"Dude that was not cool," he said through his chuckled laughter.

"You think?"

"Your little sister just caught you in the shower with another dude."

"No shit - we've got to get out of here before someone else has to take a piss!"

We hopped out of the shower and toweled off. I quietly opened the bathroom door and made sure the hallway was clear before we scooted out and down to my bedroom door. Doug made it inside first before I was halted by the sound of my father's voice.

"How are you feeling Jason?"

I couldn't be sure if dad had seen him or not, so I played it cool. My head was still pounding and I couldn't have another incident involving my father and my lover.

My lover...

That's what he was - my lover.


"Yeah dad, I'm fine. I just needed a shower. I hope I didn't wake you."

"No, I heard your sister get up and use the bathroom, I just wanted to make sure you two were okay."

Thank god! He had no idea Doug was in my room. I said 'okay' and went to enter my room when I heard him say, 'now that you boys have cleaned up, I think it's time for Doug to head home - it's late'.

I squeezed my eyes shut, as if he had thrown a knife in my back from across the hallway - I was busted.

"Okay dad - goodnight"

"Goodnight Jason," he said and went into his room. When I closed the door behind me I saw that Doug was lying on my bed still wrapped in his towel and his hands were over his face.

"We can't get a break can we?"

I threw my towel at him and told him he had to go. Doug sat up and went to the window. I took his place in my bed and rolled on my side to look at him. His wet hair had soaked my pillow, but I didn't care. I pressed my cheek into the dampness and gazed at my lover standing in the window.

"You're not looking for Kyle are you?"

"Fuck Kyle, he's an asshole"

"That's true, but he's probably still out there."

Honestly, I didn't care whether he was or not. All I cared about was the young man standing in my window. And when he pulled the curtains closed and came to lie next to me in bed, I felt it; he was mine and I was his.

"He can sit out there all night. I'm where I want to be Jay, and that's with you. Kyle doesn't matter."

I squeezed him close to me, and he hugged me back. I liked how he was calling me 'Jay'. It felt more personal; more intimate. I kissed his forehead and he laid his hand on my chest, tickling the few chest hairs I had sprouted.

"What's going to happen next?"

I took a deep breath and thought a moment before telling him that first he was going to kiss me good night and go home, but that tomorrow he had to come back and we would go out.

"Like a date?"

A date...

The word 'date' sounded out of place. It felt like a jab to the gut and I almost became nauseous at the thought. I had only used that word if I took a girl out. It didn't feel right. Why didn't it feel right? Why did I feel sick to my stomach? Then he looked up at me and I saw those big brown eyes full of questions and doubt. I couldn't think of what to say. And then he asked if he had just freaked me out.

"No, I'm not freaked out. I just thought it would be nice to hang out - you know... just...hang out. Maybe grab a pizza? Or see a movie?"

He looked puzzled and eyes narrowed and his nose scrunched up; like he smelled something bad.

"Are you okay?" he asked me.

I exhaled deeply and told him that I was just really tired and still had a headache.

"Ok, well I should go. But I will call you tomorrow and we can figure out what to do then. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good"

He got dressed and left quietly. I heard his car pull away, but didn't get out of bed to watch him go. That word was stuck in my head and I didn't like the way it felt.

A date...

A date with Doug Merrick; I was going on my first date with another boy - a man.

What exactly would we do on this date? Would we hold hands in public and act all lovely? Not it this fucking redneck town. We'd be stoned at the fountain in the middle of town plaza. Could we walk into the theatre together and ask for two tickets? What would people think? If we were seen riding in a car together, what would I say if someone asked why we were together. Could I tell them the truth? And I can't even thinking about being someplace in public sharing a meal together. Oh shit!

These questions and many more filled my head until I succumbed to my exhaustion. I closed my eyes, cleared my head, and tried to fall asleep. My inner voice wasn't ready to be still. I could hear Donny telling me that I was asshole. I saw Kyle grinning at me as if I was another one of his conquests. I could see my father's angry scowl and my mother crying behind him.

I rolled onto my side and took a deep breath. I could smell him; a strange combination of warm vegetable soup with a hint of aromatic spice. Whatever the combination, I could always tell it was him. And then I saw him; inches from may face - first with a smile and then a look of agony on his face. He was in pain; horrible pain! What was happening to him?

