In the morning, I was awakened by my mother knocking on my door.

"Honey, are you awake? It's 9:30..."

"Yeah mom, I'm up. I'll be down in a minute."

She opened the door and poked her head in.

"OH! Honey, you don't have any clothes on."


She pulled the door shut, apologized, and asked if I wanted anything to eat for breakfast.

"Yeah, a couple eggs and some toast would be great. Thanks mom."

"Sure honey, be down in 20 minutes okay."


Once I opened my eyes, I quickly flipped over in bed and felt the dried come crusted to the side of my leg and pubic hair.

"Shit" I said as I got up and looked at the dried mess on the comforter spread across my bed. "That is a huge fucking stain" I said to myself with a little laughter.

I rubbed my eyes with the palms of my hands and immediately smelled the dried come on them. I looked down at both of my hands and realized there was come all over them too.

I looked around the room and recalled my dream from last night - the images brought a smile to my face.

"That bastard gets me every time" thinking of Doug and his affect on me. I chuckled and pulled the comforter from my bed to be washed. I grabbed my robe and went to shower.

As the hot water flowed over me, my thoughts were drawn to the talk I had with my father the day before. Was it going to be awkward talking to him, knowing what he knows about me? About Doug and I? About what he had seen? The butterflies were rampant in my stomach as I feared our next conversation. I know he seemed accepting at first, but my father was someone who gave a lot of thought to "intense" situations and it wouldn't surprise me if he decided to have a full intervention or something.

I came downstairs in my towel and went into the laundry room to grab my red swimsuit for work. Without a thought, I dropped my towel and pulled on my suit. When I turned around, he was standing in the doorway.


He jumped at my reaction, "I'm sorry - I thought you heard me."

"No... I didn't" I finished tying my suit and grabbed one of my muscle tee's and slipped it over my head.

"Listen, about yesterday..."

"Dad, I still feel like I need to explain."

"No Jason, you don't. I've been thinking; you're 18 now. What you decide to do with your life... sexually... is your business."

"Dad, it's just that Doug and I..."

"No, Jason - I really don't want to know. Okay?"

"Are you mad?"

"I'm not sure what I'm feeling - but I want you to know that it is something that I need to work out and you shouldn't worry about it, okay?"

"Okay, Dad."

He put his hands in the pockets of his shorts and looked down at his feet. I felt like he needed a hug or something.

"Okay then..." and he walked out the door to the garage and went outside.

I turned and looked out the window of the laundry room and saw him wheel out the lawnmower.

"Jason honey - your eggs are done."

"Okay mom..." I replied as I left the thoughts of my fathers feelings behind me and started my day.

I was walking down the driveway towards my car when my mom came running out shouting my name. I turned around and she was holding that bottle of sunscreen in her hand.

"Thanks mom, I forgot."

"It's okay honey - that's what I'm here for."

I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She gave me a hug. Over her shoulder, I noticed my father at the far side of the yard looking at us. I smiled at him, but he didn't acknowledge me until mom released me and looked in his direction, then he waved me off as I left for the pool.

"Have a good day honey."

"Thanks mom - you too."

As I drove away I saw my mother in the rearview mirror walking out to my father. I couldn't help but wonder what they might talk about in my absence. Would my father keep it to himself or would he tell her what really happened yesterday in their bathroom.

All I could do was wait.

The humidity was particularly high because of the rain we had the night before. The sun was high in the sky and the heat coming off the concrete around the pool was blistering. It was hot and sultry day to be at the pool.

From my number two chair, the entire pool was spread out in front of me - and it was full. Each of us had our work cut out for us today. Theresa was making rounds with a cooler on wheels bringing us bottled water to stay hydrated.

"Here ya go Jason" she said as she handed me my third bottle of water in an hour.

"Thanks Theresa."

"You doing okay up there?"

"Yeah, the heat is killer today" I said wiping my forehead. Beads of sweat trickled down my neck, chest, and stomach; the waistband of my trunks soaking it up.

