The next morning, on Tuesday, I called down to New Haven first thing.

It was my second police department phone tree in less than a day. This one I negotiated easily, much more quickly than the crazy BUPD phone tree that I was forced to sweat out the previous day. This time it was only five minutes and I was connected.

Once the actual ringing started, he picked it up after just one. "Ruggazione?"

"Um, hi it's TJ." I said.


"You know? From Boston University? In Boston?"

"TJ, oh yes, right," he said. Come on, did the guy really not remember me? Had I really failed to make an impression?

"It's about the Danny Leeman disappearance thing. Is this a good time?"

"TJ, I gave them my private line to give to you. Why didn't you use it?"

Thank goodness he couldn't see my face turn red. He was right. I had completely forgotten the number I'd gotten last night from BUPD. I'd looked up the general number on line and just worked my way through the bureaucracy. What a bonehead!

"Um, well, they did, I mean, they did give it to me. I just forgot to use it," I stammered. I thumbed the scrap paper with Ruggazione's number written on it. It was right there, staring at me. And I hadn't even used it!

Alan was gone and I had our dorm room to myself.

"Well that's good, I guess. I'm just happy you got the message to call back," he said flatly.

"You are?" My mind formed a mental picture of a happy Officer Ruggazione at his desk in the New Haven police station. In my brain, he was wearing a crisp white shirt, opened two buttons down from the collar, there was a nice little tan going on there between his open buttons and just a hint of thin, dark chest hair. There were those fancy gold-colored epaulets on his shoulders with some kind of eagle on them, the eagle was not happy. But the Officer was freshly shaven and smelled of something faintly orange and musky. There was a bulge in his tight pants that happened just when he picked up the phone and heard my voice.

"Um hmm." I clearly couldn't both talk and conjure up elaborate fantasies.

"I mean, okay, that's good." I felt my dick start to stiffen. For god's sakes! The man was all the way in Connecticut and he was already given me a hard-on. Other than the boner my imagination had given him, we weren't exactly having phone sex!

"Yes, so TJ, we've got a few more questions to ask you."

"You do? Uh okay, who's we?"

"Well, I should say that I have a few more questions to ask you. About Danny."

I took a breath.

I kept trying to look on the bright side of the situation. The only good part about this whole terrible business with Danny was that I'd met a cop that was fucking hot. Ruggazione leading the investigation into Danny's disappearance made things just a tiny bit, well...normal.

"So, do we know anything more? Do you have any leads?" I asked, before he could start me off with his own question.

I heard him breathe deeply on the other end of the line. "Sorry TJ, not yet. We were finally able to speak with some of the other boys that Danny was out with on Saturday night."


"Well, other than some additional confirmation of what Danny did before he split off from the group, we didn't learn much that we didn't already have. It's always good to have multiple people independently corroborate his exact location, however. I feel pretty confident that we know precisely what Danny was doing and where he was. Before he left."

"You mean, you know where he was before you don't where he was," I asked, confused by my own question.

He paused before answering. "Uh, yes. That's right."

"We think we might know which direction he headed also, after the others started to head back to the Omni Hotel," Ruggazione said.

"Well that's a start, I guess." Talking about Danny was making my eyes water again. I inhaled and tried really hard not to cry. I think I'd been weepy enough in the past few days. And I needed to be strong in front of the police.

"TJ, do you know if there were any unusual practices that Danny was into?"

"Unusual practices?"


Oh! That.

"You mean, like sex? Sex practices?" I really wanted to hear Ruggazione say the word out loud.

"Yes," he said professionally. I exhaled.

Hmm. Unusual sexual practices. For someone like me, I was pretty green in the sex department. And while, I had certainly done my share of reading about weird stuff, I can't claim to have been much of an expert. Clearly, Officer Ruggazione was a bit out of his element here too.

"Like a foot fetish?" I asked, saying out loud the first unusual sex practice that came to mind.

"No, TJ, not a foot fetish, I don't think that's what we're after here. I mean. That's not all that unusual anyway?"

It wasn't?

"What I mean is, do you think that Danny was into pain? Bondage? You know, S and M?"

I laughed out loud. The idea of my friend Danny tied up, hanging from a sling getting a whipping was about as impossible as anything I'd ever heard. Danny was much more likely to go for feet.

