That Friday night following my shower encounter with Leemans, I threw a few things into a backpack, kissed my mom (well, mostly she kissed me), and hopped on my bike to head over to the Danny and David. My legs still ached from a crazy week of training, but it felt good to be pedaling for a change and not running.

When I got to the their house, I leaned my bike against a side wall and knocked on the door. Danny opened the door after about half a second. He had on a loose pair of jeans and a skimpy white ribbed tank top. He was barefoot and his dark hair was messed up. Looked like he'd just taken a nap or something.

"Hi TJ," he said.

"Hi, hope I'm not too early."

"No, don't worry," he yawned. He lifted his shirt as he scratched his chest. "I guess I just fell asleep after school."


"That's what I should've done," I said. "I worked on some stuff for my Biology class."

A confused look crossed his face. "I mean, you know, since we've gotta get up early tomorrow to get to the meet and all," I added.

"Oh," he said, yawning again. "Yeah, a nap is always good. I've been pretty wiped out this week. These fast runs really take their toll. There's no way I was doing any homework this afternoon!"

He opened the door wider and let me pass. I inhaled as our bodies brushed each other. He smelled like orange soda.

I laughed. "You? Tired from running!? I don't believe it!"

Danny and I both sat down heavily on this massive, over-stuffed couch in their den. Pretty comfortable. I'd never been inside this part of the Leeman house before, I think maybe just the front hall and that was probably it. The inside of the house was much larger than the Tachet homestead. And the furniture was huge and soft!

Without thinking I put my feet up on the coffee table and let myself relax. Danny took my cue and put his own feet up on the table. He wiggled himself around until he had gotten his feet to about two inches away from mine.

"Is it okay?" I asked, suddenly conscious of the fact that I should have asked first. I nodded at my shoes and lifted them up into the air, off of the table.

He smiled. "Nope," he teased.

I blushed.

"Take your shoes off. The Leemans run a shoe-free house."

I looked at him skeptically. "Really?" But he just nodded so I flipped off my shoes and put my feet back on the table. Danny put his arms behind his head and seemed to study my feet.

"Socks too," he said.

"Really?" I asked, stupidly.

"Socks too," he confirmed. With that he reached over and grabbed my ankles and then pulled my socks off. He threw them both across the room onto the rug and then put his own feet back up on the table. This time his feet were no more than a quarter inch away from mine. My own feet could feel the heat from his. It sent a shiver that traveled up from my toes and into my groin.

Uh oh. That was pretty much my Ground Zero, penis central station.

"Okay, thank you then, I guess," I said, taking a breath.

Neither one of us said anything else and the silence felt weird. I looked around the room.

"Where's David?" I asked.

Danny paused before answering, he had an exasperated look on his face.

"TJ, I am David. Why do you keep doing that?"

"Uh, I'm sorry..."

"Danny's upstairs," he said.

I was horrified. How could I make such a stupid mistake? Again!

"David, I'm really sorry," I said. "Shit! You guys are just too much alike!"

"This stuff happens, you're not the first." David said and let his feet touch mine.

Penis central station immediately noticed that my bare feet were in contact with the bare feet of another 18 year old boy. In an instant, the message was relayed to my brain. An erection wouldn't be long now. Did every kid my age have a sex drive like mine? Fuck!

The situation with Danny leering at me in the shower was still on my mind. David hadn't been quite so interested in me naked, but why was he touching my feet? This was a whole lot for me to process all at once. The situation was quickly becoming complicated. Here I was, supposed to just have stopped over for an innocent overnight before our road trip to a college track meet tomorrow morning. I was not here to fuck around with a Leeman twin.

Or was I? Hmm. Who was it that had asked me anyway?


As casually as possible, I moved my feet a few inches away from David's feet.

I was wearing a pair of track pants from school and I knew from experience that if I got a hard-on there would be no hiding it. Whenever this happened in school with my track pants, the whole school would find out immediately unless I had some books to carry as a shield. It was really stupid to do that, and it felt awkward holding my books there, but what could I do? Sitting here at the Leemans, I needed to shut down the possibility of a boner right away!

And how exactly was I going to do that? With David in a muscle tee right beside me, playing a little footsie?

I was a goner. David lifted his shirt again and gently rubbed at a nipple.

"So, there are a few cool movies over at the mall around eight o'clock. That sound okay?" He asked.

"Um, yeah, sure," I said. "Whatever. I'm easy, I haven't seen much anyway."

David smiled. His teeth showed that his parents had paid a lot of money at some point in the past to have them straightened.

