After a While Cody stripped and hurried into the water. The four guys began to horse around and ply and when they could the three would let their hand brush against Cody's cock casually. Soon eveh his cock was rock hard.

Before long all agreed to go ack to the campsite for a cold beer. Even though Clint and Cody were under the legal drinking age, they would be allowed to drink what they wanted on this private campout.

Jeff and Rex headed out first, both with huge boners, and once out far enough so that the water was only up to their knees, they turned around to face the boys, especially Cody, and asked if they were coming for a beer.

Clint answered that they were and they noticed how Cody was startin at their hard cocks. Soon the boys joined them, both with their cocks also hard.

Rex looked at Cody and said, 'Fuck, son, I never realized how much you have matured,' as he looked down at Cody's eight inch cock.

They sat and talked and later prepared for dinner.

When the camp was set up they had put a tent on opposite sides of the clearing facing each other.

As they ate dinner, Clint suggested that he and Cody take one tent and that Jeff and Rex take the other. The dads agreed, Rex hoping that Clint could convince Cody to try man-to-man sex.

After a few more beers after dinner, everyone retired to their tents.

Clint and Cody went into their tent and as they closed the flap, Rex looked at Jeff and said, 'I know this might sound sick, but I'd love to suck my son's cock.'

'Rex, It would only be sick, in my opinion, if you forced it on Cody. If he wants sex and comes to you, I see nothing wrong with it. Hopefully, it would bring the two of you closer as it has done for Clint and I.'

Inside their tent, Clint looked at Cody and said, 'I hope you don't mind but I have to sleep in the nude. That's what I'm used to. You can feel free to do the same if you want. I have a feeling that we will all be naked most of our time here anyway.'

Clint lay down on the queen size air matress and Cody sat next to him, Indian style and said, 'Clint, may I ask you some questions?'

'Sure, ask anything you want. I'll answer honestly.'

'When you and your dad have sex, what all do you do? How do you start?'

Clint smiled and asked, 'You want me to go into detail?'

'Yes, if you don't mind.'

Okay, here goes. First we well cuddle and hold each other and kiss, not just lip to lip but the hot tongue in mouth kisss, while we run our hands over each others bodies. Then one of us will usually go down on the other, lick the cock head then swallow the cock and start sucking, but that usually ends up in a sixty-nine with us sucking each other at the same time. When we climax, we shoot it straight into the other's mouth, and yes, we swallow the cum.'

'Other times, we are in the mood to fuck or get fucked. Sometimes I fuck him in the ass and other times he fucks me in the ass. But before the fucking we always lick and tongue the ass we are getting ready to fuck. That's called rimming.'

'Clint, doesn't it hurt when a cock goes up your ass?'

'Even with preperation and lube, it will hurt some, but as your ass stretches and relaxes, Cody, it is a fantastic feeling. Lots of times a guy will shoot from just getting fucked and not even touching himself.'

'Damn,' Cody said as his cock slowly began to rise.

Clint looked at Cody and asked, 'Have you ever done anything with another guy, even if it was just jerking off with a buddy?'

'No, I haven't, but when ever since I found out that dad was gay, I have wondered what all he does with a guy, and at the gym, I have caught myself checking out other guy's cocks.'

'Are you curious and thinking about trying anything?'

'Yea. Before, I always thought that gay guys were real prissy. But then I found out dad was gay and after meeting you and your dad, I find that idea was bullshit.'

What are you wanting to try?' Clint asked.

'I don't know, maybe just getting my cock sucked. What does it feel like?'

'Haven't any of your girlfriends ever sucked you?'

'Fuck no. They think it's gross but they sure like their pussy's eat.'

Clint laughed and asked, 'Yu ever fuck any of them?'

'Just one and it was just one time.'

'Well, getting sucked in my opinion is much better that fucking pussy, especially if the guy doing the saucking really knows what he's doing. It will take you to the edge of the cliff before you go off.'

'Clint, would you suck me and show me?'

'No Cody, I won't. I think that should be your dad's privilege. My dad gave me my first and it really made it special, but we can jerk each other off if you want to.'

'Okay, how do we start?'

Clint had Cody lay beside him and reach over and grasp his cock as he took Cody's in his hand. As he began stroking Cody, Cody followed and began stroking him. Before long, both boys climaxed, sending huge amounts of cum out onto their stomachs.

Looking down at the his own cum on his stomach Cody asked, 'You swallow that? What does it taste like?'

'Kind of salty, a little acid, yet sweet at the same time. It's really not bad. I've shot in my hand before and eat my own.'

Clint then reached down and scraped up some off his stomach and brought it to his mouth and ate it as Cody watched. Soon Cody did the same.

'Well?' Clint asked.

'It's really not as bad as I thought it might be. He watched as Clint continued to scrape cum off himself and eat it. Cody watched and after a minute or so began doing the same thing.

When both boys were clean, Cody asked Clint how he should approach his dad.

'I'll tell you what, tomorrow after breakfast I'll start making out with dad and start having sex and you can tell your dad that it's okay with you if he joins us. After he does, ease up to your dad and simp;y stick yur hard cock in his face. He'll get the message.'

Cody nodded and asked, 'You think it will work?'

'I guarantee it.'

Soon, Clint heard Cody slightly snoring and eased out of the tent. He went to the other tent and told Jeff and Rex about the conversation and what he was planning. Rex was excited and said, 'I bet I don't sleep a wink tonight thinking about it, but we'll follow your lead.'

The next day after breakfast as everyone sat around talking, Clint eased over to Jeff and as he sat next to him he began feeling his cock.

'Maybe we shouldn't be doing this with Cody here,' Jeff said.

'Look,' Clint replied, 'Cody knows we are all three gay and that we had sex with Rex when we met him. I'm sure Cody knew we weren't going to do with out sex when he came on this campout. He's not stupid. If he doesn't want to watch or join in, maybe he'd like to go for a walk.'

Cody answered, 'Hey guy, you go ahead. It might be an education for me. Go for it.'

With that Clint and Jeff began kissing and Clint worked his way down to Jeff's hard cock and he quickly swallowed it. Soon Clint and his dad were in a sixty-nine as Cody and Rex watched, both with huge erections.

Cody looked at his dad and said, 'Go ahead and join them if you want to. I don't mind.'

With that, Jeff stopped sucking and turned to Rex and said, 'Fuck me.'

Rex retrived the lube and after applying some to Jeff's ass and his own hard cock, he slowly began his insertion. Soon he was completely buried in Jeff's ass and began fucking in and out.

Cody watched his dad fuck another guys ass for the first time. As he watched he slowly stood and ever so slowly moved closer. after a while he was standing within a foot of his dad. Rex was eyeing Cody's hard cock and the precum leaking from it. Cody stepped closer and soon his cock head was inches from Rex's mouth.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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