Daniel had a headache. He mustered up enough strength to text Noah back. "Bro you'll never believe what happened. Come over?"

"On my way :)" Noah texted back.

When he arrived, Daniel was waiting on him upstairs. He came on up.

"So what went on last night?" Noah asked excitedly.

"Dude do you know the two biggest scariest guys in school, Austin and Cody?" Daniel said while laughing.

"Yeah I've seen them around, what happened?"

"Well me and Marc had a little too much to drink and I ventured off to find them cause they had disappeared a while before. Anyways I went upstairs to find them in a closet sucking each other's dicks!! Right after Cody was talking about how much he hated fags!"

"Are you serious?? That is too hilarious!!" Noah exclaimed.

"Yeah but you can't say ANYTHING. Or Cody will kill me hahaha."

"So you had a good time then?" Noah asked again.

"Yeah it was great! But I would have rather went with you."

"Ahh you needed some time with Marc." Noah said as the smile dropped from his face.

"Dude you're not mad about anything he said are you?"

"Nah man I'm over that."

"Good. He wants to meet you sometime."

"Really? Well I will have to think about it."

Daniel smirked. He got a text from Marc. "Hey man you busy? You down for some video games?" Daniel replied: "Wanna come over? Noah's here."

Noah asked, "Marc text you?"

"Yeah he wants to come over and play some video games. Would you mind? I know you said you needed time to think about it."

"Well..." Noah hesitated.

"Dude I know he seems like a jerk but maybe its just because he doesn't know you yet. Just see how it goes?"

"Yeah sure. You said he wanted to meet me anyways right?"

Daniel laughed. "You know, we could mess around before I give him the okay. We have time." And winked.

Noah leaned in and kissed him while laughing. He used a little tongue which Daniel thought was super sexy. They started rubbing and squeezing around on each other's body. This time Daniel did the shoving. He slung Noah down on the bed and laid on top of him. He kissed him again and this time ran his tongue around the inside of Noah's mouth and all over his perfect white teeth. He ran his fingers through his hair and back down his face to his crotch. He massaged it passionately and then all of a sudden the door opened. Daniel quickly jumped up and heard Marc yelling.

"Daniel where you at? You quit texting me bro!"

Noah sighed as he laid on the bed with his arms behind his head. His shirt was wrinkled up just enough to expose the bottom of his stomach. He didnt bother trying to hide his huge boner as Marc came into the room.

"Uhh..." Marc hesitated to say anything as he quickly noticed Noah's slowly shrinking bulge. "The name's Marc. You must be this Noah I keep hearing about?"

Noah jumped up and grabbed Marc's hand and shook it fiercely. "Nice to finally meet you Marc." He said a little sarcastically.

Marc just raised his eyebrows and brushed the empty gesture off. "So you play video games dude?"

"All the time. What are we playing?"

"Hey Daniel, let's play Halo." Marc said while looking away from Noah.

"Alright, you and Noah can face off first, just to keep it even." Daniel giggled and set up the game

Noah beat Marc every time. Marc was getting really frustrated. No matter how many different methods he used, Noah kicked his ass.

"Well Noah it's been fun losing to you, but I just remembered I have homework." Marc said angrily. Noah laughed at him.

"Since when do you do homework man?" Daniel laughed.

"Dude I'm not fucking failing my senior year. I'll see you on the bus tomorrow." Marc stormed out.

"What a sore loser." Noah joked.

"Yeah I had hoped that would have went a little better hahaha!" Daniel chuckled back.

Noah smiled and slowly walked towards Daniel. "Now where were we, you hot stud?"

"I think I remember.." He smiled and pushed Noah back onto the bed and went back to making out. He peeled his shirt off along with his own. He pulled some oil-based lubricant from his pocket. "I found something we may find useful." Daniel said while straddling Noah's torso. He popped open the bottle and poured some out on his abs and started massaging. Noah loved it. Daniel pulled Noah's pants off, and his own. He flipped Noah over and poured the lotion all over his back and started massaging his muscles. Daniel heard a few gentle, pleasing moans. He then poured it all down his crack and massaged in between his beautiful ass cheeks. Noah moaned more.

