It had been two weeks since I left Doug at the Melbourne farm. In that time, I had done everything I could think of to forget him and what he had unlocked inside me.

But it was... difficult.

I was spending hours in my room in the middle of the night surfing the internet for all kinds of pornography. Anything less than double penetration seemed almost mundane. It didn't matter whether it was gay or straight porn; I sought out the most disgusting and vile acts any human being could do to another.

I was masturbating at least six to seven times a day and became addicted to inserting almost anything I could find into my own ass (the bigger the better). It was only when I attempted to insert my own fist that I realized I had reached my limit.

I was insatiable. I had the proverbial 'itch' that I just couldn't scratch alone.

When I asked Sara, a girl that I had been seeing off and on, to stick her finger up my ass while she blew me, she freaked.

After that, people began to talk.

"Jason, did you really ask Sara to stick her finger up your ass the other night?" Donny asked as we drove to the community pool.

"Where did you hear that?"

"Tanya told me."

"Sara's sister - Tanya?"


I looked out the side window of Donny's truck, feeling embarrassed. "Fuck."

"Did you?"

"Yeah, I did..." I told him, "...I read about it online the other day and I was curious."


I continued to stare out the window. I was too embarrassed to look at him. I mean, did I really want my best friend to know that I liked ass play?

"Dude that is messed up"

"Maybe..." I replied.

I felt Donny's eyes on me but I didn't acknowledge him.

As we pulled into the parking lot at the pool, the other lifeguard's were waiting outside the main entrance doors.

It was the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend and we were all here to certify for the summer season. Donny and I had been lifeguards for the last two summers, and this was to be our last before we headed off to college in the fall.

Lifeguarding was a good gig, considering the size of our town. You spent your days out in the blazing Midwestern sun, and when it rained, you had the day off. You made extra money giving private swim lessons to kids and adults. Plus, everyone had an awesome tan only a few weeks in, and your membership to the local YMCA was free for being an employee of the city.

Certification and recertification were very important. It involved rigorous swimming and diving tests, treading water for half a day while holding a rubberized brick above your head and only using your legs to stay afloat, CPR and Rescue testing as well as general pool maintenance. OSHA had strict standards for handling the chemicals in the pool and everyone was required to test on the codes.

I always found it funny when people thought we just sat in those chairs and soaked up the sun all day. There was so much more to it than that.

Needless to say, I qualified - along with Donny and ten others for the season. We spent the next two days cleaning and getting the pool ready for the big weekend. It was grueling work, which is what I needed.

I needed the distraction from my new addiction. By Friday night I was exhausted and didn't even bother turning on the computer. I crashed hard.

Swimming lessons started the next morning at 8:00am , and we had to be at the pool by 7:00am to test the water and have all the gear ready for the students. Donny and I arrived at about the same time.

"Hey man, are you awake yet?" he asked me as he got out of his truck.

Donny always had so much energy - which was good, because it motivated me.

"Yeah, I'm still waking up - but I'll be fine once this kicks in" I said, holding up my ice cold can of Red Bull.

He laughed, and we walked inside to find Theresa sitting behind the front desk.

Theresa was the pool manager and in her mid-to-late forties. I can't remember a time when she hadn't been the pool manager. Her hair was always sun bleached and her skin overly tanned (probably from sleeping in the tanning bed she kept in the basement of her house).

"Good morning boys! How are we feeling today?"

"Good Theresa, how about you?"

"Mmm, I always perk up when I see you boys." she touted back with a wink in her eye.

Theresa was the epitome of a cougar if there ever was one.

There wasn't a summer that would pass where she wasn't rumored to be fucking one or more of the lifeguards. But she was mindful enough to only go after the seniors or recent graduates who were 'of age'. So for the last two years, Donny and I enjoyed being off her radar while we snickered as she fraternized with the male lifeguards.

To say that she had discerning taste was an understatement. Her criterion for lifeguard selection was simple; you had to pass all the testing and you had to be the equivalent of an Abercrombie & Fitch model (male or female).

Donny and I removed our shirts and noticed her gaze.

"My goodness boys, you have certainly developed over the years haven't you?" she said slyly. Donny and I both turned towards her and observed her give us the once over.

