The party continued for several hours. Everyone mostly talked and eat. The food looked really good,  but when I tryed it it was bland. Totally devoid of flavor and utterly disgusting. Revolted by the shoking flavors I tryed getting a drink. I didn't think twice about grabbing a glass of liquid and chugging it. A huge mistake on my part. I suddenly felt a slight tingling in my head, even my sight fuzzed with a sudden burst of flashing colors. When I looked at the glass I was holding, I found that it contained alcohol.

"Oh, come on. My luck can't be that bad," I commented as my senses began to dull. 

I stumbled my way across the floor trying to find something to remove the alcohol from my system when I suddenly bumped into someone. I was about to fall over when the strange figure caught me. Needless embarrassment flooded my face with heat as he pulled me close and said,

"I see the quaint wall flower has desided to come out of hiding. Would it be alright to ask for a dance?"

His charm seemed kind, but it was misplaced as i could only make out every third word of what he said. Suddenly, i was twirling across what apeared to be a brighter virsion of the dance floor. The strange figure began to spin, turn, and at one point grope my bum. From what i could understand from the sound of music, it was tango. The crowd seemed to love the show. I was stumbling everywhere trying to find my balance and the party was injoying my "performance." On top of this my heart was aching even more. Sitting was helpping with the pain, but now I was moving very erratically. 

"Talk about unfortunate," i thought ironicly trying to ignore the pain.

Suddenly, I was plucked from the dancer and pulled to anouther man. I recognized him as either Mark or Jack,

"Thank, god It finally stoped, now if he can just take me back to the chair."

I began to lift my arm in what I believed was the durection of the corner when he grabbed my arm and twirled me. The dance began again, but it felt more passionate. Well, I was moving faster. I didn't know if it was more passionate.

As time drue on, I found that I was in a form of compotition, being tossed between the two dancers and spun around in many ways. At this point the crowd was booming with people in aw as the two battled with their fancy moves. I couldn't tell if they were trying to win me or the crowd. They took turns showing how much i could hold my cookies, but i wasn't the best of dancers. Although from the way they worked me and the crowd, i dout someone whould know.

After several moves one pulled me away from the dance and began touching me in weird places. I thought he was still just dancing at first, but i slowly found he was touching places that made my ears burn with embarrassment. Sure we were still dancing, but i felt like the crowd saw through my clothes from how sensitivly my body reacted to his touch.

He'd started from the back of my neck and did what felt like his hands tracing down my back until reaching my bum. Which he then groped with furry. My drunk state made the sensations even more stimulating as he pulled me close and held the back of my leg. This made me lose my balance. As I fell back my arms flung around his neck desperately hoping to avoid falling. My eyes were closed most of the time from him touching me, but as i opened them. I found that the dancer in front of me was turely Mark.

My mind was still confused from all the spinning, but a part of me inched closer. Wapping myself tightly around his broud sholders. In thoughs short moments, time moved by slowly. His face came into view.

"What do I do?" I thought weakly

"What am I doing," I asked myself as I pushed my lips onto his....

My mind went blank. My heart ache slowly eaised as the moments ticked by. To me, time had stopped on that moment; only the two of us remained. All sound was removed; Except for the faint sound of a heart beat.

"So soothing" I thought as the heat from my face burned my ears.

As I removed my mouth from his, the crowd came back into view. They seemed baffled by the performance. A smile came over me as I watched Mark look shocked. Then came the applause.

"Your sick," he said at last still confused at my action.

I didn't think I was sick, but from his perspective; I'd just kissed him. So I guess anything he said whould have felt out of place. Being drunk, I didn't remember what happened after that very well. I think Ben and Jack took me home in the limousine, which was saprisingly uncomfortable when you lay on the seats instead of sitting properly. I through up about thirty minutes later; to Jack's unpleasantry, he had to clean it. I was carried into an apartment and placed on the bed, that's all i could make out of my memory. The next morning was spent with head spliting pain and utter regret.

"What was I thinking, how could I just kiss him like that?" I pondered with a stiff member

My head ached with pain and I was hard from kissing a man.  It was official, my luck was nothing more then a useless thought. Naturally, i tryed taking medicine and resting. However, the thought of kissing Mark made my head ache with tainted thoughts like, how he touched me. How he eroticly groped my chest and bum; ok he only gropped my bum, but like i said it's my thoughts not reality.

The next day I was visited by Ben and Jack; i hadn't left the room at all. So it was interesting to know that i was at the new apartments. They also mentioned how amazing my performance was at the party. The sudden reminder of the drink made me vomit into a nearby trash can. Yet again, Jack had to clean it. Ben explained that Mark was sorry for not noticing sooner. I had my phone on me so i typed in what i had to say,

"It wasn't his falt. Although, I could of done better without all the spinning and alcohol."

