In the morning, I awoke - once again - to my mother knocking on my door.

"Jason, honey - I'm not coming in."

"Okay mom."

I was naked, lying on the floor next to my bed.

"Unless you have underwear on or something."

"No mom"

She opened the door and stepped in, "No you're not naked? - OH JASON!"

"MOM!" I cover my crotch with the t-shirt I had worn yesterday.

She came around the corner of my bed and looked down on me.

"Honey, why do you sleep naked? We have the air conditioning on. Is this another one of your 'new' things now?"

"Mom get out of my room!"

She looked at me scornfully.

"Please?" I said with a smile.

She placed the laundry basket she was carrying on my bed and took out a set of my sheets and my comforter.

"I don't want to know what you are doing in here, but if you are going to make that big of a mess on your comforter, I'm not washing it anymore - you can do it."

"Okay mom - I will. I'm sorry."

"It was one thing when you were younger, but you are old enough now to take care of this stuff on your own."

"Yes mom."

She turned to leave and stopped.

"Here, your sister found your keys in the yard this morning." she tossed them on the bed, "please make your bed before you go to work."

"Yes ma'am."

She left, closing the door behind her.

"Thank god." I said softly to myself.

I looked at the clock and noticed it was a little after nine. I had enough time to shower and see Doug in the hospital before I had to be at work by eleven. I grabbed one of my beach towels, wrapped it around my waste and went out to the bathroom to clean up.

After I had dressed for work, I went downstairs. My sister was sitting at the table eating cereal.

"Hey freak-o" she said jokingly.

"Good morning Linds..."

"You gonna see your boyfriend today?"

Her question stopped me and a surge of embarrassment gripped me.


"Are you gonna see Doug Merrick today?"

"Um... yeah."



"Yeah? What!?!"

"Uh nothing..." I was surprised by her candor and appearance of acceptance.

"Geez Jason - don't be weird."

"I'm not."

"Yeah you are."

"No - I'm not."

"MOM! Jason is being weird to me!!!"

From the laundry room I heard my mother tell me to leave her alone. I just rolled my eyes and grabbed a Granola bar from the cupboard.

"MOM! He rolled his eyes at you!!!" then she stuck her tongue out at me and smiled.

My mom didn't respond - most likely out of futility regarding sibling arguments.

My sister was twelve and still a pain in my ass.

In the driveway, I unlocked my car and saw my dad on the far side of the yard watering my mothers wild flower garden. He didn't see me and I was reluctant to speak to him, but something inside me told me to.

I walked across the yard.

"Hi dad."


"How are you?"

"Fine - just watering your mothers weeds."

"I thought they were wild flowers."

"No, I'm pretty sure they are just weeds with flowers on them."

I laughed a little.

He turned off the water, "Jason - about last night - I need apologize to you."


"You are an adult now and I need to let you be one. I just want you to know that your mother and I are always here for you."

"I know."

"Do you?"

"Dad, I know you and I have never really had this strong 'father-son' relationship, but I appreciate what you've done for me - for us."

He looked down and I touched his arm.

"So we're good?" I asked him.

"Yeah, we're good."

"No phone calls to the police today?"

"No - no phone calls."

"No visits to the Merrick house?"


"Okay - I'm going to stop at the hospital before I go to work. I should be home around eight."


As I walked away I heard him turn the water back on and continue his gardening.

When I walked into Doug's room he was up in the chair next to his bed. His tray table was in front of him with empty plates from his breakfast. His eye was black and blue, but he looked better.

"Oh, thank god you're here," he said, "the nurse said I need to shower this morning and I didn't want her to help me."

"Why not?"

"I heard her talking to someone outside my room about me."

"What did she say?"

"They were talking about me and about wanting to take turns bathing me."


"Yes - it's embarrassing."

I couldn't help but laugh, "frankly Doug - I'd be flattered."

"Jason, you haven't seen these nurses. I think they would enjoy it a little to much. It's freaking me out dude."

"Do you want me to help you?"

"Would you? It hurts when I lift my arm over my head."

"Sure - let's go."

I helped him up and as he moved, I could smell his body odor - he really did need a shower - he was rank. He sat on the toilet while I turned on the water and when it was warm enough, his gown dropped to the floor and he stepped in.

I found myself watching in awe as he slid under the warm water and it soaked his hair, trickling down his chest and back. He turned and leaned his head back. The trails of water jetted down his chest and stomach into the nest of thick reddish brown hair above his dick; through his crotch and down his thighs, knees, and calves.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he said to me.


He just laughed, "hand me that washcloth"

I turned around, took it off the towel bar, and handed it to him. I watched as he tried to dispense the soap, but he couldn't do it with one hand. His left arm and ribs were sore and bruised.

"Here, let me help you."

I took the washcloth and pushed the dispenser until the orange soap filled the surface of the cloth, then I placed it on his chest and started to wash him. I started with his neck and shoulders, moving gently across his chest and under his left arm. The tufts of underarm hair bubbling with soap as I moved the washcloth in and out under his arm.

