Marc and Daniel arrived at school on Friday. It was game day. Their football team was 7-1 on the season. Tonight was their game against their rivals, the Panthers. It was a home game so they would have a rally in the gym that day. Basketball practice is always canceled on Fridays so the players can go to the football game. Because of this, most of the basketball players skipped Fridays. Marc and Daniel walked in the cafeteria together and sat at their table. Daniel looked around the room and couldn't see Noah anywhere. He worried that he may have skipped with his basketball team. His heart sank.

Marc started talking: "So Daniel I was thinking we could pick you up at 7 tomorrow evening."

Daniel, still devastated, tried to stir up a conversation over his sadness. "Huh? What? Oh, for the party." Yeah cool."

"Alright. You ready for tonight? It's gonna be great man!"

Daniel nodded in agreement. He was too upset to actually answer. He didn't even feel in the mood to be excited for the game. When all of a sudden, Noah stuck his head in the door. This really lightened his mood! Noah motioned for Daniel to come out to the hallway. Daniel did not hesitate!

Upon arriving to the hallway, Noah pulled him down the hall to the bathroom. "Dude, where are we going?" Daniel asked.

"Down the hall a ways, Daniel. We need to talk."

Daniel's nerves came back. He hoped he didn't do anything wrong. He was really starting to like Noah. They arrived at the bathroom.

"Daniel, first off I want to apologize for the past few days. We haven't gotten to talk and its partly my fault."

"What are you talking about Noah? We were both just busy all week, and we only have one class together, and you're getting to know your basketball team, and-" he was interrupted.

"That first day I came here, when you were daydreaming from being tired or whatever, what was really going on?" Noah said very seriously.

"Dude nothing! We already talked about this, why are you so mad?" Daniel felt the heat to straight to his face. He worried that Noah had caught him red-handed. He was almost in tears.

"Dude I know that's a lie. Every day you daydream. At breakfast, first period, AND lunch. And it's always in my direction. Now what's really going on?"

"Noah I swear nothing!!!"

"Okay well maybe I read you wrong. Daniel, it's time you know the truth. I'm gay. And I thought you were too, but you were giving me mixed signals. So I started to avoid you. I decided today to take a chance hoping you were gay too, I'm really sorry. I'm so embarrassed."

"Holy Shit." Daniel gasped. He really got thrown for a loop. He was freezing again. Now was his chance. Just go kiss him, right on the spot. No. "Okay maybe I can be gay." He silently thought. He had to say something! He couldn't just stand here in front of this sexy teen and let him walk away without saying anything! The one he drools over every waking minute! Hurry!

"I see," Noah said. "I hope we can still be friends Daniel, I think you're really cool."

Daniel was standing there, shutting down right in front of the person he really started to care about. He had struggled with his sexuality so much, he was scared to label himself as gay; what if he was wrong about himself? Then Noah would think he was lying! Noah turned to leave. His scent hit Daniel in the face. It woke him up.

"Noah," he said. "Don't go. I'm sorry, it's not because I don't like the fact that you're gay, in fact I rather enjoy it. I have been struggling with things like this for a long while. I am attracted to you, but I don't know if I'm gay yet. It's really complicated."

Noah turned back around, wearing that damned smile Daniel was so crazy about. In that moment, Noah looked more attractive than ever before. Daniel had never been more aroused in his life. Noah walked up to him, took a deep breath, leaned in and passionately kissed Daniel, right there in the hallway. It lasted about ten seconds or more. They were making out. Noah was a great kisser. Daniel decided to go for it. He put his arms on Noah's waist, and rubbed back around to feel his tight butt. It was amazing and bubbly! He felt back around to his crotch. Woah. Noah was already hard. He felt huge! Daniel rubbed all around it, and grabbing it. He knew it was at least 9 inches long, and felt super thick. He wondered if it was bigger than Marc's. He could only hope he would find out! Noah removed his hands from Daniel's neck and went straight for his bulge. He rubbed up and down Daniel's abs, and down to the thigh. The bell rung.

"Shit." Daniel sighed. He didn't want that to be over. "I want you to come to my game tonight, Noah. It would really mean a lot to me."

"Wouldn't miss it," Noah said with a smile, showing off those teeth Daniel was so crazy about. "And I want to be the one to help you decide on all that stuff. It was a hard time for me to accept it, but it felt great once I did. And if being gay isn't your thing, that's perfectly fine."

"Come on, let's get to class, maybe we will luck up and get a seat together," Daniel said smiling. They walked to the lockers pretty closely. When they arrived to class, they found two seats beside each other. Daniel's plan of getting back on track with Noah went much better than he had expected.

Noah and Daniel walked to each class together Friday. Noah would always be waiting for him right there at the door to walk him to his next class. He was such a gentleman.

It was the time of day for the rally in the gym. What is was is, before every home game, the school would gather for an hour or so and play games and do crowd chants to get the school body fired up for the game. This time around, the Senior players were getting recognized for their hard work since it would be their last home game. They had their own section on the bleachers, so Noah and Daniel didn't get to sit together. Instead, Daniel sat with Mark, Austin, and Cody.

"Dude, what's been going on with you and Noah? You guys have been inseparable all day, both of you disappeared at breakfast, you ditched us at lunch." Marc said.

