The site of Jack's toned mid lean and bulky body was the first time I'd ever seen a naked man. (Well.... after the infection). His body innocently laying there, defenseless; yet i felt that he was still stronger then me. I guess that's what happens when your a twig in comparison. Shifting my focus to the present, i started to make breakfast. I wanted to think about anything, but a man.

Jack was still passed out in my room, clearly unbeknownst to my thoughts of him. Anouther thought came to mind,

"What if he did know"

The image of him holding my frail body agenst the wall and forcefully kissing me while groping my bum passionatly vividly played out in my head.

Once again, I tryed to shove the idea out of my head. I managed to make quick and easy muffins from a package when I heard a stur in the bedroom. Another tought came to mind,

"I hope he likes these.... wait, what am i thinking I'm not some house wife; agh!!!!"

I placed the muffins on the conter and filled in the holes i made prior to baking the muffins with butter; then with jam. I watchedas the butter slowly melted into the muffins and then the hole was replaced by the jam. I felt what I asumed was an attempt for myself to giggle at how ironic it seemed to just fall into place.

Realizing my thoughts, I face palmed my head trying to forget what i just did.

An idea came to mind; I could always get my mind off of anything when i did it so it should work.

Walking to the guest room I did not to see Jack, I found a mirrior.

In it I saw myself, fully clothed with a t-shirt and blue jeans as wel as the blue scarf from Mr. M.

I started to disrobe, starting with the scarf. After folding it nicely I began to take off my shirt. There I stood, seeing the scars that probably came from the surgery that was preformed to save my life. I traced them from my lower abdomen up around to my back were it snacked all up my spine and looped around my neck. My body had gained very little from the past month, I only waighed one hundred twenty pounds even. Mostly bone mass I'm sure. My body resembled that of a twink, but more on the anorexic skinny side. The once toned skin I had a year ago was now as pale as snow, (seeing as I passed out in it, this was probably likely to happen).

Looking at my eyes, they were blue; nothing special I figure. The dirty blonde hair i once had, now resembled that of snowy blonde. It had also grown in the past mounth, it had been cut when I was in a coma at the hospital. Speaking of hair, most of my body hair had vanished. With what little I had, it was blonde like my hair. Undetectable to the naked eyes. My my ribs were visable on my chest, but not on my lower half. This took my mind off of this mornings little incident.

I felt beter knowing that I could forget most of what transpired just by looking at the damage caused by the infection. However, the scar on my body wasn't just physical. My heart ached remembering the reasons why I had this scar. The father that may or may not have shot at me, the changes i had gone through, the year I had lost, all the way to the friend i would probably never see again....

Again, a noise from the durection of the bedroom. This time it was louder, almost panicking. I heard hastened footsteps tward the guest room. It was Jack, upon ariving at the door he paused noticing my scars on my back. (The mirrior was opposite of the door).

Clearly shocked he turned and faced the other way and apaligized. I ignored his pressence and began to put my clothes back on. I noticed he was still naked, which made it more awkward. I veered my eyes away from the refection of the mirror and maneuvered my way past him, trying to avoid looking at him. He went into the room and did what i asumed to be his way of putting on clothes while in a rush.

It was the weekend, so i had no school. Which made most of today just me cleaning what jack whould let me clean. I guess i spooked him with the sudden body malfunction, but i didn't care. I was more unhappy with him seeing me in that state. Rather then his feelings toward my personal health. I let him eat all the breakfast I made because i wasn't feeling hungry.

Around lunchtime, the doorbell rang. It was Ben coming to check on things, he was shocked to find out that I had seizures of pain and said nothing. Naturally, they took me to the hospital. However, the doctors already knew about these flashes of emence pain, hence the pills. They asured Ben and Jack that so long as I took the medicine I'd be ok, but I'd have to deal with the pain for the rest of my life. This was no news to me, I just didn't want others to find out how fragile I truely was; but I guess I was telling myself that nothing was wrong on the inside.

Ben and Jack talked for awhile about what had happened and what they'd do should the event happened again. I saw a troubled look on both of them, the look of pity. The look I was tired of seeing. I desided to slip away from my body gaurds, in hopes that i could just get away from it all.

