In the year 1958, a mass pandemic broke out. This disease was considered the most horrifyingly disturbing form of mother nature. Some called it punishment from god, others called it inhumane.

The government placed anyone who had been in contact with this disease under strict lock and key, anyone who was resistent were swept under the rug (so to say). The pandemic was belived to be averted and was long forgottin.

The year is 2050, the pandemic broke out three years prier to now. The disease was as inhumane now as it was back then, or so i was told. The specifics of the outbreak were.....un-conclusive. The only info that was givin was that any human that came in contact with an...infected.... whould undergo a change. This change was both physical and mental. I once heard someone ask.

"What does this pandemic do that's so bad that we're the ones being quarantined?"

I was still to young to understand, but i soon witnessed what happens to thoughs who get infected. It was strange, what unfolded before me at the age of 18.

"Amu, It's time to checkin!" These word filled my ears as i awoken from my slumber. Naturally, i looked at my phone and pulled up the news app. The worlds un-infected population had decreased while i slept. Pullijg myself out of bed i saw my friend Mark sitting beside my bed. He had the same look as always, simple build not to bulky, but not to fat either, just normal. His hair was cut short with colors of red and black. Obviously, he died his hair resently.

"Hey, do you see that. One of the people in our neighborhood got infected and got totally blasted by the I.U.C.U. "said Mark (acronym for infected. Uncurables. Control. Unit. )

i guess i douldn't need to explain what they do, since the acronym explains it all. Aside from acting like they're all that, they are basicaly cops. Back to the checking in bit, its a bio test to see who's enfected and who isn't, i noticed none of the girls get tested aside from they must prove they realy are girls.

"Come-on man we're going to be late if you keep idling on your phone," says Mark with a grin on his face.

i deside to ignore the part were he told me to look at my phone and just go, i pass the mirror and see my reflection blue eyes and medium blonde hair, i had a rippin sixpack and not to brag ,but a good 8" hiden away. With a nicely sculpted body i was sure to get the hotest girl in this quorintined zone. Ms, Merry a perfect B-cup with beutiful long brown hair with eyes of deep hazel, my age of course.

While we walked down the streets of the zone i took notice of the dead trees and the white snow laying all around as well as the cloudy sky. I always thought the sky was nicer when it was raining for it symbolized a new begining in my opinion. That aside mark and i walked about fourteen blocks before we reached the hospital aka the bio lab testing sight. It just looked like any other building to me exept it had an emergency center sign on the front of the entrance.

The prosses of the bio test is similare to that of giving blood, they ask you questions make you sign some forms and then take your blood. The only difference is that they dont let you leave until an hour later so that the results come back conclusive or something like that.

So here Mark and i are staring at Merry for the life of us after the test was complete, the hour was almost up and we stopped staring and decided to talk about what new videogames we'd get, (funny how that works, the intire world is facing a pandemic and we're thinking about a game called "Zombie xx Death" witch stared a sexy babe and a badass dude with lots of guns).

The bell in the office rang and everyone was heading home, mark and i headed to my house because of marks father being part of the iucu. He would often spend the night at my house in the guest room or on the couch if he was sick. We just didn't want him to lock himself in the room and get worse as the day went on, you can see why he's not so athletic, him being sick all the time prety much stops that from happening. The doctors know about him and more or less don't check him as often as us, sence most people can't catch the pandemic disease when there sick, which most doctors found strange.

As we walked in the front door the sound of the TV filled the air, this was how i knew my father was home. It was a casual evening with no real importance, or so i thought. It was the last time things whould be normal for me and mark.

After saying hello to my father and having diner (we skiped lunch and had chips instead) Mark and i desided to go to my room and hang out since we were tired from the walk. (Since the outbreak cars were restricted to prevent safety problems.)

We played videogames and hungout like we said we whould, as well as talk about the news of the infected in our neighborhood. What else was there to do, we couldn't go out to buy the game because of the curfew and most of our freinds in highschool got infected for being normal reckless teens. The hours ticked by and soon the time came to sleep.

