Mr. M, the culprit behind the scenes. Who was he, why was he so interested in my own personal affairs. Pondering over this, i went through the (new) normal routine. Go to school, study in the library, then head home with Ben. 

I was still holding a small set of anger for Ben. However, he was only doing his job. Which i am starting to think isn't guarding me, but pissing me off. On another note, I've been looking at men more and more lately. My mind continues to make wild fantasies involving hot sex with guys, I even thought of Ben once and he's probably 10 years older then me.

I shivered at the memory as I made my way to my final class of the day. About half a month has passed since Mr. M made contact. It was around Christmas time and everyone was getting into the season. However, no one was putting up decorations. I asked all the people I had thanked for the gift baskets about it, but they acted like i stepped on a land mine and ran off. I was completely confused, first there being nice and the next there being anti-social.

i entered the classroom expecting a greeting from Mrs. Honer. Again, nothing. What happened? Did someone die? A thought came to mind, a memory of how Ben did the same thing. I thought,

"If Mr. M thinks he can play his game with me he's dead wrong!"

I walked straight up to Mrs. Honer and placed my pad right in front of her face. It read saying I'd leave if today's class involved me in anyway. Again, nothing. As though she was in a trance.

"What the hell? She normally flips tables trying to get me to calm down and stay" i pondered.

she places a sticky note on my pad without uttering a word. As she started class i took my seat and read the note.

"Checkout at 4:00pm."

"Why?" I asked in my mind. "Who was checking me out?" The clock read three fifty nine, "what was was going on!"

I got up and began walking out of the class when the class bully got up as well. I didn't really care for why, but if he was coming with me then i figure i should keep my gaurd up.

Walking to the front, i saw Ben waiting with the car. The bully still walking behind me. Ok, i had to admit i was starting to freak by this point. As i reached the car so did the bully, as i pulled out my pad Ben started speaking.

"This young man shall look after you tonight," i felt my mouth drop in protest, but no sound came out. (What can i say, old habits die hard). He continued saying,

"His name is Jack Miller, he is one of our... special agents." 

"Special my ass, as far as I'm concerned he is Jerk Manure. I wasn't going to sleep with this prick in my home." My thoughts rapidly flowing with anger. I  began writing on my pad when jack grabbed my hand and pulled me into a bro hug.

"Aw, he's so happy he can't put it into words, I'm sure we'll get along just fine. See i told you i was perfect for the job Ben." He said making it appear as if i agreed.

I made a fist and shoved it into his ribs, trying to break his hold. No luck, seeing as how he didn't even flinch. He pushed me into the car and slammed the door shut, I was furious.

"How in the bloody fucking world did i get stuck with such an ass of a manipulating prick!?" My mind screamed with frustration as i kicked the seat in front of me. Unfortunately, all that did was make my leg hurt.

The drive home was silent as I hoped a meteor would strike the car, specifically on Jerk Manure. As we arived at the aparments i opened the door and began walking hastily towards the elivator. I heard the door to the car open and close signaling that that jerk was close behind.

"Hey waitup!" Jack yelled.

By this point i was already in the elivator; jack was sprinting, trying to make the elivator. I pushed the "close door" button as i watched him struggle to make the door. I wrote on one of my notes and tossed it at him. He caught the note and came to a stop as the doors closed, the note read

"Try the stairs, i hear it's good for the heart."

It was time for payback. I can let the faggot comment slide, i can forgive taking my notepad, but noone shoves me in a car like they own me.

As i made it to the penthouse i left anouther note for the Jerk on the door, it read

"Try the fire escape, I keep the window open until six"

I closed the penthouse door and locked all four four locks and placed the chain on the door just for good measure. I was going to enjoy watching him have to run up another ten flights of stairs, the penthouse has a link to the security cameras to the building. As i turned the TV to the live footage i saw Jack on the last flight of stairs to the penthouse. I could only wait to see the look on his face, realizing he has to go back down and up another flight of stairs.

"This should teach him not to take me lightly," I thought as i watched him panting.

Jack was a well built athletic looking guy, he probably exercises a lot. He has short brown hair and green eyes, with a defined jaw bone. I could guess the girls at the school thought he was hot since jocks tend to be well liked,

"That's what I used to be like" i thought as i watched him go to the door of the penthouse and read the note. I felt a small hole open in my heart; it wanted to cry, but i wouldn't let it.

About a half an hour went by, I noticed jack was only halfway up the fire escape. I was making diner for two, i figured I'd at least try and be nice. I'd cleaned the place up and locked the door to the master bedroom, i didn't want him touching anything in there. By the time the food was cooked i saw jack had a quarter of a ways to go. I clean the dishes and took my food to the room, i didn't want to be around for his arrival. I left another note on the microwave were I put his food to keep it from getting cold.

the dish wasn't fancy, but it'd do for my first attempt at making food for another person; fried salmon with salad.

I sat on the floor in my closet eating and remembering what the holidays were like in the zone. Jack had finally made it up to the penthouses, I left anouther note saying food is in the microwave. Although, i don't know if he read it. Back to remembering i realized i left my photo out in the living room. I wasn't in a rush to get it because if he broke it I'd never let him leave without suffering horrendously.