God he had beautifully developed body. I felt so lucky to be standing here with him; I couldn't help but smile.

"You are enjoying this aren't you?"


Doug reached out with this right hand, slipped his finger inside the waist band of my swim trunks and gave them a tug.

"Why don't you take these off and come in here - they're getting wet anyway."

I was all to eager to get naked and join him. I lay the washcloth on his shoulder, slid my fingers inside my shorts and pushed them down until they fell to the floor, then I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor also.

"Better?" I asked him.

His eyes went slowly down my body, "oh yes - much better - come here" he reached around my waist with his right arm and pulled me in to him.

A wave of pleasure washed over me as our bodies touched under the water, our nipples to each other chests, our cocks brushing against one another, our thighs grazing, his lips to mine, I put one arm over his right shoulder and the other around his left side.

"Oh, easy..."


I raised my other arm above his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his neck and began frantically kissing him. His soft lips stroking mine as my tongue danced in his mouth. The enormity of his body against mine made me so horny. My cock swelled almost as quickly as his did and before long he was grinding that tree log of his into my thigh.

"Mr. Merrick - do you need some help in there?" said the nurse from the other side of the door.

"Uh, no - I'm doing fine. Thank you" he replied.

I couldn't help but laugh a little in our embrace.

"I suppose I should really be helping you get cleaned up, I do have to work at eleven."

"Well then by all means - bathe me" he said in a low sultry voice. He turned away from me and faced the wall, revealing his backside to me.

I took the washcloth off his shoulder, added more soap from the dispenser, and began scrubbing his back. He was so muscled, I continued to marvel at how well developed his body was. Each muscle group perfectly defined. I pressed myself against his backside as I ran the washcloth down both his arms, kissing the back of his neck softly, running my tongue along his hairline from ear to ear.

He shivered as I did this despite the heat of the water pounding against our bodies.

I took a step back, my hard cock sliding up the crease of his ass until it bounced up and hit my abdomen.

I ran my hands down his back, under his arms, I moved closer in. This time, my cock sliding up the crease of his ass until his cheeks were firmly against my pelvis, my arms gently massaging his pectorals and rubbing my thumbs over his nipples.

I took my hands down his sides to his hips, grasping at his ass cheeks and slipping my thumbs between them.

"You gonna take care of me Jason?"

"Uh huh..."


I knelt down, rubbing soap over Doug's ass cheeks, spreading them wide to reveal his pink little asshole. I ran my thumbs up and down the crevice of his ass, his back arched, and he formally presented his hole to me. The hot water washing away the suds as quickly as I rubbed them in.

I pressed my face between the cheeks of his ass and extended my tongue until I felt his asshole pucker.

"Oh god, that's it..."

Slowly, I slid my tongue up and down over his manhole, feeling him pucker and release while I explored him. I crossed my arms and slid them between his legs to caress the inside of his thighs.

He moaned when I slid my tongue inside his hole, and when I began jutting it in and out, his knees began to shake.

"Oh shit Jason, you've found it" he proclaimed.

"What do you need Doug?"

"I need you - Jason"

My tongue flickered as his asshole again. "How bad do you need me Doug?"

"Oh Jason, I need you really bad," he said as he turned around. His huge cock brushed up against the side of my face, "really bad."

Water ran down Doug's chest in streams, rippling against his 8-pack abs, down the V-line into his loins. I wrapped by arms around his hips and buried my face into his crotch, tonguing his balls as I dug my nose into his perineum. I could feel his shaft pulsing deep between his legs, his right hand caressing my wet hair.

As I withdrew my head, my tongue ran against the soft skin just behind his scrotum causing his knees to shutter again. I pushed his cock against the side of my head with my left hand as my face slid across it until my lips made contact with the base and slowly worked their way to his pink little mushroom head.

I looked up his body, his head was back, mouth open, water running into his mouth, and down his torso. I didn't hesitate to open my mouth wide and swallow him completely on the first dive. I had been craving his cock for two days and I wanted all of it - every fucking millimeter. His pink head pressed against the back of my throat and I relaxed until he was in to his hilt.

This happened so fast that Doug let out a loud moan, and when I closed my lips around the base and drew back on his cock with as much force as I could he yelled out, 'OH FUCK!'

"Jason, slow down!"

But I wouldn't - I wanted him to dump his stored up seed into my belly - I worked his cock, sucking & pulling, milking & tonguing so fast that it was only a few minutes before he screamed out again and surges of his nectar filled my throat and mouth.

His hot come seeped into my insides and I felt warm all over. His cock continued to pulse and dump his seed, he struggled to remain standing, grasping at the steel handrail in the shower with his right hand.

"Stop, stop..." he begged as I continued to drain him.

"Fuck Jason, stop - oh my god!" he hips bucking and his knees shaking.

He let our a cry, "Oh god Jason! I can't stop coming." And he couldn't - he cock kept surging and pulsing, but I continued to suck and pull as much come out of him as I could. It filled me.

