Chapter 15: A New Start.



I dumped all the clothes from Paris into my dirty clothes hamper. We had a blast, Wale and I. We needed that. Saturday was an emotional day though. We dumped Ka'Shon ashes into a river and did a candle thing. It was pretty sad. I still wake up sometime and smirk thinking , Im about to get up and go yell at him and Wale to get up. However, once I rub my eyes I look around and realize we are in a whole new space.

The Apartment/loft we live in is closer to the school. Its Belldine AirBuildings. It was 50,000 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, balcony, indoor pool, and all the things the building come with. Also, its on the 34 floor. Money, isnt a problem. Deandre had all his money transfered nto my account, plus Ja'Shon had like 3 milliom saved up in his closet at the house. I let Wale take that. Im well taken care of. Only, thing I hate is that Derrick and little Jamar was taken.  However, word is from their lawyer that Rita is about to get the baby back and Derrick Dad wants to be in his life.

Deandre pleaded to me on the phone to not let that happen, but its out of my hands. It hurts to see that smart young boy hurt, but with every action there is and will be a reaction. I exhaled and wiped my tears from my face. Clouding my brain with these memories hurts my heart. I need to get to the bed the Spring Semester of Senior Year starts in the morning. I walked out of the bathroom and stripped down to my briefs and climbed into my kingsize bed and took a deep breath.

I prayed to God, drifted off into a slumber.


Wale slept peacefully in his bed down the hall, until his phone ringed. He looked over at the lighted up screen and seen it was Principal Vause. He havent spoken to him since Homecoming night. He wanted to have sex, but Wale turned him down due to not being over Ja'Shon and that he is his principal. He picked up the phone and with a raspy,"Hello."

Principal Vause replied, "Are you up?" Wale rolled his eyes and sat up, "Yea at Midnight. Im actually about to bungee jump off the damn building."

He laughed, "That sarcasm is cute. I just called to tell you that we are having a dance this friday and I want you to organize it."

Wale argued, "You couldnt tell me this tomorrow morning?"

He laughed, "well I was rubbing this dick and thought about when your mouth was wrapped around it." Wale exhaled, "Goodnight, Mr.Vause.!"
Wale hung up the phone and exhaled.

"When is this man going to get it?"


  -BrookeStone Correctional Facility-


They slapped the orange glob on my plate on the green plastic plate. I looked at the built nigga behind the counter and gave him a mean mug. I snatched my plate and looked back at the table where Carl was at. He was surrounded by the Black guy,Titan, who he is a bitch for and the rest of Titan bitches. I spotted a seat by Old Man Zion in the corner. I quickly tried to walk over to the table when I felt a foot go out and I fell to the floor. My tray flew and hit the floor. I hopped up and turned around, it was Titan. The whole table laughed and he snapped, "get up bitch." I looked over at Carl and he was biting his bottom lip. I looked at security and exhaled.  It was taking every fiber in my bone not to slit this nigga throat.  I have a courtdate friday and its my sentencing. My lawyer said it was going to be a jury and that its not looking good, but if I have to blow up that courthouse, I will. I have to get back to Ka'Shon. I untightened my fist and continued my walk over to the table. I took a seat and the old man said, "wow no one ever even dares to give Titan a stare down like that. You love your life son, because if you do just do what he want."

I snapped, "I be damned if I become anybodies bitch in here. Ill kill him."

The old man chuckled, "dont let his little faggot bitches fool you. They have done alot of dirty work between these walls. Have killed for their Daddy. Him taking interest in you can only end in two ways." He handed me his yogurt and fork. I opened it and said, "And whats that?"

Old Man Zion said, "You become one of his bitches or you get killed." I said,"Well hopefully Friday is my last day in here."

He laughed, "Hopefully, because if you are back on saturday. You will have a problem to deal with-um."

I told him, "Im Dre. You seem like a smart old man, what you in here for?"

He said, "15 years for manslaughter. My son was being raped by our pastor for 10 years. Last year, I caught him in the act. That fuckboy had my son tied up to a chair sticking a pole in his ass. I lost it and took my pocket knife out my pocket......76 stabs later he was dead." Damn, he didnt even seem like that type of guy. My problem isnt that far from his, im about to be charged with two murders. However, with their lack of evidence, I can get off.