"It certainly is" she replied as she looked up at me, "if you need a break, just let me or one of the others know."

"Sure thing."

Twenty minutes later, Carissa came on over the loud speaker and called for a fifteen minute break. Once the swimmers were out of the pool, I climbed down from my post and went to the office. As I walked, I tried to stay on the wet patches of cement - it was more tolerable that walking on the hot dry sections.

"It looks like he's dancing mommy" said one of the little kids getting lotion applied by his mother. I caught her eye and she smiled at me. I smiled back and kept 'dancing' along the side of the pool.

As I came around the corner I heard his voice call out to me.


I looked, and found him lying on his back in one of the lounge chairs. His legs sprawled open, his entire body glistening in the afternoon sun, beads of sweat streaming down his massive chest and pooling in his navel, his stomach looking like a human washboard, and a tight dark navy swim trunk with the name 'Aussie' on the waistband. He looked like something out of a magazine from the chin down; but that face - it looked as out of place as that tiny pink mushroom head on the end of his dick! He was wearing these ridiculous Elton John like sunglasses with yellow earbuds stuck in his ears.

I walked up to him, "how long have you been here? I didn't see you come in."

"This place is a zoo! And I didn't want to bother you when you are working, it wouldn't be fair to the others."

I chuckled at his response. "Nice suit" I commented.

"Well, I figured I should probably dial it down a bit after what Jess said yesterday."

"And those sunglasses?"

"What you don't like 'em?" he said as he removed them from his face.

"I think they are women's sunglasses."

"Fuck you, they are not."

"Where on earth did you get them?"

"At Taylor's in the mall; they were on sale."

I laughed, "I can see why."

"Shut up" and he put them back on, "How are you doing today?"

"Um... alright I guess."

"I was worried about you after we talked last night. I almost came over."

"It's funny, because I thought you did."


"No, I mean - I had a dream that you did."

"Oh! It was a good one I hope."

"Yeah well..." I turned my head to look at the clock, " worked - if you know what I mean."

"Oh I do - you nasty little fucker!" he said with a laugh. "You gonna tell me about it?"


He laughed again, "okay - well go do your thing, I'm gonna stay here a while longer."

"Okay, I talk to you later" and I walked to the office.

In the office Jess had been watching me and Doug talk and was the first to comment on him when I was within ear shot.

"I see your friend is wearing appropriate attire today."

"Um, yeah - I guess" I said as I looked back at him. He had been watching me walk away and when I turned my head back to him he waved at us.

"I don't know about that guy."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I can't figure out if he's into Dicks or Janes. Carissa, what do you think?"

"About what?"

"Come look at this guy and tell me if he like's dick or not."

Carissa got up from the desk and walked to the doorway, "which one?"

"The muscle guy over there with the little dark blue trunks on" Jess said pointing towards Doug.

"You mean the guy with the Elton John's?"

I couldn't help but laugh a little to myself.

"Oh he's definitely into dudes."

"Why do you say that" I asked her.

"Because nobody that pretty could be straight - that's why" she replied, "just like you Jason."

I swallowed hard, "what do you mean 'just like me'?"

"I mean you are to pretty. You work out, you are TOTALLY ripped, you are tan - and just fucking look at yourself - it's like you've been Photoshop'd. Could you be any hotter?"

"So because I take care of myself Carissa - that makes me gay?"

"I didn't say you were gay, I said you were pretty."

"Oh... well what makes him gay and me not?"

"What - do you want to be gay? Okay, YOU'RE GAY! Happy?"

"No, I'm serious."

"Fuck Jason, lighten up" Jess interjected, "we all know you like pussy... and a finger up your ass!!!"

Carissa and Jess burst out laughing and stepped back in from the doorway.

"Fuck you guys!"

They continued to laugh at my expense while Carissa made hand gestures with her index finger and Jess tried to not spit her diet Coke out her nose from laughing.

