After Noah and Daniel were finished with their sexy shower, they threw their clothes on and headed out the door. Daniel grabbed his phone. He had a text message from Marc.

"Wtf dude we were supposed to meet up last night. Noah I guess?" the screen read. Daniel really wished that Marc would realize he wasn't the only one that he liked spending time with. He replied "dude I never said we would show up. I had other plans. We still have the party tonight, just you me Austin and Cody." He put his phone back in his pocket.

Noah and Daniel decided to walk to the pancake house. It wasn't very far away. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and even after their seemingly endless fuck session it was only 11:45. Not even noon yet. Daniel was glad he still had a long day ahead before going the the party with Marc. He had hoped he would get to spend most of it with Noah.

"Dude I can't stop thinking about how awesome you were this morning. I hope it won't be the last!" Noah said happily.

"Definitely not!" Daniel confirmed, as he was still on cloud nine from the beating his now sore ass took.

As they walked down the street, block after block, with a gentle breeze flowing on a 70 degree day, Daniel felt like a million bucks. He had answered a lot of questions this morning. He really liked bottoming for Noah. He was not only physically attracted to Noah, but mentally too. He was a little more comfortable with the fact that he was probably gay, because he had Noah to get him through. He felt Noah grab his hand and hold it ever so softly. He intertwined his fingers with Daniel's and sighed. Daniel loved it. He didn't even care if anyone seen him holding hands with a guy. He gave it a gentle squeeze and they walked closely by one another all the way to the pancake house.

They walked in and were seated in a booth near the back. They had just missed the crowd, everyone usually ate breakfast a little earlier so it was nearly empty. Their waiter looked to be about 28 years old, and rather handsome. But Daniel didn't really check him out. He was too busy concentrating on Noah.

They both ordered a stack of pancakes.

"Daniel, I know it's still very soon. But I gotta ask. Did what happened today help you sort any of your questions out?" Noah asked.

Daniel was still sorting things out, but he had a reply. "Well I... I definitely enjoyed it. It's a lot to think about. I uhh.. I really like you, Noah. More than you may know. And until I feel otherwise, that makes me... gay."

"I really like you too, Daniel. A lot. I hope you understand that. And I don't want to force you to make a decision right now."

"Where do we got from here?"

"Umm.. Well, I don't really know yet. Whatever happens, we'll just take it as we go."

Daniel couldn't argue with that logic. But he wanted to know if they were on a date, or just friends. He wasn't going to ask, he didn't want Noah to say "just friends" so he waited.

They both finished their pancakes and walked home in the same fashion as on the way there. Daniel got a text from Marc.

"Yeah well you better show up this time! 7 sharp! What the hell have you been doing all day? Making out with the newbie again?"

Daniel couldn't believe that Marc was still teasing him about Noah. Sometimes Daniel got the feeling that he was jealous of his new friendship with Noah. He casually removed his hand from Noah's and started to rely, but he was very careful to try not to let Noah see the message history. "Bro I swear why do you not like him? You've never even met him and you already said it wasn't because that girl Kayla!"

"Who you talking to that's so big of a secret?" Noah asked a little confused.

"It's nothing man, just Marc." Daniel said nervously. As he went to put his phone in his pocket, he dropped it. Noah picked it up for him and Marc's message was still on the screen. Daniel seen Noah skim over them.

"Noah I'm sorry. He can be a jerk."

"I know he doesn't like me. He gave me the stink eye all day Friday." Noah said.

"What do you mean?"

"Dude he doesn't like you talking to me and he makes it obvious."

"I know." Daniel said frustrated. "It really bugs me that he has to be like that."

They arrived to Daniel's house and went in. Noah went to the bathroom.

"It's 3:00, and you have a party to go to. I'm gonna get going, Daniel. See ya." Noah said and hugged Daniel. He let go rather quickly and left.

"Bye..." Daniel said. He wasn't leaving until 7, why did Noah leave so soon? Daniel thought he was a little upset over Marc's ridiculous texts. He had hoped Noah wouldn't be mad at him. He decided to go take a nap before getting ready for the party.

Daniel set his alarm to wake up at 6:30 to get his things together and wait for Marc. He was a little uneasy after the way Noah acted towards him before leaving. But he knew he had to go to the party or Marc would be really mad at him.

7 o'clock came. Daniel heard a honk from the driveway. He looked out the window to see Austin, Cody, and Marc sitting i the driveway. He left and locked the door behind him, jumped in the car, and they took off.

