Daniel felt absolutely horrible about what he just did. Noah had told him they were just friends, would this change anything? "Look Marc I don't know what the fuck I just did.. I. I need time to think... Gotta go." Daniel got dressed ran out of the locker room. Marc tried to stop him but Daniel wouldn't listen at that moment.

He decided to take Noah up on the offer he have him at school. He made his way back into the school and to the gym. Practice was just finishing up when he arrived. Noah gave him a wave as he walked over.

"Hey glad you could make it! How was football practice?" Noah asked.

"Err... Uhm.. Okay I guess." Daniel was horrified about how he would react, but he didn't want to keep secrets. He had to tell him.

"Haha just okay?" Noah asked as a couple of his friends made their way over.

"So you're Daniel? Dude you played amazing Friday night. We all had a great time."

Noah introduced him to two of his closer friends he had made on the team.

"Daniel, this is Brandon and Nick. They're really cool!"

Daniel shook both of their hands and traded "nice to meet you"s and some other friendly gestures.

Brandon was a cutie. He was short and had a little weight on him, but he was just right. Daniel really liked the way he looked. He had black long hair that laid and curled at the ends. It covered his forbear and ears. He had a strong handshake, too. He was tan. Not as hot as Noah, though.

Nick was about opposite in every way. He was tall, like Austin and Cody. Very slim with black hair and pale. He didnt really catch daniel's eye too much.

"Um Noah if you're finished I'd like to talk to you in private?" Daniel said sheepishly.

"Yeah sure man come on." Noah said.

Daniel looked back at the other two and yelled "nice meeting you two." And went on his way.

They made their way to Noah's car as Noah asked "what's up?" Daniel was nervous but he knew he couldn't keep it bottled up inside. It never works out well.

"I was just gonna ask... What's going on between us? I mean, are we friends? Or.. Something else.." He had to be sure.

"Well I know you're in a tough spot right now Daniel. I don't want to make you feel like you have to commit to someone before you get everything straightened out. Is something going on?"

"So we're close friends? You promise nothing can change that?"

"Yes Daniel haha the best of friends. I really care about you, I don't plan on changing that."

"I have something to tell you..."

"Go ahead."

Daniel's head was spinning. But he could not back down now. "Something went down after practice today.. I. I don't feel good about it."

"Well what happened?" Noah asked concerned.

"Well, Marc's gay and he came out to me tonight. He admitted to being jealous of you but he though we were more than friends. I got caught up in the moment and..." He took a long pause.

"Daniel just tell me." Noah said seriously.

"I.. Sucked his dick Noah. I didn't want to, I didn't know how to talk my way out of it. It just happened."

Noah sighed. "This is what I was afraid of."

Daniel felt like Noah was mad, but he wasnt. "What do you mean?"

"Daniel, I told you we were just close friends. You have a lot to learn. I don't want you to feel like you have to hold back jut because of me. You have some experimenting to do, I get that. Just do what you feel you need to." Daniel looked up at Noah and he wasn't smiling. He didnt know if Noah was upset about him doing it, or upset about Daniel thinking it would matter to him, or if he wasn't upset at all.

"Oh." Daniel said. He stood there quietly but just walked away. He was glad Noah took it so well. The thing was, he wanted Noah to be upset. It was hard to explain. He wanted Noah as more than a friend, and in his mind they were close to that. But Noah just wanted to be friends until he sorted his life out. He figured he could be okay with that.




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