"Uh huh, I've heard you're easy, really fucking easy," he goaded me.

I gently kicked David's feet with my closest one.

"Fuck you David," I said with a smile, "you don't know anything. Whatever you have heard is not..." my voice trailed off. Why did everybody always think I was such a little slut?

"Not true...." David mocked me. "Come on, we both know otherwise. Both of us laughed.

David kicked me back lightly. Then he let the heel of his foot dangle above my toes.

I held my breath and just watched to see what he might do next. After a moment, he let his foot slide between the first two toes of my right foot. He kept it there. I watched quietly as he did this. I did nothing to stop him.

I looked at David's face.

Oh my god! It's Danny, not David. He's been playing with me.. It was Danny at the door. Danny on the couch. And Danny who was right now teasing me with his foot. Only Danny would fuck with me like this, not David. Only Danny would actually claim he was David, never the other way around.

"You're Danny," I said. "I know you're Danny. You fuck," I said playfully.

Danny leaned toward me conspiratorially, his hot breath was on my face, his lips were inches from mine. Our feet became unhinged from each other.

"You're right TJ," he said in a whisper.

He didn't move away after speaking, but I didn't back away myself.

I exhaled into his mouth and he smiled, easing backward to the back of the couch.

"Why are you messing around with me?" I asked.

Did he do this all the time? With other people at school too?

"Hmm," Danny said with a finger to his upper lip. "Messing around. There's an idea." He looked up at the ceiling as if he had come up with a novel idea for the first time. Then he smiled again, this time even more broadly.


The unmistakable sound of a toilet flushing upstairs interrupted the conversation. Oh yeah, the other twin. That's where he was. Danny nodded toward the staircase.

"David?" I asked, my voice in a whisper.

"Um hmm," Danny said, raising his eyebrows. "That would be my lazy ass brother, David."

"Lazy ass? Come on! Not David. He's about as far from being a lazy ass as they come," I protested.

Danny just smiled and rubbed his toes against the side of my foot. "You have no idea," he said, and I giggled.

I thought that it was about time to change the subject.

"So which one of you lazy asses is going to win State this year?" I asked, no longer whispering.

"Which one of us do you think is going to win State?" he asked me back, with a smug look on his face. He was daring me to say that I thought it would be David. Which I didn't of course, I was pretty sure that if anybody was capable of winning our state high school championship, it was going to be Danny. Still, I had no intention of telling Danny that.

"Well, let's see, if you're Danny, then I'm gonna say Danny. If you're David, then maybe it's David."

"TJ, I'm Danny. I thought we just went over this."

"Yes, I know. You did say that, but I'm not ready to commit yet."

"And I'm the one who is going to win State," he said confidently.

"Okay, you're the one," I said, agreeably.

"Even David can tell you that."

"Okay, maybe I'll just ask him."

Danny nodded his agreement, and then he looked toward the stairs to see if his twin was coming down yet. Seeing that he was not, Danny rubbed my foot again with his.

I was a guest of Danny and David's tonight. I thought maybe I should give him something, just being a polite house guest.

"I mean, you are pretty damn fast," I added.

We both knew it; it was something that didn't need to be said. My sore legs from track practice this week were the proof. Danny set a blistering pace that I could barely keep up with.

"Um hmm. Yes I am fast," Danny said, putting his heel back between my toes again. This time I opened them so that he would fit right in easily.

I stared at our feet. Mine were shorter than his and a little wider. My toes were kind of stubby. I wore a 9 and usually had to search for a shoe that was on the wider side. If I couldn't find wides, I felt like I was scrunched inside and feet were sore when I took them off later.

But, on the other hand, my fat little feet definitely did the trick on the track. They were good runner's feet I told myself. My parents always reminded me that my feet would make very good paddles if ever I wanted to go into swimming. Which I didn't, though the whole Speedo thing was kind of intriguing.

Danny's feet were surprisingly identical in lay-out to mine, maybe a little narrower, but probably also a 9. His toenails were clipped short. Like most runners, he had a couple dark ones, this weird thing that sometimes happened to all of us after really long runs.

Danny noticed that I seemed to be concentrating on our feet. He crinkled his toes in response, and moved his heel up and down between my big toe and the one next to it. I looked over at him; he had shifted his eyes wasn't looking at our feet anymore, he had been watching my face.

Somehow, the roughness of Danny's foot on mine felt pretty good. Even though it had been touching me for a while, I could still feel electrical shocks start in my toes and travel all the way up my legs. All of the electricity ended up in penis central station, of course. I felt the heat from my dick, it was rubbing along the fabric of my underwear.