Danny talked a lot. A whole lot. But that was about it. If anybody even tried to get a little rough with him, there's no way he'd put up with that. He told me once that a guy he'd met at an out of state track meet when we were in high school had once spanked him just as they were doing a little foreplay. Danny said he was so shocked he'd lost his wood. And then he got the hell out of there. Super fast. So no, there was no way that Danny had gone to a bar in New Haven where he might get strung up from the rafters and wrapped up in rubber or something.

"No. No way," I answered. "There's no way Danny would do something like that. Danny didn't even like to get spanked."

"He doesn't?" the policeman sounded surprised. "It's not usually something that friends talk about."

I laughed. Then why was he asking me in the first place? There were all sorts of mixed messages coming over the phone line from Officer Ruggazione.

"Yeah, I guess it sounds a little funny, but you know, trust me. I know Danny. And definitely not, he was not a spanker, er, I mean, a spankee," I said, brimming with a new confidence.


I decided to take a chance. Maybe I could help Danny and plant the seed of forbidden love with Ruggazione at the same time. While I considered what to say next, I could hear the policeman writing furiously in the background. Why wasn't he typing this into his computer? Maybe he's just an old fashioned guy. I smiled to myself. I could fix all that.

I took a deep breath and started. "Well, the truth is. Well, Danny and I even fooled around a few times. You know, I mean, we fooled around with each other."

There was silence on the line. I could hear him breathing, nothing more.

"Sex, I mean. We fooled around and we had sex together."

"Uh huh."

"With each other."

"Okay, TJ, I get it."

I paused again. My pulse was racing.

"So, Danny, you know, he is just a really big talker. Pretty mouthy in fact, but there's no way he would ever do, you know..."

"S and M?"

"No, never. Not his thing. No way. Nope."

"You are sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Why on earth are you asking about this stuff anyway?"

"Because there's a bar over by the harbor that is known for that kind of stuff. S and M."

"There is? I didn't know that." True statement.

"I just wondered whether or not Danny might have wandered over that way, toward the harbor, and then gotten himself into a little more trouble than he could handle."

"Danny can handle just about anything," I said. "But he wouldn't go to a place like that. Besides he didn't have an ID. Just like me, he's only 19 and he looks even younger. He'd never get into a place like that, he'd get carded right away."

There was more silence on the other end of the line.

"So, was there anything else you need from me?" I asked.

"Let me see."

More breathing.

"Have you talked with David?" I interrupted. That's Danny's twin brother? Does he have any good ideas?"

"Yes. No. I mean, yes, I talked with him. David's here but not, he doesn't have any good ideas about his brother's disappearance.

"Oh," I said.

"David arrived here in New Haven yesterday. He and I have spent a lot of time together so far. He's pretty shaken up, as you might imagine. And he hadn't talked to Danny for a couple days prior to Danny's disappearance."

"Oh," I said again. It must be totally killing the poor guy.

"David doesn't know anything more than you and I do. He said he wants to talk to you."

David and I had talked briefly on Sunday night when I got back from the trip. He told me that he was flying in, but he hadn't worked out his flights yet, so I didn't know when he would get there.

Since then, I wondered how David was handling this whole thing. Like most twins, the two of them had pretty much done everything together. Their whole lives, of course. Growing up in the same bedroom, going to Apple Valley High together, along with me, and then running track in the afternoons. Now the two of them were both at the University of Oregon and the two of them were both on the track team. Both had scholarships to run track. Danny had once shared with me that the amount of money he received was a little more than what David got. But that it wasn't really a big deal. He just wanted me to know that, so that maybe I'd think he was a more talented runner. Which I sort of did. Since he was. Most days.

Everybody within listening distance of Danny's mouth was certainly well aware that Danny was the better runner of the two.

But, of course, looking at things objectively, David really wasn't that far behind. But, all the same, Danny had been invited to this track meet at Yale while his brother David had not. That was probably saying something. Knowing the two of them as I did, I was pretty sure that David was happy to let Danny have the spotlight-and most of the time-maybe all of the time, actually. Danny was happy to bask in its glow. Danny would do practically anything if he had an audience.

"You'll call David then? You have his number?"

"Um, we actually talked Sunday night," I said. Maybe David had forgotten to mention to Ruggazione that he reached me. I'd imagine that poor David was probably a basket case. "I've got a class this morning, but I'm free for a while after that and I will definitely give him a call" I said, trying to sound reassuring.

"Great. TJ, I know that David would appreciate hearing from you."

"Yeah," I agreed.

"And, I think it would be terrific if you could make it back down here this weekend. If we don't find Danny by then, my chief thinks we may need to cast a wider net. You know, look into some areas that we are not considering right now. New York, for example, maybe other places even up around you, in other parts of New England. This search could get pretty drawn out."

