The grin on my face didn't last long.

There in the garage, my father decided that we needed to have a 'talk'. Apparently what we had exchanged outside wasn't enough to put my father's mind at ease. I guess I can't say that I blame him. In hindsight, what I had been putting my father through was pretty intense. All things considered, I suppose it could have been much worse.

"Look Jason, I know that you are starting a new phase in your life and that the idea of all these 'new' experiences is exciting. But they can have consequences. I mean, just look at you."

There I was, soaking wet standing in my parents' garage wearing nothing but my best friends' underwear. I had just finished having intense, mind-blowing sex with another guy, and my father had been witness to almost all of it. I couldn't help but feel embarrassed and humiliated.

Was that his intention? Should I really be feeling bad about what I had done?

"What do you want me to say dad?"

He stood there starring at me. I couldn't tell if he was angry, interested, or just clueless.

"I mean, have you ever done anything like this before?"

He flinched - noticeably.

That certainly got his attention. His mouth fell opened and he dropped eye contact, looking down at his feet and placing his hands into the pockets of his bathrobe. I could feel him becoming uncomfortable.


He was stumbling in his head. I could almost see the cogs and wheels turning. He didn't know what to say!


Now he was almost ignoring me. OH SHIT! What wasn't he telling me?

"Dad!" I shouted at him.

He flinched again and looked up at me; eye to eye, man to man.

"Look!" he said, followed by a long pause as he starred at me. "I'm not going to stand here and tell you what you have been doing was wrong, alright? Each one of us has the right to discover ourselves in our own way. Whether it is spiritual, religious, sexual, or whatever - it doesn't matter. I just want you to be who you are Jason. I want you to be happy. All I'm asking is that you please be more mindful about the decisions you are making. And... where you choose to... act... on them."

Okay, so he wasn't' telling me that I was doing anything wrong and yet he wasn't telling me that I was doing anything right either. What the fuck? How am I supposed to do what he wants me to if he doesn't tell me what it is he actually wants me to do? Is this a guessing game?

"So in other words, stop having sex in the front yard?"

He looked back at me like I was some kind of idiot.

"Yes... That's exactly it Jason. Please stop have sex in the front yard." He replied dryly.

I could tell he wasn't serious.

"No, I am asking you to make smart choices. Jason, you are one of the brightest and most talented people I know. Just use your goddamn head."

Oh - that was it? Surely there had to be more. Water from my hair was dripping down my face and I licked my upper lip in reflex. When I did, I could taste Doug's semen on my face. Whoa!

"And about that..." he said motioning beyond the garage door, "...I don't want to see that again."

"Um, okay."

"No. I mean I REALLY don't; seriously Jason. I've had my share of fun and seen a lot of things, but what I witnessed the two of you doing out there is something that no father should ever have to see his child doing, alright?"


He took a step back and looked back down at his slippers. I could tell he was giving some serious thought to what Doug and I had been up to and I did not get the slightest sense that he was actually offended by it. But then again, how much had he really seen? I had to press him.

"Um, dad?"

He looked up quickly at me, "what".

"What exactly did you see again?"

I could tell that my question was making him uncomfortable again and I was pushing the boundaries of obedience in questioning him, but part of me was dying to know. It wasn't as if I was proud, but something just wasn't right about him. He was holding something back.

"Jason, I'm not going through it again. You and I both know what you were doing" he said very pointedly.

"Okay, but was it normal?" Oh my god, did I just ask my father if what I was doing was normal?


"No, not normal. I mean, correct."


"Was I doing it right?"

The look on his face was priceless. Here was my father trying to figure out how to respond to a sex question about his son and gay lover. This was really going to send him over the edge, or so I thought.

"Jason, if you're asking me if what I saw was what I would call 'correct' or 'normal', I can only tell you that if it felt right to you then that is all that matters. Again, I just ask that..."

"I know, stop doing it on the lawn."



"Anymore questions?"