He chuckled, "Everytime I tell someone that story they have that same impression. Im good. Ill be 62 when im released. Ill take 15 bad years for my son to enjoy the next 15. You have kids, yougin'." I swallowed spit and memories of Jamar flooded my brain. I exhaled and stated, "Yea, I have a little boy. He turns one next week."

His eyes widened and said, "Well,in that case I hope you get out of here."

The guard alarm went off signaling that we need to go back to our cells. I stood up and headed back. I hate speaking about Jamar, because it relates to the day my life turned from gold to shit. I lost everything. My freedom, son,brother,boss, and love of my life. If I get sentenced to 25 years to life, I would be sick to the stomach. I need to get out and fix this.

8:56 A.M


"KA'SHON!!" I turned around from my locker and spoted Alex. She ran toward me and we hugged. We have became pretty tight. She slapped my ass , "Yass that ass look thick in those jeans.  Is there anymore room for me."

I laughed, "Girl, you are stupid. I missed you." I unlocked my locker and kissed Ja'Shon picture. I grabbed my Anatomy book. Alex said, "Sooo Ms.Carter sent us our first project already for Anatomy. And we arent partners. Im partners with that bitch, Pheobe." Pheobe is a dark hair, motorcycle driving girl. She seems to be very dark and can scare Michael Myers. Alex dont like her, but something tells me she is crushing. She never talks about boys.

I said, "I didnt even check my damn partner. Hope its not Jay-Royce."

She laughed, "Actually its not, he is partners with Renee. She texted me so excitedly. I was like girl he kissed my friend thats a boy...he dont want girls." I covered her mouth and said, "Say it more louder can you. Those nerds in the library didnt hear you. I told you that in confidence."

She replied, "sorry, just saying." We burst out laughing and I said, "besides we havent talk since then. He the one who called the cops that shot my brother. I have no words for him." I didnt tell her the full story, but she knows that the cops killed him and about Dre going to jail.

She pulled her phone out and went to typing away. As we arrived to the door she said, "Cartier Wallace. Who the hell is that?"

I replied, "I dont know, why?" She turned her Note 5 to my face and said, "because he is your partner." I read the line and shrugged. He wasnt in our class when we left in December. He must be a new student. I opened the Anatomy class door and the fat Ms.Carter waddled over to us showing off her fat ass cameltoe. She is dead wrong for that. Like is she serious.

She said, "welcome back Alex and Ka'Shon. Take your seats with your partners." Alex rolled her eyes and mumbled, "great." and walked over. I cleared my throat and took off my Louis Vuitton bookbag and said, "Ms.Carter, I dont know who my partner is? Is he a new student."

She pointed to the table and replied, "he isnt here yet, but thats yall area." I gave her a smirked and walked off. As I took my seat. I pulled out a binder. The class bellrang and Ms.Carter said, "Today ladies and gentlemen is a new start. Its 2016. Everything that happened in 2015 lets forget and move on, because Time waits for no one. So if you are stuck on something, just know that time is moving on. Wake up and realize it." I wish it was that easy lady. Just 4 months ago I was in a middle of a shootout. Deandre changed my life for the good and bad. He showed  me true love for good. And bad, because of all the troubles that come with being a Thug. However, Friday I want him to be released. Prison is drastic for him and wont due him no good. knowing him he have already made enemies. Where Dre is, Drama is close behind.

The classroom door slammed and shook the floor literally. Everyone eyes turned to the door. Their stood A tall, 6'4, built, Caramel skinned latino boy. He had tattoos all over his arms and neck. He seemd like a badboy, no doubt. Please, dont be my partner. Pretty please.

Ms.Carter said, "Class this is Carti--" He cut her off and looked at us and addressed us, "My name is Slash. Now back to work, pussies." I looked back at Alex and she mouth, "Oh Fuck." I planted my feet on the ground, because if he try anything with me being gay, once Ms.Carter tell him Im in his partner. I WANNA BE READY IF WE GOT TO FIGHT.