"You want me to come down to New Haven?" I asked. I hadn't heard any of the rest of what Ruggazione said.

"Yes," he said with a sigh. "I think that would be great," he responded.

I hadn't thought about going back down again to Connecticut so soon, but maybe that was a good idea. Maybe I could help. Or maybe...

"Um, okay, let me think about it, try and work out my schedule" I said. I knew I had no plans this coming weekend, other than sitting in the library and trying to study.

"Well I hope you can come."

"Yeah," I said again.

"Plus I'm sure David would be happy to have your support."

"Uh, yeah, that's right. David. Of course. I'll do what I can to make it happen."



"Maybe I'll see you soon then TJ, just let us know what you decide so that one of us can be here to talk more. I work Saturday this weekend, but then I'm off Sunday."


"Okay, right."

"Take care of yourself, Teej."

Teej? He called my Teej? Only my parents and my closest buddies called me that. Like Danny and David.

"Okay, bye," I said.

He wants to see me again? And he has the day off on Sunday.

I sat down on the floor of my room and thought about how crazy these past few days had been. It was a total cluster-fuck, all right! And Danny was at the center of it. Hmm. I wonder if Danny did go to that crazy S and M bar near the docks. If there had been a back room where the guys hooked up to have sex, and Danny could put on some kind of a show...then maybe, just maybe that this was something I could see him doing.

After I'd through for the twelfth time every possible place Danny could have gone, I closed my eyes and tried to think if I had missed anything. Some cue. Something he might have said on Saturday that could be of use.

When the heavy work my brain was doing started to be replaced by naked fantasies of Officer Ruggazione upside down in an S and M sling.

About then I thought maybe it was time I headed out to my class.

I threw on a light jacket and locked our door behind me.

As I walked down Comm Ave toward my late morning English class, my mind concentrated on Danny and what could possibly have happened.

I was trying to figure out whether or not this whole business with Danny could just be some spectacularly bad screw-up. Maybe Danny was alive and well and had just decided not to run in his race. Instead, maybe he caught an early flight back to Oregon.

On the other hand, and more in keeping of everything I knew about Danny, maybe he was with some fantastic new sex buddy that he met on Saturday night. The two of them were probably having a womp-fest at the guy's apartment in New Haven and hadn't come up for air since they met up.

Or, maybe he was in huge trouble somewhere along the Eastern seaboard. I pictured Danny buck naked and tied to a bed post, being fed Cheetos and grapes by some guy who'd looked promising for a quick fuck.

But, given the kind of guy that Danny was-or is-whatever he is doing, I'm sure he's taking care of himself, and had absolutely no idea that any of the rest of us are worried sick about him. Danny was probably just too god dammed absorbed in whatever it was that he was doing to have any thought of us by making a courtesy call to me or to David, or to anybody.

Or, maybe...

I didn't want to think about any other places where Danny could be right now.

I kept walking. A cold Charles River wind smacked me in the face. I ducked into Peet's for coffee. It was unusual for me to have one during the day. But if I was going to be able to focus in class, I needed the help. Standing in line to order, there were some kids in front of me. Obviously in high school-and having no business slowing me down from a caffeine buzz-I watched them horsing around with each other. Since they were probably under age, I kept my eyes above their waist. A fair compromise. In a goofy way, they reminded me of hanging out with the Leemans back in Apple Valley.

One of my favorite hangouts with the Leemans during our senior year had been that weekend we caught a college track meet together. After a pretty goofy Martial Arts movie we were back at Casa Leeman now and we were starting to turn in. I remember well how confused I was. Plus excited at the same time. There was that weird uncertainty of what was going to happen. Three high school buddies about to lay down for the night, in a small tract house bedroom. Endless possibilities swirled in my head.

Luckily for me, possibility number one was addressed immediately.

None of us, neither the Leemans, nor me were pajama guys. Just underwear to sleep in.

Mine were white. Pretty much my usual, I had a few pair with some crazy-ass patterns that my mom had bought me on sale someplace in San Bernardino, but I resolved never to wear them if there was any chance I'd actually be seen in them. And tonight being one of those times, I grabbed the white ones.

Danny's undies were white too, just like mine. Tighter of course, and probably pretty expensive. There was a pouch-like thing up front, which apparently contained everything important that belonged to Danny below his waist. I had a pretty good idea what Danny had in the pouch. I had no idea what brand they were, but I aimed to find out. I hoped his pouch was stretchy.

