I couldn't help but feel this overwhelming sensation of peace between us. I had been on a rollercoaster of emotion these past several days and right now - I felt completely safe. It didn't matter whether or not anyone had heard us or if Kyle was outside. It was of no consequence. I was with him, and I felt good. The warmth of his flesh and the sound of his heartbeat lulled me into a state of bliss. The feel of our bodies against each other, our legs intertwined his arms over my back and side. He lightly stroked the sides of my waist and ribs with his fingertips while we lay on the floor. It felt like forever.

Soon, however, he was nudging me to remind that we needed to check my head. He said his arm was falling asleep and wasn't sure if I should be sleeping or not.

"Doug, I'm fine - in fact, I feel fantastic" a huge smile spread across my face.

He chuckled and said, "Well that's great, but I think we need to clean you up. I doubt you want to explain to your mother why there is blood on your floor."

He had a point. I stood up slowly and a wave of dizziness wash over me. As Doug was standing too, I had to grab his shoulder to steady myself.


"I told you" he said.

"I think I should sit down." And to took a seat on the bed.

"Here, let me get a look at you." Doug came around the back side of the bed and used my bedside lamp to add more light. I felt his fingers gently move the hair around on the back of my head.

"I don't see it bleeding anymore, it looks worse that it probably is."

"Okay, but you'll need to help me. I still feel dizzy"

"It's alright Jay - I got you."

He helped me stand and lifted my arm over his shoulder, then slid his arm around my waist and helped me down the hall to the bathroom. "It's going to be easier if you just shower this off rather than stand at the sink."

Doug helped me into the back of the shower, then stood in the front to slide the shower door closed and start the water. Once he figured out how to manage the dial, I felt the steam build around my feet. I was leaning against the back wall of the shower taking deep breaths, when I opened my eyes and saw his big hulk standing in front of me. His hair was wet and water was trickling down his face and chest. Each droplet streamed together and traced the crevices throughout the front of his body. From the subtle recesses of his neck, between his heaving chest, down his stomach, and through the creases that led to that beautiful cock of his; but it was the look of his legs that took my breath away. The way his cock hung low between those powerful thighs was something out of a magazine.

As you've already heard me tell you; Doug's physique has been one that would cause anyone to pause. His body was beautifully sculpted and yet - not overly defined like some professional body builder. To quote Goldilocks, he was "not too big, and not to small, he was just right". And with everything we have been through together, I could not help but still feel excited and nervous that he was naked, wet, and standing within arms reach. It was my dream-come true.

"What are you staring at?"


He smiled and told me to turn around - I did.

The warm water beat away at my backside and the feel of his rough hand against my skin caused me to tense up.

"Just relax okay; I've got to clean you up."


Doug's hand slid up and down my backside, across my shoulders, then slowly into my hairline washing away the blood that had dried from my wound. I tilted my head back and my mouth fell open. The feel of his hands on me was indescribable. We had been in the shower before, but not like this. This was different. It was slow and sensual. He was being gentle; and I liked it. As he ran the warm water over my body, I felt my insides getting warmer too.

"Are you doing okay?" he asked

"Uh huh, it feels good."

"Good - I'm almost done." I felt him move closer and his right thigh pressed up against my buttocks. "I want to get a look at your staples." His wiry bush grazed my cheeks and it sent a jolt through me. My ass puckered and I held my breath as if he might impale me, but he didn't. Instead, his free hand continued to move the hair on my head while he checked me over.

"How many staples did you have?"


"Well, I see four silver staples, so I guess you probably just bumped it pretty good. It looks okay to me."

I wasn't thinking about the staples, I was thinking about Doug's massive cock undoubtedly swinging a few inches behind me and all I wanted was for him to press it into me.

Doug ran the water over my head one more time and realized that I wasn't listening to him.

"Hey, did you hear me?"

"Yeah..." I looked over my left shoulder with a devilish grin, and pushed backwards into his pelvis, "...I heard you."

He paused for a moment and recognized that look; then shot me with water and told me to cool it. "I think you've had enough excitement for one night." I quickly turned around and grabbed him around the neck. My lips pressed into his as I ground my cock into his groin. He kissed me back with equal interest and then smiled.

"Jason, come on. You should take it easy."

"I don't want to take it easy..." I leaned into his ear and whispered, "...I want you to fuck me." I took his earlobe and sucked it into my mouth; then bit down on his neck - just where he likes to be bit. I know he likes it because his head tilts to that side and he squirms until I let go. With our chests pressed together, his nipples became hard. I knew it was working; I just had to keep pouring it on.

I ran my hands down his backside, grasped that ass firmly and pulled him into me hard. Then I nibbled at his shoulder until I felt his arms wrap around me and suckle at my neck.

"Mmm, that's it."

"Oh man Jason, why can't we get enough of each other?" he asked with heavy breath.

"I don't now and I don't care - just don't stop" I begged him.

Our bodies ground against each other in the steaming shower, each bump in our flesh exacerbated the sensation of skin on skin. We were drunk on each other. Our dicks hard and grinding into each other's stomachs, the heat between our loins was intense and I felt I might cum on his stomach before he had the chance to take me; I simply could not let go.

Doug bit and sucked away at my neck and shoulder until the feeling made me weak in the knees. The stubble on his chin scuffed along my neck and clavicle making it more difficult for me to maintain some level of control with him - but I was giving in.

I pressed against his right shoulder and moved him back against the wall of the shower; his hands grasped my ass and squeezed hard. Then his fingers began searching for my hungry hole.

"Oh god that's it," I told him. "Do it!"

And he did.

With barely a second having gone by, his index finger entered me and I came hard on his stomach. My head was pounding as I convulsed and writhed against him in my climax. I buried my face into his neck and ground my teeth as I shot each load of spunk between us; grunting and moaning as the streams flew out of me. It abruptly ceased when my sister opened the door.

"Jason, can I use the bathroom?"

I couldn't speak.


I swallowed hard and tried to catch my breath in order to answer her. I felt Doug grab me even tighter as she made her way into view of the shower stall. I knew she was going to do it anyway, but I had to answer her.

"Yeah Linds, its fine; I'm almost done."

As she took a seat on the toilet she asked if I was feeling okay. I told her I was and to hurry up. The whole time, Doug is holding me tightly against him. Then we heard Lindsey start to pee and I could feel Doug trying not to laugh out loud. He had pressed his open mouth into my shoulder and then I felt his forehead against my neck. We were locked in each other's embrace as my sister relieved herself a few feet away. Our only solace was the Plexiglas shower door with the elaborately etched jungle foliage pattern.

When I thought Lindsey might be ready to flush I tried to stop her. It was customary that the water would temporarily get very hot - and this time would be no exception.

"Lindsey don't..." but it was too late. I heard it and waited for the scalding water.


And then it hit us. Up until that point, we probably appeared to Lindsey to be a single person standing against the back of the dark shower stall. But when the water went supernova - Doug stumbled to the back of the stall, while I tried to turn off the water.

Lindsey stood there watching us dance apart into two separate figures behind the glass.

"Dammit Lindsey," I screamed while I tried to get to the levers.

She shrugged and casually apologized before walking out the bathroom door saying 'goodnight Jason' and closing it behind her. The water was off when I turned and saw Doug with both hands over his mouth trying not to laugh at our predicament.

"Jesus, are you fucking kidding me?" I whispered with a half laugh.

The bathroom door opened again and Lindsey said, "Goodnight Doug" and closed it again. That's when Doug sank to his knees in the shower and started laughing. A look of astonishment flashed across my face before I covered my own mouth and tried not to laugh out too.


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