The air was still and humid as I watched Donny drive away. Was he really going to be okay with what had just happened? Was I? Too many questions, and with the thoughts of 'what ifs' entering my mind, I yawned and rubbed my eyes.

"Quite a night, huh?"

The sound of his voice caused me to freeze. There I was, standing in the dewy evening grass of my parents' front yard in Donny's underwear.

"I never would have guessed him as 'tightey-whitey' kind of guy."

He was behind me.

"But then again, I've had a few surprises lately."

He was walking slowly toward me, and I could not bring myself to turn around. But then I felt his warm moist and calloused hand on my shoulder.

"You've been a busy boy haven't you Jason?"

I closed my eyes, partially in fear but mostly out of anger. What had he seen? How long had he been there; or HERE for that matter. Why was he always showing up at all the wrong times?

"Well aren't you going to say anything Jason?"

"What do you want me to say Doug? It seems you know everything already."

I heard him exhale and felt his warm breath against my bare back. He leaned in and I felt his lips against my shoulder, kiss me gently and then slowly come around to face me.

There he stood, my nemesis, with the most peculiar of grins across his face; his skin glistening in the evening heat. His arms were crossed across his chest, flexed, and bulging.

What did he want?

"Do I?"

"Don't be coy, it doesn't suit you."

He glanced down at my bare feet, huffed, and then looked back into my eyes.


I smiled back, "You do know what that means don't you?" Before I could relish the intellectual dig I had taken at Doug's expense, his right hand made a fist and flew up towards my face. In the dim light, I barely had time to see it before it made contact and I landed in the grass.

Once I was down, there was no time to react before Doug had straddled me; his knees in my armpits and his full weight resting on my chest. I could taste the blood in my mouth from the impact of his fist to my lower lip, but then Doug grabbed the sides of my head with his hands and lowered his face close to mine.

He inhaled deeply just above my lips.

"I can smell him on you."

He came even closer; his forehead now touching mine. His tongue protruded from his mouth and ran up my chin, over my lower lip, inside my mouth, and then up over my upper lip.

"...and taste him."

He was so intense. His dark brown eyes pierced my own and it was as if I was looking back at two empty holes where the whites of his eyes should have been. And then they closed.

His lips touched mine, and he forced his tongue into my mouth, my blood and his saliva mixing together. He suckled at my tongue and pulled it into his mouth as he kissed and ravaged my face with his own.

The scent of his loins wafted up from my chest and permeated me. It was thick, musky, and pungent. But I relished it nonetheless. I inhaled him deeply, and felt him rise with my chest. His hands grasped my head even harder as he impaled me with his tongue.

And then he pulled back.

"Was he as good as he tastes?" he asked softly In a fevered response to his question, and drowning in his scent I replied in a whispered 'yes'.

"Mmm Hmm, but did he taste as good as me?" he asked again What? I opened my eyes and looked up at him with surprise. Was this a weak spot? Did he really have one? Was he jealous? My next response would be crucial. If I told him the truth, which had nothing to do with the act of sex itself, he would instantly become enraged and attack me again. But if I lied and told him what he wanted to hear, which was 'no' - would he believe me? Do I take the high road or the low road?

Or was there even a road to be had?

I decided to safely play to his ego, "...perhaps I need to be reminded..."

His response of "...even better..." was predictable. Before long his tongue was buried deep in my mouth again and I could feel him shifting his weight on my chest. He released his grip on my head and I felt his right hand slide up his thigh and pull his cock out the opening of his shorts.

Doug sat up, and tugged the leg of his shorts up even further, exposing his stiffen cock, and swampy nut sack.

And there it was; I eyed it instantly and felt myself begin to salivate. Despite all things, the sight of Doug's thick, vein laden cock with the tiny mushroom head caused me to behave like a deer caught in your headlights.

Doug pulled his t-shirt up and tossed it into the grass. As his arms went over his head, I saw the beads of sweat trickle down his foreboding chest into the dark waistband of his gym shorts. In this light, Doug looked like a Grecian god straddling me in the night.