Donny came walking up behind me, "Are you guys hungry? I'm going to run and get tacos."

Everyone said they were and Jess made a list.

"You want to go with me?" Donny asked me.


We got into Donny's truck and as we drove out of the parking lot I noticed Doug standing at the fence looking at us. I waved and he waved back. He looked like a lost puppy stuck in a pound.

"What's with you and Doug?"

"What do you mean?"

"You two seem to be hitting it off - which is weird considering what happened last fall."

"Why is that weird?"

"It just is Jason, I mean - he fucked you up pretty good didn't he? Your jaw was wired shut and you had some cracked ribs. How can you be nice to that guy?"

I pondered Donny's question before answering because he had a point, but I honestly couldn't think of an answer I wanted to give him.


"I don't know..."

"What do you mean you don't know? Jesus Jason, he beat the fuck out of you - you didn't press charges, and now you two are getting on like nothing happened. What is going on?"

"Nothing is going on."

Donny pulled into the Taco place and waited for the cars in front of him to go through the drive-thru.

It was silent as we waited. Donny finally shifted in his seat to face me. He reached out and touched my arm, his hand was hot to the touch.

"Is there something you're not telling me Jason? About you and Doug?"

I looked at him, "What?!? No!?!"

Donny's eyes got wide, "Well that is a lie if I've ever seen you tell one!"

If it hadn't been for my tanned skin, he would have surely seen me blush. "I'm not lying."

"Right" he turned back, faced forward in the truck, and didn't speak to me until after we were back at the pool. I left the office as soon as we got back and went out to my chair, on my walk to chair three, I noticed that Doug's lounger was empty and his things were gone.

I was disappointed he was gone, but also a little relieved. People were beginning to notice us and it was making me uncomfortable. It was one thing that my dad knew, but to have my friends and co-workers find out was something entirely different. There was a modicum of discretion that I could expect from my father; or so I thought.

Later that evening, after I got home and had dinner, I was in the bathroom shaving and my phone chirped - Doug was texting me.

He wanted to know if I was alone and if I could talk. I told him I could and my phone rang a few moments later.


"Jason?" he said crying.

"Doug, what's the matter?"

"Jason, he knows!"

"What? Who knows?"

"My dad - he knows!"

"What! How!?!"

"Your dad was over here today while we were at the pool. He fucking told him everything."


Doug was really upset, crying and sobbing over the phone. I could hear him sniffling and trying to keep his breath.

"My dad freaked out on me!"

"Are you okay?"

"I don't think so, it really hurts."

"What really hurts?"

I could hear him coughing and crying through the phone.

"Doug, what did he do to you?"

"Jason, my shoulder really hurts, can you come and get me?"

"Yes, I'll be there in ten minutes. Try to calm down - I'm coming!"

"Okay - hurry"

I closed my phone and got dressed in a hurry. I sat on the bed and was tying my shoes when my dad came to my door.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

I finished tying my shoes and looked up at him. He had this look on his face that told me everything.

"I hope you're fucking happy Dad..."

"Jason, I can't allow you to see that boy any more. Your mother and I..."

"You don't even know what you did do you?"

He looked at me without saying anything.

"Doug's dad beat the shit out of him after your little visit today." I stood up and walked past him. He grabbed my arm firmly.


"LET GO OF ME! Unless you're going to hit me too." I pulled my arm from his grip and continued down the stairs and out to my car.

My father followed me outside, my mother coming up behind him.

"Jason honey, where are you going? Mike what is going on?"

"Go back in the house Maddy. Jason, you're not going over there." he came up behind and grabbed me around the chest, twisted me, and I fell to the ground. My car keys flew from my hand into the grass.

"MIKE DON'T!" my mother yelled at him as she ran between the two of us and pressed her hands against my fathers chest.

"You can't stop me from seeing him Dad."


I lay there on the driveway, tears swelling up in my eyes and fear building in my chest. My breath was heavy, sweat building on my skin from the humidity in their air, I wanted to rage out against him, but something inside overcame me. I rolled over on my side and pulled my knees to my chest, crying.

