"Noah, you decent?!?!" Daniel asked in a hushed tone.

"Almost man stall her!" Noah pleaded.

The door opened. Daniel ran to keep her in the hall.

"Uh.. Hey mom, how's it going?" He asked awkwardly.

"I'm great honey! How was the game? Who's car in the driveway?"

"Um it was awesome! We won." Daniel took a quick glance over and seen Noah give him the thumbs up signal. "Uhh.. The car belongs to Noah, he came over after the game."

"Noah? I don't think you've ever mentioned him, where is he?" She got through the bedroom door and looked around just as Noah was taking a seat at the computer. He was still shirtless. He must have not had enough time to slip it on. Daniel was glad he was shirtless instead of pantless, though! That may have raised some questions!

"I'm Noah. I'm new around here. Nice to meet you, ma'am." Noah politely said.

Daniel seen his mom glance down Noah's chest, and then back up. Daniel held in a laugh. "Well Noah, its nice to meet you too! Welcome to our home! You're welcome to anything you may want in the kitchen, I'm sure Daniel already told you that." She said her good nights and left.

The boys looked at eachother and took a huge sigh of relief. They shared a nervous giggle. "Noah, Im so so sorry about that! I had lost track of time! Are you ok?"

"Yeah man, just fine! That was a close one!" He laughed. "What an adrenaline rush!"

They both moved and sat on the bed to catch their breath. They were still a little shocked from almost being caught. They decided to just sit for a while and take all that was happening in.

"Noah, I forgot to ask... Are.. Are you a virgin?" Daniel beat the words of of him. He felt like it wasn't his business but he wanted to know.

Noah laughed at the question. "Daniel, I'm going to be honest. I lost my virginity about 2 years ago. I lost my virginity to a complete stranger at a club. I'd go there every night to find guys to have sex with. I had sex with plenty girls as a cover up until I came out."

"So, you're pretty experienced?"

Noah nodded.

"You know uhh.. Er. We can, finish. I mean only if you really want to, Noah. My mom falls asleep pretty quickly." He was a little hesitant about his offer.

Noah smiled. "Nothing would make me happier Daniel. But I think we should wait until we're alone. I'm... a little noisy." He winked at Daniel.

"Well please don't go. You can stay here tonight if you want." Daniel wanted to be with Noah as much as possible.

"I can stay if you want me to, Daniel. Actually I'd love to." Noah said. "You got some extra blankets? I'll sleep on the couch downstairs."

"Well uhh.. I was, er... kinda hoping that you would, I don't know. Sleep up here with me?" Daniel said, shyly.

Noah leaned in and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around him and pulled him down on the bed to lay beside him. Daniel laid his head on Noah's chest, still with no shirt on. They snuggled up and pulled the blanket over them. Daniel hugged up to Noah like a six-year-old would a soft teddy bear.

"Good night Daniel." Noah whispered.

Daniel felt that everything about this moment was perfect.

Of course Daniel dreamed about Noah. He dreamed of what could have happened if his mom had not walked in. She only walked upstairs late at night on the weekends because she knew Daniel would still be awake. Had it been on a school night, she would have went straight to bed, knowing Daniel was resting for school the next morning. Daniel and Noah would have probably went all the way. They both would have had their first gay experience.

It didn't bother Daniel that Noah had been with numerous girls. He had no reason for that. All he knew is that Noah was gay, and he could have him if he wanted him. Daniel knew that if what he felt towards Noah tonight was any indication, he was gay. But if he was gay, was he a top or bottom? He then thought that if it was just lust or his anxiety to lose his virginity, and that thought made him not so sure. But straight guys aren't willing to have sex with a guy just to lose their virginity, did they? That idea was crazy! At first he just felt love for Noah's body. But as the week went on, he realized how great his personality was too. He felt something deeper than just lust for Noah. He wasn't ready to make any final decisions about his sexuality just yet, he felt it was too soon. He had too many unanswered questions. Questions that he had to answer for himself. Questions that Noah couldn't answer for him.

Noah could merely help him decide if he was straight or gay. Daniel had to decide if he was willing to accept the fact that he's gay, if and when that day came.