I reached up and ran my hands over his Pecs, stopping only to tweak his nipples, and trace the deep recesses of his abs with my fingers. It was like strumming a washboard.

Doug sat up, his cock throbbing into its infamous erect position. He raised his arms again and ran his fingers through his hair.

I raised my head up as Doug leaned forward and the tip of his cock made contact with my lips. As he advanced I arched my head to take him in. I knew what he liked and I was ready to give it to him again.

"Oh yeah..." he said in a soft voice. His left hand came down behind my head and applied gentle pressure as I took him further into me. His right hand caressed and tugged at his right nipple. "I want you so bad Jason..." his voice trailed off.

I raised myself up on my elbows and buried my nose into his wiry musky bush. Doug was a man, and the scent of his loins overtly proved it. He liked to fuck and get fucked. I could taste the salty bitterness of the sweat that gathered in his crotch, my tongue tattered at his scrotum as I got close enough to him.

And when he pushed himself into my throat, I felt weak and lost.

I knew what Doug was capable of and he knew what my limitations were. Once he found his favorite spot inside me, he began to gently rock back and forth as I took him.

We were one.

He seemed to know just when I needed a breath, and he would pull back just enough for me to take one before gently pushing himself back in.

Feeling and looking up at his frame as he fucked was unimaginable.

I was in rapture.

The clicks and snaps of saliva in my mouth against his vein laden shaft, combined with my own moans and gags reverberated through my skull. It was the total experience that engulfed me.

It was enough...

Seeing and feeling Doug's cock in me was enough to break my load free. And I did. The tightness of Donny's underwear against my stiff prick combined with the slow rocking Doug was doing on my chest sent me into spirals and I was soaking the insides of Donny's underwear with my juice.

Knowing that I was about to come, Doug reached back with is right hand and stroked the white cotton fabric holding back my cock, my stomach tightened and I came hard at the touch of his hand. My voice rang out in a loud moan as I filled Donny's underwear with my seed again and again. I could feel the hot liquid pooling against the cotton and soon felt it searching for a way out. Streaming along the creases until it poured like a waterfall into the crack of my ass.

Donny's underwear was full.

Doug slid his hand under the waistband to gather my nectar and I felt him slide a wad up onto my abdomen where he scooped and held it to his nose. He sniffed deeply.

And with the greatest of pride he said, "I love the affect I have on you."

My eyes rolled down from inside my head after my intense orgasm just in time to feel him pull his dick out, drop my wad of cum into my mouth, and slip his cock back inside.

Doug grabbed the base of his cock and urged himself into my mouth until my lips were pressed against the curl of his thumb and index finger, where he jerked himself off and I suckled at the rest of him.

The taste of my own cum was something that I always relished and considered it a proverbial icing on my own cake after I'd blown my wad. I used to record myself on the web cam jerking off and licking cum off my own fingers. Then it became about recording me jerking off while I watched myself jerk off on line and clean up after myself. But I began to feel to narcissistic about it.

But in this case, having Doug drop my own semen in my mouth just before he filled me with his seemed beyond repulsive - and I loved it. It was like having desert before the main course.

And Doug always delivered.

I had tasted his sweet clear nectar when he first touched my tongue, and it continued to spurt out of him the whole time he was fucking me. When his cock would surge, it was like a muscle flexing in my mouth - getting ready to let loose, and he was close. But on this occasion, he surprised me.

Doug pulled out and continued to jerk off in my face.

What a site.

His massive, Adonis form convulsing and feverishly working that huge cock of his just inches from my face, and then in an instant - like cocking a shot gun - Doug shot his seed into my open and waiting mouth. Volleys of white nectar gushed out the slit in his tiny mushroom head filling my mouth, and running down my cheeks and chin into the nape of my neck. A few lobs even landed on my forehead and in my eye.

My hosing was accompanied by Doug's outrageous roar of release as he blasted me with his seed. It was loud enough to wake neighborhood.

And it did.