David was the odd man out. He had on a pair of striped boxers that were obviously fairly old, being worn down to fabric that was so thin you could practically see through it. I already knew what David looked like naked, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have to do much imagining. Twins!

While David and I were brushing our teeth, Danny kept us entertained with some stretches on the side of the bathtub. My eyes darted back and forth between the two brothers. Danny had contorted himself into a position that pushed his pouch outward, showing us both that the pouch (and all of it's contents) had indeed stretched out. David rolled his eyes at Danny. David's flimsy shorts were almost as entertaining. The elastic band on the top kept sliding down in the front, winding up just below the top of his pubes. David made a valiant effort to keep himself covered up, but it appeared to me to be a losing battle. I took extra long scrubbing up my teeth while I contemplated whether or not these very obvious displays of testosterone were the norm around here, or whether it was all intended for my benefit. Danny was clearly semi hard under his pouch, and while David probably wasn't he had obviously chosen his underwear with at least some of this in mind.

David and I finished up brushing and Danny took our place at the sink. I hopped into my makeshift bed on the floor between the two beds the boys had. Not worrying about Danny having to find his bed in the dark, David hit the lights and stepped over me to climb into the sack.

Danny brushed his teeth in like three seconds and found his way through the bedroom without incident.

I took a deep breath and shut my eyes tightly. I had no idea what the routine was around here.

"So, TJ, we usually can't fall asleep until we whack off. It's our tradition, and I, for one, think it's a good one!"

The voice came from the direction of Danny's bed. It was way too dark to actually see his lips moving, but it was definitely something Danny would say. David might have thought it, but it was not the sort of thing that I would think to come out of his mouth. Ha ha.

I was on the floor between the two of them, currently confined in a sleeping bag. I tried to imagine the logistics involved in a circle jerk.

"What?" I asked. I was only a little bit startled by the comment. I was a nighttime whacker as well, so I could understand. But when you had a sleepover? Hmm. I reminded myself that Danny was a talker, pretty much all the time, including when we all went out for a run. So, it figured that he would shoot off his mouth even when he was just about to crash for the night.

David made a heavy sigh before he spoke.

"Danny, not tonight okay? We have company, you know bro. Seriously!"

Danny ignored David's protest. "Amigos!" Danny said as if addressing an assembly at school, but a little too loudly for this time of night. If his parents were listening to use from downstairs, they would absolutely know what we were talking about. Hopefully they were snoozing already.

"I have just made a true statement, mis amigos, and my bro over there knows it," Danny added. He was using his best Spanish accent, obviously from the class with Senora Mason that we shared. "All I said was that it's a tradition for the Leeman twins. We whack off, it's a fact. If we don't do it, we don't sleep as well, it's as simple as that!

"Danny, stop it. TJ is here, and this is not cool."

I was actually pretty cool with it.

"So? TJ being here doesn't matter. Remember what happened with cousin Jake?"


"Well, we're all guys here, it's just a guy thing."

"Right, but we can take the night off. TJ is our friend, not our cousin."

I wondered if I should step in here and express my viewpoint.

"David, don't be such a pussy. We spank it. Pretty much every night. We just do! We have to for crissakes, cleans the pipes if you know what I mean."

I laughed.

"So, who's in mis amigos?"

"Danny, you're being a jerk."

David was apparently going to be a tougher sell than I'd thought.

"David, it's totally cool. Not only are we practically grown men, we're coming into the peak of our sexual maturity."

"We are?" I asked.

"Yup. Read it a couple weeks ago in Vanity Fair. Guys hit their peak at 19, that's my next birthday."


"Absolutely amigo. And before I actually turn 19, I want to get even better at getting off."

I laughed again. David groaned.

"So, is that a yes?"

"No," David answered.

"Um," I said weakly.

"Guys, guys, guys. We're guys!"

"Yeah, that much is true," I agreed.

"And as guys, we beat our meat. Like I keep saying, we do it every night, rain or shine, or whatever it is you say when the sun goes down. And besides, we're buddies! Buddies on the fucking Apple Valley fucking track team!"

This was starting to sound like a pep talk that some of the guys would make just before one of our track meets. I loved those!

"So I say we get to it. It doesn't matter that the Leeman brothers have an overnight guest. I mean, it's our really good buddy TJ. That's a bonus!"

"Right!" I was starting to get more into the spirit of the moment.

