Clint and his dad, Jeff, headed for the restaurant for dinner. As they ate, Jeff scoped out the drivers, looking for one that appealed to him. There were a couple that he might consider, but nothing really turned him on and he wasn't even sure that they might swing.

After they ate, Clint looked at his dad and said, 'Well, you keep hunting. I'm going back to the rig.'

'Okay, see you later.'

'Bring home a hot one,' Clint told him. Jeff just laughed.

Jeff headed up to the truckers lounge. He surveyed the drivers there and was disappointed. Clint had found suck a hot one and he seemed to be striking out, but it was still early. He checked the restroom. Nothing. he heard the showers running and thought that maybe there was a hot one back there. He'd wait out front and see what came out. He returned to the lounge, took a seat and began to half way watch TV.

Drivers came and went. About thirty minutes later a driver emerged from the showers. Jeff heard the door open and turned to look at him. His heart began beating hard and fast.

The driver looked to be in his early to mid forties, stood about six foot six and was built. He wore an old fasioned white athletic shirt which fit extremely tight over his muscular hairy chest. His jeans were equally tight with a fairly nice bulge down the right leg. There was a slight greying around the ears of his neatly trimmed hair. Jeff looked him over and as he did the driver made eye contact. Jeff casually rubbed his crotch as the driver watched him.

There were numerous empty chairs but the driver headed toward Jeff and sat one seat down from Jeff, placing his bag on the seat between them.

'How's it going?' the driver asked in a deep masculing tone.

'Not too bad at all,' Jeff responded.

Holding out his hand the driver smiled and said, 'I'm Rex.'

'Jeff,' came the reply as they shook hands. Jeff noticed a nice firm grip. They sat and talked and Rex said that he was married, but in the process of a divorce. He was forty one, had been driving for fifteen years, and was from Kentucky.

Suddenly Rex looked at Jeff and said, 'Hey, I could use some coffee. How about you?'

'Sounds good to me.'

They headed down to the restaurant and Rex led the way to a corner table completely away from all the other drivers there.

'I hate being so close to others that they can hear my conversations,' Rex said.

'Yea, I know what you mean.'

As the drank their coffee, Rex asked where Jeff was headed. Jeff answered that he was headed to Portland but was a day early so he had decided on some down time for some rest and relaxation.

Rex smiled and said he was waiting on a load out. As they talked, Jeff noticed that Rex had a questioning look on his face. He looked at him and said, 'Rex, you have a strange look on your face all of a sudden. Is something wrong?'

'Is it anything I can help with?'

'I don't know. Maybe and maybe not.'

'Well, try me.'

'Jeff, when I tell you you mighe tell me to get the fuck away from you, but I'm hoping not.'

Jeff's stomach tightened and he said to Rex, 'Well, just spit it out and let me decide.'

Rex looked him in the eyes for a few seconds before saying, 'Jeff, I noticed you the minute I came out of the showers. I may be wrong but I felt that you were sending signals, if you know what I mean. I am hoping you were.'

'You mean man-to-man sexual signals?' Jeff asked.

'Yea. I'm gay and horny as hell and you are the hottest thing I've seen in here.' He looked at Jeff and continued, 'Shall I leave?'

'Fuck no, Rex. Your intuition was correct. I was sending signals because I feel the same way about you. I'll be blunt and say that I'd love to go a round with you in bed.'

'Fuck, man, that's what I'm wanting also,' Rex said, and began laughing.

'What's so funny,' Jeff asked.

'This exact same scenario happened about three weeks ago. That's the reason for the divorce.'

'Hey, guy, fill me in, and I hope you're not going to say what I think you're going to.'

'In conversation, I had told my wife that I'd be at the Flying J in Phoenix. Well, she wanted to surprise me with a visit so she flew out and rented a car and came to the J. It was about seven at night and she had a spare key to the truck. I had a guy back in the sleeper and music on and was sucking his cock like crazy when she unlocked the door and climbed in. Because of the music, we didn't hear her and just as she opened the curtain he was filling my mouth. All hell broke loose.'

'Oh, shit! So I assume she flew home and filed for divorce?'

