Tears envoloped my eyes, the sound of running passed me. The world seemed to only be a blur of shades and shadows whipping by as my world chrushed inword on itself with every step. Coming to a stop, only so few words spoke.

"I have lost everything... again..."

I awaken with fright, as though a nightmare had acured, but the only memory left of it was a lone tear that streamed down my face. As i tryed to remember the dream, it faded like fog. A sound ringed from inside my coat. Clearly my phone,

"Probably Mark saying good morning"

I thaught to myself. It's been about a year now sence all that stuff happened, school resumes to be a pain, but i've learned to tolerate it. Even Jack has slowly became less of a jerk. 

All an all, everything has become more simple. Easy day by day stuff. Even going out to eat in fancy  restaurants has become more normal then it should. 

Through it all however, i've slowly found myself looking back feeling more confused with every action up until now. Questions with no answers came once again.

"I guess i just can't put them to rest without something that is decent enough for an explanation."

If only it were that simple....

The door to the room swung open with a slam. Startled I grab the bed sheets and hide behind them.

"Great. Way to look manly Anon, no wonder everyone still thinks your a girl,"

I thaught as i see Jack standing in the doorway, his face sturn and bodylaunguage screaming hury up and get ready. I suppose this is one of his day of,

"I'm just your bodyguard not your babysitter,"

It is normally these days i dislike the most, but seeing as how I have only a pair of underwear on I'm not in a possition to argue. As he turns to leave i notice a slight smile on his face. That made me freeze. Ice ran thoughout my spine, for only one reason has he ever smiled. He knew something devious was about to happen to me. With that, i look for my clothes thoughout the room, but none are there. Not even Mark's clothes were there. A buzz came from my phone and dread filled the air. 

"Relax, it's probably just a prank. Right?......."

Picking up my phone, i read the text.

"Morning my sleeping disney princess, today i've desided to help you breack out of that shell you call a coat..."

I turned white, looking passed the bedroom door i see my coat is missing from it's hook. Instead replaced with a thin summer scarff. Looking back at my phone i continue to read,

"Don't worry i wouldn't make you walk out with only underwear, althouth i will admit it was tempting..."

Tempting... I felt my anger rising from that one word.

"So my anguish is, tempting..."

My earitation went back to reading

"Ive set out some clothes just for you, there the finest things i could find in japan..." 

Looking over i see a small box that has what feels like his confidence eluminating the boxes evil aura. Ultimatly making me fear it's contents. 

"If you don't want to wear it then i guess we'll be seeing the underwear senerio I hoped for >XP"

As i finished reading i couldn't help, but image his demonic smerk winding up until i do as i was told just to get his confidence another boost for his ego.

I opened the box and slowly Unravaled the ribbon incasing it. As the ribbon fell to the floor the box opened with little resistance. To both my horrore and despair i found one of the many things i'd sworn to never wear. Something most men would refuse if it wasn't the men's version. I felt my ears burn as my phone rang again. 

"Ps, I've ordered your bodygaurds to... assist you, so don't worry about the details."

This last text made my face flush, looking behind me i saw my only window of escape. The closet.

"If i can just lock myself in"

Rushing over to the closet I'm sudenly tripped by Jack. Who continues his assalt with tying my feet together.

"Heh hehe he, it's time for payback for thoughs stairs you so thoughtfully made me climb."

He said in what i imagined in a demonic evil voice.

"Nooooooo.......... help me!!!" I pleaded looking over to see noone to save me from this desaster.

When all was done both me and jack were exausted. Me from trying to escape and him with putting IT on me.

"You know,it doesn't look bad"

His smile was tinging with internal laughter,

"That women's kimono really does make you look more.... (laughing) appealing"

I began to take the stupid thing off at that coment, but before i could remove the first sleeve Jack had both my arms caught in his grip.

"Now now, this is suppossed to be a learning experience right. You can't just keep this to yourself. Afterall, the whole class is waiting to see."

This stupid kimono was a pale bule with charry blossom designed onto the shoulders and sides. I truely didn't have a problem with it. However, that was before i was wearing it. As i was pushed out the door i noticed a stray bystander look at me with aw.

My face was burning with anger as i was pushed into the car. One of the bystanders happened to be a cop. he appeared to be mad.

"Haha, my chance to escape this kidnapping."

I thaught as he talked to Jack,

"I can understand that your HER bodygaurd, but way are you manhandling HER with so much force. WEMON are often very reasonable. I'm sure you can handle HER with more care."

This gave me a stab wound deep into my pride.

"Oh, don't worry She'll be fine after she takes her medicine."

Jack smiled looking inocent and obliviously stupid. 

"With That remark... you just dug your own grave Jack-ass"

I thaught as he continued to the front of the car.

As i tried to escape from the car he said, "child proff locks" and began the ride. I proceaded with many atempts to escape, but all fail. Even the glass was child proof. Well, bullet proof, but none the less unbreakable.

After several moments of thaught an idea came into mind, "what if I......"

I slammed that thaught way to the back of my mind as my face suddenly became an aray of color. This stopped my atempts at running for the ride. 

Upon ariving to school Jack's face only made an evil promise. 

"No escape"

Though the words made true with the situation i couldn't help, but recall a faint memory. Yet it didn't feel like mine. Jack when he was sleeping, silent, completely at peace. The moment was ruined as the full memory came back with his nakedness and vivid imaginary actions.

This is around the time Jack asked,

"Hey, you there?

Naturally, i felt guilt flush my face. He then looked like something struck him. His face appeared to change color, if only for a moment. He abruptly turned and dragged me into the school building.

It wasn't until the door opened to the classroom that the worst moments of my life began.

Authors note: evil lies in wait, what tragedy shall befall him. Next ch. Coming soon.


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