A wave of calm breathing washed over me, i slowly awoke with a small sence of happiness. The steady rise and fall of a chest slowlly imaged itself into my eyes. The pulse of a heart beat echoed into my mind. I felt my legs intertwined with anouther. One of my hands rested on the chest of the creature, feeling the pound of it's heart.

My thoughts only conserned with the warmth given from the beast. As my mind came to focus more, I realized I was sleeping next to Mark. I felt no shock of saprise, no fear that'd he'd see me holding him in this manner. Only his warmth, only his heart. For some reason, I felt as if I could hold him forever. When I desided it was time to get out of bed to see were I was, I was torn between wanting to stay as we were and awakening.

After several moments, I untangled myself from his body; carefully not to wake him. I found I was in the apartments.  However, it was devoid of it's furniture. All of my things were gone too, only a Christmas tree sat in the far corner of the living room. I was cold seeing as I was only wearing a pair of boxer breifs; my clothes were also gone. I walked towards the tree,  taking notice of the lights. Their glow seemed to warm my cold body, as I stared into the beutiful colors.

A smile reached across my face, as the feeling of contentment flushed over my heart. 

"Funny, how that works," I thought as I glared into the lights.

My eyes caught what appeared to be objects under the tree. Obviously, presents. However, my memory shows nothing of me even placing a tree here. Then again, i also don't remember everything disappearing into thin air.

As my fingers found their way to the first prestent, a note fell from it. Curiosity getting the beter of me, I looked at the letter. 

"Mr. M, Mark," it read on the envelope. 

My heart skipped a beat, as my eyes read the name. I felt heat gathering on my face while I opened the letter.

"Dearest Amu,"

My heart skipped anouther beat from the phrase "dearest".

"I hope you don't take offence to me moving your belongings, they are in good hands. For now, Marry Christmas. Please help yourself to the presents under the tree, they are all yours. I will awaken soon in order to greet you properly. Also, please take better care of yourself knowing that I'd be sad if anything happened to you. Your best friend, Mark."

My heart heart started to beat in my ears as i finished reading, the burning feeling on my face was even hoter. "Your best friend," the words seemed to be a peice of a puzzle. A puzzle of my old life. I held the letter to my chest trying to calm the pounding of my heart.

"I finally got a peice back," i thought.

It was small, but it seemed to be all the difference I wanted.  Shifting my focus back to the cold air I looked at the presents. I already new what layed in one of the boxes.

As i picked up the smallest box, I opened it with diligent hands. Unravaling the the last of the paper, I found my prize. It was yet anouther scarf, but it was made differently from the others. The fabric was soft; almost like a blanket, but smooth like silk. I wasn't realy knowlegeable on fabrics, but i could tell this scarf was made for comforting someone. Even as i placed it around my neck, my racing heart seemed to slow.

The other presents were cloths of course, a shirt, pants, socks, shoes, and coat. However, i didn't care for any of them, all I really cared for was the scarf. Even sitting on the floor seemed needless as my mind travled back in time to when i was with Mark. 

"All I could ever need was this scarf," the thought seemed to resonate within my soul.

My smile seemed to fade along the way, but i knew it was still there; just hidden.

The sound of someone shifting in my room filled the air. Getting off the floor, I headed to the room. As Mark entered the living room he was met with open arms flinging around his large frame. To my saprise, he had changed a lot more then I'd imagined. The once wimpy looking video gamer was now huge in comparison. His body was now a hulking mass of muscles, his hight was easily six foot four inch. On top of this his hair was it's natural brown. He even had a rock hard wash board set of an eight pack.

My mind momentarily went into the gutter as my waist brushed agenst his crotch. He was packing some serious god like inches, even through the boxers he was wearing i could feel its langthe was around six and a half.

I imaged yet anouther moment of myself rubbing agenst his body, pleading for his touch agenst mine.

I was starting to get hot when he started talking,

"Ha, you missed me that much." He said acting as though something bothered him.

