Coach liked be in control; after all, he was 'the coach'. We did what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted. He didn't put up with insolence or back talk. And there was a reason for it. Because when you listened, you learned; and ultimately - you won.

If there is one thing I have learned from my experiences - it is that you never really 'know' or 'understand' anybody. Despite all of the ups and downs, people have an innate way of surprising you. And this time was no different.

He released his grip from around my waist and took a step back.

As I brought my legs down and my feet touched the floor, I watched him drop to his knees and place his hands on the edge of the bed.

"Sit up", he said.

As I sat up, the muscle in my stomach tightened and I winced as the stitches were pulled taut.

"That's good - right there."

I paused.

My body lay almost flat directly in front of him, moist with perspiration, battered from my entanglement with the fencing, and drugged from the pills he had given me. My cock lay semi-erect to the right side. I quivered with anticipation. 'What is he doing?' I asked myself.

He leaned forward and gently kissed my right knee. His lips were warm and soft, his breath - an inferno. Slowly he worked his way up by thigh - giving me gentle kisses as he made his way up my body.

The stubble on his afternoon beard scratched and tickled my skin, sending electric currents to my groin.

I was becoming hard again.

My breath was heavy and my head beginning to spin. My mouth was open, and I felt my tongue slide across my lips. 'Oh god - this is so hot' I thought to myself. I watched as Coach's head inched its way up my thigh. As my cock swelled, it slid upwards towards my navel. My head fell back as I waiting for him to kiss the shaft.

But he didn't

Instead, he pressed his nose into the crease between my groin and thigh - then inhaled deeply through his nose. A cool influx of hair wafted across my scrotum as he inhaled my scent. I looked down just as his eyes roll up into is head.

He was savoring me.

He nudged his face deeper between my legs, and my balls slid up on his nose as he pressed his mouth against the skin underneath them. It was my 'sweet spot'. The spot where, had I been born a girl, he would have slipped his tongue inside me. But what I felt had to have been so much better. He kissed and suckled at my soft flesh until the root of my shaft was pronounced once again.

That's when I felt his hands grasp my hips and pull me into him again. My legs wanted to flap open to give him better access to my core, but he held them firmly against the sides of his head with his own arms.

When he realized I was trying to relax, he slipped my knees up onto his shoulders again and squeezed my legs into his head. As I looked into his eyes, he paused without saying a word and gave me the look he had given me so many times on the mat.

'Do it' was the command that rang out in my mind. He wanted me to tighten my grip around his head with my thighs. He wanted me to scissor him.

And I did.

The muscles is my thighs flexed and tightened as I squeezed him with all my might.

His eyes went wide.

I thrust my ass up into his chin and saw his eyes roll up into his head.

When I released my grip, I felt coach press his face even harder into me. It was as if he wanted to get inside me. All the while I can feel his lips pressing and sucking away at the tender flesh beneath my balls. He was sucking at the root of my cock and it was incredible.

I found my asshole puckering and begging for attention, while my prick bounced and seeped clear sweet juice from its head.

I cupped my hand around the back of his head, and pressed him as hard as I could between my thighs, and squeezed him again.

When I heard him moan "uh huh", I knew I was doing what he wanted.

What he wanted...what...he...wanted...

Despite the energy that was building between my legs, my heart suddenly burst with anger and rage.

Coach tightened his grip around my hips and I felt I had no control. Despite my sitting on the edge of the bed, with Coached scissored between my thighs, he was still in control... of me.

As I looked down at him and the swirls of ecstasy surged through me, my anger took hold. This smug pig bastard was using me again... still. Using me for his own sick gratification - AND I WAS ALLOWING IT.

I pressed forward into him harder and he moaned, it was when I kept pressing and he slipped back of his knees to land on his back on the floor, that I felt vindicated. My knees came crashing down on both side of his head.

"What the fuck?"

I ground my crotch into his face and felt his lower lip skim across the lower part of my butt. My dick bounced against his forehead as I repositioned myself to straddle his face. The tops of my feet where up on his chest, my knees planted firmly on either side of his head, and I surged my core into the bridge of his nose.

"Oh yeah!" I heard him say from beneath me.

"You like that?" I growled at him. I was grinding so hard into his face, I feared I might break his nose, but the reality of that only made me press harder.

I rode coach's face like he were an untamed mustang. Grasping at his hair and pulling it like a saddle horn.

I felt his mouth open, and his teeth dig into the flesh along my cock root - it sent me into a frenzy.

I wanted more.

The head of my prick felt like it was going to explode, and my asshole quivered for more attention.

I lifted myself just enough to spin around and plant my ass into his face. His chin pressed into balls and I felt coaches tongue begin to flicker across my sphincter. My knees were pressed into the tops of his shoulder. I swept my left leg inward and under coach's head, then swept my other leg under that.

He was pinned to my asshole.

He attempted to raise his arms, but I grasp them at his wrists and held them down as I pinned him beneath me.

"Jesus Doug...oh my god...what are you doing?"

"EAT MY ASS YOU NASTY OLD FUCK!" and I pressed hard down into his face again.

I pressed a little too hard this time, and a blast of gas ripped into his face.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I heard him mumble from beneath me again.

As I rode coach's face, my cock bounced between my stomach and his chest. Long stringing trails of clear nectar made a smeared puddle in his chest hair.

His hair was coarse and thick.

I leaned forward, letting my cock fall into the valley of his heaving pectorals and slowly slide myself up and back - lifting his head, and pressing my ass into his face.

I had him...

...and it felt amazing

It felt amazing to be in control of a man who had used me more times than I could remember, and now to have him completely at my mercy was more gratifying that I could have imagined.

In front of me lay Coach's heavy dark cock, nestled in his thick nest of salt & peppered pubic hair; pulsing and throbbing for attention. I saw he was thrusting his hips slightly towards me, as if to tell me to take him into my mouth - but I wasn't going to do it. His chaps were tight against his skin, and he was sweating from our activity.

For an instant I felt lost in the moment. How long had I been a pawn to his whims. Doing what he told me to do, what he expected me to do - and for what? What did I have to gain from it? A fleeting sense of acceptance - of belonging. Did he give me the love my father never did?

My nuts dropped into his mouth and he sucked on them hard. The tugging brought me back to us. It was almost painful, but I didn't care. It was as if he was trying to tear my crotch apart with is mouth, and in a sense of ultimate release, I found myself wanting him to. I wanted to dump all of my anger and rage into him.

I thrust myself along chest, my cock thriving against him - pressed between our two bodies until I could no longer stand it.

"Fuck coach, I'm gonna cum" I eked out in a rapid breath

And when I slid my hips back, I felt his mouth open.

When I pushed forward, the head of my cock slipped in and against the bottom of his mouth. His arms tightened, and in a quick smooth movement, my dick angled straight down and into the back of his throat.

I flung my head back as I released myself inside him. Convulsing from my overtly strong climax, I was overcome with emotion as I unloaded. My seed worked its way deep into Coach's insides, my nuts straining as they emptied their pent up nectar down the shaft of my cock.

He began to struggle beneath me, choking and gagging on my swollen prick. His struggling intensified, but I held him down until I was done.

He thrust his hips upward as he tried to roll me off of him, but he couldn't get free. The more he fought, the harder I held him down.

That's when dick exploded in front of me. The tip of his cock burst with thick yellow ropey volleys of cum which splatter on my face and his stomach. Beneath me, I heard him cry out.


I inched myself up just enough to dislodge the head of my cock from the back of his throat and felt a rush of cool air swarm inside it. When I thought he had enough, I forced it back in and listened to him gag and struggle.

That's when I heard a wrap on the window. I looked up and there he was.



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