As soon as he asked, I could tell that he wished he could have retracted it. It was a wide open door and I was too curious not to walk through it.

"Um, just one"

He was getting annoyed now. The look on his face was turning from awkward to just plain frustrated.


"Have you ever been with a guy... you know... sexually?"

His face was expressionless. I was expecting something from my father. Yell or don't. Stumble or don't. Just say something. He only had two words for me and they were, 'Goodnight Jason'. He turned and went up into the house.

I had just discovered the line between decency and impropriety. Luckily, when I tried to cross it, my father pulled me right back. It was for the better. Besides, did I really want to know about my dad's sexual exploits?

Part of me did, and part of me didn't.

I walked through the kitchen and up the backstairs to the bathroom where I hopped in the shower and washed the day away. The water was hot and it felt good. As I stood there letting it run down my back, I couldn't get Doug out of my head.

He had been following me... spying on me... on Donny! Should I have found it weird that he was waiting for me... in the dark? Creeping around like some deranged stalker?

Did I care?

Had I realized his strong jealous nature at that point, I'm sure things would have turned out differently than they did. Perhaps I could have handled it better. But at that time, in my lusty immaturity, all I could think of was how he made me feel - and that feeling was fucking amazing!

I grabbed a towel and walked down the hallway to my room; opening and closing my door behind me, I dropped my towel and made my way to the bed. When I kicked a dumbbell that I had left on the floor, it hurt like hell.

"fuck" I whispered as I raised my foot into my hand and tried to rub my toe.

"Maybe you should turn the light on?" said a whispered voice.

"GEE-ZUSS FUCK" I yelled. I fell backward against my dresser, knocking stuff off the top, and to the floor. I scrapped my back on a drawer handle as I slid down on my ass. "SON OF A BITCH" I yelped again.

I heard him chuckle in the dark before he stood and approached me. His right foot made a soft thud on the floor as he reached over me to the light switch and flipped it on.

"What the fuck are you doing in here?" I asked wincing in pain.

"I couldn't just leave you like that, so I drove around the block."

"Doug, how did you get in my room?"

"After your dad closed the garage door, I climbed up on the roof and walked across to your window."

The side window in my room looked over the attached garage. My sister and I both had access to the roof in case of a fire. My dad had secured an aluminum ladder to the far side of the garage so that we would have a way down. It was hidden from view by a pine tree that was planted in the corner and unless you knew the ladder was there, you wouldn't see it.

"Even though you're on the second floor, you should really keep that locked", he giggled as he stepped back to the chair he'd been sitting in, "you never know who might want to get in."

I sat there for a moment, accepting the fact that Doug was now in my room.

"Sorry for scaring you."

"That's twice tonight."

"Yeah, I know."

I leaned forward and shoved the dumbbell out of the way, then crawled on to my bed. "What do you want? I'm really tired."

"I felt bad for leaving you like that. I had to make sure you were okay."

I looked into his brown doe eyes and sensed his sincerity.

"I called your phone, but you didn't answer."

"Yeah, it's at the pool, along with my clothes and car keys."


I shifted around in bed and lay on my side, pulling the sheet up, and propped my head so I faced him. I told him I was fine and that we couldn't mess around like that anymore. He looked puzzled.

"You mean not ever?"

I shifted and started to get comfortable in bed. 'Nope' I told him.

He paused, looking down at his bare feet, and then he slid out of the chair and crawled to the edge of my bed.

"Really", he asked softly.

I looked him in the eye and sensed his audaciousness. Was he really going to play this up again?

"Uh huh..." I should be furious with him. But seeing him like this took the fight out of me.

He sat on his knees and leaned back onto his heals, resting his left arm on my covered legs.

"Are you sure?"

The touch of his hand to my leg made my heart start to race. And butterflies dance in my stomach. I inhaled deeply. I should have smelled him when I came into the room, but now that I was focused on him, he was really stinking up the place - in a good way.

What do they call them - pheromones? Whatever it was - it worked all to well.