"Hey bud did you and Noah have fun last night? What did you guys do? Did you clean up afterwards?" Cody asked sarcastically.

"Yeah it was awesome." Daniel said outraged and just as sarcastically back.

"Dude we're just playing with you man why do you get so defensive when we mention him?" Marc asked.

"I don't mind you guys talking about him its just the things you say! Why do you fucking hate him?!?" Daniel yelled.

"He's a fucking douche Daniel! Have you seen the way he acts at school? He won't talk to anyone! Not even girls! I'm starting to wonder if he really is a fucking fag! You better watch out man, he's probably got a thing for you!" Cody said back.

Daniel had no words. Why is it such a big deal that he is gay? I mean, his assumption is right but he didnt know that. He decided to speak up. "Maybe you think he's a douche because he's at a new school. Maybe he hasn't made a lot of friends yet besides me. And do you have something against gays?!?!" Daniel said.

"Well, yeah! I do! It's not normal, and they will never fit in! They will always be outnumbered! Hell I can spot a homo from a mile away."

Cody had no idea what he was talking about. More than likely Daniel was gay. He knew that now. Cody had been playing on the same team as Daniel for four years, the same amount of time Daniel was debating between straight and gay. And he had no idea. What a fucking retard. Daniel knew it was because of people like him that gays were scared of coming out. People like him was why Daniel had a hard time accepting what he was.

They arrived at the party. "Alright you drama queens, make up and let's go have some fun. Cody, you're the designated driver. I know you don't drink." Marc said.

They got inside and things were already wild. Daniel wanted to have fun but he was just to upset. Austin and Cody went to flirt with some girls, and Marc stayed with Daniel.

"Come on dude let's go grab a beer. That'll cheer you up."

Daniel had never touched a drop in his life, but he figured he would tonight. He had to try to have fun somehow.

"Man I know you're upset but he's the douche. I know you're Noah's friend too and I respect that. I would really like to meet him sometime." Marc said.

Daniel was fine with that. Maybe now that Marc seemed to realize that Daniel had a friend other than him. Daniel lightened up a bit and really started having a good time. He had put away about 6 beers and Marc was already out of it. Daniel may have a little much for his first time but he was fine for now. Things were heating up. They were playing music and Daniel was going crazy. He was dancing and drinking and making a complete fool of himself, along with Marc! They really did start having fun. But where did Austin and Cody go?

Daniel decided to go look for them. He stumbled around the full house from room to room trying to spot his friends. Marc got lost in a crowd of girls a way back. He checked the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. No where were they to be found. He decided to make his way upstairs. He went through the upstairs hallway and fought through many couples making out and practically fucking right there in front of everyone. He opened each door to the rooms he passed, even accidentally catching one of the basketball players having sex with a girl he recognized to be Kayla. He giggled and got out while the guy yelled at him but didn't slow down.

He came to the last room in the house that he knew of. He peeked in. It was the master bedroom. It appeared empty so he stepped in and took a look around. He heard noises coming from the closet. In his drunken stupor, he wasn't worried about getting into any trouble. He jokingly tiptoed over to the closet door and twisted the door knob very quietly. He pulled the door open quickly to reveal what was behind it.

"Surprise!" He screamed before realizing who it was.

"Holy Shit! Daniel get the fuck out! What the hell you doing up here!?!" It was Cody and Austin! They were in the closet naked with boners! Daniel freaked out. They were clearly sucking each other's dicks!

Daniel ran away as fast as he could and laughed hysterically. He was so drunk what he had just seen hadn't sinked in yet. He stopped after he got outside because he was sick. He threw up everywhere. He looked up, chuckled and started running again. He was crazy.

Inside the house, Austin and Cody sprinted down the steps dressed again, found Marc, and yelled, "Where the fuck did Daniel go?!?!?!" Very loudly and in sync.

"I don't know guys, but go find him so he can go. It's 1 am!" Marc stumbled around looking for his keys. He had drank more than a fish.

They frantically ran in every direction and looked everywhere. They found Daniel trying to climb a tree in front. They pulled him down and Cody pinned him against the tree.

"Listen up Daniel. I don't give a fuck what you seen, I'm not a fag. You speak a word of this to anyone and I'll fucking kill your ass!" Cody yelled and shoved him in the direction of the car. "Get in! It's time to go."

They all met up at the car and went home. Cody dropped Daniel off first, and Daniel went straight to be and slept until Sunday evening.

He awoke to a text from Noah that read:

"Did you have a good time?"




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