We were fit as a result of our sports and exercise routines. I suppose you would call us your typical buff high school jocks.

"Jason, I may need to get you a smaller suit, that one looks a little big. What size is it?" Theresa asked me.

I looked down and then back at her, "I think its okay. I asked for a medium."

"Mmm, maybe a small would look better. What do you think?"

"I think this one is fine. A small would be too tight."

She giggled, "That's exactly what I was hoping."

Donny told her to play nice.

"Oh Donny, don't worry, your ass looks fabulous, and your sporting a nice six pack - as handsome as ever." she told him, slipping her pen between her lips.

I slapped Donny on the arm, "come on Tiger" I told him and we went out onto the pool deck.

Kyle was securing the diving boards, Erica and Jess were stringing the rope buoys in the shallow end, and Donny and I were tasked with checking the chlorine levels throughout the pool.

Lessons ended at 11:00am, and we were given an hour for lunch before the pool opened to the public. Once it did, the place was a mad house until the first break at 1:00pm.

After the pool cleared for the first break, we all came down from our stations. I caught up with Jess on the far side of the pool and we began walking together towards the main deck on the other side.

Then we saw him.

As if in slow motion, he emerged from the darkness of the men's locker room door and out into the bright afternoon sun; his upper body glistening with the droplets of water from the mandatory pre-shower. His hair was dark and spiked, silver sunglasses with red lenses glared back at us, his menacing square jaw, bulging chest and arms, his familiar eight pack abdominals and his powerful legs.

"Who the fuck is that," Jess asked.

I recognized him instantly (how could I possibly forget that body), but I had to play dumb.

"I don't know."

"He's fucking huge!"

"Yeah, he must work out." I replied

"No honey, I'm not talking about that ridiculous body. I'm talking about THAT!" she said pointing towards him.

As I looked again, I realized what she was referring to.

He was wearing a tight white Speedo.

The butterflies in my stomach started to flutter as my eyes took in the visage of that cock which was deep inside me months earlier.

Oh yes - it was Doug.

As Jess and I continued our walk along the edge of the pool, he came around the corner of the diving boards and was walking straight towards us.

Just as I remembered, his cock was laying on its left side, tucked into the hip of his Speedo. As I traced the curve of his hip, I could see the bulge not only across the front of his abdomen, but also alongside his hip. His cock was bigger than I remembered.

Was he hard?

"You've got to be kidding me!" Jess said under her breath.

"What?" I whispered back.

"Who would wear that to a public pool?"

"He does?"

As we got closer, I began to see each muscular crease of his body flex and relax as he walked. He recognized me, I was sure of it. He stopped a few feet ahead of us and tossed his towel and bag to the side. As he faced the fence and removed his flip-flops, we walked behind him.

His backside was just as impressive as his front. The broad shoulders and tiny waist speckled with freckles, the crack of his ass just visible above the waist band of his suit.

I could smell him from only a foot away. It was a mix of coconut oil and tanned flesh; and it was tantalizing. Being able to see and smell Doug was almost overwhelming. I had not had the ability to actually act on my new 'hobbies' except with myself and being able to see someone of Doug's stature and physique manifested my feelings in such a way that I had to hold myself back from grabbing and devouring him.

He lookrf amazing.

Both Jess and I gave him the once over as we walked by. Once his aroma hit me, I felt my scrotum come alive and a tingle of excitement shuffle through me. I had to keep moving. I placed my hand on Jess' lower back and ushered her forward.

"Hello Jason." I heard him say.

My breath was taken with the sound of his voice. My eyes closed, and I silently mouthed the word 'fuck'. Jess stopped and turned around instantly - causing me to run into her.

"Aren't you going to say 'hi'?" he asked.

My back was still to him when Jess replied, "Yeah Jason, don't be rude."

I turned around and looked at him head on. Thankfully my sunglasses were mirrored and he couldn't follow my eyes as they took in his physique. Oh my god, and that dick! His enormous python cock stuffed inside that ridiculously small white Speedo. It was to much.

Jess walked around me and up to Doug, "Hi - I'm Jess and you are?"

"I'm Douglas."

Douglas? Is he serious? Why the formality?

"Douglas - well, it's great to meet you!" Jess said in a girlish voice.