The light on my parent's front porch came on as Doug finished on top of me. I didn't hear my father at first, but when he yelled Doug's name a second time, we both came out of our fog.

"DOUG! Is that you?"

Doug collapsed on top of me.

"SHIT!" he whispered into my ear.

I heard the screen door slam and I knew my father must be walking towards us.

"Get up, get up, get up" I said to Doug repeatedly, knowing that I did not want my father to see my covered like this. But he wouldn't move; as if two naked boys lying in the green grass would be obscured from my father's eagle eyes.

And then I heard him, "WHAT THE FUCK!?!" Dad was standing only a few feet away; staring down at the naked boy lying on top of his apparently naked son.

Doug raised his head and looked right at my dad, "Good evening Mr. Shaw" he said in a weaken voice.

My father stepped forward and used his foot to push Doug off me. Doug rolled to my right and I heard my father tell me to get up.

"What the fuck are you to doing?"

My father reached down to help me up and realized that we had been having sex. My body was slick with sweat and Doug was all over my face and chest.

"Jesus Christ! Is that..." he leaned in a sniffed. "Oh fuck!" My dad went to grab my arm, but hesitated at the last moment. He was well aware of what we had been doing and what was now plastered all over his son. Doug was quickly putting his shirt back on and standing up.

"Why is it that I am the one that always has to find the two of you tangled up in some twisted gay sex shit? I mean COME ON!" he said exhaustedly

"Well at least it's not mom." I offered as a form of solace.

"Shut your fucking mouth boy. You should be grateful that your mother doesn't have to witness this. I don't know what she would do with herself. And what about the fucking neighbors?"

He motioned to the other houses on the street.

"They have windows in their houses too you know!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Shaw, Jason and I was just wrestling after the movie."

"Bullshit Doug, my son was sucking your dick - Do you think I'm fucking blind."

Doug looked down at the ground in embarrassment, "oh" he said quietly.

"Now, I'm not going to pretend to understand what is going on between the two of you, but Jason - you have assured me that everything is 'okay' - whatever that means. So I'm going to simply ask that you boys call it a night. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir." I said respectfully.

"Yes Mr. Shaw."

"Okay then, Doug - GO HOME." Doug did as my father asked and walked to his car and drove away. As my father and I stood there on the lawn and watch him go I told my father I was sorry for waking him up.

He turned and started walking towards the house. I hesitated and began to follow him. When he reached down, I wasn't sure what he was doing, but when he stood up and turned around he was branding the garden hose.

"Whoa dad - what are you doing?"

"Something I should have done a long time ago son." And he fired.

The water was ice cold and my father was a good shot. I tried to dodge the volley by running back and forth, but it was no use. I was soaked from head to toe and my father stood proudly dousing his son.

"Jesus, okay - I get it - knock it off!" I yelled at him. And he stopped, tossing the hose to the ground.

"I'll open the garage door and you can go in that way. Your mother won't want you on the living room carpet."

As the garage door opened with the whirring of the overhead motor I walked slowly up the yard. Is this what a walk of shame feels like? Inside, my dad was waiting at the entrance to the house. In the light of the overhead, I stood there soaked, drained, and pathetic. My dad reached for the inside door switch and pressed it.

The door began to close.

"Jason, I am truly at a loss for words on this one."

"You and me both" I quipped.

"This isn't a joke Jason! That kind of public display is simply not acceptable, I don't care what time of day it is. Do you understand that?"


"Do you!?!"

"YES! I do."

There was an awkward silence and then he stepped down from the house onto the garage floor and came up to me. He gave me the once over and asked where my clothes were.

"I left them at the pool by accident."

"The pool?"

"Yeah, a bunch of us went swimming after the movie."

"A good ole Skinny Dipping huh?"

"Yeah" I said with a smile.

"Whose underwear are you wearing? You haven't worn tightey-whitey's since you were 8."

"They're Donny's."

"Really? I wouldn't have guessed him as the tightey-whitey type."

I couldn't help but grin. "I'm sure he gets that a lot."


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