Exiting the hospital was that hard, but slipping away proved very difficult. For an old man he could hear very well. After managing to slip out of sight i made my way toward the shopping district. I thought about buying more spices for food, but then something cought my eyes. I saw the I.U.C.U. my heart was racing.

"Why the hell are they hear," I thought panicking.

They seemed very intent on watching the croud. I tryed to regain my thoughts and began moving away slowly when the behavior of the squad had changed. They were moving now, everyone finally noticed them and began to scatter about. The iucu started attacking without warning, people were nothing to the i.u.c.u. just another pest.

I tryed to move in the caos when something caught my foot. A stray wire had rapped itself around my leg. Suddenly, the wire started to pull me with force. Nocked me onto my ass ans began draging me to my doom, so to say. The wire was a trap made to drag an infected closer to the squad. I had only a general idea how to remove my leg from the snare, i had never tryed to escape one before. I forced most of my attention on the trap itself, the other to the grim reapers inching closer by the second.

I managed to get the trap off of my foot, but as soon as i got up to run something hit my back. It was like a pinch, the feeling in my legs began to go numb. I thought I'd been shot, but it felt different then what i imaged. I thought it'd hurt more, I felt my body slowly colapse onto the ground. Then a hand on my back pushed on me, something came out of my back were the stinging sensation was.

"Target found and detained, prosseeding to evac." I heard one of the officers say.

Target? What target? I thought as my body remained still. I didn't feel drowsiness, i just couldn't move, was it a parilizing toxin. I tryed to move to no success, with the hand on my back i couldn't even craul away. I was picked up off the ground and moved. I chouldn't see very much the way i was positioned on the soldiers back. By this point I'd seen five people beatin to a bloody mess and i was freaking out, i tryed desperately to move. When suddenly I was dropped and then shoved agenst a wall.

"Alright you sick infected. Time to talk, we know you are a wealthy individual in this infected society of yours and that you are treated with the most care here. Tell us were the sanctuary hospital is and I will kill you swiftly." Demanded the officer.

I was in no possition to do anything, but i managed to make one muscle to move. I head butted him with most of my force behind it, even though he had a gas mask on he jolted back. I of course, fell to the floor. The officer was about to start beating on me when a gunshot fired into the air, down went the officer. I couldn't see who it was, but i asume it was a sniper shot from the echo of the shot.

The squadren ran for cover yelling about an officer was shot and the package is on whatever street and so on. I felt a hand on my sholder, i struggled thinking it was one of the officers. Tears started streaming from my eyes as I struggled weakly. I was afraid for that moment, i thought i was going to be killed. However, i found the hand familar in a way, i stopped struggling for a moment. In that instant, my capturer picked me up and began running down the street opposite of the I.U.C.U. He ran with me on his sholder for a long time, going down allyways, cuting corners, and making as many maneuvers as possible. By the time he had stopped we were all the way at the aparments in the elivator. I clung to him instinctively, for some reason i found his grip familar. By the time he caught his breath we were on the penthouse floor, we entered the apartments around night fall.

The strange yet familar figure placed me on the bed in my bedroom. The shadows hid his face from me, but I wasn't afraid. (Hey, call me paranoid, but last I checked he has keys to were I live and he isn't ben or Jack. He may have just saved my life, but i still should be a little on edge).

The figure moved about locking doors, windows, and hell he probably locked the bedroom doors. When he came back to the room my body was starting to feel hot, as if it was burning. My face must of clued him in because he pulled out what i asume was a medical kit.

"This is a shot of adrenaline, it will help combat the parilizing anistetics that were injected into you," the figure explained as he injected the fluid into my thigh.

"Your body will experience extreme heat and pain while the toxins are still in your bloodstream, I'm going to get help. You will remain here until i return," he said as if it was an order.

As he turned to leave my fingers caught his pants, he stopped. He turned to face me once again. However, i was no longer able to hold in the emotions i had in me. I foced my body to wrap my arms around him and hold him for all i was worth. Tears fell from my eyes as i held him there, all of the pain, all of the fear, the sadness, even the heat from my body hurt. The man stood as though shocked, unable to make a decision. Suddenly, his arms wrapped around me; holding me close to him. I felt my heart begin it's attack, but it didn't hurt as much as normal. My mind wasn't focusing on it. I only wanting to hold the figure in front of me, as though i was trying to hold the final peice of myself together....