"MIKE - STOP!" my mother commanded. She came to my side and reached down to hold me. "It's okay Jason, we can fix this - we can make it better - no one has to know - okay?"

I just lay there, like a small child, accepting his mothers nursing. "You don't understand - neither of you understand."

"What don't we understand honey?" my mother asked.

"No, you don't understand."

"What honey? What is it that we don't understand?" she asked again.

I looked up at my father, "Dad - I love him."

"OH MY GOD!" he yelled out, his arms going up in the air - "JASON - YOU DO NOT LOVE HIM!"

"What is going on?" I heard my sister say from behind them.

"Nothing honey, just go back in the house." my mother told her.

"Jason, why are you laying on the ground?"

"Lindsey, go back in the house like mom said - I'm fine." I told her.

"Why are you guys fighting?"

"Lindsey, go back in the house - this doesn't concern you." my father told her.

Mom cradled my head, "Jason, how could you love him after what he did to you?"

I looked her in the eye, "I don't know mom. I just do."

"Oh honey..."

"Jason, get up and get in the damn house." my father said.

"Who is Jason in love with?" Lindsey asked.

"No one Lindsey, now go in the house!" my mother yelled at her.

I stood up, my mother holding my arm, my father standing a few feet away. And then I felt it - a rush course through me and I bolted - running off through the yard into the street.

I kept running, not looking back even when I heard my father yell out my name. I didn't know if he was chasing me or not, but I just kept running. My feet pounding on the pavement as I ran towards Doug's house.

As I rounded the corner on 6th Avenue, I saw Donny getting out of his pick up in front of his house.

"DONNY!" I yelled at him.

"Jason? What are you doing?" he asked as I ran up to him.

"I need a ride over to Doug Merrick's house..." I managed to say over my heavy breathing.

"What? Why?"

"Please Donny, it's important. He's in trouble."

"Uh, okay."

I jumped into the passenger seat and we took off towards Doug's house.

"Are you going to tell me what is going on?"

"Doug's dad beat him up and he called me for help."

"Why would he call you?"

"Because I'm his friend Donny - and he doesn't have anyone else to call."

Donny pulled to a screeching halt in front of Doug's house. I jumped out of the truck and saw Doug lying face up in the front yard.

"Doug!" I yelled as I raced towards him. I heard Donny get out of the truck and slam the drivers door.

Our arrival had stirred someone inside the house, and I heard the front porch screen door open.

"Who is that!" Mr. Merrick yelled from the front step.

"Good evening Mr. Merrick - it's Donny Westland."

"What the fuck do you want Donny."

"Um, nothing sir - I'm here with Jason Shaw. He got a call from your son."

"Jason Shaw?!?"

Doug was laying face up, his face was beaten and bloody, his white t-shirt torn at the neck. His left eye was swollen shut and his right was closed.

"Jason?" he whispered.

"I'm here Doug, I'm here." I tried to help him stand, but he was to heavy.

"Donny, I need help over here." Donny ran over and we lifted Doug to his feet.

"We are gonna get you out of here."

"We are?" Donny asked.

"Yes, we are." I told him.

"What the fuck are you two doing? Leave that faggot piece of shit alone!" Mr Merrick screamed at us.

"Hurry, we have to go." I told Donny. Together, we helped Doug get into the truck.

Doug sat in the middle and I on his right. Donny got behind the wheel and we drove off.

I wrapped my arm around Doug and he laid his head on my shoulder. "Jason, I'm so sorry." he whispered.

I kissed his head, "it's okay Doug, we are gonna get some help" I reached over and stroked his cheek with my other hand.

Donnie watched us in silence as he drove out to the medical center.

Doug's arm went around my waist as he snuggled in to me.

He was shaking and coughing.

I kept telling him it was going to be okay.

He seemed so small and fragile next to me.