'Yea, she flew back out that night and filed for divorce the next day.'

'Any kids?' Jeff asked.

'Just one. We have a son that's eighteen, and she thought she would turn him against me by telling him I was 'queer'.

'What happened?'

'I talked with him and told him that I'd prefer to talk in person and he agreed. I flew him to meet me and we talked and he said he couldn't care less if I had sex with guys. He said that the way she treated me would make any guy turn against women. I confessed that I was having sex with guys before we married and his reaction was 'So what?''

'So, he didn't care that you were gay?'

'Not in the least. He called her after we talked and told her that he was cool with it and she needed to get a life and that it was probably just as much her fault because he had heard the way she talked and treated me. She was furious and said she'd have his things packed when he got home. I told him that I'd pay for a small apartment for him until he got settled. He has a full schlorship to college and once school starts it will pay for his apartment and food.'

Jeff told Rex about how Clint found out about him and about being curious and trying it all.

'Fuck man, you're doing your son?'

'Yea, well, actually we're doing each other. We had a three way with a driver then decided that we each wanted to watch the other have sex with a guy. Clint found one this afternoon and it was hot as hell watching them go at it. That's why I was looking. I was trying to find a hot guy that turned me on to take to the truck and let Clint watch me.'

'Fuck man, if we get it on, we're going to have an audience?'

'Yea, I guess you could put it that way.'

'That is just too fucking hot. How old is he?'

'Same as your's. Eighteen.'

'Fuck, when Cody was visiting me and we'd hit the showers, I couldn't take my eyes off him. He is so fucking well built and hung like a horse. I have about eight but his is bigger than mine and fatter.'

'Did he know you were looking and admiring it?'

'Oh, yea. He said he didn't care because he was used to the guys in the locker room looking at his size.'

'Well, now that everything is out in the open. would you like to come with me and have some fun in front of a one man audience.'

'Fuck, Jeff, let's go. It will make it twice as hot having him watch. Will he be naked?'

'Oh, yes. He already is. He's waiting in the sleeper. And he'll be stroking while we do our thing.'

'Lead the way,' Rex said. We got up and Jeff paid for the cofee and we headed to the rig. As Jeff unlocked and opened the door he said, 'Coming in Clint with a visitor.'

'Come on, dad.'

Jeff let Rex climb up first and followed him in locking the door behind him.

As Rex stepped into the backhe saw Clint lying on the bed, totally naked, working away on a laptop in a gay truckers chat room.

'Holy fuck, Jeff, you didn't tell me how hot this stud was.'

'You didn't ask,' Jeff replied with a laugh.

'Dad, you really found a hot one. Damn, man how tall are you?'

'Six six,' Rex answered.

'Look out dad if everything is in proportion to his height.'

Rex and I laughed as Clint cleared the bed and took his place in the chair at the desk. 'It's all yours,' he said as he settled back.

Jeff turned to Rex and stepped up to him and as he began feeling his pecs he turned his face toward Rex's and Rex looked down and their lips met. Softly they kissed for a few times then the mouths open and the kisses became hotter with tongues exploring each others mouth. Rex began unbuttoning Jeff's shirt as Jeff pulled Rex's up and off. Next came their jeans and within seconds both men were totally naked, bot their cocks hard as steel rods and sticking straight out.

Jeff slid to his knees and began licking the precum oozing out of Rex's cock. Rex moaned softly and Jeff began running his tongue around the head of the hard cock in front of him. After another moan from Rex, Jeff swallowed the shaft, burying his nose in the pubic hairs and held it there.

'Mother fuck!' Rex exclaimed. Jeff began working back and forth on the beautiful tool and Rex ran his fingers through Jeff's hair and onto his shoulders. 'Oh, damn, eat that cock baby.'

After a few minutes, Rex pulled Jeff to a standing position and kissed him passionaltely. He then dropped to his knees and returned the favor to Jeff, licking precum off the tip then swallowing the cock balls deep.

Soon they were in a sixty-nine on the bed and Clint watched and stroked slowly edging himself.

