A day has passed since i ranaway from the one i called my father, i still couldn't grasp the situation. I was fine just yesterday, walking with my best friend (whom i now presume dead). Now i was one of the world's infected. 

As i walked for what seemed like an eternity, i felt the pain begin again. The pain that i now belived was the infection. My body ached to stop and rest, but i continoued pushing. With my body in pain and tired. My vision began to blurr an my mind began to loose control. The snow grew colder and the ground softer. I knew i wouldn't last long outside the city, but i hoped. A concept that appeared foreign to me now.Collapsing to the powder bellow me, my eyes closed and froze shut. I believed that this was the end...

When i awoke next i was in a shed or barn. I couldn't make anything out from the delirium that shrouded my mind. Everything was spinning and i found myself to weak to stand, the pain still festered like a burn and I could only makeout a dark figure moving in the distance. I found no reason to fear this figure. It looked familar somehow, but different. I lost consciousness only minutes after i had awaken.

i felt myself fall into what felt like a hybernation period, only able to awaken to drink and eat. What little my body would allow, I'd try to makout were i was. However, each time I'd awaken the world looked different from the last time i saw it. Time around me seemed to move faster then what it really was, the figure would stay with me when i was awake. However, i couldn't understand the words he spoke to me. I only heard one sentence that made sence,

"just hang on" these words spoken by the figure.

was it my father or was it anouther infected. My mind thought of this for only moments before i would slip back to sleep, at night we appeared to be moving. Mouths felt like days, weeks felt like minute. I felt my time was being taken from me. One day however, was different.

The sound of other vioces filled the air, my head spliting with pain from the noise. A moan escapes my mouth as other figures move around me. Words were spoken by the figures, the cold air that surrounded us had vanished. Replaced by rushing winds, lights flashing on and off. The chatter had died down and i slipped back to sleep.

the next time i opened my eyes it was fall, i could see everything around me clearly. I was in a bed with white sheats, the room was plane. Only a small chair and I.V. filled the room apart from the bed.

"Empty", i thought.

that was the room i saw, i heard the door open. There stood an old man, eyes of blue and hair of white. He seemed to be wearing a white lab coat,

"Is he a doctor?" I thought.

But before i could ask my throut caught. I tryed numerous times, but had no success.

"Please, refraim from trying to speak," the old man said with tired muscles 

"Please nod your head yes or no," he said making the gestures with his own head.

"Do you feel pain of any kind?" I nodded no.

"Do you feel tired and or weak" i nodded yes.

"Can you move your arms, legs, and fingers" i checked before nodding yes. 

"Good good, now lets hear that ticker of yours" he said walking over and placing a clod metal peice on my chest, i flinched at the sudden feeling of cold steel.

"Good, everything is in order," he said walking to the window.

i started try to say something again, but found i chouldn't make a sound. The doctor turned and looked at me with saddened eyes.

"My boy, i have some terrible new to tell. However, i dont wish to burden you with it unless your willing to listen." He paused then asked,

"Are you?" I didn't know how to respond, all i chould think to do was nod yes.

"Ok Let me warn you it will change your life forever," anouther pause this time i waited for him to begin.

"I will now explain to you what has occurred to you during the time of you absent mind." He said as if holding the terible seceret before letting it go.

"While you slept, a year has passed. Your body had to endure the infection that flowed through you as well as the harsh elements. You have been brought to a hospital and treated. However, the surgery that saved your life took something in it's place. I'm  afraid you can never speak anouther word ever again, not even a sound."

His words sparked panic in me, as i struggled to stand. Only managing to lift the arm the I.V. was attached to, feeling a shock of emence pain. As he said not even a gasp came from my mouth, i lay there trying desperately to deny what happed in my mind. Only tears ran down my eyes, as the old man continued.

"You will also find that you will have changed more then anyone else here by the infection, in other words your body has been scared horrendously. Your mind will also experience a few changes. I just  want you to know that if you fight it, your body will hurt more. you won't be capable of denying it forever. Trust me i did it for 30 years and i regret it to this day." As he walked towards the door he stopped and said something. 

