Clint thought more and more about what it would be like to get his hard young cock sucked off. None of his girlfriends would ever try it and he had to endure his school buddies talking about their girls giving him head. He wondered if these tales were really true.

Clint tried desperately to find a way to let his dad know that he wanted to get sucked off but he thought it was really crude to come right out and say he wanted to get sucked. He began to devise a scheme.

The next night when they stopped he would begin putting the plan into action.

They pulled into the truck stop and went in to shower then enjoy a leisurly meal. As the ate, Jeff and Clint heard other drivers talking about major road construction farther up the road. Jeff asked about it and several of the drivers agreed that he needed to get on the CB and ckeck with drivers that were passing and get the latest from them. He decided he would.

They returned to the rig and as Jeff got on the CB and began chatting with the other drivers, Clint said he was going to bed and went back into the sleeper. Jeff's rig had two sets of privacy curtains; one that closed around the front and side windows and a second one that just closed off the sleeping area. At night, to give them more room, they would close the ones around the windows and leave the other open, Tonight, Jeff closed the second set and stripped and crawled into bed. Normally they slept in briefs, but tonight that would change.

He lay on the bed and could hear his dad talking on the CB getting the latest information. He took his cocki in his hand and slowly began stroking it bringing it to it's full hardness. After a moment, he couls hear his dad closing the front curtains. He quickly turned off all the lights except for one small night light that gave only a small glow to the sleeping area. Jeff finished closing up the front and slid open the second set of curtains. He froze when he saw Clint.

Clint looked at his dad and said, 'Hey, haven't you ever seen a guy stroke off before? Care to join me?'

'What the fuck?' Jeff exclaimed.

'Look, I'm horny and want to get off. We've both seen naked guys before. So, what's the problem? You going to join me or just stand there with your mouth open?'

Jeff laughed and shook his head and began stripping, his cock already hard. As he stripped, I looked at him and said, 'I'm more comfortable sleeping in the nude so if it's okay with you thats the way I'll sleep from now on.'

'I don't mind, son. I have to be honest with you. I enjoy looking at your nude body.'

Dad lay beside me and began stroking his cock. I noticed that he kept looking at my cock as much as I looked at his. Before long, I sped up and Dad asked 'You close?' 'Yea,' I replied. 'Me, too' he answered. We came at the same time, each watching the other shoot his load out onto his stomach and chest.

'Big load for an old man,' I said as dad handed me a paper towel. 'Smart ass. You're a lot younger and it was as big as yours.' We laughed and threw our paper towels in the trash. We both slept naked that night.

The next morning I woke before Dad. I sat up and looked at his naked body and his hard cock. Mine was hard also. I eased up in the bed and sat with my back against the back wall facing him even with his face. After a couple of minutes, dad opened his eyes and looked toward me as I slowly stroked my hard cock. I looked at him and said, 'Do it.'


'Do it dad. I want to see what it's like.'

'Are you sure, son?'


'Okay, lay down and relax and spread your legs.'

I did and as dad got between my spread legs, I could see his hand shake as he slowly reached for my hard cock.

He leaned forward and I could feel his hot breath on my cock head. I jumped as his tongue flicked across my piss slit, licking up the precum that was oozing out. Slowly, he took my cock head into his mouth and as his lips closed around me i shivered in delight. He slowly slid his mouth lower on me and my head spun in ecstacy. I had never felt anything so good before. Then I felt it; his nose was buried in my pubes. He had swallowed my entire eight inches.

'Oh, fuck,' I moaned. He began sliding his mouth up and down and as he did I closed my eyes and thousands of stars began spinning in my head. The feeling I was experiencing was like nothing I had ever felt before. I began to feel my muscles tighten and began raising my hips to meet his movements. My cock began to get harder if that was possible. MY balls began pulling up inside my body. I was close.

'Oh fuck. Oh yea, don't stop. Oh, fuck, I'm going to shoot. Fuck dad, here it comes.'

My body spasmed as my cock exploded in the wildest climax I had ever had. As the cum filled dad's mouth I heard him moan in pleasure. He continued sucking swallowing ever stream of cum that was released. The eruption began to subside but dad kept sucking and licking, devouring every drop that escaped from my cock.

When he was through, he slowly removed his mouth from my cock and said, 'Well, how was it?'

'Oh, fuck, dad, that was better than any piece of pussy I've ever had. It was a thousand times better.'

'Glad you enjoyed it. I know I did,' he said as he climbed off the bed and began dressing. 'We need to get rolling. We'll stop for breakfast after we get through the construction.'

'I think I'll stay here for a while and catch my breath, if you don't mind.'

'Nah, go ahead.'

As he began opening the front privacy curtains I said, 'Hwy, dad?'


'You can have it any time you want it and you don't even need to ask. Okay?'

'Okay,' he said with a chuckle.

Dad pulled out and I lay there digesting what had just happened. I had been able to tell that dad thoroughly enjoyed it by the look and smile on his face. I knew that I'd let dad suck me off anytime he wanted to. I had loved it and definately wanted to.

Awhile later, I crawled into the passenger seat still naked. Dad looked at me and laughed saying I just might cause him to have a wreck. Later when we stopped for breakfast, I dressed.

The rest of the day the blow job wasn't mentioned. Not until that night, that is. After we ate dinner and returned to the truck did dad say he wanted it again. I quickly agreed and lay back with my legs apart, waiting. This time was just as incredible as the first.

After I came Dad rolled onto his back and said how good it was. I agreed and we laughed. But I wanted to do something for dad. No, I wanted to do something for me and dad. I wanted to suck his cock.

Without saying a word, I quickly got between his legs and grasp his hard cock and began stroking it slowly. Soon the precum began to ooze out and I tried to copy dad and licked it off. I fell in love with the sligltly salty sweet taste. Before he could say anything I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking.

'Oh fucking shit!' he exclaimed loudly. I slowly worked more into my mouth and tried to relax my throat. Eventually I did and went down balls deep. 'Oh fuck Clint, that feels so fucking good,' dad said.

I began working up and down on dad's hard massive cock. His breathing got heavier and faster and I knew he was getting close. I tried to prepare myself for what was to come. If dad could swallow so could I.

Then it happened. Dad jerked his hips up and the first string of hot thick cum exploded into my mouth. I quickly began swallowing as more took it's place. It was filling my mouth faster than I could swallow but I managed to get it all. I continued sucking, making sure i got every last drop.

As I sat up dad looked at me and said, 'What brought that on?'

'I wanted to try it and to be honest, dad, I loved it. I want to do you again.'

'Anytime,' he said with a smile.

We cuddled together for the first ime in each others arms and we kissed for the first time, our tongues exploring each others mouth. The next morning I smiled at dad and said, 'I want you to show me all that you do. Dad, I really enjoyed our sex.'

'Son, I'd love to show you more. How about tonight?'

'Sounds good to me,' I replied.




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