"Thank you Jess, you too" I couldn't tell if he was eyeing me or not - but I hoped he was. Jess was a beautiful girl, but I knew Doug's interests were somewhere else.

"Not to be rude, but you may need to rethink your choice in swimwear Douglas." she said pointedly.

"Oh really?" His hands went down his stomach and I saw him grab and shift himself in his suit.

"Yeah; you see Douglas, this is a family establishment and not some hedonistic resort for you to be pea-cocking at, alright?" emphasizing the word 'cock'.

Doug put his hands on his hips, the fingers of his left hand extending over the bulge of his dick. "You think it's inappropriate?"

"Some of our swimmers would take offense to such a public display - so I would recommend that next time you choose something a little more modest. And if you are going to be staying with us this afternoon, I would ask that you stay on this end of the pool. We don't get to many kids over here." she informed him.

"Well, I appreciate the advice... Jess." he replied. "How are you Jason?"

"Good Doug..." I said nervously. "You look good."

His left hand started stroking his hip, over the bulge, obviously where the tip of his dick lay. As Jess and I gazed at it, he knew we were both looking. It was then that it moved inside his shorts, as if he did two kegels, and his dick surged inside the white barrier.

"Oh My God!" Jess jumped. Then she turned and walked into me again. As her body made contact with mine, her abdomen pushed my stiffening prick against my own abdomen. Jess stammered for a moment, then looked down, and back up at me. "JASON!" she yelped. I was sporting some serious wood.


"Jesus!" she said looking down at my dick protruding from my red lifeguard swim trunks. It was then that she pushed me off the side into the cold water.

When I came to the surface, she was making her way to the main pool deck. I turned back and saw Doug standing at the pool's edge, his sunglasses off and his brown beady eyes staring down at me as I tread water.

"What are you doing here Doug?"

"What does it look like." and then he jumped into the water next to me.

When he came to the surface, he shook his head and looked me in the eye.

"You shouldn't be here." I said to him.

"Why?" he said with a smile on his face.


"Because why?"


"Relax Jason, I'm just here to have some fun."

It was then that I felt his hand reach out and grab my dick under water. I flinched back at his touch.

"What's the matter Jason?"

"Stop it!"

"Jason, You seem... nervous."

He swam closer to me, and I backed up until I was against the wall.

As his chest came into contact with mine, my hard-on pushed against his crotch.

"Oh! Is that for me?" he said in a soft voice.

"Doug, back up." and I pushed at him with my hands. He swam back at me until our chests bumped again.

"Seriously Doug - stop it."

"Do you really want me to stop?" he asked. Then a wave of confidence washed over him and he said, "I don't really think you want me to stop." I felt his hand on my chest.

"Yeah I do - people are watching."

"So what - let them watch."

"Since when did you stop caring about what people think of you!"

"About two minutes after you left me standing in a cloud of dust at Melbourne's farm."

"Jesus Doug." I turned towards the side of the pool in an attempt to climb out, but Doug swam into my backside and I felt his warmth press against me. My eyes closed instinctually as I remembered the last time he had been behind me. "Please Doug, don't."

"Mmm, I have wanted to get behind you like this for so long." and I felt him thrust his hips into my backside, the firm thickness of his cock grinding against my ass.

"...oh shit..." I whispered with my eyes closed.

"You want me again? Because you can have me anytime you want.

"Doug, I thought I made myself clear. There is nothing that is ever going to happen between us like that again. Please understand that." Even as I said those words, I knew it was a lie. The desire inside me was growing and all I wanted to do was turn around and jump on top of him.

"Jason, the look on your face that day told me everything I needed to know..." he whispered back into my ear. He didn't believe what I was saying either. Maybe he wasn't as dump as I had hoped. But I couldn't let him distract me now - not at work.

"Not here Doug, not now. Please."

"Okay, then if not now, then when?"

"Doug!" Donny yelled from across the pool, "I need you to get out of the pool - we are at break!"

Thank god.

Doug turned to look over at Donny, as he did this, he thrust into me hard enough that I rose out of the water just a little and I heard him let out a growly grunt.

"Doug, get out of the pool until break is over - please." I begged him.

"Ok Jason." he said. Pushing back from me, kicked his way to the side and climbed out.

