I sat at the table as the hot young stud approached. It was hard to take my eyes off of him but I managed and looked around.

'I hate to barge in but may I ask you a question?' the stranger asked.

'Sure. Have a seat if you'd like.'

'Thanks,' he replied as he sat in the chair to my right. 'My name's Josh,' he said extending his hand.

We shook hands as I said, 'I'm Clint. Nice to meet you. What was your question?'

'Well, you look awfully young. Are you a driver?'

'No, I'm not, but my dad is. I'm riding with him for the summer seeing what all goes on out on the road. So far I've had some good experiences.'

He looked at me and smiled. I wondered if he had picked up om my implications.

'Sounds like you're having fun,' he said. 'Is it your first time out with him?'

'No. I rode with him years ago for a week when I was a lot younger before my mom died. He wanted to give her a break.'

'I'm sorry about your mom,' he said, then changing the subject he asked 'How old are you now?'

I smiled and said, 'Eighteen and legal.'

He laughed and said 'Yea, I remember when I turned eighteen. Gave me access to a lot of things I couldn't do before.'

'I'm finding out what you mean. How old are you?'

'Twenty-three,' Josh answered.

'How long have you been driving?'

'Only about a year and a half, but I love it. I'm single so I don't have a wife or girlfriend wanting me home on weekends.'

'Fucking nice,' I said. 'Hey, would you like something to drink? My treat.'

'Yea, I guess so.'

I motioned for the waitress and Josh ordered a large coke. After the waitress left I looked at Josh and said 'Now can I asked you a question?'

'Sure, ask away.'

'Don't you get horny as hell being out on the road all the time?'

He laughed as the waitress sat down his coke, and when she walked off he said, 'Well, there are ways of taking care of that situation.'

'Yea, I know. But neither dad or I will fucking touch the lot lizards.'

'Me either. The don't even look good, especially here.'

'You're right. Dad and I usually just jerk off.'

'What? You don't do it in front of him do you?'

'Sure. Most of the time we do it together. We don't see anything wrong with it. Either that or we co to the john and see if we can stick it through the hole if there is one.'

Josh laughed and said 'I know what you mean. I've been known to do both myself quite often.' At this point, I felt his left knee press slightly against mine. I applied slight pressure back against his.

'Does your dad know you're getting blow jobs in the restrooms?'

'Fuck yea. We both love getting blow jobs. In fact if either of us gets a really good one, we come out and tell the other so he can go get one.'

'Man Clint, that's fucking hot. I hate to admit it but this talk is giving me a boner.'

'Me too,' I answered.

'Back when I was almost your age, maybe a little younger, I sneaked out of the house about ten one night going over to a friends. As I passed my dads bedroom window the curtains were open and the light was on and he was totally naked on the bed stroking his cock. Well, I froze. I knew I did it but I never gave any thought to him doing it. That fucker was huge. I had to watch and as I did I started getting a boner. I slipped into the bushes and dropped my pants and started stroking with him. Before long, we were both climaxing at the same time. His fucking load was huge. That's the closest I ever got to jerking with my dad.'

'Did you ever get to see him do it again?'

'Yea, a few. When he'd go to his room and shut the door I'd go outside to his window. A few times the curtains were open and I'd watch him jerk off. It was hot to watch.'

'It's even hotter when he's lying right next to you in bed.'

'I'll bet it is.'

'You feel like a walk? My ass is getting numb sitting here.'

'Yea, sounds good.'

We got up and as we did, I could see that the bulge I had seen earlier was larger. So was mine and I noticed Josh looking at it. I paid for our drinks and we walked out of the restaurant. As we did, Josh looked at me and said, 'I remember seeing a park about a block down the road. Want to walk down there?'

'Sure, why not.'

It was now beginning to get dark. Maybe the park would have some private areas where we could be alone.

As we walked along the shoulder of the road Josh looked over at me and said, 'I have to ask this question. Have you ever seen your dad get sucked?'

'Yea, we had a guy in our rig that sucked us both and we both fucked his ass.'