This got Daniel wondering if he would ever have a chance to top. He didn't want to ask, he wasn't really sure if it was Noah's thing. It was only their second time so he decided to wait. But he figured he could at least see what it tasted like!

He poured oil on both of Noah's ass cheeks and starting licking and kissing all over them, working his way inward to the hole. When he got there, he didn't really stick it in just licked and nibbled around it. The reaction Noah gave was a positive one, but it didn't change his mind.

"Ok your turn! Hand the bottle over." Noah laid Daniel down oh his stomach and began massaging his back and neck with the oil. Daniel needed a good stress-relieving massage. And who better to give it to him?

After a while Noah massaged Daniel's shoulders and arms and then flipped him onto his back. He poured oil all over his naked crotch area and abs and began rubbing him down all over. Noah had big strong hands. The massage was great. He then took Daniel's cock into his mouth. Daniel loved the idea of this big strong hot man sucking his dick like a pro. He really was good, too! He grabbed Daniel's balls and gave them gentle pulls as he went all the way down on his dick until Daniel's trimmed pubes touched his nose. His mouth was hot and steamy, and vey wet. Noah continued fingering Daniel's ass as it opened up.

"You want this don't you Daniel." Noah said as he took a look and Daniel's hole and inserted another finger.

"Of course I do!" Daniel said back. He flipped back over and laid on his stomach again as Noah got his ass ready. When he had four fingers in, he used the rest of the oil to lube up his already hard cock.

Daniel spread his legs a bit and Noah slapped his ass with the head of his dick. He then slowly inserted the head. It stung Daniel a little but, nothing like the first time.

Noah got all 10 inches in a little quicker, too. As Daniel laid flat on his stomach, Noah began fucking him. It did hurt, and Daniel let out a little squeal every now and again. But it hurt less than last time and the small amount of pain turned to pleasure much faster.

Noah sped up. He leaned forward to rub his pecs against Daniel's back and nibbled on his ears while shoving his dick in and out of the hole faster and faster. Daniel absolutely LOVED body contact, so he wanted as much as possible. He reached his hand around and pushed Noah's abs down against his slippery back and they slid back and forth to the rhythm of the great sex he was having. Noah's moans got louder and louder. He started shifting and twisting his dick in a sorts of directions to give Daniel as much pleasure as possible. Daniel loved it when he wriggled it around just right and hit all his favorite spots.

"Oh shit! Fuck me man!" He shouted.

Noah pulled him up to his hands and knees and fucked him doggy style for a bit.

After they got tired of that position, Daniel twisted himself around to lay on his back without taking that bulging cock out of his still very tight ass. Noah leaned back a bit and put all his weight on his hands. He done pelvic thrusts and twists in and out of Daniel's hole. In the way Noah was positioned, had his cock pulling up towards Daniel's cock, pounding his g-spot to the max.

"Ohhhh Fuck!! Daniel I'm gonna cum!" Noah shouted.

"Don't pull out!" Daniel said back as he wanted this hot steamy load inside of him. Plus he was cumming too and he wanted Noah to fuck it out of him.

They shot their load at the exact same times. Synchronized "ohh"s and "ahhh"s filled the empty house. Daniel slung his cum all over him, the bed, and Noah. At the same time he felt Noah shooting warm creamy jizz all inside his body nonstop. It filled him up. Noah always unleashed huge amounts of jizz when having sex. It drove Daniel crazy.

Noah left his cock in and slid it back and forth slowly as it went soft. Daniel rubbed all his cum on his stomach in and rubbed Noah still slippery abs from the erotic massage.

They hopped in the shower together just long enough to rinse all the sweat, oil, and cum off their bodies. When they got out, Daniel glanced over at the clock. It was only 7:30 pm.

Daniel heard someone come through the door as him and Noah laid on the bed in their boxers. It was his mom home early for once.




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