I looked up into his eyes, finding he had eyes of a golden brown. I felt my head drawn to his as i slowly tryed to inch my way closer. Suddenly, i realized what my body had in mind and i pulled away. I tryed to occupy my mind with something else, my notepad was on the kitchen counter.

I made my way there hoping to put my mind on ice, but Mark grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in for anouther hug. Suddenly, i was overwhelmed by the since that he was sad. His vioce seemed rattled as he said,

"You are incredibly stubborn."

My thoughts went back to what i thought of before. However, it was more of embarrassment. 

"Does he know what i was thinking? If so, why is he sad?" the questions puzzling my mind.

I then relized he was talking about how I went to see him, even though i was sick. I couldn't find the words to speak. Considering I can't speak in general, the thought was ironicly stupid.

"Well enough of that, we have a plane to catch," he said picking me up off the floor with ease.

I began to protest weakly because the way he was carrying me was like a princess. As if my inferiority complex was bad enough already. Now I'm being caried like a damsel in distress. He walked out of the apartments, (still only in boxers i might add) into the freezing cold and places me in a limousine were Ben and jack waited. 

We were supposedly heading to an airport were a private jet was waiting. With all the questions I wanted to ask I found a papper and pin. Naturally, my hands started burning the paper writting all the questions down.

" What the fuck is wrong with you!!!!!? I thought you were dead!!!!!! Why didn't you contact me sooner? Why is all my stuff gone? Were are we going? Where did you get all this freakin money because I know you weren't this rich before. And for bloody crying out loud why are you not putting on clothes its twenty below outside!?"

As I wrote the last question I found I was panting a little, I guess my questions really wanted to be answered. Unfortunately, i only received one answer,

"A lot chances over the course of a year," said Mark with his trademark grin. Yet anouther difference, his teeth were as white as snow.

I punched him in the shoulder as hard as i could trying to get and answer, but saddly all I did was hurt my hand. A small feeling of Déjà vu came over me as i remembered I'd done something similar when jack shoved me into the car. With that done we reached the airport within two hours. Along the way he explained how Ben and Jack were in the dark about who their employer was. He also explained how he was busy with "work" and couldn't find time to see me in person. Whatever "work" ment!?

For the time I was still fuming over how it took a freaking iucu unit to make him see his best friend. On top of this, I was moving because I became a target of theirs. Just one thing after anouther as the day went by. I was starting to see why he gave me a comfort scarf.

My earitation was still booming when we entered the airfield, (by car). My focus shifted as I saw the airplanes. I guess I looked amazed because all three of them looked at me with laughter. My face was burning with embarrassment, i couldn't help but be astonished from the sites. I'd never been on a plane before.

The private jet was a lot like the limousine, exept it had more space and chairs with only one seat. Although, Mark managed to get me interested in looking out his window and share a seet.

"Ok I'll admit i was suckered by his charming offer to see a plane take off,"

He clearly knew how to press my bottons to make me less angery and more gullible. Of course this isn't the worst part, he also managed to take a picture of my astonished look and save it to his smart phone. I tryed to gethim to delete it, but he outwitted me by handing me my new smart phone; yet anouther Christmas present.

I looked through the photo album for hours trying to find it until he finaly told me when we landed. He'd taken a lot of random photos just to prank me,  that was classic Mark. Even if I'm pissed at him he'll make it funny regaurdless.

Exiting the plane made me feel beter knowing I could just run off again. Then the vivid memory of the iucu made me rethink that thought.

The place we went was a city, yet another area I've never been. We were always in the subverbs back in the zone, never in the city. The tall buildings, flashing lights, and crowds of people would of made my tail wag until it fell off, if I was a dog that is. (You get the point, don't make fun of my choice in words).

Anyway, I clearly was having a good time aside from Marks jokes. I soon found an odd thought in my head once again,

"Whould it really be so bad to like it? This pandemic of men?"