"And boys," Danny went on. "Pretty much God and everybody else who's ever been in the Apple Valley High School locker room already know that our buddy TJ has a weenie."


"And, from what they say around school TJ has a weenie to be proud of."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said.

"Please!" Danny scoffed.

I started to talk but no words came out. Danny picked up where he left off.

"So, there you are, mates. Let's just do what God intended us to do. Let's not waist time talking about it anymore. Let's not let our sexual peaks go to waste! Let's jerk off and do it now!"

"Ugh," David said with as much disgust as he could muster.

"Davy baby, you need this worse than the rest of us. Trust me, I am your twin and I know you best."

David grumbled something unintelligible.

"I'm serious. Let's do this right away. It will absolutely relax us, and we'll all sleep better. Then we'll all go to the college track meet tomorrow and have a really happy, fucking day! And I won't have to walk around Loyola Fucking University with a fucking boner for eight hours!"

David and I both laughed at this last comment.

When Danny finished with his speech, I heard him flip his covers back. I smiled and giggled nervously. I wasn't sure what exactly was going to happen next, but my weenie was sure looking forward to whatever that was.

"Hmm, well, I might be able to do this," I said, pretending to think it over very thoughtfully. Of course I did not want to appear over-eager, as a guest you know, that wouldn't be so polite. I took a deep breath before I said anything else.

"Right on, amigo," Danny said with glee.

"I'd hate for you guys not to be relaxed, you know, and not be able to sleep," I added. As a former Cub Scout, I had been well trained to do things for others.

Danny snapped his fingers in victory. It was a sort-of nighttime quiet equivalent of a high five.

"There, you see Davey, TJ is being a very gracious guest. He wants us to relax."

I smiled. Because it was so dark, I couldn't see the poison arrows I though David was probably sending over to Danny's side of the room.

"TJ, forget about it," David said. "Danny's an idiot, trust me I've known him all his life. There is no other conclusion."

Danny grunted. He yanked his blankets back violently, smacking against a poster he had on the wall above his bed.

"TJ, seriously, whip it out, we're doing this," Danny said.

"Well, I guess."

"Show me your big monster dick TJ!" Danny whispered as loudly as he could.

"Just ignore him TJ, he'll eventually give up and leave you alone. He needs his rest, and his dick will live to cum some other night. Trust me on that!"

Danny wasn't listening to his brother. He had sat up and was not positioned on the edge of his bed. I saw an article of clothing whiz across the airspace over my head in the direction of David's bed. White underwear?

"Um," I said. "I don't really..."

I heard a familiar skin-smacking sound.

David groaned again and pulled his blankets over his head. I strained to see Danny better in the darkness. My eyes were getting there.

In fact, I've got a raging hard on right now," Danny said.

Of course you do, I thought.

Danny moved a pillow away from his mid-section. Clearly for my benefit, Danny appeared to waggle something dark and tube-like that was attached to his pelvis.

"All right Danny, you pervert, you do whatever you want with that itty bitty weenie of yours. TJ doesn't have to take his dick his out just because you did. And neither do I."

Uh, maybe I could speak for myself please.

Danny cracked up. "Itty bitty weenie? Come on! Seriously bro?"

"Yes. That's what I said," David answered.

"Ouch! You realize bro that if you insult my weenie, you sort of insult your weenie too. We're twins bro, you know? We sort of wound up with the same weenie in life."

This was getting very interesting.

"Dad too!" Danny added.

Dad too? Hmm. How did he know that? I was happy to have absolutely no idea what my dad's penis looked like. Sure he'd been naked in front of me a few times, but I'd refused to look at it. Just in case I got a... Yuck.

"Yeah, I guess. But even though we're twins, you wound up with all the fucked up genes. My DNA is clean."

"You've got a point there, bro," Danny agreed. "But then, I also got the good looks too!"

"Oh for crissakes! We look exactly alike, Danny. Nobody can tell us apart. Not even mom sometimes! But below the waist we are not the same! Our penises are not identical, you know that. Yours is, I don't know, yours is..."

"I think the word you're looking for is massive." Danny suggested.

"Well hung," I threw in.

David coughed. "Hardly. I was going to say that yours is, um, well, I guess I would say that yours is just a lot more worked in!"

We all giggled at that.

Danny agreed with his brother. Finally!

I started to ask. "But, I thought you guys were..."

David interrupted me. "Don't worry TJ; the two of us are not totally identical. We just look the same."

Oh that clears it up.

"Oh," I said.