Holding onto the side of the pool, my eyes watched his beautiful form lift itself out of the water - streams trailing down his arms, back, and legs - a stream trickling out of his suit from between his legs.

"Oh, that felt good!" he said as he stood up erect, his bulbous ass fully visible behind the now transparent white Speedo. He turned to face me and as he did, the previously faint outline of his cock was now fully visible, veins and all, the pink tip pressed firmly against the cotton spandex blend. He was virtually naked. You could see the darkness of his wet pubic hair just ready to burst out of the top of the waist band, and his huge ball sack taught against the cool cloth.

Doug ran his hands through his hair, and took a seat on his lounge chair a few feet away.

I couldn't take my eyes off him, and when I caught his glimpse again, he lifted his sunglasses and said, 'Don't you have work to do Jason'.

"JASON! COME ON!" I heard Donny yell from behind me.

I turned and saw him standing on the edge of the pool, practically ready to dive in. I pushed back and swam over to him (praying that the cold water would shrink my hard on). Once I was to the edge I realized that I was still stiff as a board and dare not get out of the water.

"Are you okay?"


"What did he say to you?"

"Nothing" I shook my head in disbelief.

"Well it didn't LOOK like nothing."

"What did it look like?" I fired back in painful curiosity.

"It looked like he was starting some shit with you."

", he was just saying how it had been a long time since he had seen me."

"That's weird." Donny said with a befuddled look.

"Isn't it?" I quipped.

"Are you going to get out, or stay in until break is over?"

"I think I'll stay in until you blow the whistle."

"Okay, but then you're in chair number 4."

"Chair 4"


"Um, okay." I replied.

Chair four was directly to the right of where Doug was sitting. Jesus, was I going to have to spend the next hour sitting four feet above him?


For the next several minutes I free-styled back and forth across the deep end trying to work off my hard on; thankfully it worked. The cold water and the exertion of my swim did the trick. When I surfaced on the pool deck side again, I looked up and Theresa was standing above me with my whistle in her hand.

"Time's up honey."

I lifted myself out of the pool and as I stood, Theresa hadn't taken a step back and was practically leaning against me.

"Excuse me."

"Oh, certainly..." she said as she took a step back.

I noticed her looking down at my swim shorts. I quickly looked down, fearing that I might somehow still be hard, but I wasn't. My shorts, however, were clinging to my front and you could clearly see the outline of my dick.

"Mmm, Jason, I had no idea."

I reached down and pulled the front out.

"Aw..." Theresa sighed.

"Chair Four, right?" I asked her.

"Yes honey, Chair Four." she responded. Then she slid down her sunglasses exposing her deep brown eyes, and handed me my whistle.

As I slipped it over my head, I felt her hand on the center of my chest, her fingers stroking my small sparse patch of chest hair.

"If you need anything Jason, you just let me know."

"Yes ma'am."

As I walked away I could feel her eyes on me. Once I got to the corner, I looked back and sure enough, she was watching.

Frankly, it was flattering to see the women ogling me as I walked by them; 'Jason, the sexy blond muscular life guard that they all wished would give them mouth to mouth'. If I had ever witnessed swimmers swoon, it was always while the guys were on duty. Unfortunately, their attentions no longer had any effect on me - and I found myself fighting the "swoon" over my fellow manly lifeguards.

I climbed up the ladder to Chair Four without a peep out of Doug. And when the whistle blew, I sat back and did my job - eyes and ears open - scan the pool, look for floaters or people who appear to be struggling - keep your eyes moving.

"How long are you going to ignore me?" I heard him say.

"I'm not ignoring you Doug, I'm working."

"Oh, right."

"If you want me to talk to you, you're gonna have to get in the water. I can't talk to you if you are on deck sitting behind me."

"But I like the view from back here."

"Suit yourself"

His plastic lounge chair clacked against the concrete as he stood and came up beside me, pause, and then dive in. He swam and surfaced about fifteen feet in front of me. He shook his head and looked up at me. I was leaning back in my chair, under the red umbrella, my sunglasses on, freshly sprayed with sunscreen, sweat trickling down my chest and abs in the afternoon heat. My legs spread.

"I can see up your suit Jason."