Was this real?

I moved to help him and his head dropped. I saw the long valley down his back rise up and fall and there he was - Kyle. He was slowly guiding his cock into Doug's ass.

Oh my god! What is this?

I heard Doug say 'help me Jason' - but I couldn't move. My eyes fixed on Kyle. His large foreboding frame towered over Doug like a giant. He was leaning back at the hip, his stomach flexed and that deep 'V' in his lower abs stretched across his pelvis pointing - like an arrow - to Doug's backside. And then he did it.

I could hear him yell out as Kyle violently pushed himself into Doug's innards; hard at first and then with frantic repetition. I could see the back of Doug's head bouncing from the thrusting behind him. His back was glistening with sweat, muscles contracting and relaxing as Kyle took him again and again.

I could see that Kyle was speaking - but couldn't hear the words. I could only hear Doug's voice. He was crying out, shouting 'fuck' and 'oh my god'. Kyle grabbed Doug's hips and was fucking him so hard it was rippling up his cheeks into his back side.

The image was vivid - and hot. Doug was getting the shit fucked out of him and I was standing watching. I was invisible to Kyle, yet Doug was able to see me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned - it was Donny.

He said, "Don't you see Jason?"

Donny was naked too and he knelt down on his knees in front of Doug.

What the hell was this?

I watched as Donny tugged and stroked his cock until it was stiff and pointed. He took the hair on Doug's head and tugged to lift his head up. It had been swaying up and back with Kyle's furious ass pounding.

I looked at Doug's face and he was smiling. HE WAS SMILING AT ME!

Doug opened his mouth and my best friend stuck his dick in. Donny's mouth opened and his head fell back as his eyes rolled up into his skull.

I must have taken a step back because I could now see all three of them; and I continued to watch them consume each other. My best friend and my nemesis had their way with my lover; my wrestler.

The site of Donny pinching and tugging at his nipples while Doug swallowed his cock was staggering. Seeing Doug careen his neck so he could swallow Donny whole, close his lips around the base, and draw back hard on Donny's thick swollen prick - moaning in pleasure as his ass was hammered and shredded by Kyle's own massive dick (or so I imagined). It was too much. When I didn't think I could look anymore, I saw my own cock jutting out from my naked body - clear nectar stringing out of the tip, clinging to my thigh before dripping onto the floor.

"Oh my god, there is so much..." it was beginning to pool around my feet. It was warm and slippery. Without a thought I began slowly stroking my shaft. My own juices were enough to give me plenty of lube, and it felt amazing. My senses were heightened by the graphic display of the boys and I was so turned on. I felt my asshole flinch and release while my hand traveled the length of my cock. Nectar flowed out of me and onto the floor. And then I saw them - all three of them. They were at my feet, licking at my juice on the floor; like kittens to warm milk.

I began to feel their tongues dance across my feet, suckling at my ankles and then up my calves and shins. Donny and Doug were on my left, Kyle on my right. Their lips were soft. When I saw their tongues and lips touch, it almost threw me over the edge.

I continued to stroke myself and watched as my clear honey fell onto their waiting faces.

Kyle lips sucked hard on the back of my right knee, his tongue flicking against my flesh while Donny's tongue ran up the outside of my left thigh and Doug's on the inside, directly beneath me.

When I felt their six hands grasping at my upper thighs and buttocks I heard Doug say my name, and then Donny, followed by Kyle.


My body began to shudder as I felt my climax thunder through my insides. I was ready to spray them all with my load. They tugged and pulled at me, shaking me to give them what they all wanted - so I closed my eyes and it happened.

She was shaking my shoulder and frantically repeating my name. It was my mother who woke me up in the morning .

"Oh my god JASON!"


"Oh honey, you weren't waking up! I thought you were having a seizure or something. Are you alright?"

Her jostling killed my dream and did nothing for my continuing headache, but I was awake - and pissed off. Beneath the sheets I had indeed unloaded my pent up stash of cum and it was everywhere.

"Yeah mom, I'm fine. I'm just tired."

"Oh Jason, you are soaked in sweat. Are you sure you are okay?"

