Lost in NE, Ch. 7

It was Thursday morning. I was in the library, at my favorite study carrel on the 2nd floor, desperately trying to finish off the first eight chapters of David Copperfield.

I had an English class after lunch where we were going to have to write an essay on something from those chapters. The bad part was that it could just as easily been on Chapter 8 as Chapter 1. It was a pretty good book; I was sort of rooting for David. But, I was definitely a little disturbed by all the drama poor little David had to put up with at his local boarding school. The kids were whipped or beaten with a cane for even the tiniest of infractions.

For some reason, reading the book it reminded me of Danny. It made me sad every time it popped into my mind. We'd heard nothing about him all week. Sitting alone in the library got me thinking whether or not Danny was getting whipped by his own Mr. Creakle. Yikes, I hoped not. I was still holding out for all of this to be a giant misunderstanding.

Maybe getting together and talking to my buddy Max would take my mind off all my problems. I thought I'd check in and see if he could hook up later, that would definitely cheer me up. I still had plenty to read before my test, but I put on my jacket and went downstairs and outside to give Max a call.

Knowing it was me, Max answered his phone on the first ring.

"Speak to me, my sexy friend!" Max shouted into my ear.

"Max!" I responded. The guy was probably sitting on a couch in Starbuck's with a dozen people within earshot.

"Teej!" he screamed.

"Fuck Max, you're a nut! Where are you anyway?"

"I am on my bed, with a huge glossy picture of you surrounding my private parts."

"Where the heck did you get a...? Forget it, I don't want to know," I said. "Please tell me you're not sitting on a couch in the Starbuck's in Central Square."

There was a pause while Max was probably thinking about what to say.

"No TJ, I am not at Starbuck's. Coffee makes me nervous. I am in my room, like I just said."

"No you're not, you hate your roommate."

"Yes, you are right. I hate the weasel. Do you know that this morning he got out of bed at 5:00 and ate microwave bacon on his bed?"

"Microwave bacon? Seriously? That's gross," I said.

"Yes, it smells the room up all over. Like everywhere. It all smelled like bacon! Now my pillow smells like bacon! I smell like bacon!"

Despite the fact that I was horrified for Max, I couldn't help but laugh. Max's roommate was a jerk. While Max had very few limits, sliced pork was apparently one of them. And at 5 a.m.?

"That's awful," I said with as much sympathy as I could.

"Yes, quite awful," Max agreed. "Can I move in with you today please?"

I smiled. Max was incorrigible.

"No Max, I'm sorry. I already have a roommate thank you."

"I know that you have a roommate, Teej. Alan can keep his naked self on his side of the room. I will just sleep in your bed with your naked self."

"Max, give me a break. You're not moving in with me."

"Even if I promise to fuck you twice each daily?"

I giggled again. "No Max, not even then. Not even twice each...daily." I always like how Max messed up his syntax. The guy was totally brilliant when it came to math and science, but god forbid he could string a few simple English words together.

"You are killing me, TJ."

"I know Max," I said.

"Okay, I will ask you again tomorrow. My roommate is a disgusting weasel who eats microwave bacon at 5:00 in the morning."

"I know you will Max."

"Okay then, did you call for a reason?"

I had to think. I had called for a reason, but what exactly was it?

"Well, how about we go for a nice run this afternoon? You can be me to forgiveness then?"

I grinned. "I have an English test at 1," I said. "How about we meet at the bridge about 4?"

"4 it is," Max agreed.

"Okay, see ya'," I said, hanging up. I went back inside and up the stairs to read about poor little sad David Copperfield.

Sitting back down to read again, I couldn't get Danny off my mind. I was still two chapters from the end of the assignment when I had to leave for my test. If the essay question had anything to do with those last two chapters, I was toast.

My chin on my chest, I left the library and walked down Bay State road to my execution. Since I'd gotten to BU last summer, I had never failed to finish an assignment-David Copperfield had gotten the best of me. All I could do was hope for the best on my English test.