"Right," Danny said. "But don't forget that my balls hang way lower than yours do bro."

After dozens and dozens of showers together in the locker room after track practice at Apple Valley High, I couldn't believe that I had not picked up on this.

"Really?" I said in wonderment. Twins were a puzzle to me.

Then, just as quickly as the room had gotten so chatty, it just as quickly got really quiet. The conversation was over, I guessed. I was pondering how to get us back on track for the circle jerk. Fortunately, Danny took care of everything. I could hear again the slap-smack-swoosh sound coming from the core of Danny's crotch. I smiled. Game on!

David exhaled the entire weight of the universe out of his mouth. I took this to be resignation. Que sera, sera!

"What?" Danny asked, breathing heavier.

"You're so depraved, Danny," David said.

"Depraved? What the hell does that even mean?" Danny asked.

"It means you're an idiot," David shot back.

"Okay. I guess I'm an idiot. Sue me."

I put my hand around my dick, sensing my cue.

"So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," Danny giggled at his own pun. "Come on amigos, let's all be idiots together."

"You've made a very good counselor. I have no further defense," I said. "I'm in."

"Arrrgh!" David groaned.

"That a boy," Danny said, trying his nicest voice out now. "That's two out of three track studs. We just need one more for it to be unanimous!"

"Three track studs," I offered. Pretty fucking hot, actually.

"Yup. I worry about my brother sometimes TJ. He gets himself so worked up! I'd say it was Catholic guilt, but I know that's not it since we're Jewish."

"Shut up already. Holy fuck!" David said. I held my breath. Maybe, just maybe, David was in too.

After a long pause, David flipped his covers back too.

Yay. I squinted my eyes to see what would happen next.

I stroked up and down on my cock a few times while I waited. Out of the darkness, a pair of worn out boxers whizzed above my head.

"All right Davy baby!" Danny cooed.

"Shut up," David said.

"I just want to thank you, bro. This way, maybe, just maybe, I won't spooge myself watching the college boys at the track meet tomorrow."

This totally cracked me up.

The Leemans were silent while I convulsed on the floor with laughter. Danny joined in and was laughing to. It took a full minute for me to stop. Once I started breathing again, David broke the silence.

"Danny, you're such a pain!"

"I know," Danny agreed.

"Pervert." David whispered but we could hear the giggling in his voice.

I put both hands inside my underwear. My dick was hard already, and it was kind of goopy at the tip. I was a notorious pre-cummer. Just talking about jacking off on the Leemans' floor, I was gushing pre-cum.

"Um, okay," I said. "Do you guys have some...?"

"No," David answered quickly. "We don't. None!"

No lube? Really? Come on, everybody has lube.

"No lube sorry," Danny responded, much more politely than his brother did. "Uh, well actually, there's probably some hand lotion on the counter in my parents bathroom. But I'm not going to get it! Not with a boner already!"

"Uh, okay then, just forget it," I laughed. "I'm sure I'll manage."

"Cool," Danny responded. "Whack off party! We're whacking off with TJ!" he sang out.

I looked up at the beds to see exactly what the Leeman boys were doing. It was still mostly silhouettes, but I had a nice view all the same.

"Danny, throw TJ some Kleenex or something, we don't know how fast he is." David said. Finally he was back to being nice, sweet old David again. Davy baby.

Two pieces of tissue floated down like parachutes from the sky. They landed softly beside me. I picked them up with my right hand and looked at them. Then I put them on my chest for later.

"Rock and roll!" Danny said, probably watching me scoot the top of my sleeping bag back. He sounded happy.

"Danny, when you're about to jizz, just keep it on your side of the room bro," David said.

"Aww! That's no fun. Tell you what, whoever shoots first gets wins. And the winner gets to jack off the other," Danny taunted.

"What?" I asked. That wasn't a circle jerk, that was sex! Fuckin' A! A fresh squirt of pre-cum leaked out the top of my cock.

"Deal!" David answered quickly. Really?

For the next few minutes, there was no talking. The room was quiet but for the sound of the three of us breathing and that happy, soothing drum beat of skin stroking skin.

I concentrated on not shooting my load too quickly. Cumming too fast had been a big deal for me in the past when I'd gotten way too excited. If ever there was a situation where I was going to get way too excited, this was definitely it.

Danny's voice broke the silence. "That's it, I'm a go! Party time!"

Wow! That was fast, even faster than me!

"Shut up you idiot," David said. "Can't you just cum and keep it quiet? Nobody really fucking cares!"