He and her walked over to her desk and they talked and I seen him look over at me and I swallowed the glob of spit in my throat. I exhaled as he walked over to the chair. I slid my chair back slowly just in cased. He sat down beside me and his cologne went through my nostrils. He smelled like the Polo Cologne Dre use to wear. I closed my eyes and my memories took me back to the day Dre gave me a shave.


"Dre, what if you cut my ass. I dont trust you boy." He sucked his teeth and said, "Slim, shut up and take off this briefs. Hurry, Jamar will be getting up in a minute."

I exhaled and slid off my briefs. He licked his lips and said, "i swear bae, once ive been dicking you down. That ass have gotten fatter." I rolled my eyes and laughed,"my ass been fat.dont play." He stood up and took off his shirt. I smelt the whiff of his cologne and moaned.

He laughed, "I swear that cologne have gotten me so much pussy before you. I guess it works for you to." He spreaded my legs and he shaved me right and didnt fucking cut me. I Felt his lips kiss my bussy and I groaned.

"I dont think thats part of a shave."

He replied, "its the Dre special. And its the only for my baby. THE ONE I WIL MARRY."

I sat up and said, "you serious. You wanna marry me." He sat beside me and said, "i mean no time soon, but yea. Once you finish school next year. Get into U.C.L.A. We move to California and then it can happen. You, Jamar, Derrick, and I. Thats my family." I kissed him and replied, "I love you boy."

He stood up and whipped out his dick and said, "I know,Slim. Now show Zaddy how much you do."


Cartier or shall I say Slash whispered, "Bruh, you good?" I looked over at him and said, "Yea, why?"

"Um, we gotta start this, but you have another problem. I aint like that, man." He whispered. His eyes traveled down and I had a rock hard dick. Its been awhile. I was so embarass now this boy think its for him. He chuckled and said,"I know it get the hoes, horny. I aint know for faggots too."

12:02 P.M


"Yes, Im here to see Principal Vause. He told me to stop by." I told the receptionist behind the desk. She had a cocked eye and scared me alot. She cleared her throat and replied, "he is in his office. Ill call him." I gave her a fake smile and she went to typing away. Im here to tell him I have to decline his offer. I dont need this around me right now. She reported to me that he would see me now. I walked around the desk and down the hall. I wore my jeans and Victoria Secret Pink Jacket. I wanted him to hear my clearly and dont get distracted by my assets.

I opened the door and walked in. He smiled those teeth at me and I gave him a quick one. I took a seat and exhaled.

He said, "Wale, I know about your boyfriend dying. It hurts , but I have lost someone too. I never thought I will ever put myself out there again. But thats when I Met my ex-wife."

I intejected, "so you want me to go straight. No offense, but pussy isnt my forte. I love dick. Thats not what this is about....this is about the dance Friday. A close friend of mine has an important courtdate and if it goes good or bad I need to be there to pick him up. I dont wanna dedicate myself to this, if i cant give you my all. Got me?"

He wiped around his mouth and replied,"okay." It was the driest Okay I ever heard. I feel bad. I continued, "But ill be there. I promise. Also, your daughter told me about her swim meet on Saturday. Im coming to see if my work paid off."

"Yea and thanks for telling me about that nasty motherfucker--" I cut him off. I couldnt fathom to talk about the child molestor anymore. I told Mr.Vause about it the day I woke up in the Hospital. He visited and I let him know. 

I stood up and said, "see you around, sir." He smirked, "Call me Daddy."

I laughed, "you dont give up , I see." I walked out the office and headed home. I was skipping last period. I needed to talk to Ja' spirit. I miss him so much.


Ka'Shon walked out of the school and headed towards his car to go home. He unlock the doors and heard someone say, "Karon.!!" He turned around to see Cartier running toward him. He was bowlegged. So freaking cutee...

He stopped by my car and I said, "its Ka'Shon.. and look im sorry --"

He cut me off, "Shut up. dont explain to me. Just listen. Give me your phone. Imma txt you when im coming to your crib to do this assignment."