He woke up in the morning. Noah was still asleep. He squeezed his body tight. He ran his fingers up and down his chest while running his cheek against his sleeping face. Noah woke up.

After grimacing and stretching his muscly arms, he sighed and looked over at Daniel. "Good morning." He said while squinting his eyes and smiling.

Daniel kissed his forehead. "Wanna go grab some breakfast? There's a great pancake house down the street. We can walk if you feel like it."

Noah thought this was a great idea. But he wanted to take a quick shower. Daniel glanced out his bedroom window. His mom was gone to work.

"Okay Noah you can use the upstairs one, my bathroom is a little further down the hall, last door on the right. I'll hop in after you're done and then we can go." Daniel said.

"You know Daniel, I am really hungry. If we take a shower at the same time we will be able to leave faster." Noah winked. He meant it in the most seductive way possible. Daniel was quick to follow him down the hallway to the bathroom.

They barely got through the bathroom door before Noah had grabbed Daniel's head pulled him in a laid a kiss on him. Their lips had pulled them together rather hard. They were kissing and shifting their head positions and rubbing all over each other. It was a passionate and strong kiss. Noah shoved Daniel into the wall and smashed his face with his. Daniel loved it. He liked rough kissing. His mom was gone. The chance of her ruining Daniel's fantasy twice in the same weekend. Without asking for permission, Daniel skipped the neck where he had put the hickey last night, skipped the chest entirely, and went straight for Noah's quickly growing cock.

He pulled Noah's pants down instantly and grabbed the 10-inch cock. It was sticking straight out in Daniel's face. He was a little nervous about messing up, he really wanted to please Noah.

He played with his balls with his hand as he wrapped his mouth around the head and slowly pushed it into his hot mouth. A loud sigh from Noah echoed throughout the house. He pushed further and further with his eyes closed until he was at the point of gagging. He then straightened his neck up as much as possible while kneeling and went a little further still. He opened his eyes. He nearly had half of Noah's gigantic meat leading down his throat! At least a whole four inches of it! He surprised himself, and Noah too.

"Oh shit, Daniel! You're so good at this!" He gasped and choked on his deep breaths from Daniel taking in his cock.

Daniel starting bobbing up and down and this thick meat. He gagged a little from trying to ouch in as much as possible. His mouth was really watering, so he absolutely soaked Noah's cock with his spit.

"Holy fuck, dude, you're amazing!" Noah yelled in between many moans and gasps.

Daniel sucked for about five minutes before Noah stopped him.

"Hop up dude, get up here." Noah said as he pulled on Daniels strong arms.

"Noah, did I do something wrong? Why did you make me quit?" Daniel rambled on and on. Noah just laughed at him.

"Dude you done fucking amazing! I just wanna return the favor! Gosh hahahaha." Noah then looked deep into Daniel's eyes, and Daniel stared back into Noah's.

Noah started sucking on Daniel's nipples. He rubbed one while licking the other. He switched after a minute or two. He then went to his abs. He passionately kissed each and every one of them while unbuttoning Daniel's pants and pulling them off of into him. After a short while, he went straight for the cock.

"It's not as impressive as yours, Noah, but it will do." Daniel said with a chuckle.

"It's perfect man." Noah said while looking up into Daniel's eyes. He licked all around his balls and ass hole before he finally dragged his tongue up the bottom of the cock, all the way to the head and then wrapped his lips around it and began bobbing up and down. Daniel nearly fainted at the feeling of this. He nearly shot cum down Noah's throat on the spot but gathered himself.

"Dude are you sure this is the first time? You're doing great!" Daniel managed to get out while gasping for air.

Noah just chuckled and didn't respond. He didn't want to take his mouth off of Daniel's beautiful cock. He sucked for what seemed like ever and Daniel couldn't hold off any longer. Noah felt Daniel twitching and thrusting his cock deep into his throat. He pulled off quick to keep Daniel from cumming. This drove Daniel crazy!

"Dude why the hell did you stop? I was gonna cum!" Daniel whined.

"I wasn't ready for that yet bro. I wanna fuck you." Noah said.

Those words absolutely drove Daniel wild. But he was a little worried, too. "Dude I'm a virgin and you're fucking huge! Will it even fit?"

