The suprise is still a complete mystery to me as we walked down the halls of an old musium. There was a slight twitch in my manner of walking, I guess it was because of my anger that I didn't notice. Ariving at a large black door, I noticed it was covered in celtic markings. They were so captivating that I stared at the designs for a moments before I relized that Mark was waiting inside the room. 

The room wasn't as impressive as the markings on the door, but it was definitely had a class of royalty. Old fashioned silver tea sets were placed inside what looked like oak cabinets with only crystal glass separating my fingers and the tea sets. Mark was fashioned eligently on a chair with bright red cushions and wooden designs on the legs. He was ushering for me to take seat next to him. I sat on the seat next to the seat he wanted me to sit in, mostly to spight him for his previous actions.

His smile proving to be anouther weapon in his pocket, I turned to face a curtain that lay infront of both of use. Suddenly, I felt the floor shift. To my saprise the room felt like it was moving, doors from behind the chairs closed, the tea set furniture disappeared behind the steel and I was left in a confused state.

"What have I got myself into now?"

The smile from Mark wasn't leaving me very reassured. When the movment stopped, the lights dimmed and a small window looking door opened. Revealing an Oprah stadium.  My eyes didn't light up at first.

"An oprah, you must be joking. With how much rock music we listened to I was never pegging him for the classically original music."

Then my eye lingured to the stage, there was a band about to preform. The crown was screaming, but it wasn't until the first cord was struck that I relized just what it was.

It was a consert by "dry desserts" the hottest and latest trend in all of this infested world. They are a group of people that make the best rock music ever known, even none rockers have said they injoyed lisening to there music. They are infected, but there music speaks volumes world wide that they're still human. They've been threatened many times by the government to stop broadcaststing their music many times which was supposed to end their careers, but instead they became even more popular.

My heart began racing as the song reached our spot up in the booth. I began going absolutely nuts over them making emphasis as if i was shouting like all the other fan boys and girls down below trying to get their attention. It must of been amusing to Mark because he started laughing.

"So, am I forgivin or should I give you this autograph from all of the band members too"

He said making pulling out a t-shirt covered in autograghs. My senses were out of the room at this point, so to say. All i could do was play the eager cat trying to catch the shiny object dangling in front of me.

Un-noticeably, I was really close to Mark and I couldn't pry myself away from him. It was only after I'd captured my prize that my face light up with embarrassment at my previous actions. Mark is evil for using my weakness for "dry desserts' ", but I had to admit. It was one of the many way to make up for being an outstanding ass.

Reguardless of his actions. I felt calm and more relaxed. It was like old times again, him and I just going nuts over the music, the epic band players. Even how much we wanted to meet them. Memories came back of that summer, but only before the winter came. I was truly happy, but I felt a pain in my chest. It could have been because i was excited, but my heart told anouther story, in a sence of tragedy.

After the concert, we were taken home by our bodyguards. I was asleep from the experience of a lifetime, but i could hear them speaking about something. 

"He doesn't need to know just yet, I don't want him to change anymore then he already has...."

Change... a word my mind couldn't recall as i drifted to sleep.

School life was as boring as ever, continuing to fill the day with nothing more then uncomin materials. Tell me again, what does a seemingly endless fraction by the name of pie going to do to help me in subjects other then math? Yet anouther question unanswered.

Jack must of been having a blast because he got to watch me have to rewrite fifty of the digets by heart. Naturally, I only got ten numbers in before I lost track of which number to put next. Thankfully, the bell saved me from having to do the rest of the equation. Jack offered  to let me stay behind to finish, but the teacher said it was fine. Later, I shoved him over the railing of a two story building......

"He has training to think on his feet, I'm sure he'll be fine. Plus it's not that bad, it's only one story."

I was brought back to the apartments with yet anouther trail to the bedroom. I figured it was a habit he picked up in my year of absence. That or it was a plot to make me think he was asleep, but in trueth he'd creeply watch me while I slept. The idea both desturbed me and strangly enough made me hot. 

"Why do i keep thinking of him in THAT way?"

Even as I look upon him as he sleeps my eyes are drawn to his difference to me. He muscular body compared to my frail body. The defined chin of a man compared to my underdeveloped chin. He was the complete opposite of me. Yet, we were exactly the opposite before we were infected. My eyes glanced over his genital reagon for a moment before i cought myself and I diverted my atention back to the scattered cloths. I figured I'd at least clean up the mess so that it wouldn't leave the wrong impression for the maid that Mark pays to clean up after him.

After cleaning, I removed my cloths and walked into the shower. I'd hoped to think of only the hot water hittting my face and not the man sleeping in the bed. A mirrior in the shower had cought my eyes as I traced the scars that covered my body. I guess it was becoming a habbit to do it because I only started doing it recently.

"Is it because of him?"

Him.... the term seemed to make my mind drift back to when I didn't even think of Mark as anything other then Mark.

"You really shouldn't do that. It might reopen some of them."

The sudden voice of Mark made me jump with shock. I stupidly grabbed the towel next to me and wrapped myself in it. My face flushed with blazing heat and a hint of fright.

"Oh, come on now. Aren't we past being modest, we've seen eachother intirly naked before."

