'Son, I'd love to show you more. How about tonight?'

'Sounds great to me,' I replied.

'It's a date then,' Dad said smiling.

The day crawled by. We finally stopped for the night and dad and I went into the truck stop and ate then signed up for a shower. After a thirty minute wait, they finally called our number. Again, dad and I showered together.

'Make sure you wash good all over,' he said with a devilish grin. I just looked at him, trying to figure him out.

We returned to the rig and as we climbed in, dad laughed and said, 'You act like you're in a hurry for some unknown reason. What's wrong with you?'

I had already closed the front privacy curtains and was headed to the back to strip down. I turned and looked at him saying, 'Get your fucking ass back here and get naked. You got things to show me, remember?'

'You know, I do seem to remember something like that.'

He stepped to the back and undressed and joined me on the bed, slipping his arms around me and pulling my face to his. Our lips met and soon I felt his tongue snaking it's way between my lips.

I immediately parted my lips and let the attacker in and surrendered to him. Then the passion took over and my tongue began to fight back. We kissed and held each other for several minutes before dad pulled back saying, 'Damn, son, you are so fucking hot.'

'Thanks,' was all I could manage to get out before he had flipped around in the bed and had us in a sixty-nine position. Shoving his hard cock in my face, he quickly swallowed mine. Before, we had sucked each other seperately. Now we were satisfying each other simultaniously and it was wonderful.

It was a fantastic feeling having my cock in dad's mouth and his in mine at the same time. We both sucked eagerly and before long we were both nearing eruption. I wanted us to cum at the same time. I held back knowing that I could let go when dad was ready. Soon he was showing the signals of an impending climax so I let myself go. Within just a few seconds of each other we both climaxed. Dad filled my mouth and throat with his wonderful delicious load. After we had both totally drained and swallowed the others load we again kissed passionately.

I then looked at dad and said, 'Okay, what's next?'

'Hey, hold on stud. Give this older guy time to rejuvinate himself.'

We lay there and cuddled and kissed. He began licking and sucking my nipples sending electric shocks throughout my body. I had no idea that they were so fucking sensitive. After about an hour dad sat up and rolled me onto my back. He gently raised my legs and told me to hold them hing. I did and he went down and began licking and sucking my balls. I was again in heaven.

Then it happened. I suddenly felt his tongue exploring my anal opening. He spread my ass cheeks apart and buried his face and began sucking on my hole, then sticking his tongue up into me as far as he could. 'Oh, Fuck!' I screamed. he kept it up for several minutes as I thrashed my head back and forth.

He stopped and looked up at me and said, 'How about letting your old man fuck your sweet hot virgin ass.'

'Dad, I told you before. I'm all your's to teach. Do it.'

As dad lubed my ass and his fingers he warned me that when his cock went in it would hurt, but if I relaxed the pain would soon turn to pleasure.

He began with one finger. It felt good and exciting. Then there were two. I could feel my anal ring becoming uncomfortable yet giving wat to the intrusion. Then three fingers, then four. With four fingers up my ass he stopped and let me get accustomed to it. He had me lube his cock.

He slid his fingers out and immediately pressed the head of his cock against my closing hole. He began pushing and I could feel the ring give a little. Suddenly the head popped in and pain shot through my body as y yelled, 'Holy fucking shit!' I tensed up.

'Relax,' dad said calmly. 'Just relax and let yourself adjust to it.'

I did and soon the pain began to subside as my ass accepted it's visitor. Slowly dad slid in deeper, ever so slowly, stopping along the way to let me adjust. He passed one point and I shuddered. He smiled and said 'That's your prostate. It's a man's love button. Enjoy the feeling. He inched in deeper.

'How much more?' I asked trying to relax. With a slight short shove dad looked at me and said, 'You've got it all sport. Now relax and get used to it. How does it feel?'

'It's feeling better and better. I never thought I'd be able to take it up me when you said you wanted to fuck me.'

'Oh, son, I haven't fucked you. I've just got my cock up your hot ass. Now, let me show you what a fucking is.'

Dad began sliding out to the head and back in rubbing against my magic spot. The feeling was fucking wonderful. I reached back and rubbed his ass as he madi his inward thrust. I found myself wanting him deep inside me and began shoving my ass toward him.

'Oh, yes son. Now your're getting into it. You're likeing that aren't you?'

'Oh, fuck dad, I'm loving it. I want to feel you cum up me. Do it Dad.'

His speed picked up and I knew he was getting close. Suddenly my own cock began to twitch and no one was even touching it. I could feel my own climax building. 'Oh, fuck me dad. Fuck me. Shove that cock up my ass. Yea dad cum in me.'

Suddenly dad's head shot back as his hips shoved forward and i felt his load explode in me. As it did, my own load exploded out onto my chest and chin, some hitting my lips. I quickly licked up my own cum from my lips. Again and again, I felt dad spasm and shoot his hot cum into my love canel. Finally he collapsed on me gluing our bodies together with my cum.

'You okay?' he asked.

'Oh, man, I'm floating in the clouds. Are you okay.'

'Son, that's was the best ass I've fucked ever.'

'It's all yours,' I said.

Slowly, he removed his softening tool. We kissed and he reached for a wash cloth to clean ourselves up. I pushed his hand away and began licking my cum off his chest and stomach. He waited until I was through and did the same to me. once we were both cleaned up, he looked at me and said, 'Let's go get something to eat if you think you can walk.'

'I can walk but I might be bowlegged as hell.'

We laughed as we slipped on shorts and shirt and headed for the restaurant. The guy in the rig next to us gave a big smile as we passed his cab.

'I bet he heard you screaming,' dad said.

'I don't give a fuck,' I replied as dad began laughing. And I have to admit, it wasn't easy walking straight.

We got a snack and checked out the drivers trying to determine if any played around. As we returned to the rig, dad looked at me and asked, 'You want to fuck me now? I'd really love that.'

'You're damn right I want to.'

We climbed in and stripped and I decided to see if I could eat dad's ass. I knew how good it felt and I wanted to return the pleasure to dad.

HE lay on the bed and I raised his legs and slowly began. It wasn't repulsive like I thought it might be. It was erotic as hell. Soon, I was really getting into it. When I stopped and reached for the lube, dad looked at me and said, 'Son, that is an experienced ass you're about to fuck. You don't have to be gentle with it. Just shove it in all the way.' I did and Dad looked at me and said, 'Oh fuck yea. That is so fucking hot. Fuck me Clint.'

I soon had a smooth rythm going and was loving the hell out of fucking dad's ass. I bbegan to fuck faster, feeling my climax nearing. Again, we came at the same time and again our bodies were sealed together with cum. Afterward, we again licked each other clean.

As we lay together, Dad with his arm around me and me with my head on his shoulder and my hand on his chest, I asked, 'Is there anything else you can teach me?'

'Yes, but that's for another time. Let's get some sleep.'




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