As Jeff and Clint headed back toward home, Jeff looks at Clint and says, 'You remember Rex saying that he wished he had the same relationship with his son that you and I have?'

'Yea, I do. His son's name is Cody if I remember right.'

''Yes, that's it. I think we'll take a week or so off when we drop this load and I'll call Rex and invite him and Cody to come for a visit and go camping with us.'

'You know a good private spot in case something develops?'

'Yep. A guy that I see ocassionally when I'm home has a real nice piece of property with a spring fed lake on it. It has a nice clearing by the lake perfectfor tents and is completely private.'

'Sounds perfect,' Clint said. 'You think he might want to have a three way some time?'

'Fuck, I know he would, but I need to warn you, he's hung like a horse.'

'Oh,really? Just how hung is he?'

'Son, I nearly fainted the first time he fucked me. He has right at twelve inches and it's kind of thick.'

'Damn, Dad, were you able to take it all?'

'Yes, I did and after the pain subsided it was one of the best fucks I've ever had.'

'Better than me?' Clint asked.

'Son, no matter how many fuck me or how big their cocks are, you will always be the best fuck I'll ever have.'

'When we get him tojoin us I'd love to watch you take his cock up your ass. Then you can watch him fuck me. I'd love to try it and see if I could take it.'

'I'll have to wait and decide if I'm going to let him fuck you. He's fucking huge.'

'I at least want to try.'

Jeff reached for his phone and called Rex. When Rex answered Jeff told him that he and Clint would be taking time off and that they would like for him and Cody to visit and go camping with them. Rex quickly agreed and Jeff suggested that Clint and Cody share a tent and see if Clint could get Cody curious. The date was set.

They continued on their run, sucking cock through glory holes during the day when they stopped and having sex together at night in the sleeper. In one town, Jeff spotted an adult book store and stopped and went in while Clint waited in the truck. When he returned, he handed the purchase he had made to Clint and said, 'Something for you to practice with.'

Clint removed the item from the bag and looking at it said, 'Holy shit!'

It was a twenty-four inch long double headed thick dildo.

'We can both get fucked at the same time now and we can mark it to see how much you are able to take.'

'It's perfect, dad. Thanks. We can try it out tonight.'

Jeff smiled and said,'That's exactly what I was thinking.'

That night after dinner they returned to the truck and quickly stripped. Jeff took a ruler and measured back six inches from the tipof the head on one end. From there he marked it every half inch.

'Let'see what I can do,' Clint said.

While Jeff greased the dildo, Clint lubed his ass then got on his hands and knees. Turning and looking at his dad he said, 'Go for it.'

Jeff slowly began the insertion. After a few minutes Clint asked 'How much is in?'

'Nine inches,' replied his dad.

'Keep going.'

Slowly Jeff worked the dildo in and out gradually going deeper. After several more minutes Jeff looked at Clint and said, 'Son, I've got thirteen inches of this thing up your ass. Are you okay?'

'Yea, I'm fine and it feels great. At least now we know I can take the length. All we have to worry about now is the thickness.'

Jeff removed the dildo and Clint turned over on his back. Jeff lubed up his own ass and got into position and reinserted one end into Clint's ass and the other into his own ass and began sliding it back and forth while he and his son both began jerking off. The climaxed together spraying their loads out onto their stomachs before removing the dildo andturning into a sixty-nine position to lick each other clean.

'When Rex and Cody join us,if things work out, I'd love to have the two of them fuck us while we suck each other,' Clint said.

'Damn, son, you get kinkier every day.'

'Yea, and you love it,' Clint replied.

'Yea, I do.'

We continued on our trip and made our delivery then headed home. We kept in touch with Rex and before we knew it Rex and Cody arrived. We were introduced to Cody, who was hot as hell.

Cody and Clint went for a walk to get to know each other. As they walked Cody asked how they had met his dad.

'We were at a truck stop,' Clint told him.

'Can I ask you a question?' Cody said.


'Was sex involved?'

'What do you mean?' Clint answered playing dumb.

'Look,I know my dad is gay and I couldn't care less. He's happy with his lifestyle. But I was curious if sex was involved because I have wanted to see what type people he went with.'

'Well, you asked so I'll be honest with you. Sex was involved.'

'With your dad?'

'With both of us.'

'You're gay also?' Cody said as he stopped and looked at Clint.

'Yes, I am.'

'Do you,uh, have sex with your dad?'

'Fuck yea. It has brought us so much closer than we were before we started.'

'How did it start?'

As the sat on a log out in the woods behind the house, Clint told Cody the whole story about how he and his dad startted.

'That's fucking wild,' Cody said when Clint finished.

Looking at Cody, Clint asked,'Have you ever thought about sex with another guy?'

Dropping his head slightly, Cody replied 'Yea, some, ever since I found out about dad. Just wondering what it's like and all and what he does with another guy.'

'Well, we can talk later about that. We better get back to the house.'

They returned to the house and together they fixed dinner and visitted.

The next morning they left for the campsite, arriving about two in the afternoon. They set up camp and Jeff and Rex decided to go for a swim. They stripped down and headed for the lake naked. Cody just stared at them.

'I think I'll join them. You coming?'

'Maybe later,' Cody answered watching Clint get naked.

Minutes later, Cody stripped and joined them.




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