"Mind if I sit down?" Noah whispered as class began.

Daniel was still frozen. He was so hypnotized that he didnt even hear Noah talking to him. If he did, he probably would have fainted. Noah took it upon himself to sit down anyways and proceeded to attempt to make small talk with Daniel.

"Dude, are you okay? You don't look so good."

Daniel answered with mumbles and a stutter.

"You ran off so fast back there at the lockers, I never got your name. Do you play basketball?"

Daniel dug himself out of the funk he was in. "Uhh... Daniel. My name is Daniel. And I am actually the running back for the football team." He managed to get through this without only a few stumbles. He added an awkward smile at the end. He tried to look as natural as possible.

"Well that explains your quick getaway!" He said and chuckled. Daniel added a giggle too. "I'm Noah, by the way."

"Yeah.. Nice to meet you, Noah." Daniel stopped there in an effort to keep from embarrassing himself. He spent the rest of class playing out different scenarios and planning out different conversations in desperate hopes to be prepared for anything Noah may say after class.

The bell rang. Everyone packed up their things and headed out. Daniel was a little slow, still stunned from his utter stupidity all morning. He noticed Noah had already packed, but was still standing by the table. Daniel's cold sweats set in again.

"Hey Daniel, wanna walk to our lockers together? I got something I wanna ask you." Noah said.

Daniel had no words. He shyly nodded his head, and they walked. "What was going on?!?!" He though to himself. "I hope I haven't done anything to ruin my imaginary friendship with Noah." He frantically thought.

Noah spoke up finally. "So what happened at the locker this morning? You looked like you seen a ghost! What happened?"

Daniel got really nervous. "I was just uh... daydreaming! You know, I was tired this morning and you kinda spooked me." He cracked on every single word.

"Oh. As long as you're okay! I was hoping I didn't do anything to freak you out or anything, you're the only person I've actually talked to so far. I was never really good at making friends."

Daniel got excited. Was he trying to be his friend? Daniel hoped so! He wanted to be around Noah all the time, but he knew he had to figure out how to control his raging hormones at the same time. They arrived at the lockers. "You didn't freak me out!" Daniel finally manned up and announced.

Noah gave him a smile as he closed his locker back and made off to second period. Daniel started shuffling his stuff and got his things for second period. He glanced up one more time to get a look at Noah's butt. Noah had a great butt. It was round and cute, and the shorts he was wearing showed it off nicely. He wanted to squeeze it. He got lost in it when suddenly He noticed Noah's body shifting. He looked back at Daniel and seemed to notice Daniel staring his direction. Noah smiled that smile that Daniel had already fell in love with and then winked at him. This made Daniel absolutely melt! He proceeded on to class.

Noah was no where to be found in second period. This made Daniel a little sad, but he had that class with Marc, and if Marc had noticed him starting at Noah, he was sure to make a joke about it to the whole class. Marc was the class clown.

"So dude I think this girl Kayla likes me. She sat staring at me the whole block this morning. Dude she is so hot!" That's about all Daniel got before drifting off into his thoughts. He was thinking about that wink in the hallway just moments before. He wanted so badly to know what it meant. Perhaps he was thinking too much into it. He knew what he wanted it to mean. Noah had not been off his mind since that awkward confrontation in front of the lockers that morning. He still hasn't convinced himself if he was straight or gay, or even bisexual. But he still told himself he was straight.

"Dude are you even listening?" Marc growled.

"Yeah man! You got the hots for Kayla." Daniel replied as he snapped out of his trance. Marc rolled his eyes and started on the class assignment.

Second period was over as fast as it started and the students proceeded to lunch. When Daniel entered, Noah was already seated. He was by himself. Marc and Daniel met up with Austin and Cody to get lunch. Daniel couldn't stop glancing over at Noah eating by himself. He wondered if he should sit with him instead of his normal spot with the others. He eventually decided to bring up the idea of sitting with Noah. "Hey guys, wanna sit with the new kid? He looks like he could use some company!" Daniel suggested.

Austin and Cody answered " Ugh no way man! He'll be fine!" They laughed as they piled food onto their trays.

"Don't worry about him Daniel. Let him make his own friends. He'll be fine, like they said!" Marc replied and went towards the usual spot.

Daniel carried his food while trying to decide what to do. Noah said he was his "friend", how could he just leave him there? He ultimately decided to have lunch in his regular spot. He cracked under pressure. Austin and Cody sounded like they didn't have an interest in meeting him, and Daniel didn't want to be made fun of for abandoning them. It was a tough decision. He really wanted to sit with Noah. Thankfully he was sitting at a table where Daniel could easily stare at Noah while he eats. Even the way he chewed was sexy as hell.