"Shut up Doug, you cannot."

"Yeah I can."

I ignored him; at least until he started his back float.

His torso rose up out of the water, followed by his groin and his legs. His magnificent cock strained against that tiny white - translucent - Speedo.

"I can see your dick Doug."

"Yes, I know." he said with a smile.

"So can everyone else."

"Yes, I know that too." he smiled again.

I chuckled, despite my better judgment, and then I looked away. He continued to float in front of me. He was trying to distract me and it was working. Even though he couldn't see my eyes behind the mirrors of my sunglasses - he knew I was watching him. I finally had to ask if he was going to float there all afternoon.

"Maybe... Why? Does this bother you?"

"Nope, it doesn't bother me."

He laughed.

I just looked at him and didn't respond. After a moment of a silent stand-off, Doug went completely under the water. I watched while he shuffled under the surface, and then I saw him stretch out and come to the surface again. Only this time...

...his suit was around his ankle and he was naked floating on his back - his fat cock standing at half-mast out of the water, the pink little head of that fat dick pointing straight up at his face.

My mouth fell open.

I couldn't take my eyes off him, and he continued to watch me the whole time. "What do you think Jason? Should I care what other people think of me?"

I couldn't speak - the sight of that magnificent body floating in the water made my asshole pucker and my dick get hard.

Doug went under the water and I saw him bunch up, then kick off the bottom over towards me. When he surfaced, he was directly beneath me, his toes making contact with the edge of the pool. His Speedo balled up in his hand.

"Well should I?" he asked me again.

"Um..." I couldn't think of a response.

"Come on Jason, look at me."

Oh, I was looking. I couldn't take my eyes off him. The way he was so flagrantly flaunting himself in front of me - my dick was ready to burst in my shorts. All I wanted was to dive down and swallow that fat cock. The images of him sliding it across my tongue, deep into my throat like he had done before flashed through me.

Doug grabbed his cock with his free hand and began slowly stroking it up and down out of the water as he floated on his back.

"Oh god Jason, how long are you going to make me wait? I want to feel you against me again." he said softly. Despite the ruckus of the pool, I could hear every word he said. The sounds of kids laughing, screaming, and splashing on the other side disappeared as he spoke.

Before I could stop myself, my hand slid inside my trunks and I grasped my prick. I was wet from the pool, but that slippery pre-cum was oozing from the tip. I began to gently stroke the sensitive area just below the slit. It was so wet and slippery.

"Jason, I know you want me - what are you waiting for?" Doug said aloud again, continuing to slowly stroke his cock in the water. His body began to drift downward as he increased his pace. He placed his Speedo in his mouth and used his other hand to pinch and tweak his own nipples. I could hear his shallow moans and I was close to shooting inside my shorts.

"Jason, I'm going to cum in this pool if you don't get down here and swallow me right now."

But as soon as he said that, I lost it. My stomach clenched, abs flexed tight and my thighs rose up as I blew cum into my swim trunks .

"Oh fuck Doug..." I said as the pulsing contortions subsided.

My breath had escaped me and I was clamoring to catch it again. I could feel the warm sticky goo slide down my ball sack and inner thighs.

My head flopped back as I withdrew my hand from my trunks; it was coated in milky white nectar.

"Wow!" Doug blurted out.

When I composed myself, I looked down and he was holding on to the bottom step of Chair four.

"Shit" I said out of disappointment. He had gotten me - just like I would have wanted him too.

Just then a whistle blew. I scanned the pool and noticed that Kyle was waving at me with both hands above his head. Once he saw me looking at him, he motioned downward as if to point to Doug. I waved back.

"Doug, get down. You can't be hanging on the chair like that."

"Oh no, what will happen if I don't do as you command me Jason?"

"I will throw you out of the pool!"

"That could actually be kind of fun."

"Stop it. What is the matter with you?" I couldn't believe how provocative he was being.

This is a guy who exuded the meaning of 'Macho Asshole' and now I was to believe that he was trying to seduce me like some character out of a romance novel?

"Put your suit back on before the other lifeguard gets over here."

"Oh, who's coming over next?" Doug asked, looking around.

"It's Kyle, and he's coming - now put your fucking suit back on." I demanded.