I chouldnt hear what he said, but his words felt warm, full of consern. Even as the tears in my eyes subsided ,i knew I'd never have a normal life ever again, at least not the zone type of normal.

It took me anouther week to manage standing, but i couldn't  walk without leaning on things. The mirror in my hospital room showed the horrors of what happened to me. My sixpack gone, my body no loner toned, but pale. My hair was practicaly yellow with white; not dirty blonde. I found that i was nothing, but skin and bones. One could guess my crotch was affected the same and it was, but i wasn't thinking about that now. 

My body had completely changed, i was no longer the Amu my father or friends knew. I was an infected, and a mute. I was a now a vioce that had been silenced.

Shifting my atention away from my body i thought about the time I'd lost and found my other biggest consern was the figure that took me here. "Who was it that saved me", i thought as i tryed to regain what little strangth i chould back over the course of the month. I'd ask, but i could no londer speak and most people just walked past me.

I whould have chased after them had it not been for my weakened body, the worst part about it was that my condition of weakness might never improve because of the massive damage done to my body from the elements.

"I could only try and get better." That's what the doc said anyway.

Many weeks passed as fall came to a close and winter came around. I could walk freely now, but not without an escort, apperently whoever brought me here was prety wealthy and strong, or so i hear. He had to practically dragged me up a mountain just to reach the military/city base hiding behind it.

"Could it have been my father?", i thought

If so then those shots he fired weren't ment for me, i had to find him. Whoever it was, i needed to know. However, i wasn't allowed too far from the medical center for fear my condition whould worsen. The old man, (whom i found out was Dr. Foster) took care of children that came here for shelter after being infected. The disease was in everyone around me, but i saw nothing wrong with them. I didn't understand why,

"was it because i had to indure harsh elements?"

The day was almost over as the questions subsided and i went to my room at the hospital. When i reached it i found i had a hardon, i hadn't even noticed how long i hadn't gotten off. I undid my pacents robe and saw  that i no longer had a proud 8", but an average 6". And that was fully hard. I didn't want to think about that depressing mater anymore, only the girl I'd never see again, Merry.

as i began stroking and thouching myself i imaged merrys naked body, her breasts bouncing as i ride her. Suddenly, i heard a sound outside my room. I tilted the blinds just so i could see, but not be seen. There they were, two male nurses fucking right outside my room. A spark of anger aross in me. However, before i went out to scare them off, i found myself conflicted. A thought of joining them insted of breaking it apart, came to mind.

"Why am i thinking about joining them, there men!" I thought as i watched as the domenent one slide his hands from the other man's chest down to his ass. Slapping it.

i couldn't pry my eyes away for the life of me, as if i was glued to there public indecency. I found myself wanting to touch something, my cock! Why?  The question rang through my head. I comforted myself thinking,

"i just havn't done it in a long time so my body just wants to release all it had pent up."

after stroking myself and watching them fuck i found that i wanted to see how it felt with something in my lower part too. I slid my hand lower to my hole and pocked one finger in. Pain shot up my back and i stopped.

"what the hell was i doing" i thought as my crotch lay on my stomach, still fully erected.

the ache started again and i wanted to touch my hole again. My eyes returned to the two nurses as they were pounding away at one anouther with no regaurd for how loud they were being. I looked at the cut cock of the man being fucked and a feeling came over me. A thought also came to mind,

"Suck it" i couldn't stop myself from thinking all these messed up thoughts. I just wanted more for some reason. This time it didn't hurt as much placing the finger in my ass.  Watching them was turning me on, i couldn't stop fucking myself as i imagined it was me being fucked instead of the nurse. 

"Why was it feeling so good being touched there," the question came to mind as i probed deeper into my ass.