Danny obviously couldn't keep quiet. He started to moan out load, in sort of an exaggerated porno movie squeal. "Oh yes, baby, yes, yes, YES!"

I laughed and stopped what I was doing with my own hand. With all Danny's carrying on, it was impossible to do just about anything else. On the other hand, from the sound of it and from the feverish pace over on David's side of the room, he was still whacking away, trying to catch up with his twin. Who, in all fairness, had quite a head start.

"Oh my god!" Danny said. "That was fucking great!"

"Shut up Danny," David said.

"I win! I win! I win!" Danny blurted. "I was first!"

"Shh," David hissed. "You're like a jerk-off freak! I can't believe how quickly you can cum sometime! Seriously! Nobody gets off that fast!"

"Um," I started, but thought better of it.

"You're just jealous cause you're not as fast as me, bro," Danny replied happily. "At anything!"

"At beating my meat, yeah you're right Danny. You're like a national champion. But on the track, well, I don't know these days. I think I'm pretty god dammed fast too!"

"Okay, okay, don't fight boys. We're 18 -year old high school seniors, just about to hit our sexual prime. And, and we're always raring' to go! With our dicks. With our legs on the track. Or with whatever!" I said, trying to be helpful.

Danny giggled.

"Either in the sack, or out on the track," I added. I was pleased with myself for coming up with such a clever line.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Danny shot back. "Nice rhyme."

I laughed too.

"Shut up you nimrods," David squawked.

Danny jumped up out of bed and leaped onto David's bed crossing over me as he did. In the faint light of the room, I could make out most of the more interesting parts of Danny's body. Plus I got a pretty hefty whiff of Danny's guy-scent. He smelled like I did after a track practice, at least that concentrated part of me from inside my jock.

Danny was on top of David, reverse cowboy. Danny had such balls!

"Come on, bro," Danny teased. "Let's get all those little sperms out of you!"

"Get off me, you idiot!"

"Come on bro! We've got company tonight, let's show TJ what you can do!" Danny said.

"Danny, cut it out!"

I sat up. For this I wanted to see clearly.

Danny had pinned his brother to the bed and was trying to grab hold of his dick. David was bouncing up and down on the bed like a bronco.

"Danny, don't you freakazoid," David said in sort of a muted scream.

As I watched the show, I tugged away at my cock.

"Bro, you know this will do it for you. It always does!" Danny said. From what I could tell, David was bent upwards, his back arched off the bed and Danny was up top, stroking his twin brother's penis.

Much later, when I thought about what all of this meant, I felt a little bit bad for David. But right now, just as we were headed toward the big finish, I kind of got into it. The scene was totally fucking hot!

"Danny! Don't! Don't!"

Danny reached an arm through his brother's legs and appeared to be sticking his finger in David's ass. Oh man!

"Mmm, there you go, that's better right? That's what you like, right?"

David made a weird little half-moan, half-groan. "Knock it off! Don't! Don't"

Danny was looking over at me with a big smile on his face. "Easy tiger, easy," Danny said. From what I saw, Danny seemed to have complete control of his brother. David was putty in his hands. Both of them.


David had stopped struggling. He was moaning softly. His panting increased and so did the rhythmic slapping of flesh.

"Oh, all right," David had surrendered to his twin.

"That's my Davy," Danny said.

"Jesus fucking Christ! Just don't draw this out forever! Like you did last time!" David's voice was in a high register I had never heard him talk in before. The boy was clearly on the verge of something pretty awesome!

Last time? Really? This was a recurring thing over here at the Leemans?

"Not a problem," Danny answered. "I know just what to do. You just relax little bro."

I cleared my throat. "Ahem. Is anybody going to talk to me too? What exactly are you guys doing?" I asked.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh!" It was David.

I scooted my hips a little bit toward the scene on David's bed. and moved closer to his bed to better see what was going on. Now that I was just a foot or so away, I completely could piece together the puzzle of Leeman twins. David was on his back and Danny had tucked one of David's legs around his torso, Danny's full weight keeping David from moving. One of Danny's hands covered David's ass and the other was stroking up and down on David's cock. Maybe one of Danny's fingers was inside his brother's butt.

"Cool," I said quietly without really meaning to.

Danny was smiling with this huge face of teeth. He nodded at me.

"You gotta do what you gotta do," he said. "It's a tough job, but I never turn down tough jobs."

"Good," I agreed.

"Uh, uh, uh!" David moaned loudly.

