My name is Clint Taylorand I live in a small town outside Dallas, Texas. My dad, Jeff, is an over the road trucker covering all 48 states. After my mom died when I was 15, I was raised by my dad's parents. Dad called me every other day and was always home for special events and holidays. Even though I didn't see him all that often, dad and I were close.

Dad was home for my highschool graduation and my eighteenth birthday three days later. He told me that since I was now eighteen, he'd get an apartment for us and I could live there while I went to college and he'd have a place to stay when he was home. I told him that it sounded good but during the summer I'd like to go on the road with him. That thrilled him.

Three days later, we bid the family farewell and pulled out in Dad's big custom designed Peterbilt rig. We headed fot the terminal and got a load from there to Portland, Oregon. We hit the road and the conversation was constant, with dad telling me wild and facinating tales of his experiences on the road and the things he had seen.

We were always open with each other and were more like brothers than father and son. I was an accident and was born when dad was sixteen. His parents helped raise me until he and mom finished school.

On our first night out, we pulled into a truck stop for dinner and rest and after eating dad looked at me and asked if I'd prefer that we get a motel room since the sleeper only had one queen sized bed.

'Nah, we can pretend we are on one of our camping trips we used to take when we shared a sleeping bag. You remember those campouts, dad?

He said he did and loved those memories and looked forward to more. We returned to the rig and both stripped to our briefs and piled into the bed. We watched TV for a while before falling to sleep.

The next day, dad and I were talking and I looked over at him and said 'Dad, can I ask you a personal question?'

'Sure you can. What is it?'

'Do you have any lady friends that you see on the road? I know you have needs.'

'Only one Clint, and she is always with me.'

'Huh?' I replied stupidly.

Holding up his right hand, he smiled and said 'Meet Rosey Palm.'

I began laughing and said 'Seems like we have the same girlfriend.' He began laughing also saying 'Like I told you when you were younge, all guys do it and if they say they don't they're fucking liars.'

'What about all the women at the truck stops I've heard about?' I asked

'Son, don't even think about them. They are what we call 'lot lizards' and they are whores that go from truck to truck fucking. No telling what you might catch from them. Most drivers no longer have anything to do with them.'

He started to say something but stopped himself. I asked what he was going to say but he just said 'Oh, nothing important.'

We stopped for lunch at a small Mom and Pop truck stop. We went in and ordered and I excused myself to go take a pee. There was a driver at the one urinal so I stepped into one of the stalls. As I pulled out my cock, I noticed a hole in the partition between the two stalls about tfour inches in diameter. I was very nieve and wondered what it was for.

I returned to the table and as we waited for our lunch I told dad about it. He laughed and said 'I can see this trip will be an education in itself for you.' He lowered his voice and said, Clint, that's a 'glory hole'. When Guys are in each booth, sometimes one or both are gay or bisexual. They will stick their cocks through the hole and get a blow job. Many drivers get blow jobs instead of fucking the lot lizards.'

'Dad, have you ever done it to get relief?'

He glanced down at the table for a second and then said, 'Yes, Clint, I have. Many times.'

I could tell that he was nervous about it and laughed and said, 'Hey, a man's got to do what a man's got to do.'

'That makes me feel better,' he said. We changed the subject but my thoughts were on the glory hole. I have never been with another male in any way but for some reason my cock began to stir as I thought of what went on.

That night when we stopped I decided to check out the game room after dinner. Dad was visiting with a few other drivers. I looked around the game room then noticed a rest room down the hall. I checked it out and there was a glory hole between two of the booths. i went in and sat down and soon another guy came in and went into the other booth.

He dropped his jeans and sat down. Where the hole was positioned, it was easy to turn your head and see the other persons crotch. he leaned back and began rubbing his cock. It began to stiffen and as I watched mine did also. I couldn't understand why this was exciting me but it was. Soon his cock was completely hard and he began stroking it slowly. As i watched, I began stroking mine.

I heard him whisper 'You suck?' 'No,' I replied.

'Want yours sucked?' he said. 'Uh, no,' I said. 'You ever been sucked before?' he asked. 'Not by a guy,' I replied. I heard him chuckle and say, 'Damn, a fucking virgin. Man, I'd love to give you your first blow job.' 'No thanks,' I said.

We sat and watched each other stroke and when he climaxed it had such an effect on me that I did the same. I quickly pulled up my shorts and returned to the game room. A few minutes later I saw him pass the game room. He certainly didn't look gay or what I thought a gay guy would look like. He was extremely masculine.

Later, back in the truck dad and I were watching TV and I told dad about what happened, not leaving out any details. I noticed that dad had a semi-erection. 'What did he look like?' dad asked.

I told him that he had on red cowboy boots and jeans. Dad interrupted and asked, 'Was he wearing a red tank top and had a moustache and goatee and shaved head?'

'Yea, why? Do you know him?'

'Yea, That's Joe. I've met him before when I've been through here. He drives just this area, but I never dreamed he sucked cock.'

Dad thought a minute then said, 'Let's get some sleep.'

The next day as we drove, Dad looked at me and said, 'Clint, you and I have a close open relationship. If at any time you need relief, feel free to go back in the sleeper and get it off. There might be times that I'll do the same. Okay?'

'Okay,' I replied.

Dad seemed nervous and it appeared that he started to say something on several occasions but stopped himself.

At noon, we stopped and ate and Dad excused himself and went to the restroom. He was gone for a while and when he returned it appeared that he had a semi-erection in his jeans. I figured he either jerked off or got sucked. I wondered what it was like to have a guys mouth on my cock.

we left and as we headed farther west, I got brave and asked, 'Did you jerk it or did someone take care of it for you?'

'What?' dad asked.

'When you came out of the restroom it was obvious that you had an erection. I just wondered what happened.'

'Nosey little bastard,' dad said jokingly. 'If you must know, I got a blow job. Just do me one favor. If you decide you want to try it, let me know first. Okay?'

'Okay,' I answered, wondering why he wanted to know.

That night and for the next couple of days things were uneventful. I did go back to the sleeper a few times to take matters in had. Dad would just laugh when I got up to head back to the sleeper.

Then, one night when we stopped at a large truck stop, after we ate and returned to the rig dad seemed more nervous and edgy that he ever had. As we watched TV, Dad looked at me and said, 'Clint, we need to have a talk. A serious talk.




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