Clint and Cody returned to the campsite and Cody told his dad that he wanted to fuck him. Rex was agreeable and was soon on his hands and knees. Cody immediately began eating his dad's ass, something he had yet to try. He found he liked it.

As Cody slid his cock into his dad's ass, Rex called Jeff over for a sixty-nine and Cody looked at Clint and told Clint to fuck him while he fucked his dad.

Before long all four climaxed in violent eruptions. Rex quickly got behind Cody and sucked up Clint's cum as it drained out of his son's ass. When he had it all, he looked at Cody and smiled. Cody knew what he wanted to do but wasn't sure he could but he would damn sure try. He leaned forward and kissed his dad and shared Clint's cum.

When things were back to normal, they told the dad's about their idea.

Cody began.

'Dad, I'm of legal age and I do not want to go back to Mom's, not with the lifestyle I've chosen.

Can I ride with you the resat of the summer then when school starts we'll go get my things.'

'Sure, son, but where will you live after that?'

'With me,' Clint said. 'He can move in the house with me and we can both attend college. Hell, by then, maybe you two would want to drive together.'

Both dads began laughing and Jeff said, 'It sounds like they have everything figured out.'

'It sure does and it sounds good to me if you don't mind Cody living with Clint.'

'Not at all, but you two would have to promise that studies would come before sex.'

'Don't worry about our studies. We'll get them done.'

The rest of the camping trip was one big orgy. Rex watched his son have sex with Jeff and Clint. Jeff watched Clint have sex with Cody and Rex. The dads watched the boys have saex and the boys watched their dads suck and fuck.

Soon the camping trip ended, but Clint and Cody were in daily contact by phone about how many cocks they sucked that day and how many hot guys they saw.

BEfore they knew it the summer was over and Cody and Rex arrived at the house with Cody's belongings.

When Rex and Cody stepped inside, there were hot kisses all around. They boys immediately stripped each other and fell into a sixty-nine of the living room floor.

'Shall we join them?' Rex asked. Jeff laughed and began stripping as did Rex. Soon they too were in a sixty-nine.

When it was all over, Jeff asked how it went when they picked up Cody's belongings.

'All hell broke loose when we told her that he was going to ride with me for the rest of the summer. Then when we picked up his things, she started in again.' Rex paused to catch his breath.

'Cody came right out and told her that he was gay also. She blew up and blamed it on me. Cody told her that because of the way she had treated dad before their divorce it was no wonder he went to men, and if it was anyone's fault it was hers. He told her she was a mean and spiteful bitch and he never wanted to see her again.'

'Wow! What was her response to that?'

'She tried to slap him but he grabbed her hand and stopped her. I literally had to hold her back while he got his things. Once they were loaded I let her loose and we hightailed it out of there.'

'Well, Clint has rearranged things around here. If it's agreeable with Cody, he wants Cody to share his room and bed.'

'Fuck yea!' exclaimed Cody.

'And while you're here, Rex, you're welcome to share mine.'

'It would be my pleasure. And Jeff, have you thought about their idea of us driving together?'

'Yes I have. A lot in fact. We need to discuss it.'

Cody's belongings were unloaded and Rex and Jeff went out onto the patio to discuss the driving. Since Jeff owned his own rig, it was decided that Jeff would tell his company that he had taken on a co-driver.

They went and talked with the boss and he said it was fine with him because they could cover more miles. Rex said that he'd return home and turn in his rig and be back.

A week later Jeff and Rex headed out, leaving Cody and Clint enrolled in college. There would be money deposited every payday into an account for them to live off of.

They were gone three months and when they returned for some time off the boys were glad to see them. Clint noticed it first and said something to Cody. Once Cody saw it they looked at their dads and asked 'When did you two get the rings?'

The two dads held hands and said 'A month ago. We fell in love and decided to become lovers.'

They boys smiled and each reached into their pockets and pulled out matching rings.

'And what about you two?' Jeff asked with a smile.

'Last week.'

'Congratulations, you two,' Rex said. 'I just hope you two are as happy as we are.'

Well, that was five years ago and both couples are still together and still deeply in love. They still have their orgies when together, and when apart, each couple will find a third to join them occassionally. But true love prevails.




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