I replied as I handed my phone over, "you going to help?"

"I aint a dummie. I may look it." He confessed. He handed me the phone back and said, "I saved my name as Slash." I laughed, "Hell no. I wont dare have no stupid ass name in my phone." I typed away and changed it to Cartier. I showed him. He snatched my iPhone out my hand. He typed. I grabbed and he said, "Yo chill, Slim." My eyes grew big and I stop fighting for my phone. He didnt notice. He handed it back and said, "I put the emoji Rock and eggplant. Since I gave you a hard one." He noticed my face and said, "yo whats wrong? I wasnt about to rob you. Why you crying?" I wiped the tears and snatched my phone.

"No its not you....someone i use to date called me Slim thats all." I confessed. He said, "well damn this chico sorry. Ill have to figure out another name for you."

I chuckled, "why is that?" He licked his brown lips and said, "I dont wanna call you something, someone else did. They clearly hurted you." He winked his eye and walked off, slowly. I got in my car and had recieved a text from Jay.

He said, "Can we talk? Its important."
As I typed Dre called from Jail. I pressed the green phone and answered.



"Wassup, Slim."

Ka'Shon cleared his throat and replied, "Hey, Dre. Wassup."

"Nothing, bored out of my mind. How was your first day back?" I asked.

He dryly said, "it was cool. How was your day?"

I replied, "umm, stupid. I havent ate shit because of this asshole in here. But lunch coming up."

Ka'Shon flipped, "you still on that mentality. You are facing life in Prison.....LIFE. I swear you dont know what that means." Yes, the fuck I do. I life without you.

"Slim, chill out. Ofcourse I fucking know. But me fighting and spazzing out about it aint going to make it no ounce of better. I have to be strong for the both of us. I know you, you trying to keep it all together. The day this shit hits you,its going to hit hard. Wale told me that you only cried once over your brother. Why are you holding that in? It aint healthy or safe. Its a mistake."

Ka'Shon argued, "A mistake was trusting you. A mistake was believing I can change you. If you wasnt lying behind my back, this would have happened. If you wouldnt have  fucked Carlos this would have happened." An silence went between the phones and I asked as one tear fell from my eyes.

"So the love between us was a mistake. The family we visioned was a mistake."

Ka'Shon  exhaled, "Nope it was a dream. A fairytale. We should have knew that , that shit is only in movies. Save that shit for Snow White and Cinderella. We are two gay boys that tried to make it and didnt."

"So if Friday go good for me....we are done?" I asked.

"dont worry about have more...pressing issues. Like your brother and child. Fix you damn life up. You cant love someone if you havent decided that, its your mission to love yourself. You cant be normal you have to be a thug. It excites you."

I asked something way offbase, "You fucking someone else?" He snapped, "Fuck you, Dre. Worry about not dropping the soap. See you friday." He banged it in my face and I slammed the phone down and screamed, "FUCKED!" I jumped up and demanded to be escorted back to my cell.

Moments later, I walked in and laid back on my bed and was breathing heavily. I heard Carl walk in and say, "someone looks pissed." I looked over at him and snapped, "Dont start. Ill break your fucking jaw. You hear me. You and your little crew have one more time-"

"Shut the fuck up. We run this place. Im trying to protect you from Titan, but you havent given me anything to see you want help. All I want to do is take that dick of yours and slobbed it down. A blowjob will keep him off your back until your courtdate, because word is tomorrow during rec he is about to tear that ass of yours a new hole. If you want it or not."  I be damned if he is going to rape me. A blowjob shouldnt hurt, plus it buys me time to Friday.

I looked over at carl and he licked his huge lips and got them moist. I moved all the way up the bed and I stated, "count is in twenty minutes. Knock yourself out." I unzipped my orange scrubs and whipped out my hard dick. He gasped, "I knew it will be something to wait for." He walked over and dropped to his knees. Feeling his mouth around my dick excited me.  I havent had sex in months. As he sucked my dick, I moaned, "aww fuck..oh shit."

This felt wrong.
But Right at the same.



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