Daniel met Noah at the school's exit to make their way to Noah's car. He didn't want Marc to know, since Noah and He were not exactly on the same page in Daniel's eyes. He hadn't forgotten that Marc also invited Noah along to have some fun after tonight, but he feared it wouldn't go so well. And come on, how often did Daniel get the chance to take a stud like Noah home to experiment on? There was no way he was missing this chance. Marc could have his friend time at the party tomorrow night.

Riding down the road in Noah's Camaro, Daniel sat staring out the window. Not much talking was done. Even after Noah opened up to him, he felt like fainting when he was around. Maybe it was because he didnt know how his first gay experience would go, even if he got Noah's clothes off him tonight. Or Maybe it was just his looks. He swallowed his fear and glanced over. The street lights dinky lighting Noah's face made him look absolutely stunning. Daniel was willing to do just about anything for this guy in that moment. Noah caught his stare and looked over at him with the most sexy head-turn ever.

"So what do you wanna do when we get there?" He said in a sexy, deep, hushed tone with a smile.

"I don't know, just hang out and see what we can get into I guess." Daniel didn't come right out and say he wanted to suck his dick, he definitely did but he thought it might sound a little too pushy.

They arrived at Daniel's house. Daniel got out and led Noah to the door, where he proceeded to unlock it and offered Noah a drink. Noah politely declined. He stood there in the living room, with just enough light to show his bright blue eyes. Daniel wanted to tackle him right there and have his way with him. He contained himself for now. He wanted to go about this smoothly and not embarrass himself.

"We can head upstairs to my room. I have video games." Daniel said.

"Nice what ones?" Noah replied.

As Daniel was naming some of his favorites, they headed up the stairs, down the hall, through the doorway to Daniel's room. It was a little messy, he hadn't planned on Noah being there. Before Daniel even got both of them through the door and cut the small lamp on, Noah had pushed him onto the bed and kissed him with all his might. Daniel didn't resist and quickly resumed his ass grabbing from the empty hallway earlier that morning. Noah was getting hard fast, Daniel could feel the pressure of it growing between his legs in the position that he was on top of him.

Noah lifted Daniel up just enough to get his shirt off, gently pushed him

Back down and resumed fiercely kissing him. Daniel rolled him onto his back and done the same. They positioned themselves on the bed to where their legs weren't hanging off the edge. The lamp provided just enough lighted. Daniel rose up enough to pause the kiss and whispered:

"So no Xbox, then?" And giggled.

"What time does your parents get home?" Noah said hesitantly, while he sat up.

"Dude you don't have to worry about my parents. They are never home. My mom works two jobs to support us so shes never here."

"What about your dad? Does he not work?" Noah asked, confused.

Daniel hesitated a good while. He had already told Noah he was sexually undecided, so he figured he could share that story with him as well.

"I've never met him. He left." He blatantly said.

Noah frowned. "I'm so sorry bro."

"It's no big deal. If he's the kind of father that just gets up and leaves then it is probably best he isn't here. Everything happens for a reason."

"Yeah I think so too. And I know how it feels to be abandoned by your parents. Someone who is suppose to love you unconditionally no matter what."

"Noah, what do you mean by that?"

"Truth is, Daniel, I wasn't completely honest about my reason for moving here. I didn't share all the details. Even with all the rejection I was handling at school, I felt like I needed to stay there, just so it wouldn't look like I was backing down or hiding from who I was. But my mother was so embarrassed of me. She asked me to move in with my dad. She didnt want to be labeled as the mother with the gay kid."

"Noah I'm really sorry. That's... That's crazy." Daniel fought back tears.

"My dad only takes me in and gives me allowance to avoid an argument. He pretty much pays me to stay out of his way. He didn't want his boy to be gay, either. He stays gone as much as possible."

Daniel had no words. He sat there, wondering how someone who had raised you from birth to 18 years old and love you so much, and then to throw it all away because he was a little different. It pained him. It made him sick. And then it scared him. What if that was him someday? Would his mother do that if he ever came out?

"Daniel don't think too much into it. Like you said a minute ago, everything happens for a reason. It's true for me and you both! If my mom hadn't made me leave, well... I wouldn't be here with you right now. I wouldn't want it any other way. I care about you, Daniel."

Hearing these words made Daniel blush. He loved hearing them. He was the reason for someone's happiness. Even after they had been through so much. He smiled at Noah. He leaned it, looked at his big blue eyes and his shirtless body, and reconnected their lips.

Noah laid back down. Daniel laid on top of him, kissing him as hard as he could. He went absolutely crazy over their abs running together. He moved his hands all up and down his body. He felt his biceps. He touched his spiky hair. He ran his fingers up the crease of both armpits. He was really enjoying himself!