Our usual lecturer wasn't there when I got to the room a few minutes early. Only the T.A.s were in the room, sitting up at the front, looking more than a little fierce. There were a couple I didn't recognize, but I did see Jeremy M. Jeremy M was perfect in my book. He had kind of a perfect little mop of perfectly combed and perfectly parted red hair. He was on the short side, which somehow made him even sexier than if he'd been of average height. He had perfect little hands, perfect little feet covered by clean little shoes, and he had a soothing preppy Boston blueblood way about him. Even his voice was sexy and perfect. Jeremy M was a classic, super nice, super put together, super smart guy. I'd practically ignored every single one of the other English T.A.s in this class in, swearing my allegiance exclusively to Jeremy M. In study section, he had never said more than a couple of sentences to me since I'd been coming to class. All the same, the lack of any direct personal contact between Jeremy M and me made him even more perfect to me. If that was even possible. While I stared holes into his perfect-fitting and nicely pressed khaki pants from my seat toward the back of the lecture hall, Jeremy M seemed to have no idea that I even existed.


I kept my eyes glued to his crotch, waiting for the test to be handed out.

From the front of the room, Jeremy M seemed even smaller. He looked up at the class of eager freshman English students. I smiled at him, hoping he'd notice me. Jeremy M stood and put his hands in his pockets. He seemed to be looking for somebody. I almost raised my hand to help him out. I'm right here Jeremy! Though it's possible I imagined it, our eyes met for a brief instant.

Aha! He is interested in me. My jeans suddenly felt tighter.

Ignoring the growing monster in my groin, I resolved to ace this fucking English essay. I would write a David Copperfield masterpiece critique in the next hour that would make Jeremy M proud. Completely shocked by my superior vocabulary and my outstanding powers of persuasion, Jeremy M would invite me into his little T.A. office in the English building. He would have already pinned a copy of my test onto his bulletin board for all the other kids to see. Then Jeremy M would express interest in my growth as a young freshman, offering any kind of assistance I might need as I ascended the collegiate ladder.

Jeremy M would wind up bent over his office chair while I showed him what David Copperfield really needed. Jeremy M would receive, free of charge, an eight and one third inch lesson in love from his eager young student. What a lucky lad Jeremy M would consider himself to be.

As soon as the clock struck one, the little TA mice ran up the stairs and handed out the essay question. Unfortunately, Jeremy M went up the wrong aisle and missed out on the opportunity to personally hand me my test.

I looked down at the paper before me. I smiled. I got this.

There was to be no further speaking. No explanations. Just write your essay, all you eager freshmen. You have 55 minutes to show us what you got. Okay, go!

Having read only the first six chapters and having struggled through even those, I'd say I got lucky here. Somehow, I dug some words out of my head and got them onto the page. Jeremy M might not pin this to his wall, but I'd pass.

After English, I walked home to change into my running stuff. My roommate Alan wasn't there, so I had the rare chance to be alone in our dorm room during the day.

My weenie was still on high alert after my not so close encounter with Jeremy M. With no Alan around, I could beat off before my run, the coast was clear.

Methodically, I picked through my dirty clothes hamper looking for a cum towel. Settling for the pillowcase I'd taken off my pillow last week, now I just had to find some lube. I was definitely out, that much I knew. I had some strange hand cream that my mom bought me for my birthday, but that stuff smelled like cinnamon apples and there was no way I was putting that onto my dick. Alan to the rescue. He had an industrial size jug of Lubriderm that would work just fine.

I took my pants off and folded them up on the floor by my shoes. Then I took my underwear off and set them carefully on the bed, within easy arm's reach.

Then I lay down and closed my eyes. Jeremy M materialized on command.

We were back in the English. Jeremy M's pants were down around his ankles and he was standing in front of the lecture hall talking to my class. Jeremy M was dressed in a black t-shirt with some words on the front that I couldn't quite read. He was standing in front of the lectern and trying to explain how David Copperfield was so clearly gay.

Even as a tot, Jeremy M argued, the clues in young Master David's life were there. Queer as fuck.

And now, as David was a schoolboy bunking next to dozens of other young schoolboys, with all that testosterone floating around the dirty little school, one could anticipate that all sorts of hanky panky was going on between the lines of Dickens' story. Just because Sir Charles Dickens didn't include those details in his narrative didn't mean that they didn't happen. In fact, David C was probably one of the more popular boys in his school, being such a handsome lad and all.