I looked over at Donny who looked really confused.

"Just drive, okay?"

"Jason, I'm not sure what's going on..."

"I know - just get us there okay?"

Donny pulled into the Emergency Entrance and came around the truck to help me get Doug out.

A nurse came out with a wheelchair.

Doug was wheeled into one of the exam rooms while Donny and I spoke with one of the other nurses. We told them what we knew and then we were asked to wait in the waiting room.

It was a sterile white room with white linoleum floors and these orange plastic and chrome chairs. An older television was silently on in the corner.

I sat down in one of the corner chairs. Donny took a seat next to me.

I starred blankly at the floor.

"You wanna tell me what is going on?"

"Donny..." I had to gather my words because I wasn't sure how to tell my best friend that I was having a sexual relationship with a guy who had previously beaten the shit out of me.


"Donny, Doug and I are..."

"...fucking - yeah, I kind of figured that out already..."

I was stunned.

"...but what I don't understand is why."

"Well..." I leaned back in my chair and ran my hands through my hair, "...I don't know exactly" and then I let out a heavy sigh of relief "...something happened between us that I can't explain and it has changed my life."

"That is a pretty big deal."

"I know."

We sat there in silence for a few moments before Donny put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me towards him, "I will always be your friend - no matter what - okay?'

"Okay..." I said with a smile. I closed my eyes and had my moment.

An hour later, one of the nurses came into the waiting room and told us that Doug was going to be okay and that he was asking for me.

"Go, I'll wait here." Donny said.

I got up and followed the nurse down the hall and through a set of big metal doors into the Emergency area. Doug was behind a curtain.

"We've given him something for the pain so he may seem a little out of it."

"Is he going to be okay?"

"He'll be fine. He has a couple of cracked ribs, a bruised eye, and some abrasions on his face and hands - but other than that nothing to serious."


"Do you know who did this to him?"

"I believe it was his father, but I'm not sure - I'm only guessing."

"We have had to notify the police because of the nature of his injuries. You may want to ask your friend if he wants to press charges."

"Oh, I don't know..."

"Well, it can wait. Let me know if you need anything." and she left.

Doug was lying on his back, he had a heart monitor on with those white pads on his bare chest and a oxygen sensor on his index finger. He had dried blood on his face, chin, and neck - as well as some on his chest. I took one of the wash clothes that was in a basin next to his bed and rung it out.

As I wiped his face, he opened his right eye.

"Jason?" he said quietly.

"I'm here Doug." I grabbed his hand and gently squeezed it.

"I'm so sorry Jason."

"Doug, don't be sorry - you didn't do anything wrong." I ran the wash cloth across his forehead and through his hair, "...I'm the one who should be apologizing. I had no idea my father was going to talk to your dad."

"I'm so tired."

"Just rest Doug, okay - just rest."

"Jason, will you kiss me?"

I smiled and leaned over him, "...yes..." as our lips met, I could smell the metallic tinge of blood on his face, but when he slid his tongue between my lips, I tickled it with my own and could feel him smile beneath me.

When I felt his right hand go between my legs, I shuttered and pulled back.

"Okay mister, I think we need to keep it clean in here."

"Please Jason, lay next to me."

"Doug, I don't think I should - you have broken ribs."

"So? I can't feel a thing."

I looked down at him and noticed his cock beginning move under the white sheet.

"You can't feel anything?"

"Hmm, no - not really." As he said this, his cock jumped again.

I lifted the sheet and saw that the nurses had removed all of Doug's clothing. He was getting hard under the sheet and the musky scent from his crotch waft upward towards me.

"It looks like you can feel something."

He smiled and asked me to 'kiss it'.

"Kiss what?"

"You know..." and then he made his dick bounce again.

I looked at him in disbelief, and then in nervous temptation.

"Doug, I really don't think..."

"Come on Jason, just a little..."

My mouth began to water at the thought of taking him with my mouth - just a little. I reached down under the sheet and gently stroked his shaft with my fingertips.

