After Rex had left their rig, Clint and his dad, Jeff, relaxed. After dinner at the truck stop, they returned to the truck and climbed back into the sleeper for some hot one-on-one sucking and fucking, afterward falling asleep in each others arms. The story continues.....

The next morning Clint awakens in his dad's arms and his head on his dad's shoulder. He lay there for a while just feeling the closeness and love he felt for his dad.

After a few minutes, Jeff awoke and looked over into Clint's admiring eyes. 'Morning, stud,' Jeff said.

'Morning, dad.' Clint replied. After a soft passionate kiss, Clint looked at his dad and said, 'I love you.'

'I love you too, son,' Jeff responded.

'Dad, I love you as my dad, but I'm also in love with you.'

Jeff took a deep breath, looking at Clint and said, 'That's pretty heavy this early in the morning. Let's discuss this after we eat and I have time to think things through.'

Clint just smiled and kissed his dad again. The slipped into minimul clothing and headed for the restaurant. As they walked over Jeff looked over at Clint and asked, 'You still wanting that four way with Josh and Rex?'

'Oh, fuck yea. I've made sure the camera has fresh batteries and I want you taking pics of me with one of them in my ass and one in my mouth at the same time. The camcorder is also charged and ready to go. I hope they won't mind us taking pictures.'

'All we can do is ask them.'

The entered the restaurant and headed for a table. They saw Rex over at a table by himself. There were slight nods between them. They had seen Josh's rig but didn't see him. They ordered breakfast and as they ate they decided that they would all meet at their rig at ten that morning for the orgy.

Just as they were finishing eating, Josh walked in and took a table. They got up and Jeff headed over to Rex's table and Clint went to Josh's table. They each asked if they wanted to get together for sex about ten. Clint told Josh that it had grown to a four way. Josh and Rex looked at each other, smiled and nodded and quickly agreed to meet at ten. They were told that the doors would be unlocked and to climb on up.

Jeff and Climt went and showered and cleaned themselves 'out' in preperation of getting fucked.

They returned to the truck, stripped and waited, talking about the two studs that were joining them.

At five to ten, Josh arrived and climbed in. He joined them in back and stripped. At ten sharp, Rex arrived and Jeff yelled out, 'Lock it up. All present and accounted for.' Rex locked the doors and was introduced to Josh. Jeff looked at them and said, 'Guys, we've had sex with both of you and know that almost anything goes. But if you attempt something and the receiver says 'No' then you must stop what you're planning. Agreed?'

Everyone was in agreement. When rex was totally naked, hands began exploring bodies and groping cocks and balls. Mouths searched for mouths and tongue wars began. Soon, Josh and Jeff were paired up as was Clint was paired with Rex.

Each man licked and sucked every inch of his partners body, ending up in two hot sixty-nine sessions, with all four climaxing at aalmost the same time. After a short rest, Clint looked at Rex and said, 'Fuck me.'

'Gladly sport,' Rex answered.

'We want some souvenier pictures and video. Does anyone mine?'

'I sure don't,' Josh answered, 'but only if I can get a copy of both the pics and video for me.'

'Same here,' answered Rex as he took a break from eating Clint's ass.

Jeff began snapping pics, as Josh manned the video camera. Both got nice closeup's of Rex's cock entering Clint's tight ass. Once it was in, Clint looked back and said, 'Josh, give dad the camcorder and come here and let me suck your cock while I get get fucked.' Josh handed over the camcorder and got into position. Jeff caputred it all on tape and on film. Everyone sucked and fucked and got fucked several times, with all of it recorded for history. Later, Rex looked up and asked if Jeff could stableize the camcorder to run automatically. Jeff answered yes and wondered why.

'I want it on film of you and Clint both fucking my ass at the same time while I suck Josh off. There was a pause in the action while Jeff got things set up. When ready, the action began. Jeff and Clint worked both their cocks into Rex's hole and began fucking him as Josh slid his cock balls deep down Rex's throat. Clint and Jeff climaxed first. After filling Rex's ass with hot man milk, Jeff retrieved the video camera and zoomed in on Josh's cock fucking Rex's face.

Josh neared his climax and Rex pulled off the cock and stroked it to eruption, letting Josh cream all over his face and into his mouth. Jeff caught it all on tape and even zoomed in as Rex scraped the cum off his face and into his mouth.

Finally, everyone agreed that they were exhausted and Rex looked at his watch.

'Damn, guys, do you realize it almost three thirty? We've been at it five and a half hours.'

They sat for another hour or so, just talking and fondeling and casually kissing, each man saying that today was a day that they would never forget. At almost six, they all dressed and went in for a bite to eat. It was their farewell dinner together. Addresses and phone numbers were exchanged with promises to keep in touch.

'Guys, I'll make copies of all the photos and a DVD of the tape and send them to you. Remember us when you look at them.'

'Fuck, man, how could we ever forget you two after today. Maybe we can all plan to take vacations at the same time and meet up at a cabing in the woods somewhere and spend a week together,' Rex said. Everyone loved the idea and agreed that we would try to get together the following summer.

'Why wait till next summer?' Clint said. 'What's wrong with the early fall, somewhere in the south where it's still reasonably warm?'

They all liked that idea even better. Clint pulled out his laptop and started typing. After a few minutes, he asked 'What about this?' The others gathered around to check it out. It was a cabin in central Florida situated on 300 acres and next to a private lake. It was available for rent on a weekly basis or just for weekends. They checked out the photos of it. There was one large room with several beds on one side and a sitting area with TV and fireplace on the other side. on the back was a bath with community style bath and showers and a large kitched and dining area.

'Perfect,' Josh said. He grabbed his cell phone and dialed the number. He talked to the old man that owned it and said that it was available thw week of October 15th. They all agreed and it was reserved. They said their farewells and went their seperate ways.

Clint and his dad returned to their rig. Once inside, Clint looked at his dad and said, 'I want to learn to drive this truck and be your co- driver and your lover.'

'Whoa, son. You're going kind of fast here. You're going to college. No running the roads for you. And as far as being lover, I'd like nothing else, but if this is the life for you, why not find one your own age?'

'Dad, this past week or so has been fantastic. I admit that I have been curious about sex with a guy. I never told you but I've seen gay videos before. Yes, they turned me on but I never did anything with anyone. They did open me up to the possibility and made me curious. I never dreamed that a man could make me feel so much more satisfied than a woman could. The gay life is what I want and I want yu to be part of it.'

'I will be son. We can have sex anytime you want it, but find someone your own age and grow old together.'

'Fuck it dad, I want you as my lover. Will you at least think about it?'

'Okay, I'll think about it and we can discuss it later. But I still want you to go to college.'

'I'll think about that if you'll think about being my lover.'


The subject was dropped for the time being, but Clint's mind was working overtime.

The next morning the made their drop and picked up a load going back close to home.



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