know I hate it." This boy has literally no filter.

I laughed and replied, "we are on the way back to the house. Hows has all the sex been with your brother?"

He replied, "Your brother has been AWOL, since last night. I woke up this morning thinking he will be here. Nope. Probably drunk off his ass somewhere."Where the hell is J?

I txted quickly back, "My brother usually doesnt drink that much, if he knows he have to drive."

Wale replied, "Thats true. He probably found someone to fuck in these people hotel."

I smirked, "Lol shut up, but go check if his car is in the garage."

Dre said, "who you texting that got you smiling?" I looked up at him and said, "Wale, J has gone missing on his ass."

Dre retorted, "Missing? What the fuck? Did he leave him some type of message or something?"

I explained, "I dont know. He going to check the parking garage to see if his car is there. You know Ja'Shon will find anybody to fuck."

My phone ranged and it was Wale calling. I quickly answered and he screamed into my ear, "HIS CAR IS HERE! HE HAVENT LEFT THE HOTEL."

I replied, "calm down. He probably is just um-" Suddenly, I heard Wale say, "oh fuck, Brock." He went running, because I heard wind in the background. My chest was beating fast. I yelled, "Wale, what did you say?"

He came back to the phone in a quick urgent tone, "Brock is running after me--" I heard tires swerve and a loud crash, before the disconnected. I gasped and begun to shake. Wale phone called me back and I picked up.


Twon deep voice spoke into the phone, "No that dicksucker is being loaded into out van. If you want your bestfriend and brother, you will deliver your thugcrossed lover to me in 24 hours. Ill send you the address via message."

The phone disconnected and Dre snapped, "Slim, are you deaf what the fuck is going on?"

I replied, "Dre, They have my brother and Wale."

Dre snapped, "They who?"

I answered, "Twon,Brock, and Carlos."

Jay-Royce said, "come again? There has been a kidnapping call the police."

Dre looked at him and stated, "no police. I will take you, my brother , and my son to my house. You will stay there until me and Ka'Shon return, you got that."

My phone  buzzed a message and I said, "Twon, just sent the address?"

Dre questioned, "why did they tell us where they at?"

I exhaled and confessed, "because they want me to deliver you to them in exchange for Wale and my brother." Tears rolled down my face at the thought of this. Im sick of all the drama Death, and the games. Jay-Royce added, "What the fuck is going on around here, are yall in a mob?"

I retorted, "Nope, im just a bottom who fell in love with a thug."



"Agghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I screamed as Carlos pour the bleach and shit down my face into my eyes,mouth, ears, and mouth. My body was trembling. This have been happening like clock work for the last hourd since they left last night.

Carlos snapped, "you are a stupid fool? Just tell me where Dre is and this could stop. You think I want to do this?" I tried to look at him, but my vision was becoming impaired.

I replied, "You might as well kill me papi, because I will never and I mean never give him up." He slapped the shit out of me and I laughed and lied, "by this time they are gone. The message I left Wale was encoded for him to tell Dre to leave. You will never find him, dick eater."

He snapped and ran over to his phone on the table. I pulled as hard as I can and broke my thumb, to be able to slide my hands out. I screamed in agonizing pain, but didnt cause him to care, because he was on the phone. I slid my hand out from the chains, but I kept them behind my back.

Carlos hung up and walked back over to me and laughed, "seem like that message didnt work, because Brock and My brother are pulling up now with your little boyfriend and have contacted your sissy ass brother. We will have Dre soon enough." Fuck, Fuck Fuck.

The metal door opened and in walked Brock carrying Wale over his shoulders. Wale looked bruised badly. He threw Wale body down next to me and went to putting him into his own chains. I gritted my teeth at the thought of them hurting Wale. I will kill them all. I popped my thumbs back into place. Twon , Brock, and Carlos was talking in a corner. I whispered to Wale.

"Baby, its alright Im about to get us out of here. Just stay strong....stay strong for Daddy."

-2 Hours Later-

Wale had finally woke up and was sitting up like me. Twon and them was outside the metal door. So we could talk freely.

Wale was crying out, "J, my leg hurts badly. Twon ran me over in a car. This is not the end of my life. I cant believe this. I just cant.

I said, "Hey, shut up. I have a plan. My hands have been unloose for the last two hours. Im waiting for Dre to come. Knowing him he have guns and shit. imma need you to do something for me. Grab that knife off that table. Imma unloode your hands, so you can do it."

I quickly went to unraveling the chains and he asked, "J, why cant you do it?"

I told  him about all the bleach and he cried out, "Baby , are you okay?"

I got his hands free and said, "Yea, go."

He got up and limped fast over to the table and as he grabbed the knife, the door opened. Brock walked in. He spotted him and ran quickly over to him, I snapped, "Wale, Now!!" Wale spinned around and with a swift move cut his throat from ear to ear length. Blood splattered everywhere, all over Wale. I stood up as Brock body fell to the floor. Wale was shaking hard and trembling, "O-o-i-i-i just killed somebody."  