'The thought of a dad and son watcking each other get sucked and fuck a guys ass is hot. I'd love to have watched a guy suck my old man.'

'My dad loves to watch me get sucked. If I could find someone right now that wanted to suck my cock, I'd take him to our rig and let him have it and let dad watch.'

'Damn man, I can't believe you and your dad are so open about all this shit.'

By now we had reached the park. We found a table way back in the shadows where it was dark and both sat on the table side by side.

'When did you get ff last?' I asked calmly.

'About three days ago. Jerked it off while driving down the road.'

'Bet your horny as hell by now,' I commented.

'Fuck man, you better know it. How about you? When you get off last?'

'This morning. Jerked it off,' I lied, 'but could easily drop two or three loads with no problem. I stay horny.'

As we sat there Josh said he had to piss and walked deeper into the shadows. I said that I did too and walked over next to him. We both took out our cocks and began pissing. As we did, he looked over at mine and said, 'Nice piece of meat you got there.'

'Hell, your's ain't so bad either,' I answered. both cocks began to stiffen. We had finished pissing and were just standing there with our hard cock jutting out of our tight jeans. Josh suddenly reached over and began stroking my hadr cock.

'You mind?' he asked.

'Not at all,' I answered as i reached over and took his in my hand. We turned to face each other and as we did we looked into each others eyes. There was a pause then Josh slowly bent forward. Within seconds our lips met and we began to kiss, our tongues exploring each others mouths. When we broke the kiss, Josh looked at me and said, 'You do more than just get sucked don't you?'

'Yes and so do you, right?'

'Yes, I do. I want to get you in bed and make total love to you so fucking bad it's unreal.'

'That just might be very possible. Let's go have a talk,' I said.

We walked back to the table and as we sat down I began explaining things to Josh.

I told him about finding the gay video in dads truck and becoming curious, about the confession dad had made and all events since then.

'So your first gay sexual experience was only about a week ago?' he asked.

'Yes, it was and I absolutely love all I've experienced so far.'

I filled him in on our three way and that dad and I were each wanting to sit back and just watch the other have sex with another guy and not join in.

'So your dad is wanting to just sit back and watch you have your first experience alone with another guy, right?'

'Yes, that's what I was doing in the truck stop. I was looking for the person that turned me on the most.'

'Am I the lucky winner?'he asked.

'Most deffinately,' I answered. 'So how about we head back to the truck stop and to our rig and give dad that show he's wanting to see.'

'Lead the way stud,' he said.

We walked back to the truck stop and as we did I called dad on his cell phone and said, 'Dad, I've got someone with me. We'll be at the truck in a few minutes if you still want to watch.'

I listened to dad's response which was positive and said goodbye.

'He's in the truck naked waiting for us. The driver's door is unlocked.'

As we approached the truck stop, Josh paused and looked at me and said, 'man, this is so fucking wild I can't believe it's happening. This isn't a trap is it?'

At that, I took his hand and led him behind a big rig and knelt down and quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. I hungrily began sucking him off. After a minute or so, i stopped and asked, 'Does that feel like a trap?'

He replaced his cock in his jeans but didn't zip up and said 'lead the way.'

We arrived at the truck and climbed in. I introduced Josh to dad and dad sat back and got comfortable, his cock already hard in anticipation to what he would be watching.

Josh and I began kissing as we undressed each other. Soon we were both totally naked. I slowly ran my tongue down his neck and to each nipple, licking them and sucking them as he moaned in pleasure. I continued lower soon reaching his cock and balls. I sucked on the round beautiful orbs the began swallowing his eight inch hard cock. Slowly I worked it into my mouth and down my throat until my nose was buried in his pubes. I pulled off and turned him around and spread his ass cheeks and begat eating out the ass I planned on fucking later.

I then lay him on the bed and again began sucking his beautiful cock, Slowly at first. Then as he moaned I began to speed up, bringing him closer and closer to his climax.

'Oh, damn, man you are so fucking good. Suck that cock baby. Get ready 'cause you're about to get it all.'