I blacked out.

When I came to next, the figure was gone.

"It had to be him," i thought.

The mysterious figure that eluded, that took care of me. As i sat up from the bed i noticed an envelope addressed to me. I opened the letter with shaking hands, (a little toxin must have still been in my system).

The letter had an address and a time, the letter was from Mr.M.

The obvious question of was that man Mr. M. and weather or not if i should go to the listed adress in my curent state. I managed to get out of bed, but my legs weren't working right.

I stumbled out into the living room were Ben and Jack waited. Noticing me stumbling in, they rushed to help me. I shoved them away.... i couldn't stand being as weak as I was and they weren't helping anything on that mater.

I pushed my way to the counter of the kitchen and leaned agenst the sold structure. I placed the letter on the counter and pushed it towards the two body gaurds. I hoped they took it as a sign of some kind.

They reacted with angry expressions, saying how i wasn't fit to go anywhere in my curent state, how I'd colapse from exaustion. My own anger flared up with passion as i slammed my fist onto the counter with all my might. I noticed one of my pads laying to the left of me, i picked up the paper and wrote my furious thoughts onto the pad,

"I have heard all of this shit before, now either help me or get out of my way because i wont live the rest of my life afraid and in a blasted box with no one telling me what the fuck goes on!!!!!"

Obviously, i used several pages to write my emotions. That aside the two read my pages and i started towards the door. They either stopped reading or read very fast because they grabbed me by my arms and started dragging me back to the room. I struggled, but i couldn't break free even when i had my full strangth. Jack let go as Ben placed me in the bathtub saying,

"I will go along with your wishes only this once. Next time you will remain in bed until i say so."

He began to disrobe me, i tryed to get him to let me do it, but he wouldn't allow it. When all my clothes were off he started the bath, he also began washing me. I managed to get him to leave my lower half alone and let me handle it. However, when i was finished he dried me off with a hairdryer and a towel. I felt completely embaraced, having everything done for you is nice, but this was just torture.

I still didn't see the reason why he was making me look nice, i thought the address was just a random safehouse or something like that. When all was done, i was placed in a tuxedo. The size was probably ment for a child, which made me feel even more embarrassed. To my saprise, Ben had a gift from Mr.M. anouther scarf. However, this scarf was made out of a fancy looking fabric and it was soft to the touch. As it was placed around my neck I thought i looked like a million bucks. Sadly, i didn't feel that way.

I was carried to the car thanks to Jacks assistance. The drive wasn't completely silent from the argued whispers between my two gaurds, but i didn't care. I wanted to finally meet this Mr.M character. I thought of the figure, despite with questions that were left unanswered as the car came to a stop. The winter air felt like needles Piercing my skin, but i pushed forward. Putting on the act of, "I'm perfectly fine" show.

As I made my way up the long starway leading to what appeared to be some kind of hotel i felt shocks of pain shoot up my legs. I lost my footing many times trying to go up the stairs, but i pushed forward. I wasn't going to take anymore help from people i haven't even known for very long.

As I finally made it to the end of the steps I found a man holding the door open for me, I diesided to let the act of kindness slide since it could be his job to stand out in the cold like now. Walking past the double doors I found anouther gentlemen waiting. I showed him the letter that was givin to me from M. The gentleman showed me to another set of double doors, he gestered that i should go in. As i did my eyes found the figure in full light.

My heart stopped, the very image of him made me break into tears. Ben and Jack followed behind me. They noticed the tears streaming down my cheecks and asked what was wrong?

I couldn't describe all the emotions that were unravaling in me from the sight of Mr.M

"Mr. M. How ironic," i thought.

All my questions started to become answered. I began to walk over to the man who protected me all thoughs years, he was different now. He probably changed from having to look after me, but i knew him without a doubt. My legs dropped from underneath me and i fell into his arms, his conserned look at me was met with only a smile. As my eyes closed I could only whisper the name of M, inside my heart...


Aouther's note: No, this isn't the last chapter. I'm just hitting writters block, i will be taking some time to consider the next chapter, thank you for your comments and i apaligize for my grammer and spelling. Thank you again for reading. (^-^)


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