"I'll go easy on you bro! It will hurt at first but you'll be fine, I promise. Would I ever hurt you?"

Well this was it. It looked like Daniel was going to try bottoming for this sexy stud. There was no way he was going to turn him down, because he knew he wanted that cock. But he was scared to death at the same time. He took a gulp and agreed to bottom for Noah.

"Turn around and bend over, I'm gonna get your ass ready." Noah said, and then have Daniel's bubble butt a hard smack and stuck his tongue in.

Daniel loved it. Noah's tongue was awesome! He went so deep that you would think he was digging a tunnel. He shifted and twisted in all different directions, giving Daniel the most pleasure possible. He then removed his tongue and grabbed some lubricant he found on the shelf that Daniel would use for jacking off sometimes. He lubed up his finger and applied pressure to Daniel's tight hole. He slid his finger in and out pretty quickly. He flipped Daniel over and positioned him leaning back on the toilet to where he could sit and have his ass hole facing Noah. Noah then stuck another finger in, and found Daniel's g-spot.

"Ooohhhhh!!!!" Daniel screamed in excitement. He almost blew his load all over Noah's face, who was kneeling in front of him.

Noah continued to work the tight ass until he managed to get four fingers in. "I think you're ready dude," he said while lubing up that massive pole between his legs.

"Ok Daniel, I'm only gonna stick the head in," Noah announced as he was rubbing his dick across Daniel's crack. He pointed his dick forward and applied pressure. It took quite a bit, but Daniel's ass finally took the head in.

"Ahhhh.. Oh!! Ouch!! Shit!" Daniel was in a lot of pain. Noah held this position for a while until he got used to it. After Daniel took some deep breaths, he leaned forward and ever so slowly worked the thick shaft into the hole.

"Dude just tell me if I start hurting you," Noah said as he slid in a little at a time. "Dude, you're so fucking tight! And you're taking it like a pro!"

Daniel was biting on his lip desperately trying to hold back screams. Noah finally got all the way in, and Daniel felt like he had punctured a lung.

"Daniel, are you ready?" Noah said.

Daniel took a deep breath and nodded. Noah started thrusting his dick in and out. Daniel let out one loud scream, but his "ooohh"s quickly turned to sounds of pleasure. Noah sped up. He shoved the whole thing in and leaned over to kiss Daniel. Their chiseled chests rubbed against each other's as Noah got faster and faster. He then pointed upward while running his tongue around the inside of Daniel's teeth and hit the g-spot again.

"Ohh fuck yeah! Fuck me Noah, harder!!!" Daniel screamed in excitement.

Noah pulled out, laid Daniel in the tub and turned on the hot water. He then climbed in and straddled him. He shoved his throbbing cock back in. It was leaking precum everywhere! Daniel's stomach was soaked in his own! Noah was fucking the shit out of Daniel as the hot shower ran all over their sweaty bodies. Daniel was getting close and Noah picked up on it. He put his hand around Daniel's dick and fisted it like there was no tomorrow. His hand became a blur it was going so fast. Daniel shot his load so far that it made a splat noise as it hit the showers back wall behind him. He kept shooting spurts of hot steamy cum and hit himself in the face, all while Noah was working up one of his own.

"Uhhhh ooh Noah I want you to shoot your load all over me!" Daniel said as he was emptying his dick of the last bit of cum.

Noah pulled his huge dick out of Daniel's ass and started pounding the shit out of his dick with a tight grip in his hand.

"Oh huh shit!!! Oh fuck!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, and unleashed his load everywhere. It literally went everywhere. He smacked the back of the shower a good three times, then pointed it down to aim the rest at Daniel. He hit him once in the mouth area and emptied the rest on Daniel's abs.

13 spurts. 13 spurts of cum Daniel counted, roping non-stop out of Noah. Noah fell on him in relief and tried to catch his breath.he laid his head on Daniel's upper chest. Daniel raised him up to get to his lips, and have him one last, weak kiss.

"Daniel, that was THE best I have ever had. You are a natural!" Noah exclaimed.

Daniel had no words. He was fulfilled. He laid there as the hot water slowly washed all of Noah's cum off of him. He wiped down the back of the shower. He stood up and him and Noah washed each other off in the shower.




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