"Kyle Ackers? Now he is someone that I like to wrestle with" he said looking at Kyle over the rims of his sunglasses.

I had had enough of Doug's games. I blew my whistle and motioned for Kyle to come over. Erica was almost to Chair three when Kyle heard me. He climbed down and came over to Chair four.

"Doug, put your suit on now!" I demanded.

With a huff, I heard Doug say "oh alright..." And then he went under the surface.

Kyle came up to us, "What the fuck is going on over here Jason? It looked like you were having a seizure or something. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. But we have a belligerent swimmer on our hands." I said, indicating Doug, who was coming back to the surface.

"Dude, were you naked?"

"Uh huh." Doug said smiling.

"You can't be naked, this is a public pool man - we've got little kids in here."

"Well there aren't any little kids around now are there Kyle?"

"Don't start with me Doug. I don't want to have to throw you out on the first day of the season." Kyle commanded him.

"True..." Doug said reluctantly, and pushed out to swim away. I watched as the water swirled behind him.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Kyle asked me.

"Yeah, why"

"Doug likes to mess with people, don't let him bother you."

"I won't."

"Good, now go check the locker room; I'm sure no one has done any checks since we opened."

I did as Kyle asked and headed for the men's locker room. I needed to shower off and make sure I didn't have anything left in my suit anyway.

As I walked away, I looked back and saw Doug swim up to Kyle and start talking to him. Kyle laughed a little and I saw Doug splash him.

When I got to the locker room, I did a quick survey to make sure everything was in order and signed off on the checklist. A couple kids were playing in the showers and I asked them to go outside, which they did. I pulled back all the shower curtains and turned on the exhaust fans to clear some of the steam out.

At the end was a handicapped stall that was bigger and I stepped inside to take my shower. I removed my shorts, turned on the hot water, rinsed myself out of them, and too took to cleaning up. With my head under the hot water, I didn't hear Doug come in to the stall.

His hand touched my shoulder; I shrieked and shook where I stood. I turned around, opened my eyes, and he was standing inches from me.

"Doug, I..."

He pressed himself against me and kissed me hard on the mouth. I felt his tongue press against my lips and I opened to receive him. I moaned at his advance, and he wrapped his arms around me as his tongue went wild against mine.

My dick stirred against his waist as he began to grind against me.

I was completely overcome. All the banter and sexual innuendo we had exchanged earlier was the match to my flame. His mouth went to my neck.

"Doug, we can't..." I begged him to stop.

"Shut up" he replied and went for my chest and nipples. It felt amazing.

"No, I'm serious, we can't..." succumbing to the sensations he was sending through me, "oh fuck it - I need this." He continued down my torso, kneeling as he went - and I felt his hand grab the base of my cock, and his lips and tongue slid over the head.

"Oh fuck..." I whispered.

He swallowed me whole, and I fell back against the shower wall. His other hand grabbing and squeezing my ass cheek.

He was devouring me and it was unbelievable.

"Oh my god Doug..." I uttered with heavy breath. He wouldn't let up while he continued his oral assault on my cock. I felt myself swell inside him.

His grunts and moans growing louder with each pass of his tongue. He was sucking on me so hard I thought the head of my dick was going to tear off. He was insatiable!

His arm slid between my legs and he first lifted my left leg and then my right onto his huge shoulders, never once stopping his amazing cock job.

Where did he learn to suck dick like this! It was fucking incredible!

With my left hand behind my head; I grabbed the top of the stall and tugged at Doug's hair with the other. All he wanted was my dick and I was completely at his mercy. We continued in this position until I felt his fingers start rubbing at my asshole in a slow circular motion. Gently at first and then with firm pressure.

"Doug, if you..."

My head flew back and hit the wall. I gasped when his thick index finger went inside me.

"...OH FUCK!" I yelled out.

It was over the top good and within seconds I exploded in Doug's mouth . He fought to keep me upright as I convulsed and dumped my seed for him. He swallowed all of me.

"Oh my god, you're fucking crazy!" I said to him in exhausted breath

"Mmm, yeah..." , he said licking the corners of his mouth where I had overflowed. "I think we've established that already."

