It was Daniel's 18th birthday. He had waited for this day his whole life. He always wanted to be an adult. His birthday this year fell on a Saturday, so he didn't have to attend school that day. Daniel was a Senior in high school. He was a great looking boy, star running back for the varsity football team. He practically lived in the gym. He had short black hair which he always kept spiked up, about 6'1" in height, and was naturally tan. Great arms and chest. Everything about him fit the ideal 18 year old that every girl would dream of. But Daniel was still a virgin. He had been struggling with his sexuality for about 4 years at the time, and he was so scared of not fitting in that he never opened up; not to his parents; not even to his closest friend Marc.

Marc and Daniel shared everything with each other, except for this one secret Daniel had been battling with for nearly his entire high school career. Marc was easily the hottest guy in school. He was a thick meaty jock just about three months older than Daniel. Quarterback of the football team. thats where him and Daniel met: through their love of the sport since they were young kids. Everyone was jealous in the locker room of him, not only because of his looks and muscles, but his long thick cock he would flash in the showers. It was amazing! About 9.5 inches long, cut, and hung very low, even when soft. He would brag about how he couldn't even get his fingers to touch when wrapping his hand around it while hard. The visual image creeped into Daniels head just about every time he jacked off. He had used it every chance he got, too.

Daniela's cock was a little smaller, but certainly not a thing to be ashamed of. He was well above average, at about 7.5 inches. He just didnt go flaunting his around as much because he knew Marc would always steal the spotlight.

Being in the locker room also made Daniel feel uncomfortable most of the time. He would often catch himself checking out other men while showering or changing, even getting spotted once or twice. The occasional "Dude, quit being a fag" joke came into play, but one everyone laughed about And brushed off because no one really thought anything of it. But Daniel wondered, "What if they are on to me? Or what if they are right?" He did not want to accept that he had an interest in men because no one else in his school was openly gay. Would people shun him if he was the only one? He always played horrible scenarios through his head and quickly tried to shut them out before he worried himself sick.

Daniel constantly wondered why he questioned his sexuality so much. He knew he liked looking at men, and he constantly fantasizes about everyone he thought was hot at school. He asked himself if it was just a stage he was going through, or if he really was gay. And if he was gay, was he afraid to admit it to himself? He had dated girls in the past, and actually just got out of a bad relationship, but he was never really sexually attracted to them. He had feelings for some of them, but not all the feelings a straight guy would have for a girl.

On the weekend of his birthday, Daniel didn't really do anything special. He mostly just ran errands for his mom because she works two jobs to take care of them. His father abandoned them before he was born.

In fact, the most interesting thing that happened to Daniel was on Sunday night when Marc gave him a call while Daniel was lying in bed. The phone rang and the caller ID showed up Marc's name. Daniel answered quickly.

"Hey man! How's it been?" Marc greeted.

"It's been great bro, just been lazy all weekend!" Daniel answered while rubbing his crotch to the sound of Marc's sexy voice.

"We'll I just called to wish you a happy birthday. We'll have to think of a way to celebrate tomorrow! But I'll catch you later, dude." And hung up.

This along with the mental image of Marc's naked body was more than enough to get Daniel off. He pulled his nice cock out and began pounding it fast and hard until he shot his load a over hit shirtless body. The hot thick cum really felt good laying on his chiseled abs, but he quickly cleaned himself up and hopped back into into his comfy bed. He sometimes wondered if it was weird to jack off when fantasizing about your best friend, but he didn't care. Deep down inside, even under all the denial, Daniel knew he wanted Marc.

The following day back to school would prove to be much more interesting, just as Marc suggested.

The Monday morning routine went as it always did: Daniel waking up ten minutes late and rushing to get ready. Even on Monday Daniel always tried to look his best in hopes of catching someone's eye, so he took a quick shower and fixed his hair like he always does. He then brushed his teeth, threw his favorite polo and khaki cargo shorts on along with his new shoes. Daniel was always getting new shoes. He was somewhat of an addict.

His mother was already gone. She worked morning shift at a local deli and went in at 5 AM every morning. From there she got off at 3:00, ran home to grab lunch and on to her second job where she stayed until midnight on most nights. She was a bookkeeper at a Dentist's office. She barely had any time with her son Daniel.

Daniel tied up his shoes, grabbed his gym bag for football practice that evening, and headed out the door to meet Marc at the bus stop. Neither drove to school, because they didn't have the money to waste on a vehicle and gas money. But thankfully they only lived two blocks away so they rode the bus to school together.