Suddenly, i touching something in my ass, my mouth flew open as if to moan. My body had responded with cum shooting out like it was a water fauset. The finale from the two nurses as they both came was a lot louder of course, but i couldn't care less. My body was spent, i felt like a preschooler for only having enough energy for one go. My mind still puzilling over why i injoyed the show instead of feeling repulsed. I couldn't believe i had thoughs thoughts, why? A question that faded as i fell asleep.

the next day the doctor said I'd be able to participate in a schooling program that was for collage prep. I was reluctant to go at first, but the more i thought about it the more i relized it was my only chance to find my father. I was given a set of pills to take for when my body started to feel weak, well... weaker. The orange canister fit my hand and was easy to open. Obviously, ment to be convenent for thoughs with little strangth such as myself. As much as i wanted to through the pills away in anger i knew that without them I'd never get out of the hospital.

I was taken to the school grounds so that i could look around and get a feel for the area, i noticed guys playing basketball among other sports. I chould see them sweting and moving there asses like they were on fire. I chouldn't pry my eyes away, the ache from before came back and i found myself getting hard just from watching. I snapped out of it in moments trying to think about other things like my scedual, the memory of the nurses visibly having a marathon In my head.

"What on earth was i thinking?!" I said to myself in my mind.

"Why am i thinking about guys like that?" This question rang in my mind for the rest of the day.

i didn't return to the hospital after the trip, instead i asked to go to my new home early.

I was brought to what looked like an apartment complex, following my escort inside the i noticed noone at the desk. There was noone around for that matter. 

"The building has ten floors including the loby," the escort started.

"The second through ninth floors have two apartments and the final floor contains a penthouse, the building can hold a total of 16 resedents not including the penthouse." He finished.

The curiosity i had about the apartments only grew? Like who lived here how many people were a resedent? Would i need to get a job to pay for rent? My questions went unanswered as i followed the escort.

We entered the elivater to the building, i placed my hands on the rail as i looked out the glass window like frame of the elivator, i chould see everything outside. I thought they only had these kinds of things in the movies. As the elivator doors closed my thoughts retreated to the window, the ferther we went up the more i could see. For some reason we went all the way up, my thoughts pulled away from the window and i saw he escort leaving the elivator on the top floor. All i could do was follow, (its not like i can ask why were on the top floor).

"Your room was prepared a day early for the very perpose that you might deside to leave the hospital the same day you toured the campus.

We entered the penthouse and i thought that there must be a mustake, why give me the penthouse. 

"The owner of this astablishment wanted you to be as comfortable as possible givin your.... condition, i hope you find it to your liking. Also before i go, pardon my saying so, but please do fression up. A change of cloths would also be a good idea.." With that the escort left and i was alone in the penthouse.

All i was wearing were my old jeans and t-shirt that didn't fit anymore. i didn't recall shopping, unless... i walked to what appeared to be the master bedroom. I looked around and found a huge bathroom, with a glass shower and a bubble making tube. i wish someone whould pinch me because i hadn't seen a shower in ages, let alone a home hottube. I noticed the closet door was closed, i opened it expecting an empty space. What i found was far from it, all around there were name brand pants,shirts, and suits as well. Durectly in the center was a scarf and coat with a leter on it.

i picked up the letter and read "we shall meet soon, please stay warm and hold on like you did all that time."

i hadn't the slightest clue who wrote it, my dad's handwriting was never readable. (That and he didn't  write letters).

Placing the letter down i explored the closet, but found that i couldn't stop coming back to the coat, it concealed all of the effects of the time i lost. I wanted to wear it,

"but that whould be for another time," i thought as I taired my eyes away.

I headed for the shower, taking my time injoying the hot water hittting my aching body.

After the shower i felt tired from all the exitment of the penthouse and decided to head for bed, I found multiple kinds of underwear in the drawers in the master bedroom. Ranging from diferent types like jockstraps, boxers, breifs, boxerbreifs, and even bikini breifs (i didn't even think those existed) to diferent colors of the randbow, i decided to pick up a pair of midium blue boxer breifs. I thought they were stilll a little big on me, but i wasn't going to change after I'd just put them on.

"Huh, he realy did think about everything" i thought as my body landed on the bed. 

"What will he think of next?"


Pen-ave haven

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