Some of the students in the row next to me protested what Jeremy M was trying to teach us. They objected, quite vocally, to the sweet and innocent young Master Copperfield being made a gay hero, but Jeremy M was absolutely certain that the lad was bent.

"Gay, gay, gay," he bleated.

I raised my hand to ask a question.

"Yes," Jeremy M calling on me. "The handsome boy in the back."

"Uh, Jeremy, sir, I'm a bit confused by these dalliances between the school boys that you are describing. Can you please show us how you think young Master Copperfield would have demonstrated this alleged intimacy with his schoolboy colleagues?"

"Why certainly, I would be delighted to do so," Jeremy M said.

Unconsciously, he smoothed back his perfect red hair with his left hand. His right hand lightly rubbed the treasure trail of fine and perfectly coiffed red hair heading down south to Mr. Happy.

"What's your name, anyway?" Jeremy asked me, tugging lightly at his cock.

"TJ sir," I answered.

"Very happy to make your acquaintance TJ," Jeremy said. "I've noticed you before. Especially earlier when you were staring at my crotch just before we passed out the tests."

I blushed. Just happy to be noticed.

"What do you have to say for yourself, TJ?"

"It's true sir, I was definitely staring at your crotch," I said.


"Seriously? You have to ask?"

"Yes, I do. Please answer my question. Don't be embarrassed in front of all of your fellow students. We are all friends here."

"Okay, then, well the truth is, I think you are kind of hot. For a T.A., that is," I said.

"Thank you for saying that."

"Sure," I was happy that he wasn't embarrassed by my calling him hot in front of the whole class.

"Hey, is it true that you suck a mean cock?" Jeremy M asked me.

Now I was really embarrassed. I could hold my own when it came to giving head, but I had never heard anybody say I sucked a mean cock before. But, on the other hand, maybe it was true.

"Um, well, I guess," I said. "Most of the guys don't complain."

"Good," Jeremy said. "Why don't you come down to the front of the room and you can show the rest of the students this talent of yours?"

"Right now? I mean, this isn't really a good time," I answered.

"It is a great time. Besides, I'm totally horny. Why else would I be standing in front of the entire freshman English class with my pants down around my ankles?"

"Good point," I said.

"So, what's it gonna be TJ? Are you coming down here to suck my dick or not?"

"I'm definitely coming down there. Don't start without me," I said.

I quickly made my way out of my row, and skipped down to the front of the room, tossing my clothes onto the steps as I did. I was totally naked when I got down to the bottom row.

When I got down to where Jeremy M was standing, he also flipped his pants off of his legs and was standing in a provocative spread eagle waiting for me. Jeremy M's dick was very white, but very fat. The little red ring around the head was so red that I was sure that everybody in the back row of the class could see it very clearly. His nut sack was completely hairless, but hung loosely between his legs. As I got closer to Jeremy M's dick, it bounced lightly in anticipation of my aforementioned mean cock-sucking skills.

Back at the ranch, I happily realized that Alan's borrowed lube had done the trick.

From my belly button to about mid-thigh, I was all lathered up with Lubriderm and my wiener hard as a rock. I squirted a little more into my palm and stuck a finger inside my own butt. Just like always, I was gushing pre-cum out the head of my dick. It was not my first fantasy jerk-off with Jeremy M. But after lusting after him at the start of my English test today, I'd obviously worked myself into a little frenzy over the guy.

Back in class, I loved seeing Jeremy M up close and nude while everybody else in freshman English looked on. His penis was semi-hard now, and looked amazing up close. Jeremy's dick was whiter than the rest of him and dangled happily below a shock of bright red pubic hair that was perfectly trimmed. Jeremy M winked at me and smiled as I got down onto my knees in front of him.

"Now class," he began. "Take note of how TJ immediately assumes a passive position. If he were young Master Copperfield, and I were another pupil..."

Poor Jeremy M was unable to finish his statement.

He looked down at the eager young freshman English student between his legs and seemed to stop breathing as I opened my mouth and took his growing manhood inside of me.

Jeremy let out a little moan, looked down into my eyes, and took a breath before attempting to continue the lesson to our English class.

"You are really good at blow jobs, TJ."

"Thanks," I said with my mouth full of Jeremy M's hard dick.