Daniel was waiting at the bus stop when he seen Marc making his way down the sidewalk. He looked even better then he normally did, which instantly had Daniel's cock growing. He felt it building up and frantically tried to hide it as Marc grew closer, hoping he wouldn't notice his morning wood.

"Hey man, you look great today, trying to impress someone?" Marc teased.

"Nah man, just gotta keep it fresh hahaha." Daniel replied.

They didn't have much of a wait as the bus was a few minutes early today. When arriving at school, they made their way to the cafeteria to grab breakfast and sat down in the usual seats in the dining area. Of course, Daniel quickly found himself spotting out guys to see what they wore today. He noticed a couple of his other football buddies, Austin and Cody. Both were huge bears. They played line. They both were very handsome and sweet, but you wouldn't know that by looking at them. They were big enough to pick anyone else in school up and break them like a twig.

Austin was about 6'7" and brown-headed. He was about300 pounds, every bit of it muscle. Daniel was very fond of him!

Cody was much of the same, but had a little more fat on him. Daniel didn't mind, he thought he was just right. Also brown-headed, people who didnt know them would occasionally mistake them for twins. They were also both Juniors.

They came over and sat with Daniel and Marc.

"Hey, did you guys hear we have a new kid in school? He's starting today." Cody said.

"Seriously? Does he play football?" Marc replied eagerly.

"No, he's a basketball player. Heard his name was Noah." Austin added.

Daniel liked meeting new people, so he was pretty excited about wanting to meet him. He was already wondering what he looked like, hoping he was easy on the eyes much like Marc, Austin and Cody. He nearly had a hard on from imagining the five of them in a huge orgy, even though he didnt even know what Noah looked like yet. The bulge in his pants was growing bigger and bigger when all of a sudden, the bell for first period rang.

"Shit!" He thought as he tried to hide yet another stiff boner in his shorts. He had to get up and make his way to his locker anyways, he couldn't be late for class. He could only hope no one would spot it while he was walking until it went down. Thankfully no one did.

At Daniel's locker, he quickly threw in his gym bag and grabbed the supplies needed for first period. He turned around to head to class when he was stopped dead in his tracks: he caught sight of Noah. He was everything Daniel had wanted him to be. Perfect everything, beautiful blonde hair, that was short on the sides and a little longer on top that was spiked up almost like a Mohawk. He had a beautiful complexion, he wasnt tan: he was a nice light color with no blemishes in sight that complimented his light hair perfectly. His arms filled the arm holes in his shirt perfectly, stretching them to the max. His pecs clearly showed as he slowly swung his arms with his walk, bulging out like crazy. His shirt grew tighter near the waist and it was clear he had amazing abs, just as good as Marc's if not better. He hoped to see him shirtless very soon so he could make the final call. His legs were perfect, with great calf muscles that flexed with each step he took. He wore flip flops that day and it even made his toes look sexy!!! Daniel's mouth was watering by now, and he couldn't take his eyes off him.

"Ummm, you okay? Can I help you?" Noah asked him confused.

Oh no! Noah must have noticed him burning a hole through him as he walked over. Daniel's face turned beet red. "Um.. err no, I was... was just uhh.. daydreaming... Er." He stopped trying to talk before he embarrassed himself any further. Noah just smirked at him. Oh god it was sexy. Daniel noticed his teeth: they were pearly white and in perfect alignment. Damn, was there anything not perfect on this guy? He regained the feeling in his legs to get out of there before Noah noticed him staring at anything else. He scurried off to class as Noah gave the cutest smile to him and opened the locker next to Daniel's. Oh my God his locker is right beside mine! This excited and scared Daniel at the same time, because now he knew that he would have to attempt to control the party in his pants after every single class. How would he not jizz his pants every time Noah was around? It was going to be a huge challenge.

Daniel's face finally took its natural tan color back as he hoped Noah was the only one who noticed him drooling in the middle of the hallway. He took a seat in the classroom.

He had more students in first period than seats, but luckily he found an open one. There seemed to be a few people missing today so he didnt have to fight anyone over a chair. There was only one seat left in the entire room after he sat down, and it was right beside him. He started opening his book and flipping to the page they left off from on Friday when the teacher, Mrs. Smith got the class's attention.

"Attention, students! Hush now! I want to introduce a new student! His name is Noah, and he will be joining us for class! I want everyone to make him feel welcome!" She yelled.

Daniel's heart dropped. Not out of disappointment, but nervousness. He gained the courage to glance up and accidentally made eye contact with Noah. Noah gave him that grin that sent his head spinning at the lockers, and was making his way over to the only empty seat in the classroom. Right beside Daniel.

Daniel froze.




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