We were almost to our Oregon destination and were a full day and a half ahead of schedule. We were only six hours from our destination and had to deliver before five Monday afternoon. It was now Saturday just before noon.

We had stopped at a fair sized truck stop for lunch and dad filled me in on our timing. 'Why don't we stay here and relax until Monday morning?'

'That's okay with me,' I said.

Dad smiled and leaning close to me said, 'Besides, the rest room in the truckers lounge has a big glory hole in it.'

'Oh, fuck yes let's stay,' I replied quickly.

'We'll talk after lunch,' he replied back.

We ate lunch and returned to the truck. Once inside, Dad looked at me and said, 'Clint, are you sure this life is what you want? If it's not, I'll understand. Don't do it just because I do it.'

'Dad, I have a confession to make.' I saw his eyes get larger and knew what he was thinking.

'I know what you're thinking, but no, I had never had sex with a guy in any way until I asked you to suck me. But back during the holidays, you asked me to clean the truck while you went shopping. While I was cleaning it out, I got nosey and started going through some of the cabinets and drawers actually looking for fuck magazines. I found a gay movie you had and a couple of gay novels. I suspicioned then that you were gay, but I didn't care.'

'Why didn't you say anything?' Dad asked.

'I figured that if you wanted me to know you'd tell me. But what it did do was get me curious. I watched part of the video and it turned me on. That's why I was so eager to ride with you for the summer. I was hoping you'd tell me and let me see the other side. I have and honestly, I love it. I've fucked several girls I've dated and sex with them was nothing compared to the sex I've had the last coupld of days. This is so much more intense and fulfilling.'

'So this is the sexual life you want? One of kissing guys, sucking their cocks, letting them suck your cock, fucking them in the ass and letting them fuck your ass, and who know what else?'

'Yes, it is,' I said.

'Great. Now, let's expand on what we've done.'

'By all means. How?'

'Well, it's Saturday afternoon and i'll bet their are drivers that play like we do that are laying over and would like to do a three way.'

'You mean me, you, and him all having sex together?' I asked.

'Yep,' dad replied.

'Fucking hot,' I answered.

'Then later, you find a guy you like and let me watch the two of you go at it, then after that you can watch me and a guy of my choice have sex.'

'Man, that's fucking hotter.'

'Okay, let's go find our sex partner.'

We walked back to the main building and went to the trucker's lounge. We stood to the side and checked out the guys. One guy about thirty-five caught our eye. As we discussed him we noticed him eyeing us.

'You go play a video game and let me see what I can do,' Dad said as he pubbed his crotch and headed for the restroom. I went to a pinball game and as I began playing I watched our target. After a couple of minutes he got up and also went to the restroom.

I continued to play the pinball machine and after about ten minutes dad walked out and motioned for me to follow him. I did. We walked outside and waited. A minute or so later the guy walked out and joined us.

Dad looked at him and said, 'I'm Jeff and this is my son Clint.' We shook hands as he said, 'My name's Carl.'

As we walked to the truck Carl said, 'I thought you two might be brothers but when you asked if I'd like to join you and your son, that made it even hotter.'

We got to the rig and seeing as how the front privacy curtains were already closed, once the doors were closed, Carl began french kissing us. We of course kissed back as we all began stripping. Soon we were all three totally nude. I couldn't wait to have a strange guys cock in my mouth. As Carl and I got into a sixty-nine, dad eased behind Carl and slid his cock up Carl's firm round ass. The action had begun. before long we all began to moan and shake signaling the impending climax of all three of us. Dad came first, filling Carl's ass with his hot cum. This triggered Carl into filling my mouth with his hot delicious cum, which in turn triggered my eruption. Carl and I both eagerly swallowed the loads fed to us.

Afterward, we all talked and Carl was in no hurry. We found out that he was married and that his wife knew that he was bi and played on the road. Before long, Carl was sucking dad as I slid my cock up Carl's ass. It was hot as hell to watch him suck dad as I fucked his ass.

After that, Carl fucked Dad and when he filled dad's ass with his load, he pulled out and ad the cum ran out of dad's ass, I watched him suck it into his mouth, collecting it. He then kissed dad and shared it with him. I nearly creamed again just watching this.

Before Carl left, he fucked my ass and did the same with me. It was so fucking hot eating his cum that had just been up my ass.

Carl dressed and thanked us for a great afternoon.

Dad and i lay back on the bed as dad asked, 'Well, what did you think of your first three-way?'

'I fucking loved it,' I said.

We took a short nap and I told dad that I was going looking for the one that I'd like to get in bed and let him watch. 'Just make sure that he know that I'll be here watching the action.'

'I will,' I said as I put on my tightest levis and positioned my cock down the right leg. I also grabbed my tightest tank top. I went on my search.

I walked into the restaurant and got several looks, mostly from much older heavy guys. I walked back out and checked out the general store . Not much there. I went to the trucker's lounge upstairs and checked it out. There was one younger cute driver that I considered, but I could come back later if nothing hotter turned up.

As I was walking back down the stairs, I saw him coming up the stairs toward me. He froze and looked me up and down.

He was in his early twenties, about six-three, slim but nicely built with nice muscular chest, bright blue eyes and jet black hair with a close neat beard and moustache. His half open western shirt revealed a beautiful hairy chest. Damn I wanted him.

I passed by him and nodded and returned to the restaurant and took a table off in one corner. A couple minutes later I saw him standing in the door looking around. Our eyes met and he smiled and slowly began walking my way.




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