I awoke sceaming, well kinda.

The dress, the humiliation, all of it just a sick dream. Being alone i threw my phone and whatever else was in reach in frustration and anger, by the time i was finished the room was a reck and i was coughing into a fit. I slid to the floor coughing for a while until it came under control. I reached for the pills but then saw on the label, under side effects,

"Powerful imagery"

That's when i through the pills, now tired and to weak to move.

"Fuck thoughs pills, if they make me feel worse then i already do," 

I thought angrily as i crawled to the kitchen for some water hoping it'd help. Which didn't realy.

After a while i managed to get off the floor and onto the couch, were i stayed for hours breathing heavily. The pills whould of helped, but i didn't want more pain. My mind started fuzzing at that point, i could only imagine how many hours passed until Mark came in seeing me like that. I asumed the thing he tryed to feed me was the pills but i rejected them, he was very insistent, but i didn't want to and that was my final choice. 

This landed me in the hospital again, with the drug version of it in my body, forcably might i add. The illusions and images mixed, witch camled me because i couldn't make out anything, but i remembered seeing mark very concerned. 

I guess i should have explained to him why, but he would of taken the chance to give me the pills. Not like fighting him gave much results, i still got it in my system.

About around noon i could understand a few simple words and sentences,

"What the hell were you doing................. his life was in danger......... what made him stop taking them......"

Obviously Mark wanted answers, but i couldn't even speak let alone explain.

"He is..."

That's when a loud voice rang in my ears,

"He is a living weapon just like you! The only reason why he is able to rome without restraint is because of your contract! Which I'll have you know is still very vulnerable much like your boyfriend there!"

This haulted most of my images, marks voice went silent but i felt anger like none before. I hard a very loud crash, like something made of concrete just got pumbled.

This made everything quite.

"Touch him..... and will kill you"

The words were cold................Without emotion or studering..........Like a true animals piercing gaze............

The pressure of the atmosphere made my mind tumble, i felt cold. Completely, gone.

 Then i felt a hand on mine.

Just like that, i felt fine. No drug illusions, no pain in my chest, just calm and content.

I backed out then, but not without one more sentence, or phrase

"His heart, can only handle so much of it's link with you, yet you don't sever the conection."

What conection?

The question blured with sleep.

Again awaking, but this time with Marks hand over mine. I could only recall my coughing fit, witch explained the hospital and concern from mark.

As much as i injoyed the very adorable scene of him sleeping the drugs little side effects kicked in, making my member throb and my ass ache like no friggin tomorrow. Damit i wanted to be fucked, i couldn't help but wanna have hardcore hospital sex like the two from the other day, but it felt so wrong to wake Mark after he worried about me. A stray finger of mine moved on it's own paying not attention to my hesitation as it poked into my bum, pressing deep.

Throughing my head back in pleasure and pain i tryed not to wake mark, i couldn't help but finger deeper with more fingers, here i was laying in a bed fingering myself when he worried about me.

"Heh, i see you have a growing problem."

The familiar voice scared the crap out of me, not literally but i did jump.

Looking over only to be met with a passionate kiss from Mark.

"Oh i see you've already started getting loosened, but your fingers arnt so usful for satisfaction huh?"

Before i could even gesture a word his hand started fingering me with some lube on them. pressing into me more then the last time causing me to shake in pleasure. His hand stops only for a secound as he closed the blinds.

"Heh you made me worry you know, I'mgoing to have to teach you to take your meds"

I tryed to protest, but Mark started sucking and biting on my neck fingering me deeper,

"Sorry, i couldn't understand, could you try agan,"

My words started jumbling in my head as i tryed making sense of everything i was feeling.

"Oh your going to be good and take your meds like a good boy should,"

Again i tryed protesting, but he pressed anouther finger in.

"Good boys get presents you know"

His lips connected with mine taking what little fight i had away, as i started melting to his touch. His hand went away only to be replaced by his hard condom covered dong.

Even as it pressed into me, my mind made nothing more then a melting thought of pleasure. His hips moved slow as he was being gentle, bringing me closer to him as i felt the full tip finally enter. This made my ache worse, yet i felt it subside a little. I layed pressed against him trying not to move away or towards him as my thoughts colided with my feelings. Only worsaning as the full member hit home rubbing agenst my prostate.

I jolted at the pleasure witch told Mark to hit the spot i guess couse he started pounding aming right at it. My moans silent as the were seemed to scream as i griped the sheets trying to hold on to what i could for my mind. 

His thrusts hiting home acationaly combined with the ruthless pounding made me burn for him more, even as i pressed into the thrusts my mind begged for more.

I felt my self getting colse, which is when he started jerking me, causing me to lose my sight for a sec in pleasure. I felt him slaming harder into me as o felt him about to blow as well.

In one final pound he burst his balls seed into me, filling the condom im sure, my own member cuming into his hands grip.

Nere the end hi colapsed ontop of me, bringing us to eye level.

I was going to try and protest again, but he sealed my lips in anouther passionate kiss.

"No more fits ok? I couldn't stand loosing you, much less in pain like that."

His words filled me with saddened concern for making him worrie. Yet i felt a slight ganwing at the back of my mind. I felt like i was forgeting something, something important. Again dosed off from overexertion. 

      :authers note, sorry for the late chapter and missunderstanding of what i ment for the chaper previously to entittle.


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