As i climbed into bed and pulled up the covers my dad came into the room, this was out of character so naturally i asked why

"Just checking on ya son, with that whole infected buisness i just wanted to put my fatherly instincts to rest by making sure you were ok." My father said with a calm smile.

He said goodnight and i continoued to dreamland hoping for an encounter with Merry in my dreams.

I awoke in the middle of the night for some reason unable to sleep, i walked to the restroom and did my buisness thinking that was the case. However, that didn't ease the unsetaling feeling growing in my chest. What was this pain i was feeling, it wasn't unbearable. However, i couldn't ignore it. Suddenly, the pain increased. I was loosing my footing and colapsed onto the floor. My body was still partly asleep and i couldn't call for help all i could do is lay on the floor in pain, i eventually lost consciousness.

when i awoke the next morning i was groggy, unable to determine how i managed to passout in the bathroom. I went to Marks room to wake him up, but he was nowhere to be found. I continoued to look throughout the house and found no living soul. It was strange i thought as i walked around. Normally, someone was around.

"Oh, well" i thought as i made breakfast and started packing an overnight bag to sleep over at Mark's house.

i turned on my phone and looked up the news app and found that two people were declared infected last night because of an accedent in the medical center. Apperently, they dropped an infected bottle of blood and it got into the water system witch was then used on the two to disinfect there bodies for the daily check.

I scrolled down to find the names of the two infected. That was when my heart had sopped for what seemed like an eternity, there they were as clear as day. Mark and i were the infected.

Shocked and horrified i thought for one moment that mabye it was a mastake. That, it had to be a dream or something, but the longer i stared at the evidence, the more my fears came to light. The solemn memory of Mark's words came to mind as i place my hands upon my head, trying to make sence of this chaos.

"One of the people in our neighborhood got infected and got totally blasted by the I.U.C.U." the memory haunting me.

i continued packing the bag, but this time with more cloths, all the money i had, all the caned food i could carry. Adrenaline rusing through me i had to get out. If Mark had seen the news then he is either gone or had already...... i stopped, unable to think or act. I heard the door open.

my heart was racing my palms were sweating and my eyes were flashing this way and that trying to think of a way to escape. I dreaded what was about to unfold.

"Son, why are you packing?" I heard my father ask.

With every hopeful thought of him not reading the news i tryed to play it cool saying.

"I'm just packing an overnight bag for the week, i was planning on staying at Mark's next week so that we wouldn't have to travel all 14 blocks to get checked in."

I was a farely good actor, but even i had my limits. Telling my dad that everything was normal in a way when it wasn't, was beyond pushing it.

"Have you read the news yet?" He asked in a lower voice.

"Fuck"i thought to myself "now what!" If he's read the report then he'll more or less turn me in as soon as i go out the door. The hope of him being my father and not turning me in was something i clung to, what else could i do. As these thoughts roared through my head I'd stopped packing and practically said,

"yes i have. Who the fuck hasn't, it's the only thing the zone does" in body language. I couldn't face him, him and i both knew how this plays out even if i manage to escape I'd have nowere to go. With noone to help me. Still i wanted to at least live as long as i could.

i zipped up my bag and placed it on my sholder, only being able to turn my head in his general derection. He had a gun pointed at me, my heart shattered at the sight. My hopes were crushed and the following words were what i would remember for the rest of my life.

"I can't allow you to leave hear alive to spread the infection," he said.

His words sounding like a hollow figure incapable of emotion. A stray sound cought his attention, as he fired his gun in the durection of the sound i darted for the back door. He fired his gun many times, but i only ran. The snow flying under me the icey tears that burned my eyes. The heart that ached to cry, but couldn't stop pumping. For fear that if i stopped, one of the blasting sounds i heard behind me would find it's intended target.

(Author's note; this book has drama, but it will have sex in chapter 2. If it's with amu, that i dont know yet. Im making it up as i go (^.^).


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