The look on his face was one of pure lust and desire. I could tell in an instant. He had wanted to please me, and he accomplished his goal. I looked at him longingly and touched the side of his face. He held my gaze until I attempted to get down, but he wouldn't budge.

"You have to let me down," I told him as I tried to move my legs.

"Nope" He said and then lifted me higher until my head and shoulders were above stall.

"Fuck, what are you doing?" I said in a panic. I could see the entire locker room from this height. And then my legs slid off his shoulders into the crook of his forearms and I could feel the stiffness of his prick graze against the crack of my ass. He repositioned me and looked me in the eye.

"That was good, but this is going to be even better."

Oh shit, he was going to fuck me.

"Doug wait - I don't think I can handle it."

"We both know that isn't true and I know you want this as much as I do."

He was right. In fact my prick never got soft the whole time he was shuffling me into this position. I was like a rag doll for him. A rag doll with an 8 inch hard on.

"But I've got to get back out there, I can't..." He slid me down the wall just a little and his anaconda of a cock was pointing straight out from his pelvis like a tree limb and nestled itself in the crack of my ass. Despite the heat from the running water, his dick was even hotter and I could sense the surges coursing through its veins. He was ready to fuck.

I closed my eyes at its touch and bit my upper lip. "Oh my god Doug..."

"Uh huh..."

His breathy response and my compromised position on the wall sprang my demon to life and I gave in to him. I reached down, and he flinched just a little as my fingers made contact with his shaft.

"Oh man, you're gonna have to hurry, I don't know how long I will last." He said with heavy breath.

I fondled him until the head of his cock was in my grasp. The tip was super slick and I guided him to my hole. I angled and moved just enough until I felt him press against it, then I braced myself with my free arm around his neck.

"Do it." I told him, and he bounced me down onto it . The pressure was so intense that I scream out.

"OH FUCK!!!" I cried as a few tears escaped my eyes.

"Shh, they're gonna fucking hear us!" Doug yelled back at me.

"Okay, okay, okay..." I stammered as I arched my back and felt my ass-ring expand against his girth. "Oh god Doug, it's so fucking big..." I squeaked.

My asshole strained against his thick log as he slid me down on it.

"Uh huh..."

My stomach started to ache as my innards shifted against his girth. I almost couldn't bare it.

I grabbed him around the neck with both arms, my mouth open wide, baring my teeth, my eyes clenched tightly shut until I felt his course brown pubes brush against my ball sack.

He was all the way inside me.

I tried to take a deep breath, but I couldn't, the pressure and pain was overtaking me again. I flashed back to our last brutal fuck session at the school and began to hyperventilate.

I was going mad in my mind; his giant cock impaling me again, his huge hands cupping my ass, my legs spread around him, my dick and balls pressed against his torso.

And then I heard him whisper, "just breath... breath... are you okay?"

It took me by surprise, and I leaned back just a little in order to look him in the eyes.

Those beady little brown eyes that I had despised that day at school were now somehow looking back at me with such tender sweetness that I lost myself in them.

" ...uh huh..." I answered. And I drew him close to me as I wrapped my arms around his big Neanderthal head and snuggled his face into my chest. He began to slowly pump away at me and it felt like my insides were being shredded with each thrust of his pelvis.

His hot breath against my chest were making my nipples erect, and the friction of his torso against the underside of my cock was going to send me over the edge again at any moment.

Doug's paced increased and his moaning grew louder.

His cock was sliding in and out of me like a well oiled machine. If I hadn't known better I would have sworn he had already came - but he hadn't. He was just that turned on.

I felt my sphincter spasm and it felt good.

"Oh god, if you do that again, I'm gonna cum..." He warned me.

"Cum inside me Doug, fucking cum inside me!" I could feel his girth pulse and expand against my already stretched asshole, and I was on the verge of blowing myself all his stomach.

His paced quickened again as I rode his fat cock hard to the edge of my own orgasm.

"Oh... Oh... Oh... " Up and down, up and down.

"God... Doug..." Bounce, bounce, bounce

"I'm... CUMING... " Bounce, bounce, squeeze, " FAH-UCK I'm CUMING, I'm CUMING!!!" I screamed out as he thrust himself into me. And then it happened, I felt lightheaded and my vision started to fade as I shot another hard load of spunk up his chest hitting us both on our chins. With each jolt from my cock, my ass clamped down on Doug's prick with equal force.