A key in the lock of my dorm room door rocked my fantasy world. I scrambled to cover up my erection as my roommate Alan entered the room with a grin.

"What the hell buddy?" Alan said, looking at the industrial size jug of his Lubriderm lying on the bed by my right hand. "Were you just doing what I think you were doing? With my Lubriderm even?"

I flipped over onto my stomach and shook my head.

"Um, no," I said.

Alan grinned. "Yes you were," he drawled. "You were spanking the monkey!"

I shook my head again.

"No, I was just using a little Lubriderm on my, um, ....on my thighs." I was a terrible liar.

Alan busted up.

"Maybe you mean 'between your thighs," he said.

I shook my head again. But my bare butt and lubed up hand gave me away.

"Well, whatever dude," Alan said. "I don't care. You can use my stuff whenever you want. Just leave a little bit for me."

"Thanks," I said quietly.

"I just stopped back to grab a book," Alan said.

"Uh," I said.

"And now I'm late for class. See you later dude."

In a flash, Alan was gone. And I was alone in the room, buck naked from the waist down. And completely over-lubed in my mid-section.

I checked the clock. It was just past three. If I hurried, I could go get a little mini work out in over at the gym before I met Max for a run at the bridge. I cleaned up the gloppy mess of lube as best I could, threw on a pair of running shorts and a singlet, put my I.D. around my neck and headed off to the gym.

The gym we were allowed to use as Boston University athletes was all the way on the other side of campus, close to the track. It was a little cool for a spring day in Boston, and I ran full speed all the way. For a weekday afternoon, the place was jumping. There were a lot of guys I recognized: baseball players, wrestlers, swimmers, and a couple guys from track. We had no formal practice set up for today, I was sort of on my own to get some work in.

I started out with a little rowing. I set the resistance to the highest level the machine would allow and settled in. I loved the rowing machine, it strengthened my quads, my arms, my back and my core all at the same time. Plus it allowed me to be at crotch level so I could enjoy the show put on by the other boys in the gym at the same time.

About five minutes in, a very handsome guy chose the machine next to mine and set himself up to row. He had dark skin and dread locks cut short. His face was clear and smooth and he had gorgeous white teeth. He was wearing a red BU shirt and basketball shorts. As he rowed, his forearm muscles bulged and a fine layer of sweat formed with the effort of each stroke.

I completely lost focus with such a hot guy less than three feet away from me.

I feebly tried to keep rowing, but my head would just not keep straight. I couldn't help turning my head toward him at every possible second to get a better look at the guy. He seemed to have a very smooth and rhythmic motion on the rowing machine. Maybe he was on the BU crew.

After a couple minutes, it was clear that I wasn't really trying so hard on the rower. I was way too distracted by the boy to my left. Why the heck did I even come here to work out anyway? Stuff like this always happened. I'd get into a groove on the rowing machine, or maybe doing the stepper, and then I'd see somebody who was totally hot. Then I was done. Workout over. Maybe I should try the girl's gym. Nothing to bother me there, at least I'd get something accomplished!

I was just about to give up and go out a little bit early to meet Max when Jeremy M should walk up right in front of my face.

Holy crap!

Jeremy M sauntered up the rowing machines as if he had emerged from a fog machine. He just suddenly appeared out of nowhere! He struck up a conversation with my dread locks rowing buddy. If Jeremy M had actually noticed me, he gave no indication. I reconsidered my prior decision to leave. With both Jeremy M as well as very hot dread locks dude practically within licking distance, there was no fucking way I was getting up from this rowing machine.

I played it cool while I listened to their conversation.

While I couldn't quite catch everything, it sounded to me as if the two of them were surprised to find each other here at the gym at the same time.

Turns out that Jeremy M wasn't quite sure he would make it today, but he'd decided to put off grading the papers from the freshman English class he was T.A.'ing until this evening so that he could get a work out in while it was still daylight.

Hot dread locks dude is here at the gym pretty much every day, but this is a little later than he usually comes. He was really happy to see Jeremy M since it had been so long.

Jeremy M agreed that it had been too long.

