Doug lay there against me for several hours just - breathing. His shoulder was nestled under my arm and his head lay on the corner of my chest; I caressed his back over the shirt he was wearing and it was nice. The feel of his bulk pressed into me was soothing, and reassuring.

But it felt awkward and I couldn't seem to relax.

Here lay this person with whom I'd been having the most ravenous summer affair with and it was by far anything greater than what I had managed to find in the previous months. But this thing with Kyle in the car had me feeling like shit. I knew I had to say something to Doug about it. He was one of his best friends after all, right?

"Doug..." I had to shake him a little. "Doug"


"Can we talk?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"It's Kyle"


"I'm worried about what he did today, kissing me at the pool, and then calling you to brag about it."

"Ok, so what are you worried about"

I felt like he wasn't interested in what I was saying or even grasp why I might be concerned.

"Doug, I don't like how Kyle made me feel, and he was really upset about what Donny and I did."

"Well, you did cheat on me."

Okay, now I was beginning to feel like I was in a relationship. Was I?

"Cheat on you?"

"Yes Jason, you had sex with someone other than me - I believe that is considered cheating isn't it?"

Cheating - the sound of that word sent me into a rage. I sat up and pushed him off me, causing him to slide onto the floor.

"Cheating? Are you fucking kidding me" I said to him.

Doug sat up and then leaned back onto his hands. "What would you call it?"

He was right - I had cheated on him. The part I didn't realize is that Doug and I had been doing everything that could constitute some form of exclusivity. But considering I was fucking another guy, I never thought the 'rules' of dating were the same. Were they?

"Doug - ARE we dating?"

The question didn't faze him as much as I would have expected and he took some time to reply. I shifted on the bed to face him. I felt like such a girl worrying about what my newly realized boyfriend was going to say about our 'relationship'. Did I want to be in a relationship - with Doug? Other than the amazing sex, what did we have in common? I couldn't think of a thing.

"Well are we?"

"Jason, what is the matter?"

"Doug, I don't like the way Kyle treated me today."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

The anger inside me was building and I could feel my face turning red.

"I want you to be angry about it."


"Because your friend kissed me"


"Doug, I don't understand why you don't seem to care what Kyle did today.

"What is there to understand? He kissed you; so what!"

"Let me get this right. You accused me of cheating on you with Donny and yet you are perfectly okay with your friend kissing me at the pool and then calling you to brag about it."

"Brag about it? I wouldn't say he was bragging."

"Well what would you call it?"

He hesitated for a moment and then told me that he felt proud that Kyle thought I was a good kisser.

"Proud - you feel proud of his approval."

He hesitated again and finally said, 'yes'.

I flipped the comforter off my bed and walked to the window. I couldn't believe what he was telling me. This entire saga was to win the approval of Kyle. The fact of whether I was a pawn in some game they were playing was becoming even clearer.

Doug came up behind and leaned into me, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing me gently on the neck. But I wasn't in the mood.


"What's the matter Jason?"

I wasn't sure what to say, but I knew it had to be something. I had to make him understand how I was feeling. I was about to have one of those moments when it is best to keep your mouth shut and have people wonder, rather than to open it and remove all doubt. But here it went.

"Doug, this whole thing between you and me..."


" this some kind of game for you?"

"What do you mean; game?"

"I mean, are we doing all of this for us, or are you doing this for Kyle?" I half wondered if the question was too deep for Doug to understand. But his response surprised me more than I had anticipated.

"Kyle said it would be good for me to make things right with you", he hugged me more firmly and rested his chin on my shoulder, "after what happened between us in the locker room at school. He said I owed you. And honestly, once we started this whole thing, I couldn't stop," he kissed me again on the neck, "there is just something about you Jason."

I leaned forward and turned to face him. "Are you telling me that this all started because of what Kyle has been telling you to do with me?"

He smiled, "Yes"

The rage took hold of me, I shoved him backwards and tried to walk around him out of the room; but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back towards him.

"Let me go asshole!"

"Jason, please stop!"

"I'm not some fucking toy for you and Kyle to fuck around with!"

I struggled to break from his grasp, but he wouldn't let go. I tried to push back against him, but he held his ground. It wasn't any use; he was stronger and bigger than me, despite my belief that I held some sort of power over him.

"Jason, stop fighting me. I know you don't really mean it." He said as he continued to increase his hold on me.

"I do mean it, let go!"

"No, if you really meant it you would be trying much harder." He said with a slight laugh.