He was wearing white boxers, which were becoming wet from the water. He was advancing into the shower, but I couldn't protest more then flailing my arms about. He grabbed one arm and pulled me closer to him, placing the other on my bum. As my legs lost their footing I placed my free hand agenst him.

"We are also passed the point of being afraid, aren't we?"

He said rubbing his member agenst me. A breath escapes my body as he curesses my rear with intent. With each movment my resistent body slowly succumbs to his action. Then suddenly, he stops...

Pushing me back ever the slightest distance and says,

"I love you and only you. That is why I won't do anything if you won't partake as well."

With that, I was left to ponder. His member clearly shining through his boxers. My face was probably a fucking array of all colors of the rainbow at this point. I couldn't think clearly, only the ever so present ache in my bum and the pulsing member that burned agenst my body.

Looking up at Mark and saw he was serious about not doing anything if i didn't want it. Without thinking I made it official. I locked my fate with him as a kiss of pationate feeling enveloped over the two of us. The shower seemed to disappear as he lifted me to a new location. Even though we were dripping wet he took me to the bedroom and layed me over the sheets.

"Perhaps we should have dryed off"

He laughed pressing his lips agenst mine again. He pulled a bottle of liquid out of some unknown place and slathered it onto my ass as if to make it more drenched my body shivered at the sudden cold yet hot sensations.

"My, my, so sensative. I guess that's to be expected from having such a beautiful body. Pear skin, soft blonde hair, and eyes that could drown a man with its vast oceans. Even your lips show a tempting light pink."

I felt far less confident about my looks considering I liked my other self a bit more, but the more his fingers covered my skin. My mind eased away from my personal preferences and instead could only focus on my sences.

Touch, his body feeling mine. Sound, his voice filling the air with heated breath. Taste, his mouth locking with mine. Smell, his sent filling my nose. Sight, only him.

My body was moving all on it's own by now. With every touch came a new shock, a new feeling. At first he started with my chest.

"So cute how you react like a women whould. I guess i could cut you some slack since it's your first true experience to be fully taken by a man. Some advise, squerming only prevokes me more."

My mouth was open for only a secound in reaction to a sudden sensation,  but it was long enough for him to stick one finger in. I could only squerm helplessly as my mind clouded over from unknown pleasures suddenly asulting me. He removed the finger from my mouth as his mouth found it's way to my lower half, sending a massive wave of pleasure. As his mouth strocked my boned member, I felt like I was melting inside of his heat. Suddenly, I found anouther finger entering my ass. This was to much for me, but he knew that and stopped right before i was about to emplode.

"I'm going to give you all of myself tonight, every thought and emotion i had all thoughs times we were togeather."

He said pulling my lips towards his again. As my arms flung around him, he stopped touching my body and positioned himself on the bed with me ontop of him whispering,

"Please, put it in. If I do it, I'm afraid I won't be able to hold back."

The request was very sudden, but in my state of mind i couldn't even resist a pleading man. He was still wearing his boxers, but now his member was pocking out. He handed me a condom to place onto his member, I was still looping from his mouths escapade across my cock. When i finished i noticed the condom wasn't big enough. I looked at him confused, his smerk of pride made his face appeal as if he was blushing. 

"Haha, well the changes happened in more then one place. Sadly they don't make them bigger then nine inches not with width to boot, haha."

His joke didn't amuse me much, ignoring the condon was short by three inches. I proceeded with placing his member inside my lower half. 

The sudden stretch made me feel pain for a long few moments, but Mark helped my destracting me with a few very pationate kisses as he inched in. He was about half way when I lost whatever sence i had and thrust him all the way in. The shock made a shudden jolt go up my back. However, the pain had all, but despited. 

"How does it feel? Good?"

The question seemed pointless because i couldn't give him an answer. I was lost in the sea of. Mixing pain, pleasure, and emotions. I could only give him a kiss that signaled that he could move. The sudden feeling cousing me to moan without sound.

His thrusts were gental yet pleasurable, by then I'd lost my self to the raging passionate sex of the night.  Him touching my bum, stroking my nipples, biting my lips and neck in more then one place. He even changed the position so that I wasn't straining myself as he says. My back now lay on the bed as he played with every part of my exposed body,

"It was like he was worshiping a god in the form of sex."

My legs were wrapped around him as were my legs when i felt it cumming. He must have noticed it written on my face because he started pounding into my with no remorse. Sending echoed shocks throughout my body. His hand also found it's tune stroking my flesh.

"I hope your ready because hear it cums."

His words faded from sound as we both bleached the sheats with white. My mind faded from it's half awake state. Only the faint sound of a heart beat filled my ears as i felt Mark wrap himself around me. Our naked spent bodys cuddled in a caccoon of warmth. All the water seemed to have evaporated, or was replaced by sweat.

The next morning I found myself. Wrapped in the caccoon still. I was about to move when a shock of pain pulsed from my rear. I found that I wouldn't be going anywere for a while. All i could do was look at the man that declared absolute love for me last night, while also claiming my full v-card. A smile came across my face.

"Wait was I happy withmy first being with him, "

A sudden sound enveloped the air. It was the sound of our heart beating as though in resonance.

"Well, I guess that answers that."


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