I walked over to him and hugged him. "Its no time for this. We have to go."I dropped the knife from his hand and helped him over to the door. I slid the door open and little and peeped Twon and Carlos by their car. Also, I seen the sight of Dre Rangrover pulling in the warehouse gates 500 meters away from them.

Next thing I know Wale did the unthinkable. He ran out of the warehouse screaming, "FUCK YOU, HOLDING ANOTHER KNIFE IN HIS HAND."

He was charging at Carlos and Twon. Twon peeped him and pulled out his gun. I screamed, "WALE, No!!!"

Twon pulled the trigger twice both bullets entering Wale chest, making his body go limp on the rock ground. My eyes grew big and my chest pumped slowly. It seemed to all be happening in slo-motion.

He aimed the gun at me , but before he can pull the trigger. Dre ran him over with the car. He jumped out and went over Twon body and emptied the clip on his ass. I spotted Carlos running towards the exit gate. I snapped, "Ka'Shon, check on Wale. Dre toss me a gun."

He threw me a gun and I went running after him and he was slow as a snail. I tackled him to the ground and he went to screaming, "IM SORRY! IM SORRY!"

I Stuck the gun into his mouth and massage the walls of his mouth with it. I snapped, "how you like this metal dick in your mouth, huh? Suck it or ill pull the trigger" Suddenly, I heard sirens and doors opening. I heard an officer say, "SIR, PUT THAT GUN DOWN!"

I looked at the cops with their guns all pointed at me. I looked down at Carlos tear filled face with the gun lodge down his throat. I looked back at Dre and Ka'Shon trying to keep Wale alive.

I stood up and put my hands up with the gun now pointed at Carlos forehead.

I snapped, "Get the ambulance out here now!!!"

The police officer snapped, "Sir, you have three seconds to put that gun down or Im unload-"

I mumbled, "I love you Ka'Shon. I LOVE you Wale. I LOVE you Dre." I pulled the trigger ending Carlos life for good and in a millisecond 7 police officers went to shooting at me. Bullets entered my body and exited quickly. I fell to my knees. I looked back and seen Ka'Shon being held down by Dre. He was trying to get over to me I suppose. However, it was my time to pay for my mistakes. The mistake of getting all the people I love into the crossfire. I fell to the floor and blood flew from my mouth. But I was okay, because I got to find rea love and most people die at 83 without finding it. As I took my last gasp for air, I whispered, "Im sorry."

-4 months Later-

"Are you all packed up?" Ka'Shon asked Wale.

Wale exhaled, "I think I have everything, lets go Paris,here we come."

Ka'Shon laughed and said, "Thats what I want to hear. My brother always wanted to go, so dropping his ashes off in the lakes of Paris will do him right." Wale face turned from a smile to a frown.  He rubbed Ja'Shon gold urn on the dresser and picked it up. He placed a kiss on it and mumbled, "I love you, baby."

They walked out of their new apartment and headed down the stairs and out the building. As they walked into the parking lot, Wale asked, "so have you talked to Dre?"

Ka'Shon exhaled, "Yea, he called from jail yesterday. We spoke. He have his sentencing in two weeks."

Wale replied, "how is it looking?"

Ka'Shon explained, "They have no evidence that he killed anyone that day, but they are building one hell of a case. Its he gets away scotch free or he will get life behind bars."

Wale stopped rolling his suitcase and said, "Bestfriend listen. You havent cried about this since your brother funeral alot has happened to you. Your brother died, the same day your boyfriend got arrested, the next day his brother and baby wad hauled away into Child Protective services. The next week in court you found out the police call came from Jay-Royce. All that shit hit you at once."

He exhaled and said, "and you forgot one thing. My bestfriend was fighting for his life in a hospital with two bullet shot wounds. And I want to be mad, but in the same way its over. Dre being away from us and my brother being dead is sad and it hurts. However, we got our life back. We can actually live our lives without being dictated by drugs and thugs.  We are enjoying our senior year, lets continue to when it returns next week. Its 2016 for godsakes."

Wale stated, "well that is true. Look we have to go our flight leaves in an hour."


Dre walked into his cell dressed in an orange jumpsuit, and took a seat on his bed.

His cellmate walked in and said, "Dre, tonight can I?"

Dre snapped, "Carl, I told you. Im in a relationship you cannot suck my dick. As much as I wanna fuck that hole and feel your hot mouth wrapped around my dick, I cant. Im in a relationship."

Carl sucked his teeth and said, "In due time. its been four months. I know you are backed up. I will have that thug dick, eventually."

Dre laid back on his bed and mumbled,"Lord, please get me out of here."

Carl said, "Dre, if he loves you he would have visited you by now."

I replied, "He is just mad. My life got his brother killed. It will take more than an apology, but he finally answered my call yesterday."

Coming up...

Chapter 15: A New Start.Chapter 16: The CourtDate.Chapter 17: This is My life.Chapter 18: Its Your Fault, Dre.Chapter 19: Please Dont let it be over.Chapter 20: If I should stay.Chapter 21: I LOVE you.Chapter 22: Graduation.Chapter 23: The Thug and The Bottom that loves him.

(They are wrote, just being edited. All should be posted by Mid-Feb. I promise guys.)



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