I wondered if what I was witnessing was illegal. Well, if there were laws about it, there shouldn't be.

"And, uh Danny, are you doing what I think you're doing?" I asked. "I mean with David's ass?"

David kept moaning. Nobody seemed interested in answering me. It was clear that Danny was doing something his brother liked, and neither felt much like talking.

"Um hmm," Danny said. "This makes him fuckin' nuts, he totally loves it!"

Well who wouldn't?

Danny slapped David's ass cheek so hard I was sure one of their parents would come into the room. David moaned some more.

"Fuck yeah, Danny."


"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" David panted.

"That should do it," Danny said, his voice brimming with bravado.

The dark silhouette that was Danny's twin brother David twisted and bucked up even higher off of his bed.

"Aaaaah! Fuck! Shit!" Apparently David had reached a point of no return.

David let out an exhausted sigh. Danny took a deep breath as well and looked over at me. We all just sat there breathing for a minute.

Finally, Danny let go and untangled himself from his brother. He sat up on the edge of David's bed and grabbed for the Kleenex box. As he stood up to go back over to his own bed, I could see that Danny still had a boner. Pretty impressive after all that work he just did.

My dick throbbed, begging for attention. Watching this whole display of brotherly...I don't know what...had made my own boner even harder. I lie down on my pillow and let out a deep sigh. I grabbed myself and yanked a few times.

"So what do you think TJ?" David asked.

I don't know. I had no idea what I think.

"I mean, do you need some help too? Danny's a pro!" David asked me.

Now? All of a sudden, David is advocating that his brother do to me what he just did to him. Uh...fuck yeah!

I let my brain think for a moment, instead of my penis.

"Uh, yeah. I can see that. But, um no," I said. "No thank you, I'm good, I'll just finish things up here real quietly now and we can all get some sleep."

David was still wiping himself up. "TJ, you won't say anything to anyone will ya'? Please!"

The thought of sharing this story with my friends at school had not occurred to me. And besides, nobody would believe me anyway.

"What? What do you mean? There's nothing to say. I didn't see anything," I answered smugly.

"Hmm, that's too bad. Maybe we should have turned a light on then. My little Davy boy here came a shit-load!" Danny said.

"Danny, Jesus! TJ doesn't need to know everything."

So it's okay to have witnessed what I just did? But knowing how much sperm David shot onto his brother, that was off limits?

Danny looked over the edge of his bed at me, he winked. I shook my head.

"It's a twin thing TJ," Danny explained. "We have been naked together our whole lives. We've been getting erections since, like forever. We share a room. What the fuck were we supposed to do? There's no privacy in our lives, we share a lot of stuff."

"Yeah, I guess. You guys are pretty close," I acknowledged.

"Well, David won't admit it. But you know, I do sort of know my bro even better than he knows himself," Danny explained.

I saw David nod his head in agreement.

I went back to pulling absently at my dick. I still had a boner but somehow my mind was in a very strange place. I kept thinking a lot of conflicting thoughts about what I had just witnessed. Somehow whacking off at this point just sort of seemed hopeless tonight.

"Don't worry, David. I won't say a word," I added.

"Thanks man," David said, "Danny's got great hands and he knows how to use them. But, you know...he can be such an asshole!"

"I'm an asshole?" Danny asked in a sort of mock, horrified tone. "I'm an asshole? Really David? I give you this great fucking orgasm cause I know exactly, precisely what gets you off?! And I'm an asshole?"

"Oh come on Danny," David interrupted, "you know you just did that for TJ. For his benefit."

"What are you talking about bro? We're twins, we share it all. I probably honked on your Johnson inside Mom's womb!"

I cracked up, so did David. 'Honked on his Johnson?'

"Um, well, thanks, that was a blast for me," I said. "I think. Thanks for letting me be here to experience the moment. Loved it! Real brotherly love."

"Just forget it TJ, forget you saw anything at all. And fuck you Danny," David said. "You did not jerk me off inside mom's uterus. That's disgusting! Can everybody just go to sleep now?"

The room was quiet for nearly a minute. Unbelievably, my hard-on was actually gone. I left my hand there, of course, but I didn't bother really trying to get myself going again.

"Yeah, we should all get some sleep," I said. "We need to be up in a few hours, right?"

"You didn't cum yet, TJ," Danny said, sounding .

"Don't worry, I did earlier today," I lied.

I pulled my underwear back up and covered myself with the blanket. I was asleep in less than thirty seconds, a giant smile on my face.


TJ Tachet

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