As i walked out of the master bedroom jack stood up from the couch. He seemed relatively mad, but i just walked past him ignoring his presence. I picked up the photo and stared at it for a while. Seeing the time of when the picture was taken, we were twelve and it was summer. My dad had taking all of us to another zone to swim and have a good time. It was still a charished memory, but one long forgottin.

"So are you going to apaligize for making me run up thoughs stairs?" Jack broke in sounding angery.

i pulled out my pad and wrote the question, "have you eaten?"

I wasn't sure of my spelling. However, I showed it to him anyway.

His reply was getting upset and hitting my notepad out of my hand and storming off to the guest room. 

"Well, i guess that's a comen reaction. But he did deserve it." I thought as i heated up his food.

I went to the room he was staying in and i placed the food outside his door.

"At least he can't say i didn't offer it, i guess I'll just head to bed."

It was around midnight i woke up, i couldn't sleep for whatever reason. I went out to the living room and walked over to the window, the veiw of the city wasn't as wonderful as it was the first few nights. All the lights were out, i guess that'swhat happens at midnight when you have a curfew requiring us to be inside by seven.

i felt the pain start again, i fell to the floor waiting for the pain to stop. Normally it stops after a few minutes, but this time it wasn't stopping. It cept getting more agonizing as time passed, i heard jack call out to me. I guess he was wondering what the noise was.

"Great, the last person i want to find me like this is him," i thought trying to slow my beathing.

A sudden jolt of pain broke my concentration as the pain grew. Jack found me and saw how helpless i was. Tears of agony ran down my face, as i shut my eyes

"Don't look at me, please." I pleaded in my heart.

My expression must have read desperate because he wnet to my room and came back with my medicine. Opening the canister he handed it to me. I took two pills and waited for the pain to subside.

After several moments, the pain desapated. I couldn't stand from the traces of pain still left in my system. However, i pushed myself up agenst a wall trying to hide my face from jack by looking away. He stayed right in front of me waiting to see if the attack had stopped. I didn't have my notepad on me so all i could do was remain silent and hope he'd leave. He broke the silence between us by asking,

"Are you alright?" I just nodded my head saying yes.

I couldn't face him, after seeming so weak. My pride was all that was left of me.

"Why didn't you tell me about this? You could have died if i hadn't been awake." He said with anouther angry look in his eyes.

i remained still, not gesturing tward an answer. Not making an explanation of any kind.

Jack eventually left me and headed back to my room and brought back my notepad and a pincil.

i wrote as he asked saying,

"You never asked."

This made him bolisticly furious, as he ranted about how he'd be in so much trouble if i died under his watch.

i could move again by the time he finished ranting and i headed to the master bedroom.

"You are the stupidest case i have had to deal with, ever!" He yelled as i walked to the bed.

i just wanted to sleep, the pills were taking there full effect and i couldn't stay awake any longer. 

The next morning i awoke to a warm bed soft and fluffy, along with the sound of a heart beat!!!! I sprang out of bed, finding that jack was sleeping next to me. My face started to burn as i realized he'd been cuddling me while i slept. To make things worse i felt my crotch begin to push agenst my pant I'd worn to bed.

As much as i planed to murder the basterd for sleeping in my bed i had anouther consern that i felt more pressing of a mater. I went to the shower, and turned on the cold water. As the water hit my body i felt a sudden jolt run down my spine, my semi hardon had dessipated. Turning the water back to warm i let my head get hit by the streaming water. Trying to clear the thoughts of jack and his body away.

As I came out of the bathroom i noticed he was still asleep, in irritation i janked the covers off of him. 

"That was a mistake," i thought to myself.

He was completely naked, his muscles bulged out as though trying to rip off his body, his skin was toned with a perfect golden brown tent. His thighs were massive in comparison to my own. I found my eyes travel along his body, finding a particular interest in his cock. He wasn't even semihard and he easily made my old size look pathetic, a 6" cock that wasn't even hard.

My face was practicaly on fire by this point, and my crotch was fully hard. I grabbed the blanket and tossed it back onto him. 

"Ok,"i thought. "This isn't what it looks like, he didn't have sex with you last night, he probably just thought you'd lock him out and desided It'd be best to stay with you if you got anouther attack."

Even with this in my mind conferting me i still couldn't get around the fact that he was naked, cuddling me. I heard a sture in his sleep and I retreated to the livingroom. I wasn't going to be able to think clearly with my hardon, but even so. I couldn't think about anything else except for how it would feel to be fucked by that beast of a cock.

I began touching myself furiously trying to think of something else. I layed on the couch and began to fuck myself using my fingers, my mind began to compromise as i imagined his long tool filling my rear end with no remorse. I stroked my cock faster then I thought i could, and fucked myself hard hoping to hit my sweat spot. After some time passed i came, but found my body was still hungry for more. I wanted a real guy to take my ass, my fingers wouldn't satisfy me anymore.

I took another cold shower after that, but this time it stayed cold.

"If I keep this up then I'll really be a faggot" i thought.

Before i left the shower, a question crossed my mind.

"Would it be so bad to love men?"


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