Daniel decided to not think about what happened between him and Marc anymore. Noah was right, he had a lot to learn. He went to school the next morning with an open mind.

Marc acted weird all day. He seemed to be flirting. Daniel wasn't interested right now though, he thought he had wanted Marc a long time ago, but he felt differently now. That couldn't stop him from experimenting though, could it?

They sat quietly at breakfast until Daniel spoke up. "What are you doing after school man?" He asked.

"Nothing much since we don't have practice." Marc replied.

"Wanna come over?" Daniel said and smiled.

"Sure man." Marc said and winked.

The day flew by. Noah and Daniel didn't sit together in first block. Daniel told himself it was because there was no empty seats. He refused to believe that Noah was mad after he had told Daniel he wasn't.

At lunch, Daniel sat by himself. He needed time alone. He hoped Marc wouldn't think too much into it. A girl came and sat beside him.

"Hi, I'm Sarah!" She said.

"Hi Sarah. What's up?" Daniel asked.

"You looked lonely so I came to see if you wanted to hang out tomorrow night? I think you're really cute!" She said shyly.

Daniel thought for a moment. "Umm sure! I'm Daniel by the way." He said.

"Haha, I know silly! You're like one of the most popular guys in school, duh!" She said way too flirty like. "Here's my number. You can call or text anytime Daniel." She left after that.

The day came and went. Marc got off the bus at Daniel's house so they could hang out.

"Marc I should tell you that I'm not really interested in a relationship. I actually only invited you here to fuck you." Daniel said plainly and bluntly.

"No problem with me man. Get your sexy ass over here." Marc said.

They started kissing and undressing each other. Daniel felt all over him. It wasn't as fun as feeling Noah up, though. They were both out of their clothes in no time. Daniel slung Marc down on the bed and sucked his dick.

"Oh fuck man!" Marc said over and over as Daniel bobbed up and down on his cock. He sucked for about 10 minutes and pulled it out.

He took some lube that him and Noah used last time and slathered Marc's hot cock in it. He then laid down on the other end of the bed. Marc got up and kneeled in front of him and started punching his cock in.

"Dude your ass is so tight!" Marc said. "Is this your first time?"

Daniel didnt answer. He was just going to enjoy this banging he was about to get from his best friend.

"Marc didnt take long to get his long cock inside. He started pounding away. "Ohhh fuck!" He yelled as Daniel moaned silently. He twisted and shifted his body in all different directions and worked up a sweat. They were going at it for what seemed like hours when Marc pulled out and shot his load all over Daniel and his bed.

"Dude that was fucking awesome." Marc said. Daniel had not yet got off so he started stroking. "No. I'll take care of that. Marc got on his knees while Daniel was still on the bed and started sucking. His mouth was very hot and wet. He didn't take any time at all before he brought Daniel to the edge. Marc then swallowed every bit of Daniel's cum.

"Wow you're really good at that Marc." Daniel said. He grabbed the sheets that him and Marc had just made a mess out of and threw in the the laundry room for washing.

The whole session they were going at it, he thought of Noah. He couldn't help it. He had never been more fulfilled than that time in the shower. He enjoyed himself, but he felt like something was missing, and he knew what it was.




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