Then his fingers started to walk the sheet down over my skin. With each step, the sheet moved further down my body, his fingers remained on my leg. Goosebumps sprang to life across my arms and chest. I felt my balls shift inside me as my scrotum began to tighten. Slowly Doug tugged at the sheet with his fingers tips until it was at my waist. Then he stopped.

I saw his eyes tracing the curves of my arms, shoulders, chest, and stomach. He fixed on my navel and I saw his tongue slide out across his lips. Then he looked up into my eyes.

I couldn't help but smile. I felt giddy inside, like a virgin waiting to get his cherry popped. He was seductive and smooth - for a Neanderthal.

I told him I was sure we couldn't.

"To bad..." he said with a heavy sigh, "...this could have been fun."

What Doug didn't realize was that my dick was pulsing just a few inches down from the crest of that sheet resting on my hip. My nuts were drawn up tight, and the head was surging against my abdomen. I really wanted him to take me.

Just as he started to pull back I told him to wait.

"You know..." I said with a modicum of reluctance in my voice.


I swallowed hard, trying to maintain my composure, "my dad said we couldn't mess around in the front yard anymore, but..."


"...he didn't say anything about what we did INSIDE the house."

He chuckled, "...IN side the house?"

"Yeah, inside the house"

"Oh - I see", he said. A huge grin spread across his face and his fingers started walking the sheet down again.

I flexed my stomach and shuttered as the drape of the sheet made contact with the head of my dick and slowly slid down the shaft until it was lying across my thighs. I rolled over on to my back. My dick was bouncing to my heart beat. Doug inhaled deeply at the sight of my stiff prick.

"Were you trying to hide this from me?" he said, indicating my erection.

"I doubt that I can really hide anything from you Doug."

"True..." he replied. He pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it back to the chair; his muscular body seeming to shimmer in the dim light of my bedroom. Then he slowly crawled up the end of my bed and laid his warm body between by legs. His arms straddled either side of me. Then he slowly slid himself up and rested his stubbly chin between my thighs; just an inch or two below my nuts.

His breath was heavy with anticipation. Like a bull waiting to charge the matador. The hairs on my legs stood up.

"You smell so clean" he said as he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. I watched him savor my scent for a few seconds before he opened his eyes, looked at me, and drove his face between my legs. His arms rose up and came down hard on my chest, slapping the skin as they made contact.

It stung, but it felt good.

When he dug his nails into my Pecs; I arched my back in response and bit my lower lip. I felt Doug's tongue searching for my asshole. His hands grasped at my chest, thumbs pressing and tugging at my nipples, his fingertips clawing at the flesh at my sides.

I felt his nose and lips come up the inside of my thigh and the right nut was sucked into his mouth, his tongue flicking away at the thin sensitive skin of my scrotum.

My head spinning, heart racing, I grasped the spindles of my headboard as Doug now took both balls into his mouth and tugged on them.

"... oh fuck..." I whispered through heavy breath.

He tongued them at a fevered pace. His nose stroked the base of my cock as he worked my balls in his mouth. His lower lip tightened underneath them. He pulled back, sucking hard, and with a pop, he released me.

"...SHIT..." I yelped quietly in excitement. My legs were shaking. Doug could sense my desire buildng and he amped his up accordingly. He went for my cock like a dog to a meaty bone. His tongue ran up the length of my shaft; his lips reached the crown, and his upper lip slipped over the head and pulled it up from my stomach. He dove down hard as his nose went deep into my bush, swallowing me whole in one swoop. I was in awe at the intensity Doug was taking me. I felt his throat strain as I stretched it with my swollen cock. He moaned and squeaked as he impaled himself on me. Once he had me all the way inside him, he twisted his head side to side and I could feel the ridges in his throat roughing against my shaft. It was like watching a nut screw itself to a bolt.

He was wild and moving at a furious pace. Pulling, sucking, and tugging at my cock with his strong powerful jaw. It was animalistic. At one point, I thought I heard a lusty growl reverberate through my shaft, but I must have imagined it. Or did I?