"UH!!!" Doug yelled out again, "OKAY! OKAY! Fuck, stop, stop! I can't - fucking stop Jason!"

But I wouldn't, I kept going until I felt his hand on the top of my head grasp tightly at my hair and pull me off him.

"I fucking said STOP!" he yelled down at me.

His come oozed from the corners of my mouth, I looked up at him with a huge smile on my face, "how was that?"

"Jesus you insatiable bastard!"

"Are you okay Mr. Merrick?" the nurse said as she opened the bathroom door, "I heard yelling."

Doug froze, as he was in full view of the nurse when she opened the door. I was on my knees, his stiff prick only inches from my mouth.

The nurse wasn't alone, a male aid was standing behind her and they both screamed when they saw Doug leaning against the shower wall, holding me by the hair on my head, and me on my knees.

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" he screamed at both of them; and the nurse slammed the door.

"Jesus Christ - are you fucking happy now?" he asked me.

I couldn't help but laugh as I wiped my face and pulled my head from his grasp. "It's the price you pay for good head my friend."

"Now I've got to fucking deal with that too."

"Deal with what?"


"Your nurses? Shit Doug, do you really think they care?"

"I care."

"Since when?"

"Since now!"

I was taken back by his tone. He was genuinely angry. I stepped out of the shower, sat on the toilet and put a towel over my lap. Doug turned off the water and unfolded a wooden bench that was hooked to the wall of the shower.

"Now we've given them something more to gossip about."


"So, I don't want that. I don't want people saying things like that about me."

"Saying things like what? That they saw you getting a blow job from some guy while you were in the shower?"

"YES! Why couldn't you just stop when I asked you to? Why did you have to take me so far?"

He was serious. "Doug, since when did we start having limits on our love making."

"Love making? What, are you some kind of pussy now? Love making. Jason - we FUCK - we don't 'make love'."

I could only think of one thing to say, and that was 'fuck you Doug'.

"Last night you tell me you love me, I come here today to help you get ready to leave, you ask me to help you in the shower and beg me to fucking suck your dick, and because someone caught us you get pissed off! I thought you didn't care what people thought about us."

"Look Jason, it's bad enough that my father beat the shit out of me because your dad told him that you and I were fags together, but to have people actually witness it is something entirely different. And what do you mean I told you I loved you - I never said that!"

"Yeah you did Doug, last night when I was laying with you in that bed."

The look on his face told me he didn't remember, and maybe he really didn't. Maybe the pain medication they were giving him last night caused him to say things he wouldn't have otherwise told me. But I know what I heard.

"I can't listen to this anymore Doug." I grabbed my shirt and trunks and went out into the room. I toweled off, dressed, and was getting ready to leave when there was a knock at his door again.

"Doug, are you in here?" A woman entered the room.

"Yeah, I'm in here Aunt Jo," he replied, "I'll be out in a minute I just finished my shower."

She came further into the room. "Hello, I'm Joanne Kesterson, Doug's aunt."

"Hi, I'm Jason Shaw - a friend of Doug's."

"Jason Shaw?"

"Uh huh."

The look on her face turned from friendly to awkward in about two seconds.

"Oh - I see you've heard of me."

"I'm sorry, I'm just surprised that's all."

"Really? Surprised about what?"

"No, it's nothing."

"No," I approached her, "what are you surprised about?"

"I just expected you to be different."

"Different? Different how?" I really wanted to know what she was thinking, what Doug was dealing with, what kind of prejudice truly lay within Doug's family.

"Well, I..." she hesitated before she could finished her sentence. "I thought you would look gay... or something" her voice trailed off and her eyes drifted away from me to the empty chair where she set her purse.

"You thought I would look gay. And what exactly does gay look like Joanne Kesterson?"

"I'm sorry - I shouldn't have said anything."

"No, you shouldn't have you fucking prejudice bitch!"

"Jason, stop it!" Doug yelled at me from the doorway of the bath.

"Fuck you Doug!" and I stormed out of the room.

The hallway was virtually empty except for one of the male nurses near the doors to the elevator. As I walked up, he had already pushed the 'down' button. The doors opened with a bell and we walked in.

"Which floor?"

"The lobby please."


I was so mad, I was shaking and I just wanted to hit something. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Doug was humiliated by me. That fucking son of a bitch prick bastard was HUMILIATED BY ME!!! I pound my fist against the side of the elevator.

"Um, are you okay."

"I'm fine."

The doors opened, I marched out to my car and drove to the pool.

That egotistical prick mother fucker! Who the fuck did he think he was?

And then it hit my like a ton of bricks - how fucking stupid am I?

I knew our time together in the locker room was a booty call, but when he came to see me at the house, I thought it meant we had something more.

The way he talked to me on the phone that night.

How he spoke to me at the pool the next day.

Oh my god - was I that blind? Did I create something that wasn't really there - ever?

I felt sick.


Christian Crowne

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