When I awoke, my mind was shrouded in a fog. My state of confusion was souly based off of all that had accured in my absence or confusion.

First Mark and I were infected, afterwards i slipped into a frost induced comma for an intire year. On top of which took my vioce upon my return to reality. Mark became super rich and now i have body gaurds. The only problem I am currently focused on is none of these. It is the fact that my atraction toward the opposite gender has done a one eighty and instead now i prefer men over wemon. I've tryed thinking of the girl i use to fond over, but my mind travled back to anouther part of my body that wanted to be filled.

If things weren't bad enough at midnight I fucked my best friend and injoyed every bit of it. Although i can't recall all of the details anymore,

"Was it all just a dream?" I questioned.

It was just one more confusing question after anouther, only the distant feeling of a hand touching me remained. I chouldn't tell weather if it was his or mine, just the thoughs that followed.

I went shopping for furniture like nothing happened, trying to earase the currupted feelings. I bought what i though was ok and not too overly priced. Just a standard set of matching furniture with a dark red color to them, even the couches were the same colors. I'd got them for a good bargain i guess only tree thousand for the set for the living and dining room plus a bed set though I didn't think I'd need an exta bed, but the price remained the same even if i took out the bed because of financing tax so i just took the deal as it was. Saddly, mailing was an unfortunate one thousand nine hundred; talk about unreasonable. I asked Ben what the budget was, but he just told the clurk that we'd take it without a word to me. 

I could swear that they do this crap on purpose just to piss me off. As always I went to school the next day, the air was stiff in the classroom. I found out from the teacher one of the students from my class had gone to the market the same day as me, exept he was more or less dead from the stray bullets. The thought of how close i was to being in a casket myself made my skin crawl. Simpathy was becoming a common practice of mine, but regaurdless of it. I can't say I'd trade places, because I wouldn't wish my fait on anyone. Mute, scar upon scar, and a weak body, it was like living in hell. Exept with a few benefits, and less fire and distressful sounds.

As the day drew to an end I was taken to my new apartment. As i walked through the door, i noticed the house furnished. It didn't suprise me, but i found yet anouther scarf on the couch. Strangely, it didn't have a note with it. As I looked over to the other furniture, I found a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom. My face burned with heat as my crotch started pocking at my pants. I couldn't resist the temptation of looking into the room past the door were the trail ended.

What I found was Mark sleeping in a pair of white boxers. My heart started doing it's own version of music, playing a rapid tempo. Noticing a disturbance in his breathing I swiftly hide behind the wall as he shifted in bed. 

"You aren't going to sleep that close to him after what happened, even if it was a dream it wouldn't be right," i reassured myself.

As i was walking away I noticed a note on the cabinet. It read,

"Hey buddy, hope you had a great first day back to school. The furniture looks great, mabye next time we could pick them out togeather,"

I stopped reading for a secound to comment on what I'd just read.

"Togeather, what exactly is that supposed to imply? I'm not his wife," the anger swelling within me now.

"I know this is all hard to absorb, but I know you are capable of sorting through the mess. Also, I got something I wanted you to see, I think your going to like it. Tommorow go with Ben, he will take you to the seceret suprise. I'll talk to you soon. Ps, I truely meant what I said to you that night about waiting to kiss you. I wished every day for you to see me the way I am. If you feel uncomfortable about our relationship as it stands, then I won't say anything, but I do truely wish for your happyness. I also hope you do of me. Yours truely Mr. M"

"Ok, i got nothing. How is someone supposed to react to this letter. I mean, I'm flattered; but he's been my freind for so long how am I to look at him with such unclear emotions." I thought.

It was anouther question i didn't have the answer too. Originally, i had planned to sleep on the couch. Somehow however, i ended up sleeping in the same bed as Mark. I felt it was only fair, he saved my life. Still, what am i supposed to think of him now? As I lay in bed facing opposite of him my thoughts returned to the past for the answers. It was true he acted different around me then with other wemon, but I thought it was natural. He always seemed to be your average straight teen, not once did i even suspect he had thoughs thoughts about me. However, the note implies he did and now i was having the same of him. The traces of memory I had left faded as a sudden warmth blanketed over me, the gental sound of a heart beat returned and my mind clouded over yet again.

A jolt of remembrance shocked me out of bed, it was morning. Mark was gone and a new scarf was around my shoulders hanging loosely, threatening to fall to to floor. This one was a sandy white color, 

"Was he planning on giving me a ranbow colored one too just to rub in how stupid it was of me to sleep next to him," I thought earitated.

I had slept fully clothed, but i noticed i was only wearing the underwear i had on previously yesterday. Yet anouther reason to be pissed in the morning. After I showered and groomed myself I made my way out the door. It wasn't  until I stepped into the car that I realized I was wearing the new scarf. A face palm shortly followed suit.

The ride was long, and the limousine was boring with only kids tv shows on. I flipped through all of them and out of one hundred channels there was nothing. I noticed a button on the remote that said adult, on a scale of one to ten, this was an idiot move. Pushing the button i found that every channel was now turned towards sexually based tv shows emphasizing pornograghic scense. I tryed changing the channel, but I couldn't. To makk it worse I couldn't turn the dam thing off.  This was around the moment i dropped the remote, this flippednthe channel to a man on man porno. I saw two buff men taking a twink in a threesome, the site of the two men pounding away at the guys ass made me feel a slight tingling in my own rump. The memory of Mark's fingers caressing and fingering my sensative body made my body respond in a sexual manner. Pulling the plug from the tv, I felt blood rushing to my face.

The only best way to get rid of my problem was to give to the attention it demanded, but I was still in the car. A bottle of lube fell from the over head compartment.

"You can't be serious," I thought to myself as my crotch and bum begged for attention.

"If i find out that he planned this I'm going to beat the crap out of him," i thought furiously trying to get my thoughts togeather.

As i placed the wet substance on my bember and in my crack i started to swiftly take care of my problem.

It didn't take long before it desapated with a climax. As we arived i had to clean as fast as i could in order to be undetected. With that i was escorted from the car to a nearby museum looking place. I wasn't all that impressed, of course, i was also still pissed.

Entering the lobby i found Mark waiting by the counter. The place was huge, the lobby was a small section that opened to a large area filled with colors from light streaming in through large stained glass windows. Shifting my focus back to anger, i walked over to Mark. He was wearing his trademark smirks, the sly fox was just asking for my fist to come in contact his jaw.

I held my temper and walked past him, this got a reaction of dissapointment,

"Ok I'll admit that the limousine was a dick move on my behalf, but if i didn't do that then it wouldn't be like old times. You'd think this was a date and not a casual evening with me. Am i right?" He both apaligized and explained.

With that I walked over to him and shoved him as hard as i could, not that it did anything. I just couldn't hit the basterd or I'd lose it and beat him until my health gave out. I begin typing on my phone and sent the text not even bothing to show it. It read in a manner saying i wasn't going to look at him until he made it up to me. With a ring he looked at his phone.

After a moment he said, 

"Very well, I'll sweep you off your feet with both my charm and elegance. That along with my dassing good looks,"

....by this point, i was reconsidering beating him until my heath gave out. None the less i followed the prick as he walked off down a hallway to the right. 

If I'd known sooner about the suprise that awaited me, i might not have been as mad as i am. Don't get me wrong though I'm still mad right now.

Author's note: thankyou for waiting, the next ch. Will be out as soon as I can get some free time.


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