With my back to him, I flung my head backward, knocking him hard in the forehead. He let go of one of my arms, and I elbowed him in the stomach. Doug stumbled back against the wall and clutched his stomach. I stepped forward and turned around. My head was pounding. I pushed Doug onto the floor until he was lying on his side and then I went for the bedroom door.

It was then that I heard his cell phone ring. It was on the floor on the other side of my bed. The caller ID said it was Kyle calling, so I picked it up and flipped it open. As I held it to my ear I heard Kyle say, 'Doug, what is going on up there - I can't see anything!' In surprise I flipped the phone closed and threw it at him.

"Kyle is outside watching us?" I screamed at him.

"Jason, wait"

"Wait for what? Why is he watching us Doug?"

Doug sat himself up and pulled himself into the chair where he fell back, took a deep breath and said, 'because that's what he likes to do - he likes to watch'.

"Watch what? Watch us fuck?"

"He likes to watch me fuck."

Doug's phone rang again but he didn't answer it. I looked at the phone on the floor and then at Doug. Kyle was waiting outside to watch something - maybe I should give him something to watch. I looked at Doug and told him to stand up.


"If Kyle wants to watch, then I'll give him something to watch, now get the fuck up and come here." Doug stood up and came towards me slowly. I already had my hand firm and ready when I slugged him in the face. Doug cried out and clutched his jaw. Being off balance, I turned and shoved him towards the window and came up behind him. I told him to take his shirt off and drop his pants.

"Jesus! What the fuck are you doing?"

I was pissed and the adrenaline was flowing through me. I found it easy to maneuver Doug now, and told him to take his shirt of and drop his pants again.


"Because if your friend Kyle wants a show; then I'M going to give him one - NOT YOU!"

Doug looked out the window and froze. I lifted his shirt over his head and flung it across the room; then I started tugging on his shorts, but they wouldn't budge.

"Unbutton them Doug" I commanded - and he did.

I pulled them down to the floor and then dropped my own. There we stood, naked against the window in my room. Somewhere outside I knew Kyle was watching and while I was incredibly angry, I was also astonishingly turned on. Doug was flabbergasted and unsure what to expect next.

I pressed up against his backside and thrust my hips into his buttocks. He stumbled forward until his face was flush against the window. He lifted his arms and pressed them against the frame of the window. The musky smell from his underarms became apparent - he was sweating. I reached around and grasped his face and cheek with my left hand and pulled his head towards the side while I suckled and bit at his neck and ear.

In a whispered frenzy I told Doug that if this is what Kyle wanted, then I wasn't going to be a toy anymore. I was going to make Kyle watch me fuck the shit out of his little progeny.

"Now lift the fucking window!"

Doug lifted the window up while I turned on my bedside light. It was surely enough to afford Kyle a decent view of what was going to happen next.

I spat into my right hand and began stroking Doug's cock; massaging and working it until it was stiff. Doug's head fell backward slowly as I took him. My prick pressed between his cheeks and a small moan escaped his pressed lips.

"Oh my god Jason" he eked out as he felt the tip of my hard-on press into the crack of his. I moved from Doug's neck to the tops of his right shoulder and bit into him hard. He cringed and his knees waivered with the pain of my teeth in this flesh. Then I sucked hard and ran my tongue over his skin.

Doug's prick was oozing so I ran my finger through it and smoothed it over his lips where his tongue tasted it. He always likes the taste of the clear stuff. I let go of his head and he turned to kiss me. Our lips touched and our tongues went wild against each other.

"You like this baby?" I asked him.

"Ah huh"

"Are you ready for some more?"

"Yes..." he said in a lusty whisper.

I grabbed Doug's waist and pulled back, telling him to bend over. He rested his arms in the window sill, his head pressing against the screen. I ran my hands down his sculpted back. It was hot and wet with sweat. As I traced his spine with my mouth and tongue, I felt him grind his ass into me.

He wanted it.

I knelt down behind him, spread his cheeks and ran my tongue through his sweaty valley. I could taste the tangy stench of his ass and it fueled me.

"Fuck yah Jason, eat my ass" he said softly.

Doug's ass was like two firm rump roasts. They were rock hard, but delectable to nibble at. I flicked away at his asshole with my tongue as he quivered and flexed his sphincter. When I pressed my tongue into his anal ring, his head lifted, mouth falling open, and his back arched.

I hoped Kyle loved this as much as I did.

I continued to work Doug's ass until I could no longer take it. My own cock was aching for attention and I was not about to blow my load on my bedroom carpet.


My next load of cum was going straight into Doug asshole and I was going to revel as he cried out for Kyle.