Dread locks dude wondered whether Jeremy M had time to grab a bite to eat after the gym, and Jeremy M said that he would like that very much. It's just that he had to shower first. He hadn't showered this morning because he'd been in a hurry to meet the English professor for whom he was T.A.'ing so that he and the other T.A.'s could get everything ready for the essay quiz on David Copperfield that was scheduled for just after lunch.

Come on, did Jeremy M really not know that I was a student in this very same freshman English class? And that I sucked a mean cock besides? And that I was sitting on the rowing machine just a couple feet away? Hello?

Dread locks dude said that a shower sounded like a great idea. Why don't the two of them just finish their work outs and then they could shower up, get changed back into their street clothes and head out for a bite?

This conversation was making my dick hard.

Jeremy M readily agreed to this plan, but said that he had forgotten to bring any of his stuff that he usually used after a shower and could he borrow some of the post-shower stuff from the hot dread locks man?

At this point, pre-cum was leaking from the head of my dick like a little pink faucet.

Dread locks man was happy to share whatever he had brought. In fact, he said, there was a new lotion he had picked up at Kiehl's over on Newbury Street that Jeremy M would probably like.

Hello? How about me? I like Kiehl's too!

Jeremy M mentioned that he generally loved the grooming products from Kiehl's but they were so expensive that he rarely had the opportunity to use them.

I'll buy, I'll buy. I'm just a broke freshman, but I'll buy!

Dread locks dude agreed that things at Kiehl's were a little pricey, but they were pretty much worth it. They made his skin feel silky smooth and he found he could use a bit less and not go through the products quite as quickly as he went through other products from other stores.

Seriously? Silky smooth? I'll show both of you silky smooth. Try the inside of my butt cheeks for example.

Probably pretty good for jerking off too, Jeremy M joked.

As the two of them laughed at Jeremy M's joke, I practically came inside of my running shorts.

The rest of their conversation was lost on me. Something to do with Lacrosse.

Lacrosse? What the fuck was that anyway? We didn't have that in Apple Valley. I concentrated hard on not shooting my load as my legs went rhythmically back and forth on the rowing machine. If I had chosen to get up right about then, both Jeremy M and very hot dread locks dude would have known that I had a boner. And then Jeremy M would definitely have fucking known who I was-the boy in the back of the lecture hall who got the boner on the rowing machine.

My arms were aching. The long conversation between Jeremy M and his nice friend with the Kiehl's lotion had kept me rowing way longer than I had intended. I needed to stop soon, or I wouldn't have any energy left for my run.

Fortunately, Jeremy M finally left the dread locks dude to go back and finish his workout. Despite craning my neck in a very uncomfortable way, I couldn't quite tell where in the gym he went. I was still hard, so I still couldn't get up. A couple minutes later, dread locks dude got up and left as well. As soon as he was a fair distance away, I collapsed in a heap on the seat.

My erection was still throbbing, but maybe I could manage to get myself out of there without too much drama. Five minutes later, I was back outside on the street. My crotch was again a leaky pool of sticky pre-cum, but at least nobody inside the gym had seen what was going on in my shorts.

Max and I met up on the Cambridge side of the Mass Avenue Bridge. We went for an extra long run, all the way through Watertown around Mount Auburn Cemetery and into Waltham. We hit the Brandeis campus and turned back. It was a beautiful clear New England evening and the sun was still out the whole time. By the time we got back close to Max's dorm room on the MIT campus, it had gotten a lot cooler though. Max and I parted, agreeing to meet up at South Station after lunch tomorrow.

Since I'd been away from campus for so long, I only had on my tank. Unless I wanted to freeze to death, I'd have to keep running all the way back over to BU. I picked up my pace and headed over the rickety old bridge toward MGH. Back on my side of the Charles, I fantasized about Jeremy M and dread locks boy sharing lotion in the shower room back at the gym at BU. I worked myself up to quite a state and don't remember a single stride. When I finally pulled up to my dorm, I was beat, but I had a smile on my face when I pushed the elevator button to go up to my floor.

I was home before sunset. The long run with Max had been just the ticket. I had managed to get the disappearance of Danny Leeman for a few hours. Tomorrow would be a different story entirely. I was headed back down to New Haven. I resolved to help Officer Ruggazione in whatever way I could. Together we would get to the bottom of this whole mess.


TJ Tachet

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