"The caccoon, what more can a romantic evening of sex ask for?"

Oh right! A fucking blanket. After the best/worst night of my life of mixed feelings, i became bedridden. Again....

Just another great way to spend my days. Although, it spared me from having to walk. After that night i didn't think I'd be able to walk again. The images come back in blured moments and everytime my face burns. 

Other then this event, christmas is over. It's a new year and I got a shit loud of homework. Unfortunately, life is just full of fun things....


(Image of mark playing with evil sceams)

Somehow, i think that is what he does at his job. Speeking of, were does he work anyway. I mean he has a crap tone of money. Were does he get it? As the thought ran through my mind I retreaved a message on my phone from mark.

"Hey, how's my love holding up?"

After he found out he made me sick, he texts asking stupid cheesey questions like this. It's not that i don't mind it's just....

"My love..."

Face buring doesn't begin to describe how much his words mix me up inside. I would ask for emotional stability pills, but i hate taking my curent medication. I can only imagine how much will be added if i add another pill.

Tossing the phone aside i lay in bed thinking about reasons why I whould change my perspective of life. Or rather personal preference,  but the same answer came up. 

"Why not?"

Ok, so it's not an answer, but how else am i supposed to accept things changing so drastically. Suddenly, i had an answer box willing to tell me everything then i get sexed up and now i can't even look at him without loosing my shit.

"My love...."

"This day stinks,"

i thought with heat rising from my lower section.

Ben and mark took the week off for personal matters. In my opinion i think they just didn't want play the stupid guards that don't see sex on the job. I was left alone at the aparments, house, whatever and they're probably off partying somewhere. Standing up from frustration i walked to the bathroom to releave myself of fluid. 

In the prosses I saw myself in the mirror. The pale twig, the blonde bone, the outer layer, things that I'd thought up as a joke to ease my thoughts.  Although,  i felt fine looking at myself today. No feeling of loss or even a trace of indignity. Just my reflection and the slight thought of Mark getting dressed this morning. His bulging muscles ripping and flexing just trying to fit into custom made suit and tie.

"He never did tie it right" 

i smiled thinking to my self. This was aroung the time i became tired. The medicine seemed to be taking more of a toll on me then i thought."

If that was the case then i guess i could also say the thought of his morning smile at me being cute is the meds falt. But I'd be lying if i blamed the meds for it. Because it was a cute smile....

The next day, seemed to be full of one question. Were does the money come from? True the government has tones of money to spend, but why would they let mark have so much money. I mean i get hes strong and charming and cute and clumsy an..........

Moving on, why!? I had been passing around the house all day with this question.

Modle, militaty, government, born a king. Wrote the worlds best book. I couldn't think of anything that was concrete. And the suits were crazy expensive yet he didn't even swipe a card or anything.  All the evidence was inconclusive.

The drawing board was used and pointless without more evidence. Mark.....? What was he?

As i was lost completely in thought i found a sudden word fill the air.


The sound came from behind me, as i spun around startled i was met with a kiss. Deep and long. If i wasn't  dizzy before i am now. 

"What... whoo..."

Before my mind cold process it Mark began playing the romantic night holding me like a princess and carrying me to bed. I wanted to hit him, but by the time i woke from my daze he had set me in bed saying,

"Thy cute maiden should catch a harsher cold if thou shan't rest"

Damit he was always beter at shakesphere then anyone i knew. He began pulling out the get well soon gifts witch composed of soup and flowers. Always, the romantic with roses. The covers soon rapped me in bed and him at the side holding the spoon to the soup. His smile briming with confidence. As though he'd known I'd love the treatment. Well he is completely and totally............. right.

I always did it for him, but without all the romeo lines. For awhile he just fed me in silence, he'd normally be chatting up a storm. On videogames, on movies, but i guess alot changes over the course of a year. We used to be closer then ever before. Now he plays romeo and i as the jullet. How am i saposed to react to this? Is he trying to tell me something?

Before i could finish the thought i gazed into his eyes, deep into them hoping to find an answer. However, true to the tale, his eyes spoke only of mystery and wonder. After the sick session,  he climbed into bed with me and proceeded to make the love cacoon with me as his branches to wrap himself around. It was how we sleep after that night. 

The worst thing is i wish he'd do it more often.

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