Ben gave me my schedule for school among other things and left me. Only me and Jack remained. I just sat there and searched the web on my phone, trying to ignore his staring.

"If your going to stay can you make me soup?" I texted.

As he looked at his phone his expression changed for a moment. He then through his phone, when it hit the wall It seemed to shatter into pieces, catching my attention. I didn't understand what he was upset about, it was just soup.

"Why?" The question boomed from his mouth.

I sat on the bed stunned by the question.

"Why didn't you tell us you weren't feeling ok?"

I typed my response.

"You didn't ask..." and held hit for him to read.

He nocked my phone away and yelled,

"That's not why; you did it for him didn't you!? You wanted to push yourself for him, right!?"

He was shaking with anger now, his blazing eyes looked at me with furrious intent. He had me pinned, his face mer inches from mine. He muttered something under his breath, but i couldn't make out the words. Then, just as fast as he had me pinned; he left. Slamming the door.

I looked at my phone and found no scratches, but looking over at his phone I could see that he was holding back.

"Why is he so conserned about my health anyway?" I thought as I held the phone closer to my chest.

"Only an idiot would worry over someone who's as weak as me."

I felt my face heating up as i thought about the kiss from mark and Jack's reaction.

"Great, now my headache is back," I thought.

At the day's end i made the soup hoping to get ride of whatever was in my head. I saw that the apartment was empty for the most part. Only my belongings were brought from my old pad. I say my own, but i guess it was more Mark's. The mention of his name made my face burn and Jack's made my head boil over with anger.

"Next time he can take the stairs up," i thought as I looked around the viod.

A soundless sigh escaped me. I texted Ben telling him I'd like to go shopping for furniture, but he said i had to wait three more days so that my body could "adjust to my new suroundings". He also pulled out the "next time you will listen to me card," ironicly i thought he'd forget. I was clearly wrong, but i guess i didn't really give him the time to forget. Anouther mental facepalm for being stupidly nieve.

The tree days were completely boring, stuck in an apartment udder house arest. I was getting the feeling of Déjà vu all over again. By the third day, I was so bored I desided to just go to bed early. When i awoke it was midnight, i was going to call Ben and bug him to take me shopping when Mark emerged from the shadows.

We were in the empty living room. He was dressed in a white dress shirt and dress pants, the coat was on the floor. He walked closer beginning to strip before me. I tryed to stop him. But I failed. He was down to his pants and hopefully boxers before he stopped. His chest drew my eyes away for only a moment and suddenly i was hard.

(I couldn't tell if i was just really backed up or he was just really tempting.)

He inched closer, with every step i tryed to think of what to say. To try and explain that i was drunk and incredibly nosious. As I reached for my phone to type he grabbed it from me. I didn't understand, but he held it if front of me and turned it off. He didn't say a word. He just tossed the phone away drawing my eyes away from him in the durection of the phone. He then grabbed my chin and turned my head to face him.

Our eyes meat again, his burrowing into me. As if trying to find something. My heart raced with anticipation as we drue closer towards one anouther.

"Isn't this wrong?" I asked myself. 

With that, he pressed his lips to mine. My head spun with delight and my eyes closed. Only the two of us remained yet again. This time however, I was truely alone with him. He could do anything to me and noone would know. His hands found their way around my waist and eased down to my ass and lured me closer. Making our lips intertwine even more. My hands rested on his hairy chest as his hands gropped my bum.

My face began to burn as i felt the boner on his end begin to press agenst my stomach. My legs tryed to close as his fingers traced the crack of my sensative bum. Everywhere he touched made me feel exposed and embraced, but i didn't want him to stop. The kiss finally stopped allowing me to breathe. Panting was about the only sound I made.

His finger pulled down my underwear, exposing even more of my body. I wanted to hide it from sight, but I also wanted him to see all of me. His hands traced the scar on my back sending shockes down my spine. They eventually found my bum again, as they caressed it gently my butt ached for more. With every stroke, my body pleaded of more. He placed a finger near my mouth. Without question i started licking it, when i finally sucked it i could taste salty strawberries. Hand sanatizer i presumeed. As he pulled his figer away, our mouths crossed again allowing little room for air.

His finger pressed against my ass as his pants fell to the floor. Pressing both our naked bodies togeather. While one hand touched my hole his other was pulling me closer.  My crotch pressed against his leg as his rubbed againt my stomach. I didn't dare open my eyes to look at him as if it'd brake the spell i was under.

With this we slowly came to a climax. My silent moans filled my head as his filled the air. When we came I colapsed onto him, feeling spent. As i looked up at him, he pulled me close and said,

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to wake up so that i could do this to you."

I found that my legs wrapped around his and i pulled him closer as my eyes slowly fell to dream of him.


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