Both men sucked hungrily and soon it was obvious that both men were nearing their climax. Rex suddenly jerked and moaned as he unloaded the first of many hot cum ropes into Jeff's mouth and down his throat. That did Jeff in and his cock also began erupting filling Rex's mouth. Clint stood and watched as both men hungrily swallowed the cum being fed to them. each slowly milked the other dry. afterward there was a hot passionate kiss and as they lay cuddled in each others arms, Rex whispered to Jeff, 'That was so fucking hot knowing your son was watching.'

'Man, how do you think I felt knowing he was watching.'

'I'd love to have mine watch me and see his reaction,' Rex said.

Jeff didn't say anything but his mind began working on an idea.

After a short respit, they again began kissing and getting ready for round two. When both cocks were hard, Rex looked at Jeff and said, 'I want you to fuck me ass hard and deep. It's been a while and I need one up me real bad.'

As rex lay on his back and raised his legs, Clint handed his dad the lube. Jeff lubed up his cock and Rex's ass and got into position.

'Once the head breaks through, go all the way,' Rex told Jeff. Jeff did as he was instructed and when the head popped in he went balls deep.

'Oh, fuc yes,' Rex exclaimed. 'Now fuck that horny man cunt. Treat me like the dirty whore I am,' Rex begged.

Clint listened, not believeing that thi masculing junk of a man was saying that.

Jeff began pounding the hot horny ass. 'Oh yea, fuck my pussy baby. Oh yea, drill me deep.'

With Rex's talk, it didn't take long before Jeff reached the top of the cliff and jumped off. Cum began exploding out of the love tube and filling the shit chute of the stud under him. As it did, they kissed wildly as Rex's ass muscles milked out the last of Jeff's load.

As Jeff eased his cock out of Rex's ass, Rex looked at him and said, 'Tht's the best fuck I've had in years. Damn I wish you were my co driver.'

'If I was, we probably wouldn't put in very many miles on the road per day. Man your ass was good. Now, shjow me what you can do.'

The traded places and soon, Rex had his cock buried in Jeff's ass. 'Fuck that feels good,' Jeff said. 'Fuck me baby. Drive it home like I did you.'

Rex pounded Jeff's ass, and soon told him to get ready. Rex exploded and began white washing Jeff's insides, shooting stream after stream up the ass. Jeff milked the cock dry with his ass muscles and Rex slowly pulled out.

Clint was jerking hard now quickly reaching his climax. Jeff quickly got in front of him and took his entire load into his mouth. With a totally filled mouth he turned to Rex and leaned toward him. 'Oh fuck man, yea, share it with me.'

They kissed and shared Clint's huge load both swallowing their share. A few minutes later, Clint reached for the jar they kept to piss in. Rex saw him and said, 'Don't use that. Let me have it.'

'Sure,' said Clint. Rex knelt in front of him and said, 'When you see my mouth filling up stop the flow and give me a chance to swallow. When I open up again, start the flow.'

Rex opened his mouth and Clint let the flow begin. He filled Rex's mouth four times after which Rex smiled and said 'Fucking delicious, man. Thanks.'

The three sat around nude and Jeff looked at Rex and said, 'Were you serious about wanting your son to watch you suck cock?'

'Oh, fuck yea. Maybe he'd get hard and let me have his.'

'Look, when we drop this we've got a load to Little Rock then we'll head home for a while. Why don't you call your son and get him to ride with you for a couple weeks and get a load close to us and stop by. We'll take it from there.'

'Sounds fucking hot. You got a deal.'

'Rex,' Clint said, 'the guy I was with might be coming over tomorrow for a three way. He's young and hot. Would you like to make it a four-way?'

'Fuck yea man, just let me know. I'm in the red and white Kenworth about six slots down. If I'm not in the rig, page me.'

'You got it,' Clint replied.

Jeff couldn't believe that he had heard his son set up damn near an orgy in their rig, but he loved the idea. It would be hot watching the two driver's use his son at the same time.

Rex left and as Clint and Jeff lay in bed, Jeff told Clint about Rex and his conversation with his son. They began to scheme and put ideas together.

But for now, they got back to their activities for the next day.




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