Upon arriving to school, Marc was already there. Noah went to sit with his basketball team, Daniel hadn't met them yet so he went to sit with Marc.

"Where the fuck was you? Did Noah stay over all night last night?" Marc said, infuriated.

"He spent the night and I decided to ride to school with him. No big deal!" Daniel ensured.

"You fucking ditched me. AGAIN. Asshole." Marc said and stormed off.

It really hurt Daniel's feelings. He didn't see it as ditching. He was trying to ration his time between the two! He went to the party with Marc, they hang out every evening at football practice, and he invited him over to meet Noah just yesterday! He even said he was over the whole thing, but it looked as if he still wasn't. Noah noticed Daniel devastated and went over to comfort him.

"What the fuck is his problem now, Daniel?" Noah asked.

"He doesn't like me spending so much time with you. He says I ditched him again this morning because I rode to school with you instead of on the bus with him. He's been a real douche ever since you moved here."

"I wonder what his deal is? Look Daniel, if you want me to back off a little bit, so you can have more time with him-" he was cut off.

"No! I'll talk to him." Daniel said. The bell rang for first period and Noah and Daniel went off to the lockers, then on to class. They didn't mention Marc again.

"Look if you ever need somewhere else to sit besides with that douche, come sit with the basketball team. Hell if you get done early enough you can drop by the gym and I'll introduce you to them." Noah said.

"Alright sounds good."

Second period came. Daniel approached Marc to grab a seat. Marc seen him, got up, and left to sit with someone else. Daniel didn't want to make a scene so he didn't chase after him.

They didn't talk the whole period. Daniel was very upset. Daniel sat by himself at lunch today, as Noah sat with the basketball team. He didn't come over this time. Daniel didn't know what to do!

As the day dragged on, all Daniel thought about was Marc, and wondered what Noah's opinion in the whole situation was. Even Austin and Cody was ignoring him now.

It was time for football practice. It was raining outside so it didn't last long. Daniel, Marc, and the coach stayed behind to put all the practice equipment away. After he left, Daniel and Marc were the only ones left in the locker room. They hit the showers, and Marc was still not talking to him. It was a very awkward silence for quite some time. They both finished around the same time and slipped on their boxers. Daniel couldn't just let him leave, so he went over and confronted him.

"Marc listen to me. I don't know why you and Noah aren't getting along. We have been bros since fourth fucking grade. You're just going to throw all that away over me making a new friend?" Daniel waited for a reply. Marc looked up at him. It wasn't an angry look. It was more of a regretful look.

"Daniel. I'm an asshole I know. But something about seeing you and him, I.. I don't like it. Are you sure you guys are just friends?" Marc asked.

"Yes." Daniel lied.

"There's some I should tell you. I... I thought you guys were... together." Marc stuttered.

"Dude what gave you that idea?" Daniel tried to not make it look obvious that they may be a little more to his and Noah's relationship than just friends.

"Ok Daniel this isn't easy you know! I'm just jealous of you hanging out with him, that's all."

"But why? It's not like we can't be friends just cause I'm friends with Noah."

"Ugh!! Dude I've wanted to be more than friends with you for a long time! I'm gay." Marc yelled.

Daniel didn't know how to respond. He just stood there. The one he had dreamed about and jerked off to was gay the whole time! But there was one problem: Daniel now had Noah!

Both still in their underwear. Marc picked Daniel up and threw him against a wall and kissed him. Daniel had no chance at stopping it. Marc was much stronger than him. But as Marc kissed him harder and lowered him down, and put his arms around Daniel.

He didnt know what to do. How would Noah feel about this? While Daniel was kissing Marc he couldn't help but rub all over his body. He squeezed his ass. He had wanted to explore Marc for so long now, and this might be his last chance so he went for it. He touched all over his abs and crotch. He didn't like it as much as Noah's.

He pulled Marc's underwear down and sucked his cock. He got it down his throat a little further than Noah's dick. It wasnt as big. Marc was so horny that it didnt take long to get him off. He put his hand around the base while concentrating on Marc's head and jerked and sucked in rhythm. Marc shot his load down Daniel's throat and he swallowed every bit of it.

"That was great man! I want you all to myself. You and Noah are just friends, right? Marc asked.

What should Daniel do?




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