With Doug's asshole all juiced up, I stood behind him, spat on my cock and pressed into the valley of his upper buttocks. His skin was warm and moist. Doug's whole body was glistening from the hot humid air coming through the window.

"Do you want it?" I asked him

"Uh huh"

"How bad do you want it Doug?"

"Fuck Jason, I want it."

"You want ME to fuck you Doug."

"Jason, PLEASE FUCK ME!" he hollered out through the screen.

I grasped my cock and positioned it to his sphincter. I felt it pucker as I pressed gently against it.

"Fuck yah - do it Jason - put it in!"

Slowly, I pressed against Doug's asshole, but he was resisting. So I pressed harder.

"You gonna let me in?"

"I want to feel you ram it in Jason - FUCK ME!" he screamed out into the night.

So I did.

I pressed just a bit harder and when I felt his ass-ring relax for a bit, I grasped him around the waist and rammed my cock into him as hard as I could. I hadn't anticipated the force I had used; Doug's head was thrust into the screen; causing it to come off the channel and fall into the front yard below.

"FUCK!!!" he screamed out and stumbled forwards with horrendous grunt. He had to stop himself by grasping at the window frame.

He had stumbled forward enough that I too stepped forward to stay inside him. Once he secured himself I started frantically pumping his ass. It was all that I had remembered it would be; hot, smooth, tight, and wet. And I fucked him as hard as I could.

Doug's thighs were pressed against the wall while the majority of his torso was through the window, his head hanging outside in the night moaning and groaning into the darkness.

"OH SHIT JASON!" he screamed out, "FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!"

And I did, I was pounding his ass with such force and rhythm that I was afraid I'd fuck him right out the window. Doug's arms strained against my thrusting until he finally reached outside the window and grasped the ledge, his elbows bent and at his side. His arms flexed and glistening with perspiration.

I roared out as I ravaged Doug's asshole from inside my room. Sweat was pouring down my face, neck, and chest onto his backside. I could feel the sweat streaming down my back and dripping off my butt. Streaming down my thighs and tickling the backs of my knees and calves.

We were two heaving sweaty men coupled in the hardest fuck session I have ever been in; and I loved it. But I wasn't sure what I loved more - the fact that I had so forcefully taken Doug, or that Kyle could see how much Doug was enjoying this.

It seemed like hours that Doug and I carried on, but it was merely a few minutes before I felt myself shutter and blow my load up Doug's ass. My orgasm was strong and I fell against his backside as I emptied myself into him.

My breathing was heavy and I had difficulty regaining it. It was when I heard Doug tell me 'that was fucking amazing' did I slide back into reality and pull my spent cock from his bright red ass.

Doug lay there in the window, catching his breath and looking out into the night. Somewhere out there he knew Kyle was watching and he wanted to make sure he saw the look of satisfaction on his face.

Under heavy breath, I told Doug, 'are you going to get your ass back in here and finish yourself off'?

Doug came out of the window and fell back onto the floor. Once on his back I saw that he had shot his load onto the wall just below the sill. It was thick, white, and clung to the paneling.

"Oh, I see you already did" I said with a chuckle.

"Fuck dude that was awesome. You really tore me up!"

"Did I?"

He opened his eyes and looked up and back at me - this huge grin spread wide across his face. Looking at his body sprawled out on my floor, sweat pooling and glistening in the dim light - I lost my breath. He looked stunning. His chest heaved as he regained his breath, his stomach sunken, pelvic bone prominent, and his thick vein laden cock hanging to the side. His left leg was bent up at the knee, while his right leg lay to the side, his foot against the wall.

I wanted him again.

I slid off the bed and crawled over to him. My sweaty body slid on top of his, our lips touching, my arms encircling his head, and his hands crossing against my back. He grasped me tight and I felt our cocks press into each other.

"Jason, I don't care about Kyle; I know you did that for me and only me - not him."

"Did I?" I replied, kissing him again.

Doug brought his hands to my face but paused with a look of shock across his face.

"What is it?"

"Your back; it's covered in blood!" he said frightfully.

I looked at his hand and gasped. Doug slid his hand completely down my backside and brought back a slimy dripping hand of blood.

"Your stitches!"

"Fuck, I must have opened it when I hit you in the forehead."

"We should go - they've got to stitch you back up!"

I paused for a moment and realized that it would stop soon enough; and besides I didn't want to ruin this moment.

"No, I think I want to lie here a little longer - besides, it was worth it - don't you think?"

Doug smiled and kissed me gently on the lips. "Yes Jason, it was worth it."


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