I felt his cock grow larger and his balls pull up tight. I knew he was close. As the first stream shot down my throat, he screamed 'AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK BABY TAKE IT!'

I eagerly began swallowing and enjoying the huge load that I was being fed. I held his cock in my mouth until I was sure that I had every drop then I moved up and kissed him.

'Damn, That's the best fucking blow job I've ever had,' he said after we kissed. 'Now it's my turn.'

He kissed my neck as he rolled me onto my back. From my neck, he moved to my arm pits and began licking and sucking them. This turned me on. He move to my nips then my stomach. Without touching my cock or balls, he raised my legs and began eating my ass like it was a meal for a starving man. I was in heaven. His tongue was deeper than I thought was possible.

Josh then moved to my balls, taking each one into his mouth, gently licking and sucking it. then he took them both at the same time. Then he went for my cock, slowly licking the precum off the tip. He milked more precum out and licked it up. Then he took just the head in his mouth and ran his tongue all around it, then began swallowing it. Without so much as a pause, he went down on it, swallowing the entire shaft in one move. he began raising and lowering his head, sucking intently. His actions got faster and faster until I could hold back no longer.


Stream after stream shot down Josh's throat and into his mouth with him eagerly swallowing every drop. after I was completely drained, he kissed me. I could taste my own cum in his mouth and loved it.

We cuddled and kissed for a while when he asked if I was ready for round two. I said definately.

'Great. I want you to fuck my horny man cunt,' he said.

'With pleasure,' I answered as I reached for the tube of lube. I lubed us both up and with Josh on his back and legs raised I slid the head of my cock into his tunnel of love. 'Oh, yes, baby. Fuck this horny bitch.'

Without hesitation, I buried my cock in his ass balls deep. 'That's the way baby. Fuck this whore.' He speach was turning me on even more than his hot ass. I began pounding hard and deep with him asking for more. Before long, my cock exploded, filling his shit shute with my hot load of cum. Once I was empty, I slowly pulled out. I watched as my load began to slowly drain out of his anal opening. I hesitated a second but decided to lick it up and feed it to him. I collected it all and once the flow stopped I kissed Josh and fed him my used cum.

'Damn that was fucking hot. I've never had that done before but I loved it,' he said.

'Now, fuck me,' I said as I lay on my back. He got into position saying, I know you're new to this so I'll take it slow.' He lubed us both up and began his insertion. the head was in without much pain and he slowly moved in deeper. I glanced over at dad who was slowly stroking his hard cock. He smiled and nodded.

Soon, Josh was in me all the way. He began a slow rhythm, and gradually picked up speed. Before long he was fucking away. 'Yea baby, fuck that young hole,' I said. After a few more strokes he looked at me and said, 'Get ready. It's almost there.' He leaned forward and kissed me and as we kissed he filled my ass with multiple streams of hot thick cum.

When he pulled out he looked at me and said, 'Fuck man, if you can do it so can I.' With that, he leaned down and licked up his cum draining from my hole, collected it in his mouth then kissed me and we shared it. He then collapsed beside me.

As we lay together, I looked over at dad and asked, 'Well?'

'Fucking fantastic. I'm about to blow.'

I jumped up and when dad said now, I took his cock into my mouth and collected his huge load. It was almost overflowing and when I had it all I looked at Josh who smiled and opened his mouth. I let about half drain into Josh's mouth then we kissed and swallowed.

'I wasn't about to let it go to waste,' I said.

'I'm damn glad you didn't,' Josh said.

We all laughed and as Josh began dressing he asked if there was any way he could get into a three way with us. We told him that we'd be at the truck stop all the next day and if he was around to look us up. He said he would and we exchanged phone numbers.

'What do you think of a three way with Josh?' I asked.

'I hope like hell he's around here tomorrow,' dad answered.

'Now, Let's go get dinner and then it's my turn to watch you go at it.'

'Yea, I know but it will feel strange having my son watch me have sex.'

'How do you think I felt?' I asked.

He smiled and said, 'Let's go eat.'




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