He was insatiable. Like some kind of machine keeping perfect time. Up and down, twist and swirl; up and down - twist and swirl.

It was so hot.

"Jesus Doug, I'm going to fucking blow..." I warned him. This only made him go faster and with increased force.

"... OH FUCK..." I screeched. My hips were starting to buck, rising to meet his head. The bed was creaking in unison to my hips. Doug's arms came down and slid under my thighs, raising my legs up onto his shoulders and back.

Deep inside my belly the surge sparked, and it began. Moving at lightning speed through my innards, I was coming.

"OHHH FUHHHHCK!" I finally yelled, my legs clutched Doug's head as my hands came down and pulled at his hair. My cock was buried deep in his throat, I looked down and his eyes went wide as I unloaded inside him. Each surge through my cock dumped seed into his belly and stretched his throat even wider.

He started to choke and gag, his lips coming loose around the base of my cock, I still felt myself lodged deep in his throat. His tongue extended as if he were trying to expel me, but I held him firmly. His throat tightened around the head of my dick and it was driving me mad!

"DON'T STOP" I commanded him.

The color in his face was fading from deep red to white as I continued to choke Doug with my cock.

He began to struggle, and the fight sent waves of spasms through my body as he tried to cough me up and out of him.

"TAKE IT YOU MOTHER FUCKER!" I yelled at him. The look of fear flashed across his face. Tears welled up and began to stream down his face as I jerked and spasmed inside him. I continued to hold him as best I could while he struggled to pull away.

It felt so good to be so deep inside him; I couldn't be finished with him so soon!

Or so I thought.

The door to my bedroom flew open and my dad rushed in branding a baseball bat. He was in his boxer shorts looking ready to take on my attacker. When he saw that it was Doug who needed the help, he dropped the bat.

The surprise of my father for the second time tonight startled me and Doug was able to scurry down off the bed and back against the far wall clutching his throat, choking, gagging and spitting.

I lay there sprawled out naked on my back, sweating profusely, and breathing as if I'd finished a marathon. My dick slapped my abdomen once Doug was off of me and oozed nectar from the slit. Doug sat upright, spitting onto my carpet as my dad looked at the both of us in awe.

"Good evening Mr. Shaw"

Dad looked at him; first out of disgust and then apparent concern. "Are you okay Doug?"

Doug coughed again hard before he answered, "Yes sir, I'm fine." He coughed again.

Dad looked back at me with fire in his eyes.

I was catching my breath, and trying to think of something to say other than, 'did I wake you'.

I said, 'what' and that was the wrong reply.

If Doug hadn't been there, I'm sure that Dad would have smacked me. Instead, he left, slamming the door behind him.

"God DAMN it" I exclaimed. My head slammed into the headboard in frustration. I looked over at Doug sitting on the floor. I kind of felt sorry for him - and then I kind of didn't. He looked like a beaten gladiator nestled into the wall of my room.

It felt like David and Goliath.

Only David just face fucked the shit out of Goliath.

He coughed again.

I closed my eyes and fell back into my bed.

"I'm going to go", he said.


He grabbed his shirt off the chair and headed for my bedroom door.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm leaving" he said in a strained voice.

"Not that way you're not" I raised my arm and pointed towards the window, "you're going out the way you came in. Besides, do you really want to see my dad right now?"

"Uh... nope"

I watched Doug climb out the window and disappear across the roof of the garage into the night. As I watched him go, I felt a sense of strength inside me. For the first time since Doug and I have been together, I knew I had held the upper hand for a moment - and it felt good to be the champion.

That sounds strange but, up until that point, a small part of me felt like a victim. It wasn't a strong feeling, but it existed. When we were together I would drown myself in the feelings of rapture, sex, lust, and desire; but never had I felt such a strong feeling of power as I did tonight.

I liked it. And I wanted it again.

But right now I wanted to sleep.

And I did.


Christian Crowne

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