Daniel finished his lunch while Marc chatted to the other two about Kayla. Daniel decided he would stop and casually talk to Noah as he took his tray up. He rose from his seat and took his tray with him. He was heading towards Noah after dropping it off. When all of a sudden, two girls showed up. They went over and sat with Noah and were giggling and acting all girly. One of them was Marc's Kayla. Daniel got somewhat embarrassed and quickly changed directions to go back to his table.

"Look at that asshole, getting in good with my girl. Looks like me and the new kid are gonna have to have a little talk." Marc said angrily as Daniel returned to the table.

"Dude she went over and started flirting with him, calm down!" Daniel said back, just as angrily.

"Shut the fuck up Daniel!" Marc yelled as he stormed out of the cafeteria. The girls left and Daniel knew it was his chance. He walked over to Noah a little quicker this time to avoid losing his chance again. He got over and proceeded to sit down as Noah looked up at him.

"Hey man, what's up?" Noah said. He seemed rather excited to see Daniel.

"Just thought I'd come over and check on you! Looks like you got those girls' numbers! They wrote them on your hand!" Daniel said half-heartedly. He wanted Noah to turn them down. He knew Noah wasn't into guys, but Daniel didnt want want to see him with some floosy.

"Yeah they invited me to some party this weekend, but I'm not going." Noah said.

"Why not?" Daniel replied

"Not really my thing, man. Not interested."

"Wow really? That one girl was cute! I'm sure you'll get a lot more numbers, you got the looks!" Daniel wanted to acknowledge him for his looks. Just to see where it led.

"Yeah, they're not really my type. I just wanna get settled in my new school." Noah said while smiling at Daniel once again.

The bell for third period rang. The two made off for their classes after saying their "see you later"s and such.

The rest of the day flew by. Daniel realized he didn't have anymore classes with Noah. He went home after football practice and jerked his cock so much he couldn't feel it the next morning. He may have shot a gallon of cum that evening.

He got a call from Marc. "Hey man, there is this party at the park this Saturday. I thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate you turning 18! Me, you, Austin, and Cody can go hang out and see what kind of babes we can spot!"

"I thought you were gonna try to talk to Kayla?"

"Nahh, man I didn't say that. I was just looking to get laid. She won't answer my texts, must have her head up that fag Noah's ass again."

"Dude he's really cool if you just get to know him! Kayla invited him to that party and he turned her down!"

"Get to know him? Why the hell would I do that? Well, Austin said he could take his mom's car and we'll go. We'll talk about this tomorrow. Bye." And with that, Marc hung up.

Daniel hit the hay after a hard practice and endless hours of stroking his cock to Noah. His face, his scent. He wore Axe body spray. Daniel noticed because he uses the same brand but a different scent. He went to bed in hopes of another brilliant day at school tomorrow.

Daniel woke up, got ready, and met Marc at the bus stop. They had their usual greetings, and small talk all the way to school. When they arrived, there was Noah in the same spot as lunch yesterday. But this time with a new girl. He saw Daniel walk in and made an awful face. Daniel laughed because he knew what he was trying to say: that girl was annoying the hell out of Noah.

They met up at the lockers and talked about the party this weekend. Noah had not changed his mind about staying home, and mentioned he got two more girls' numbers and a load of requests on Facebook. Daniel smirked at him, doing the best sexy-face he could pull off. It must have worked because he got an even better one back. The lump in his pants was growing so he had to get out of there before Noah seen.

Today, they weren't so lucky. They didn't get to sit beside each other in first period, the only class they had together.

First and second period came and went, and when Daniel got to lunch, he realized Noah wasn't in the same spot. He was sitting with the basketball team.

Daniel was both happy and destroyed by the sight. He was glad Noah was making friends but he wanted him all to himself.

He soon realized he wasn't going to be Noah's only friend. But sadly, they didn't really have any chance to talk the rest of the week besides when they were at the lockers at the same time. Which hardly ever seemed to happen anymore. Tuesday passed, and Thursday just as fast as Wednesday. Even the eye contact and occasional smile from Noah disappeared. Daniel was devastated.

Friday morning before school, Daniel checked Facebook before he left for school. He had a friend request from Noah! He was glad Noah hadn't completely forgot about him.

Daniel was determined to get a chance to catch up with Noah today. He didn't want the small friendship they had built to go away.




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