My heart suddenly cought and the pain began, i guess it was triggered from all the excitement. However, I remained silent. I didn't want the fun to end, even though the pain was there. I felt it was barable if it ment I could forget about everything that troubled me.  

We arived at a shop and Mark ushered me out of the car, everyone was staring as we walked into the store. (He was still in boxers). Naturally, i was embarrassed; but continued into the store with Mark. I couldn't beleive how many people just stopped and stared, it was like they were stuned by his appearance. (He is probably top of anyones list, muscularly build, tall tan and dreamy. On top of this he's young and rich.)

He purchased a suit as well as shoes, but i was amazed at the fact that they had his size; even more so that they even allowed him to buy it. I guess they just thought he was some kind of celebrity or something. When he was fully clothed the tailor asked,

"Whould you like us to dress your wife here as well?"

I puzzled wondering were he saw a women, i didn't see anyone in the store exept for us. Aside from the people gawking at us through the window the place was a devoid of people. Mark started to laugh like his funny bone had just snapped.

"No, I think me and my friend will be just fine. Thankyou for your service"

Mark said with a grace of a king. Getting back to the question, he was talking about me!!!!! 

"Oh, that is it." I thought moving in for my assault.

"I can take being called small, i can be made fun of, but no one mistakes me for a girl,"

I was about to start hitting the tailor men when out of nowhere Mark scoops me up off the ground again. As I was about to protest my heart ached again, drawing my anger back to normal. (I could have taken him if I wasn't sick.)

Retrurning to the car, Mark started telling me about my new living arrangments. It was desided without my consent, that I'd be living in a buisness hotel with mark due to my unpredictable nature. Apparently, my whole class also moved hear because of their parents. Something about them not being safe there.

Mark, being a complete mystery to me. Told me that tonight I'd be his number two at a party, or social event as he called it. One could imagine the difference in my definition of the word party and his. All I was wearing was cold weather clothes, (speaking of cold it was freezing and i still don't know were we are) and I have to go to this fancy sounding party. I'd rather wait out in the cold.

I asked Mark numerous time if I needed to change,  but he said i was fine. I still didn't agree, but i couldn't really do much since I dont have a tuxedo or even fancy casual cloths.

When we arrived, I regreted not making him buy me a set of clothes. All around the room it looked like it was exquisite food, lush designers cloths, and expansive everything; from the furniture to the decorative desplay. I felt my face burning as we walked into the room. Clearly everyone knew Mark from the sound of it, but I was in their words,

"A child clinging to his arm."

In my defense I was a small twig compared next to him. As ravishing as being the center of attention in the room I felt out of place with my curent attire. I slowly tryed to hide myself behind Mark, until someone walked up to Mark saying,

"Good evening, my old friend how are things."

"Old friend huh," i thought laughing at the thought of him befriending Mark.

"He's probably just a buisness associate."

Mark talked with his old friend while I slipped to the far corner. Being a wall flower was definitely better then listening to them talk.

I waited for Mark to get bored of the party, but unfortunately I was the only one bored. I watched people talk, eat, and even dance. While I  just sat in a chair in the corner, funny how boredom leads to more boredom. 

Memory desided to remind me of when we were togeather, just the two of us. It made me nostalgic, wishing for it to be just the two of us. However, it was short lived. As my boredom began to peak, a man walked closer to me. I raised my head to find it was Jack, all spiffed up in a monkey suit. With his hair commed up, my gut bust with laughter. 

If anyone could hear me, they'd think i was insain with laughter. His whole dark and mysterious was replaced by someone out of a playboy book. I'd never imaged he'd even wear one let alone to a "social gathering."

Affended, Jack said.

"Yeah laugh it up because you won't see me in this again."

I felt beter about being a wall flower knowing I could see him in a suit. Mabye next time I'll join in on the party.

Aouther's note: thankyou for reading. Next chapter will be out as soon as possible. Curse you writters block!!!!!


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