The night before, Cody and Clint jerked each other off. It was Cody's first experience with another guy. Clint even showed him how to eat his own cum. Cody knew his dad was gay and that Clint and his dad Jeff were also gay. Cody was curious and Clint said he had a plan.

As planned, after breakfast the next morning Clint got his dad into a sixty-nine. Cody watched as the father and son sucked each other. He saw his dad's cock get hard as did his own. He looked at his dad and told him to join them if he wanted. Rex slipped in behind Jeff and began fucking him. Cody continued to watch.

After a few minutes, as he and Clint had discussed, he walked up to the group, his hard cock sticking out and stood with his cock just inches from his dad's face. Precum was oozing out and as Rex looked at it he licked his lips then looked up at Cody. Cody smiled and nodded.

'Are you sure?' Rex whispered.

Cody nodded again, unable to speak from anticipation of his first blow job.

Rex leaned over and licked off the precum then licked the head of his son's cock. Cody moaned softly and stepped closer. Rex pulled out of Jeff's ass and turned toward his son. Still on jis knees, Rex grasped Cody's hips and slowly swallowed the entire shaft of his son's cock.

'Oh, fuck!' Cody exclaimed.

Jeff and Clint stopped their sixty-nine to watch the father and son's first sexual experience, when Jeff suggested that they go for a walk and give them some privacy.

'No, please stay,' Cody said.

They did and watched as Rex lovingly sucked his son's cock for the first time, eager to taste his sweet load. It didn't take Cody long before he told his dad that he was close. Rex sucked with even more determination. As the climax neared, Cody moaned louder and soon his body stiffened and he shoved his cock deep into his dad's throat, shooting a huge load for his dad to enjoy and savor.

When it was over, Cody lowered himself to his knees as his dad asked, 'Well, what did you think?'

'Dad, Clint said it was a fantastic feeling but I never dreamed it would be that good. You can do it to me any time you want to.'


'Fuck yea. Anytime.'

Rex slowly stood and as he did, Cody grabbed his dad's hard cock and began stroking it. Rex stopped and watched as his son's hand moved back and forth over his hard cock. Without warning, Cody took the head in his mouth.

'Whoa, son. Are you sure?'

'Yes, dad, I'm sure. I have been curious and want to experience it all. I don't know if I'll stay with it or not, but I want to try it all.'

He went back to sucking his dad's cock as Clint and Jeff watched.

He tried to do just as his dad had done, rubbing his tongue around the head and swallowing as much as he could. Gradually, he had managed to swallow all of his dad's cock. Having his own son suck his cock wat turning him on like crazy and prevented him from holding back. Soon he warned Cody that he better pull off because he was about to cum. Cody kept sucking and soon felt Rex's cock grow even bigger as it suddenly exploded sending huge ropes of cum into Cody's mouth and down his throat. Cody almost gagged twice but managed to swallow every drop.

'Well, how did I do?' asked Cody.

'If I didn't know better, I'd swear you'd done it before. You were perfect.'

Surprising Rex again, Cody stood and leaned forward and kissed his dad, offering his tongue. They kissed passionately.

'Cody, I have to be honest with you. This campout was all arranged to see if you would join in. I'm sorry for the deception.'

'I figured it was and was glad about it and I admit I have been extremely curious. I asked Clint to blow me last night but he said it would be better to get my first one from you. If it hadn't been this campout, I'd have figured out another way to have sex with you.' They kissed again.

After that, Cody and Rex sat and gropped each other while watching Clint and Jeff continue their sixty-nine and eat each other's loads before going for a swim. This time however, Cody was right in it all groping and feeling the other's cocks as they felt his.

After a while, as Cody and his dad kissed, Cody asked 'Dad, do you like to get fucked in the ass?'

'Yes, son, I do very much.'

'Can I fuck you?'

'Fuck yea, anytime you want to. I can't think of anything I'd like better.'

'Let's go back to the camp and I'll fuck you while Clint fuck's his dad.' Everyone agreed.

Soon, Rex was on his back legs raised waiting for Cody to enter him. 'Just go slow,' Rex said.

