"Honey, I'm home! Is Noah over?" Daniel's mom yelled as coming up the stairs to Daniel's room. She knew since Noah's car was in the driveway. Daniel and Noah were still in their underwear, but they figured it didn't matter.

She pushed the door open. "I brought you boys some pizza for dinner!" She said as she noticed Noah laying on the bed while Daniel was on the computer. Even while Noah was soft, his bulge was pretty big. His soft dick was lying on his left leg, curled up in his boxers. It were clearly visible, and Daniel's mom noticed.

"Hope you guys are hungry. Haha.." He laughed awkwardly while trying not to stare at Noah's package. "Are you staying here tonight Noah?" She asked after regaining her composure.

"Uhh... I never really decided, I-" He was stopped.

"Well dear you are more than welcome, anytime you want to! Oh and Daniel, I don't have to work in the morning, I'll make you guys breakfast. So you don't have to set your alarm cock- I mean clock! CLOCK. Alarm clock." She said as her face turned tomato red. She must have been thinking about Noah showing his off while laying on the bed. Both the boys snickered loudly. "I meant clock haha. I'll get you both up in the morning." She giggled stupidly at herself and left.

Noah and Daniel looked at each other and laughed hysterically. "Bro I think my mom has a thing for you!" Daniel said.

""Hahaha she was staring my crotch down! I guess I shoulda put it away!" Noah laughed harder.

The boys ate pizza and watched tv for the rest of the night. "So, you're staying, right?" Daniel asked again.

"Well I can. I brought clothes for tomorrow in case the offer came up." Noah replied smiling.

"Dude you know you can stay over here whenever you want, for however long you want. I love having you here. And I don't think my mom would mind, either! Hahahahaha!"

"Oh come on, bro leave her alone! Haha!" Noah said. Neither could stop laughing.

They turned the tv on and got comfortable. "Come lay with me, Daniel." Noah said while patting the bed. Daniel walked over showing off

His body to noah and laid down. Noah put his arm around him and pulled him closer.

After a few hours of Family Guy and pizza, Daniel and Noah went to bed.


When it was time to get up for school, Daniel's mom did as she said and woke them up. She didnt walk upstairs, she just yelled from the kitchen. Daniel and Noah woke up and Daniel went down to talk to his mom while Noah hopped in the shower.

"Hi honey! I made you and Noah my famous omelette! Cheese, bacon and peppers. Where is he?" She said trying to look as casual as possible after what happened last night.

"He's in the shower. Why was you hoping to see him in his boxers again?" Daniel exploded in laughter.

"Shut up! It was just a slip of the tongue! I don't know what you're talking about." She laughed loudly and slapped Daniel's forehead. "Did he really see me look at it?"

"Yeah we laughed about it all night. It's not big deal mom. He didn't mind haha!"

"That was so embarrassing! It was just hard not to notice haha he was just laying there and... Well here's your omelette. Eat up!" She said to change the subject.

Daniel scarfed his omelette down as he heard Noah coming down the steps. "Hey I'm going to go take a shower, you gonna be ok alone with Noah? Hahahaha!!!"

"I said shut UP Son! Hurry or you'll be late! Now go!" She pushed him out of the room.

"Don't be too hard on her man. She's still embarrassed from last night." Daniel whispered as he passed Noah in the living room. Noah held back laughs.

Daniel's mom was doing the dishes. "Good morning Noah. Your omelette is on the table!" She said without turning around. She probably felt really awkward now that she knew Noah knew about it.

"Thank you ma'am." Noah said and sat down while trying not to giggle. He was fully dressed this morning!

The whole time Daniel was in the shower it was awkwardly quiet for the two of them. Noah decided to speak up. "This is a beautiful house you have."

"Thank you Noah! It's the same since I carried Daniel home the day after he was born."

It was quiet again. "You're not worried about.. Whatever happened last night, are you?" Noah asked hesitantly.

Daniel's mom took a deep breath and didn't answer.

"It's not a big deal at all. I had just got out of the shower and hadn't got dressed yet. I shouldn't have been laying spread eagle on Daniel's bed like that." He said with a chuckle.

"It's alright dear hahaha. I just.. It was kinda hard to miss you know?" She finally turned around and smiled at Noah.

Daniel came downstairs and laughed at both of them. "You guys ok down here?" He asked with a smirk. They both just laughed and shook their heads at him. This was the first time Daniel got a good look at Noah that morning. He had dark blue Jeans on that was just tight enough around his butt and thighs to show off his awesome physique. He had a white v neck shirt with a nice looking beige sweater over it. It was tight around his torso, showing his muscle arms and pecs. The collar on the sweater was folded just right, enough to expose the top of the hickey he gave him Saturday. His hair was fixed in its usual way, nice and spiky on the top, and much shorter on the sides. His bangs in front looked really good too. He really was sexy. Daniel stared at him for a few minutes as he finished his omelette.

"Well you boys better get going. It was nice to see you again Noah. Come back whenever." Daniel's mom said. And they left for school.




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