"So you think I'm fast, huh amigo? You ain't seen nothing yet!"

"Um, okay," I said with a gulp. I had a rough idea where this was headed.

"Fast! You have no fucking idea!"

Here we go. Danny kept his eyes glued to my face. My cock was getting hard for sure this time. I looked away, trying to think about something else.

We both heard David's feet as he clomped down the stairs.

"Who's fast?" he asked, laughing. "Come on, boys! Are you guys talking about me again?"

Danny lifted his heel out of the socket between my toes and placed it gently on the coffee table. He left his foot a few inches away from mine.

When David finally got downstairs after getting ready for whatever it was we were doing tonight, I could see what all the fuss had been about. He looked fucking hot! While Danny was the messy twin, David was definitely not, and for tonight, he was totally put together. David had on jeans like his brother, David's fit him snugly through the waist and had a sort of European hug around his groin. He wore a white belt and a light purple Polo shirt. His hair was gelled up into a sort of half-way Mohawk-not usually my thing, but David pulled it off. He looked amazing.

Danny stretched out his toes and rubbed the bottom of my foot. The move caught me by surprise and I quickly pulled my foot away.

I looked down at David's feet. I couldn't see much though. He had on some dark socks and was carrying his shoes in his hand. I tried to figure out the size. Hmm, probably a 9 as well. They were twins, after all.

"Me," I said, finally answering David's question after a long pause. "I'm the fast one."

Danny made a sound that sounded like a hiss.

"Come on, you guys! I am fast, well maybe not compared to the two of you, but you least for the 3200, I get up there toward the front when we race."

Another hiss, this time from both Leeman boys.

"But you guys wouldn't know shit about that, of course" I said. "I mean, since you only run the short distances."

Danny pretended to pout. "A mile is it?" I asked. "How cute!"

David picked up my socks off the floor and threw them at me. Danny laughed and they fell harmlessly on my chest.

"Well, yes, you do run the 3200 faster than us. But in the 1600 or the mile, or whatever, we wipe the track with your ass," David said.

I had to give them that.

While the conversation waned and the room became quiet, it seemed like the right time to focus my attention on me and Danny's feet. As the silence dragged on, I scrunched up my toes. Danny watched me do it and then he did the same thing.

Somehow, in a weird sort of way, this whole foot thing was completely turning me on.

Knowing exactly what this all meant to TJ Junior, I picked up a throw pillow as a precaution and placed it expertly over the crotch of my pants, they already felt a little bit tighter, if that was even possible for track pants.

"So, are we going to catch a movie or not?" David asked, breaking through the quiet.

He sat down on the couch beside his brother and began to put on his shoes.

Danny waved him off. "We've got time, TJ and I were just talking about our chances at State later this season."

This was a common conversation in the locker room after practice. Since any conversation about running was safe ground for me, there was even the chance that I wouldn't get a hard-on. Happily, the three of us launched into a lengthy discussion about our team at Apple Valley, particularly some of the younger guys who were aching to get off of JV and run Varsity. As the talk turned an more serious corner, Danny checked in and even stopped playing footie with me. At one point, I asked the Leemans whether they thought any of the lower class boys would be challenging me as number one for the 3200.

"Well, there's that girl on the JV team. I think she's about 12," Danny said. He could never resist the chance to tease me. To soften the blow, he playfully dug his big toe into the sole of my foot.

David, on the other hand, was all business. He thought more seriously about my question.

"I mean, there are 4 or 5 of you can run the 3200, right? You're the senior. You went to State last year?"

"I went to City," I corrected him. "State was not an option for me, I didn't qualify."

"Okay, well that's good. You went to City last year. You'll probably do that again this year, right?"

"Um right," I said, "I guess."

"Still," David offered, placing his hand on his chin. "Seems to me you've got a leg up on the other guys. You're experienced, seasoned. There's no way Coach pulls you off of the number one spot."

"I guess," I said again.

"So if you stick with us and you work your ass off and don't fuck around when you should be running, then you'll go to City again. And then you'll go on to State."

I smiled, it all sounded so simple. "That's it then, just run?" I asked, pretending to be horrified.

The two Leeman boys nodded in unison.

"Run with us every day. Fuck Coach. He's a great guy, but for us seniors, he has nothing more to offer us."

I pursed my lips and nodded. David was probably right.

"Listen," David said, leaning toward me. "Just watch the guys from all the universities tomorrow. We've got some books up in our room on some of the science behind running. They can be a little dry, but there's some good stuff in there too. Danny and I read ages ago. We'll help you, you know. And then we'll all go together. To State."