"Oh you're making me cum!" I heard him say.

My entire body was heaving, shrugging, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt his dick explode inside my ass. His fire hot cum shooting deep inside my bowels while he continued to thrust.

"Oh my god..." I heard him say and saw his eyes roll up with a huge grin spread across his face.

His thrusting slowed and I felt his legs begin to shake. We both fell to the floor, the landing driving his cock to the hilt again, I cried out in pain as Doug shook on the floor beneath me; lost in his own climax.

I was on top of him, my legs bent at the knee on each side, my head and chest collapsed against his, his dick wedged tightly in my ass. I couldn't move.

But I knew I had to.

I struggled to find the energy to pull myself off him, and as the last few inches of Doug slid from inside me, I crumbled to the floor next to him. The water from the shower continued to beat down on us for some time before I heard a voice say, "Jason are you in here?"

It was Theresa.

Doug turned to me with a grin. I struggled to catch my breath but was too exhausted to reply.

I lay on the floor as Doug stood up, turned off the water, and walked out naked.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was looking for one of my lifeguards." I heard Theresa say.

There was a discernible pause.

" I think I'm the only one in here," he said.

There was another long pause, and then Theresa said. "We'll, I'm sorry to have bothered you."

I could hear footsteps on the concrete floor and then nothing.

"It was no bother," he told her.

A few minutes later I heard the door close and Doug came back to the stall.

"You're gonna have to pull it together Jason, you've got to go back out there."

"Fuck, I know." My body was still shaking from that amazing fuck and I was still getting aftershocks of ass spasms shooting through me.

Doug helped me stand, and I felt his juice run down my inner thigh.

"Fuck man, that was a lot."

"A whole lot of fucking awesome!" He quipped as he handed me my lifeguard trunks.

I turned the water back on just long enough to rinse off and then I put my suit back on. It was then that I noticed Doug was wearing a pair of black shorts and an Oakley t-shirt.

"Did I miss something?" I said indicating his attire.

"Oh, I got dressed while your boss was in here looking for you."

"You did."

"Yeah, she's something, she watched me the whole time."

"Imagine that." I replied. Of course she did!

"Listen, I'm gonna get going. I'm beat," he told me.

Is he fucking serious? I just looked at him.

"Are you gonna be okay?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I will be fine."

He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, which seemed odd considering what we had just done, and then he was gone.

As I climbed the ladder to Chair one, I realized that it was all just a booty call.

A fucking booty call!

That son of a bitch only came here to get me and then he scooted out before anyone was the wiser.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur, considering what had happened; and when the last lounge chair was put away, we locked up and went to our cars.

"Where did you disappear to this afternoon? The last time I saw you, you were going into the locker room," Donny asked me, "were you hiding from Theresa? I saw her talking to you after the first break. It looked like the two of you were having a 'moment'."

I just looked at him and didn't say anything.

"Oh man, you're a fucking dog Jason."

I didn't dissuade him.

He laughed, shook his head, "Man, it's going to be a long summer, I can tell."

In my euphoria I couldn't acknowledge him.

He waved and drove away.

I took a gentle seat behind the wheel of my car and took a deep breath.

My ass was on fire.

I leaned back in my seat and tried to relax in the afternoon sun.

"You look like you could use one of these."

It was Jess and she had beer.

Cold beer.

I took the can, snapped the top and chugged it.

"Yep, I thought so," she said.

"You thought what?"

"You fucked that dirty whore boss of ours didn't you?"


She looked me deep in the eyes, "well something wore you out today. Where did you disappear to for an hour? I had to cover your chair."

"An hour!"

"Uh, huh"

"We lasted for an hour" I said in disbelief.

"Oh - he admits it! You're fucking sick bastard! If you needed to get laid, you could have just asked me big guy, I'd even stick my finger up your ass if you'd like."

A look of mortification flashed across my face.

"It's okay Jason; every girl likes a little kink once and a while. You want another beer?"

"No, but thanks, I need to go home."

We said our goodbyes and I drove home leaning on my right butt cheek. That fucker really tore me up!

But I wasn't going to complain.


Christian Crowne

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