"Mmm, that's nice."

"Oh, you can feel that?"

"Uh huh" he said with a smile.

I used my arm to tent the sheet and moved down on him to kiss the little pink head of his dick. I grasped the shaft and felt it surge in my hand, he was getting even harder and bigger.

I stuck my tongue out and circled the crown of the head with the tip of my tongue.

"Ooo, that's nice"

When I ran my tongue down the length of his shaft, he squirmed in the bed and I heard his heart rate increase on the monitor that was beeping quietly on the wall.

I ran my tongue back to the tip and tasted a bit of Doug's clear nectar, so I wrapped my lips around the head and tongued his slit. He tasted sweet.

He always tasted sweet.

"Mmm, Jason... don't tease me" and I felt his left hand caress the back of my head, while his right hand found its way up inside the leg of my shorts and was fingering my nut sack. I was getting bigger inside my shorts each second.

My desire was growing exponentially and I finally took as much of him in my mouth as I could. At least until he was in the back of my throat, where I inhaled, and then swallowed him.

"Oh yeah..." he said softly.

I inched my way down his shaft as my throat expanded against his girth.

When my upper lip reached the base and the hairs on his nuts tickled my nose, I slowly pulled back until I was back at the tip.

"Hell yeah, do it again" he whispered.

And I did.

As I made my way down, he managed to pull my dick out from the leg of my shorts and began gently pulling on my foreskin.

I closed my eyes once he was deep in my throat again and moved up and down slowly. Each surge of his cock strained my throat and I struggled to repress my gag reflex. But it felt so good to have him inside me - in any way I could.

For several minutes I worked Doug's cock until I could feel his stomach flex, his heart monitor chirp even more quickly, and felt him release himself inside me.

"...fuck...Jason...I'm...uh..." he strained in a soft voice.

"Mmm..." I moaned around his giant cock as I swallowed his seed.

"Jason, are you in..." Donny said as he ripped back the curtain surrounding Doug's bed.

What Donny saw stopped him immediately.

His mouth dropped open.

My eyes went wide, Doug's cock still deeply embedded in my throat.

"...OH!...I..." Donny stuttered

I pulled myself off Doug's cock, he moaned as I withdrew - not realized that Donny was watching.

I wiped my mouth and chin and looked at Donny who was starring at Doug's stiff prick standing straight up, wet and shiny with my spittle.


"...I...I need to go" Donny said as he pointed at Doug's dick. Then he turned and walked away."

"Whew, that was so good Jason"

I ran after Donny, pulling the curtain behind me, "Donny - wait!"

I caught up with Donny in the parking lot as he was getting to his truck. I reached for his arm, but he yanked it away from me.

"Donny, please don't leave."

"Fuck Jason, do you think I'm going to hang around while you blow your boyfriend in the Emergency Room? That is seriously fucked up!"

"Donny, I'm sorry - we just..."

"NO! I don't want to know; I need to get the fuck out of here!"

"Please Donny!"

"Jason, I realize you are going through some kind of... thing ... and I want to be understanding and supportive of you - but I can't watch you do... THAT!!!" he said motioning back towards the hospital.

"Donny, I'm sorry - you weren't supposed to see that."

"Yeah, no shit!" and he got into his truck and started it.

I went to the window, "can I call you later?"

"Oh Jesus, your breath smells like dick!"

I cupped my hand over my mouth in embarrassment and he sped away.

I stood there in the parking lot of the hospital alone, feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

When I heard a car pull up next to me, I turned and saw that it was my parents.

"Oh great!"

Following them was a police car with two officers in it. They got out and came up to me.

"Are you Jason Shaw?"

"Yeah, but I think you want to talk to Doug Merrick, he is inside."

"No son, we are here for you. Your parents have filed a Board of Mental Health order against you. We are here to take you to admitting."


My parents sat in their car without saying a word as the police escorted me back into the hospital where I was admitted for psychiatric evaluation.


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