I sighed. Fucking State. Making my state high school championships as a senior would be incredible. Man, I really wanted to go!

"We'll do it together!"

"Yeah, it'll be fun, amigo" Danny added, curling the tips of his toes so that they could touch the the tips of mine.

I smiled. Then Danny lowered his voice, trying to imitate Yoda from Star Wars.

"We have the technology, we can re-build you!" It came out more like Mickey Mouse struggling through puberty than Yoda, but he made his point.

I giggled.

David socked Danny in the shoulder. "You're an idiot," he said to his brother.

At the movies, we all wore shoes and socks. Danny and I truly didn't care which movie we saw, so David picked. He had chosen an action movie with a whole lot of karate or kung Fu or something. I was a little bit into it, particularly the scenes where nobody seemed to have a shirt on. But I didn't know too much about marshall arts, so I'm not sure I totally understood everything I was watching. Even though they were always competing with one other somehow, still the Leeman boys sat side-by-side inside the darkened theater. Probably just from habit, I guessed..

I had managed to get myself seated on Danny's side. I think. I was pretty sure that Danny was sitting next to me, but I wasn't going to take any chances-it was certainly possible that he would fuck with me again and switch with his brother when I went out to get some popcorn.


During one particularly long and bloody scene where the lead actor (some Korean guy who I had seen before I think) was karate chopping the hell out of somebody, I must have groaned from how ridiculous it all seemed. Danny (or whoever he was) must have heard me make a funny sound and patted my thigh a couple of times as if to say, 'don't worry, I think it's pretty silly too.' But, of course, since it was just Danny being Danny, his outstretched fingers were surprisingly close to my balls. And after the little friendly pat was over, he left his hand there gently resting on my thigh.

I snuck a peek at his face, but he seemed to be absorbed in the show and didn't return the look. But his hand never moved.

After a few minutes, my leg was beginning to feel warm under Danny's hand. I sort of wanted him to move it away, but I sort of didn't. To shake things up, I put my hand on his and there we remained for a while. When the karate chop fight on the movie screen was finally over, the hero stole a quiet moment away from the action. He found his female love interest and grabbed her hand as they walked along a dirt path surrounded by flowers. Danny flipped his hand over the other way and clasped my fingers.

I was actually holding hands in a dark movie theater with a guy in my high school! On my track team!

Danny's hand was warm and dry. Mine felt cold, probably wet with perspiration too. But I didn't move a muscle. I was liking it.

"You want some popcorn?" I whispered to Danny, pulling my fingers away from his. My hand had started to cramp up a little was and I was worried that it was sweating too much.

"Sure," he said happily.

I reached down onto the seat beside me and picked up the rest of the popcorn I'd bought. As I handed it to Danny.

As Danny pulled his arm back that was holding the bag of popcorn, instead of going in a straight line, he swept his forearm down my leg toward my knee, making contact with as much of my upper leg as was humanly possible.

Back at Penis Central, my track pants tented upward immediately. Fuck.

Danny had a goofy smile on his face as he continued to watch the movie and he ate a little popcorn. When he was done, he handed the bag back to me without actually turning his head away from the movie. The awkward angle caused some of the popcorn to fall onto my lap.

Accidentally, on purpose. I'm sure.

"Oops," he said grinning from ear to ear, clearly proud he'd been able to pull that off without even looking at me.

"Danny!" I said in a loud whisper.

"I'm really sorry," he said, pretending to be really sorry. "Here, let me..."

With that, he quickly dug his hand between my legs very close to my nuts. The smooth fabric of my track pants allowed Danny's fingers to glide easily between my thighs and he fished out the popcorn pieces that had fallen down there. I had been too surprised by the speed of his hand to do much about it. But when he reached in again in search of more popcorn, I was ready.

But when I tried to grab his wrist to keep it out of my lap, it was too late. He had turned his fingers the other way around and he got a great feel of exactly what he wanted to feel. Danny pretty much got a completely unobstructed feel of my entire dick and balls.

I tensed and tried to squirm away but we were in a very quiet room so I couldn't really object out loud. Somewhere out there, a karate movie was playing.

"Here you go," he said, his palm open and handing me the popcorn that had fallen in his open palm.

Was I supposed to eat it?

So I did eat the popcorn. It was still a little bit warm. I don't remember how the movie ended, but I remember the pre-cum in my underwear making it difficult to walk outside to the car.


TJ Tachet

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