They stayed this was for quite some time. Daniel pondered of all the things that had been on his mind for what seemed like forever. This is why being with a guy felt like. He really did like it.

He knew now was his chance. He was going to go for it. He removed his lips and kissed Noah's neck. He played with Noah's nipples. This got the sexiest little moan out of him that he had ever heard. He stayed here for just a minute or two, and gave Noah the cutest hickey.

He went down a little further. He started lapping his tongue around the right nipple. He loved it, but his goal was further down. He moved to the left before going on, though.

Noah started thrusting upwards a little bit. Daniel reached for his pants zipper and started undoing the button. He ran his tongue up and down his abs while doing this. Noah moaned a little louder and took deeper breaths.

Noah's pants were undone and around his knees. His underwear were stretched to the max by his bulging cock. It was almost sticking out the top of the underwear. Daniel had waited for this moment. He started nibbling around the edges of the hard dick. Daniel couldn't hold off any longer. He wanted that huge cock unleashed!

He pulled his underwear off and removed the pants and the underpants from his ankles. That dick was standing straight up. It was beautiful. Cut cock that matched the complexion Noah's skin. the shaft was thicker than the head, and had a throbbing vein going down the side of it. What he had thought was right: it gave Marc's tool some competition. But it was too close to call. He had to be sure.

"Holy shit dude! How long is that thing?" Daniel gasped. He grabbed the base of it and waved it back and forth.

"Bro I don't know exactly, I've never measured it!" Noah laughed.

"Wait right here!" Daniel exclaimed. He wanted to know if it was bigger than Marc's.

He ran downstairs to the bathroom and dug through the small shelf beside the mirror looking for the measuring tape. It was the small white one that rolls up and easy to use for these kinds of things. He found it and hurried back upstairs. He didn't want to keep Noah, or that swaying dick waiting!

He creeped through the door and seen Noah laying on his bed naked in the dim light. Oh wow he was amazingly sexy. He had Daniels cock rock hard too. He made his way over to the bed and unrolled the measuring tape. He held the end at the base, up against Noah's body, and stretched it to the main tip of his cut cock. It seemed to roll on forever!

"Exactly 10 inches!" He proudly announced, and Noah smiled proudly. "Now lets see just how thick it is."

He grabbed the base of it and gave it a few right strokes. Daniel had rather large hands, but his fingers would not touch when holding it. It was already half an inch longer than Marc's. could it possibly be fatter, too?!?!?

He took the measuring tape and wrapped it around the middle of the shaft. The tape measurer met of the other side, and Daniel checked the exact mark. Five fucking inches all the way around. That was incredible. It was about as round as the average pill bottle. Daniel was speechless. He gulped.

"Five inches all the way around." Daniel said. "My fingers are not even touching on the other side!"

Noah laughed. "Yeah, I'm pretty proud of it."

"Dude I bet you got the biggest one in school." Daniel told him. He wasn't joking. Every guy in the locker room awed Marc's and his was 9.5 inches. Surely bigger than everyone else's since they were so jealous. But Noah's was a half inch longer! And a little wider! He had to be the biggest! Unless someone else in school was hiding something.

"Well what do you want to do with it, Daniel?" Noah smirked.

"I wanna suck it." Daniel said in his best sexy voice. Him and Noah shared smiles and Daniel was ready to attempt at sucking this thing.

He gave it a few strokes and played with Noah's balls. He started to worry if he was gonna get any further than the head, this cock was just huge! He didn't know if his mouth would stretch that far! He decided to kick and suck on his balls for a minute or two. To see what they tasted like. He lived them. Noah let out a few loud moans and the occasional "oh fuck bro" as Daniel gently pulled on his nuts with his lips.

Daniel looks up at Noah one more time after licking down virtually every part of his body. He spit a couple times on Noah's dick and stroked it to get it a little wet. He leaned over have it one last look, and took a deep breath. It was time. He was ready. He drew closer and kissed the head and-

"Daniel! I'm home! Where are you honey?" Fuck. It was Daniel's mom.

Daniel jumped out of his skin as he glanced over to the clock. It was 12:39 am! He had lost track of time!

"Noah, put your clothes on, quick! Act natural!" Daniel's heart was pounding as he pulled his shirt back on. He heard his mother walking up the steps. Noah grabbed his clothes and went to the closer to get dressed as quickly as he could. She was coming down the hallway! Right to Daniel's room!

He had hoped Noah was dressed. but He had never wanted that before!

(Spoiler Alert: Noah's perfect chance to split Daniel open comes in chapter 5! Look for "Losing Things You Won't Miss" on Feb. 5!)




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