"Mom, I said I'm fine."

"The doctor said you shouldn't sleep to long, so I wanted to make sure you were awake."

"Mom, I'm not going to work and I have nothing else to do but lay here - so can I? Please?" My cock was softening, but still prominent against my mattress.

She stood back and acknowledged that she was dealing with a young adult but that didn't mean I could lay around the house all day.

"Why not"

She didn't have an immediate response except to say that I should at least clean up my room while I'm home.

"Fine - I will clean my room. Now can I go back to sleep."

"I suppose, but your father wants to talk to you when he gets home from work."

My eyes went wide and a knot wrenched in my stomach.

"Did he say what it was about?"

"No just that I should tell you when you woke up."

Shit - I was in for another lecture. I suppose Lindsey told them both that Doug and I were in the shower together and god only knows what else she conjured up from her imagination.


She left the room but didn't close my door. Across the hall I could hear Lindsey in her room. She must have been playing a game on her computer because all I could hear was what sounded like a pinball machine or something. I pulled the covers up over my head in an attempt to block her out but it didn't work.

"Jason, I can see your butt," she announced from across the hall.

This whole 'sleeping naked' thing was really comfortable and I suppose she hadn't really been introduced to my new habit. So I bore down, busted a loud obnoxious fart and said, "...Now you can hear it too!"

"MOM! JASON IS FARTING ON ME!" she hollered before I reached back with my leg and slammed my door shut.

I tried to go back to the dream, but it was no use. I was awake.

The clock said 11:17.

I wonder if Doug tried to call.

My phone was on the floor but there were no messages or missed calls.

"Huh..." I thought for sure he would have called by now. Considering our talk last night I guess I hoped he would have made some kind of attempt.

I guess not.

After I stripped my bead and tidied up my room I went downstairs, threw the sheets in the laundry and poured a bowl of cereal. As I ate I couldn't get him out of my head. What was he doing this morning? Was he going to call me? Did I do something wrong last night? Maybe I was too rough with him in the window?

The window!

I ran outside and found my screen laying in the yard.

"Shit, I hope Dad didn't see this."

"See what?"

I turned around and there he was, although it wasn't the 'he' I had been expecting - it was Doug's father - Mr. Merrick. He looked and smelled like shit.

"Uh, Mr. Merrick - what can I..."

"Save it faggot - where's my son?"

Faggot? This old fucker just called me a faggot!?! I wanted to punch the bastard, not only for calling me a fag, but for what he had done to his own son. But I kept my cool.

"I don't know"

"Just fucking tell me you little bastard," he said after a long drag off his cigarette.

He was a vile and disgusting excuse for a human being. It was no wonder Doug had reached out to someone. Who would want to go home to this piece of shit?

"I don't know where he is, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." It was all I could do to hold back my anger. I seriously wanted to slam this fuckers head into the driveway!

He took another drag off his cigarette and flicked it at my feet, "...well if you see that little cocksucker, you tell him his pop is out and wants a word with him."

"I don't think he wants to talk to you."

He took three steps forward and I held my ground.

"You tell him he can stay at his Aunt's from now on. I'm not having his faggoty ass anywhere near my house again. You got that?"

With my fists clenched, I told him 'yes' and watched him walk away.

The sound of the screen door slamming scared the shit out of me. It was my mother.

"What did he want?"

"He's looking for Doug."

"What an asshole."

Now you have to understand, very rarely does any form of profanity slip from my mother's lips - I turned and looked at her in complete awe. She looked back at me and said 'what'.


"Well he is an asshole - everyone thinks so."

I couldn't help but chuckle as I reach out to hug her. She hugged me back and we went into the house.

"Are you going to call and tell him about his Dad coming by?"

"Yeah, I should. He doesn't need any more surprises."

"Neither do we" and she was right.

Up in my room I dialed Doug's phone but it went to voicemail right away. That told me that either he was on the phone or it was turned off. At first I didn't worry, but after four more tries to reach him, I started to panic. What if his dad HAD found him? What if he was lying in a ditch somewhere worse off than the last time his dad beat him up? Was his showing up and ploy to make me think otherwise? Or to send me a message?

I had to do something.


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