Jeff coached him to get him started and as soon as he was in, Jeff lay down beside Rex and Clint entered his ass. With their bodies touching, Jeff and Rex turned their heads toward each other and kissed as their sons fucked their asses. Soon Cody and Clint were kissing as the fucked their dads.

Before long both boys climaxed deep into their dad's asses. Rex looked at Cody and told him that it was the best fuck he'd ever had. Cody looked down into his dad's face abd said, 'Now, I want you to fuck me.'

'Son, it will hurt like hell the first time or two. Are you sure you want to do it?'

'Dad, if you can take it so can I. Fuck me.'

Rex started out by eating Cody's ass for a while then used his fingers, starting with one then eventually using all four. He lubed his cock and Cody's ass and got into position. He looked down at Cody and said, 'If at any time you want me to stop, just say so. If you want to scream from the pain, go ahead. Jeff's assured me that there is no one around to hear but us.'

With that, Rex began his insertion, slowly forcing the head of his big cock into his son's virgin ass. When the head popped in Cody let out a yell. Clint was by his head saying, 'Just relax. Don't tighten up. Relax and take deep breaths. The head is in and he's not going any further until you stretch some.'

'Cody, do you want me to stop?' Rex asked.

'No,' he answered.

After a couple of minutes Cody said the pain was going away. Slowly, Rex began sliding deeper. Suddenly Cody gasped and said 'What was that?'

'The head just rubbed your prostate. It's what we call the man's love button. That's what will make you cum spontainiously like i was telling you,' Clint said. 'How's it feeling now?'

'Better, not so much pain as an uncomfortable stuffed feeling.'

'That will ease up and euphoria will set in and you will be floating on clouds,' Clint assured him.

Slowly Rex continued until at last he said, 'Son, I'm all the way in.'

'Fuck dad, you have the whole thing up my ass?'

'Yep, reach back and feel for yourself.'

Cody did and said, 'Damn, you are all in and it's beginning to feel good.'

'Now i'll make it feel better.' Rex began to slowly slide out then in, slowly at first. Cody began to moan, not in pain but with pleasure. As Rex picked up speed, Cody began to ride back toward Rex on the forward thrust as if trying to take more. 'Yea, fuck me dad,' he yelled.

Rex settled on a rhythm and Cody was loving it. 'Oh, fuck that feels fantastic. Fuck my ass, dad. Cum in me. Let me feel it.'

With Cody's urging, Rex soon came close and picked up speed, soon pounding Cody's ass. 'Yea, fuck me,' Cody kept saying. Soon, Rex shot forward one last time as his cock exploded filling Cody's ass with shot after shot of his hot thick cum. When it was over, Rex began to pull out and Cody stopped him saying, 'No, don't take it out. Stay in me. Can you fuck me again?'

'Not now son. You need a break.'

Rex pulled out and as he did Cody kissed him before saying, 'That was awesome. I loved it. I want Clint and Jeff to fuck me also.'

'They will but not now.'

By dinner time, Clint had fucked Cody and Cody had sucked Clint, Jeff and his dad.

As they ate dinner, Cody looked at his dad and said, 'Today has been the best I have ever had. I never knew sex could be this pleaurable. Dad, this is the life I want. I've fucked pussy a couple of times but it was nothing like this.'

'What do you think your mother will say?'

'I don't know and I don't care. We're not on very good terms anyway because I accepted you being gay. Honestly, I can't wait to tell her I'm gay also.'

'Are you sure you want the gay life?'

'I've never been more sure.'

That night clint and Jeff shared a tent while Rex and Cody shared the other. Clint and Jeff could hear their lovemaking throughout the night.

The next morning, Clint and Cody went for a hike and while out sucked and fucked each other. They talked about Cody having to go back to his mother's where he had been living. He didn't want to. Clint asked why didn't he ride with his dad until school started then they would talk to their dad's and see about Cody moving into the house with Clint and they could go to school. Cody loved the idea. They headed back to camp to make the suggestion to their dad's.




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