"What's the big deal? I told you he was cool! You should meet him sometime!" Daniel replied back, a little offended.

"Woah dude, calm down!" Marc laughed. "Is he like your boyfriend or something? You two fuck buddies?"

This really made Daniel mad. But he was actually hoping that Marc was going to be right someday. So he controlled his temper. "Ha ha ha very funny. You jealous much?" Daniel joked back.

"Yeah I am!" He giggled, and then winked at Daniel.

"What the fuck was that?" Daniel thought. Noah gave him that same wink. The confused the hell out of Daniel. But he brushed it off. He had a rally to enjoy. All the players were in uniform. It would be an evening to remember.

After the rally, school was dismissed early and everyone went home to prepare for the game. Noah met up with Daniel on their way out. Marc was staying back with the boys to have a little fun before the game.

"That was a lot of fun!" Noah said. "We didn't do that at my old school."

"Yeah, too bad it was my last one. Noah, can I ask you a few questions?"

"Anything Daniel. You don't have to ask for permission."

"You're a senior, right?"

"Yeah haha. I'm 18 too."

"Are you openly gay?"

"Well, I was at my last school. You were the first person I told here."

"Why did you move?"

"After I came out, I lost a lot of friends and respect. Even my starting spot on the basketball team. I got kicked out of Chess Club, too. They told me they were bringing someone with better skills into the club, and that I was the weakest player. It felt to me like I wasn't welcome there anymore."

"Is that why you haven't told anyone here?"

"Yeah. I told you because I felt like we had a connection."

"I think that's why I've had such a hard time coping. I didn't want to believe that I was gay. I didn't want to be the only one. I can't even tell my closest friend about this."

"Come on Daniel, let me give you a ride home. I drive to school."

Noah drove a 2013 Camaro. White with blue stripes. It was one o the nicest cars Daniel had ever seen! He was excited to get to ride home in it.

Noah and Daniel were growing closer quickly. After realizing how much that they had in common, Daniel trusted Noah with the deepest darkest secret of his life. Something he couldn't even tell Marc after they have been so close since about 4th grade, he trusted someone whom he had met just four days earlier. Noah was right. There really was a connection between them, and they both felt it.

"Look, Daniel. I've been there. I know what its like. It's not easy. But you're not alone anymore. You have me." Noah assured. They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways until the game that night.

Daniel had to be there an hour early for Pregame warmups. He met up with Marc and Austin.

"Hey Daniel, you done sucking Noah's dick?" Austin teased.

"Guys shut the hell up. You've never even met him. You don't know anything about him." Daniel replied angrily.

"Woah man I was just joking. Shit." Austin mumbled.

They went out on the field to start their stretches. The other team's bus pulled in. We watched the team march toward the field and the fans booed. They always take these kinds of games seriously.

"Hey man you wanna meet up after the game? We'll get outta here and have some fun!" Marc suggested.

"Ahh I don't really know, I was thinking about spending some time with Noah tonight." Daniel said.

"Okay bro there is seriously something going on and I wanna know what it is. You're blowin me off for him? Really?" Daniel could tell over the length of the day that Marc was getting really frustrated with him spending so much time with Noah. He didn't really understand what was the big deal. Marc was acting like he was losing his friend or something.

"You need to cool it Marc. He's cool. I like hanging out with him, too."

"Yeah ok. Well after the game, meet me in the parking lot, and bring Noah too, if you have to."

The game was starting. Marc, Daniel, and one other Senior went out to midfield for the coin toss as the team captains. The away team won the coin toss. They got the ball first and drove all the way down the field on the first possession. When the home team got the ball, Daniel fumbled on the first play. Daniel was really off his game tonight, but the team managed to go into halftime down 7-14.

"Dude, what's going on with you Daniel? You never do this bad! Is it because of what we said about Noah? We didn't mean any of that stupid stuff." Marc pleaded.

Daniel knew he was off. He was so stressed about the fact that he could very well be gay. "Sorry man, I got this."

He tried to imagine himself alone with Noah in the hallway again. That amazing kiss he laid on him at school today. He thought of what they will be someday. It gave him hope. He was going to play to impress Noah, who was with the basketball team in the stands.

The team came out and started on offense. Daniel racked up over 200 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns in the second half, eventually beating the Panthers 42-14.

Noah approached him. "Daniel you did awesome out there! Nice! Everyone is so proud of you!"

"Thanks Noah. Glad you had a good time." And smiled at him.

"Well Daniel, I guess I'll see you Monday."

Daniel remembered what Marc had told him before the game about going out an having some fun. He thought about telling Noah, but decided against it because he knew Marc and Austin would probably give him a hard time. Cody was leaving straight after the game to visit relatives before the party the next night. Daniel then thought that sense he wasn't going to hang out with Marc tonight, and his mom was always gone, there was really nothing stopping him from inviting Noah over. Who knows, maybe he will finally be able to get that nice cock of Noah's out of his pants! He acted quickly.

"Wait!" Daniel yelled. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to my house and celebrate?"

Noah gave the cutest grin. "That sounds like a great idea. What about your friend Marc?"

"I'm sure he'll understand. I want to spend time with you tonight."

Daniel took a shower and left the locker room early to take Noah home with him.




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