Danny Leeman leaned forward and bit off another grape.

It was dark inside the room, but he could tell that it was still daylight outside. Fine wisps of sunlight found their way through tiny imperfections in the fabric of the drapes over the windows. Chintz? Silk? Probably not. Oh well, he was being held by someone with less refined tastes than his own.

Danny had managed to wiggle his head free of the bandana that was tied around his eyes. That was a few minutes ago. And right about now, Danny was finally starting to appreciate the mess he'd gotten himself into. Or was it just some crazy sexual romp that he had absolutely no memory of?

His head hurt. And he was sore, more sore than he'd been in years. It had been days since he'd been out for a run and his muscles ached from the inactivity. Plus being handcuffed to a bed didn't help much. He looked down at his toes. His ankles were handcuffed too. All four limbs.

There was a mirror across the room, but Danny hadn't been able to angle himself quite right to see exactly what he looked like tied up like this.

Under other circumstances, Danny would have been thrilled to find himself thusly chained to a bed. He'd certainly had his share of handcuffing. It was an amazing turn-on for him to be held down and powerless while some guy sucked his dick. He'd even been fucked once while being strapped face first into a mattress, his wrists and ankles tightly bound inside of a few bed sheets. That was incredible!

But right now, Danny wasn't so sure. Something about the situation didn't seem quite right. But, so far, he had no particularly strong opinions exactly what the problem was.


A little bunch of red grapes had been suspended from the ceiling by an electrical cord. That was weird.

Whoever left the grapes for him was either being funny or this was the only creative solution they could come up with to keep Danny from dying of starvation.

The cord holding the grapes was attached with electrical tape.

An electrician? Danny had been out with a group of gay electricians. And now one of the kinky ones had him tied up? Hmm. Not his usual go-to fantasy.

Danny had already eaten all of the low hanging fruit, the easy ones that his mouth could reach without dislocating his jaw. He was famished. Nineteen-year-old college athletes burned through a lot of calories, and Danny needed a lot of food. A few grapes were not going to do it. Still. He would worry about his training regimen tomorrow. At least for today, Danny wanted more grapes, and he wanted them right now! But, if he was going to eat any more of the grapes-which were fantastically delicious, by the way-he was going to have to figure out how to get his lips around them without any help from his hands. A skill he had perfected with a certain male body part, but not yet with a fruit.

After a moment of thinking, Danny had a plan for the grapes.

He exhaled heavily and then he positioned his mouth as closely as possible to the grapes. Then he sucked in air, like a vacuum. Pop. Magically, a dangly one followed the trail of inhalation and landed right in the middle of his two pursed lips.

Danny thought to himself that his buddy TJ would be proud of him. Not many of his friends understand the true effort that went into sucking somebody off. What a talent! Maybe if this whole college thing didn't work out, he'd find work someplace giving head. Yum. He chuckled lightly, in spite of the stupid predicament he was in. He gave really good blowjobs.

In the dim light of the bedroom, Danny munched the grape very slowly. In spite of his skill, he may not be able to suck in too many more and he wanted to savor this one just a bit.

While he munched, Danny carefully inspected himself. He was on his back, bent up from the waist, the back of his head on a pillow, a pillow that smelled like Tide. His arms were spread wide from his shoulders, about a sixty-degree angle upward. His underarms were open to the ceiling. As best he could tell, the soft brown hair in his pits smelled a little funky. He hadn't showered since Saturday afternoon, before he was going out to hit the bars in New Haven with some of the other guys from the meet. Danny was careful not to overdo it sniffing the man-scent, it was definitely shower time again. His chest had been mostly hairless up until recently and Danny had started to shave off the few thin little dark hairs that popped out from time to time in the hollow between his pecs. He was due for a shave very soon.

Down below his torso, his middle was covered with a blanket that seemed to be tucked into the sides of the mattress. It was tight enough that he couldn't move it away by thrusting or by twisting his hips. It wasn't the most comfortable he'd ever been, but the blanket holding his pelvis to the bed was not so tight that his legs were numb.

He couldn't remember what kind of underwear he'd put on. If he was wearing a pair, they didn't feel like they normally felt. Looser than he usually wore for sure. Maybe they were running shorts? Were they even his? What exactly had gone on with these crazy electricians?

Danny hadn't worn anything that fit him loosely since finishing up puberty five or six years ago. The discoveries he made of his newly grown up body back then turned him on. He had a hard-on for weeks, and he was always searching out mirrors so he could check himself out. Filled out, Danny thought he was pretty hot. And if he was going to be successful at bedding every man he could in his hometown of Apple Valley, Danny knew he had to dress the part. Tight fitting clothes, including his pants and his underwear, seemed like just the ticket. Danny considered the tight clothes to be his trademark, his gift to all of the other sexual beings of the world. His brother David considered it proof that he was just a vain, incorrigible egomaniac who probably couldn't breathe half the time. Danny thought he looked cool.

Peeking out from under the blanket on the far side, Danny could see his bare lower legs, his feet, and his toes. Danny never shaved his legs. He was no triathlete. Those guys were nuts. Danny was a runner. He relied on his legs and his feet to do all the work. If he'd had to stay afloat during a triathlon, there was actually no guarantee he'd even make it to the biking and running. He smiled seeing that his toes were pink. He got a few compliments on his size nine and a half feet. He wasn't quite sure how to take foot compliments when he received them, but he just thought 'whatever.' Danny wiggled them to reassure himself they were in good working order. That's a good sign, he thought. There were metal handcuffs around his ankles. Even from this far away, Danny noticed little red ring marks where the cuffs had been pressing down on his skin. He winced. They hurt a little, but since his feet looked good at least the cuffs were not restricting the blood flow to his precious feet.

Danny's fingers seemed to operate correctly also, despite the cuffs around his wrists. He made a fist with his right hand and then relaxed it. Good enough. Then he made a fist with his left. Same little red ring marks, and they hurt too, but Danny guessed that whoever placed him into all of these restraints had not intended to hurt him, only to make sure that he stayed put.

With great effort, Danny sucked in another grape and considered his situation. Okay? So now what?

He was tied to a bed in a dark bedroom in the daylight. And apart from desperately needing to move his achy muscles around, his little inventory of his body hadn't turned up anything too bad. He didn't seem to be injured.

With a little arch of his pelvis and a stretch of his neck, Danny kept sucking away at the bunch of grapes. He figured out a system and successfully managed to suck off about a third of them. Now his cheeks were tired of pretending to be a vacuum cleaner. And he really had to pee.

Come on people, Danny thought to himself. If he was shackled to a bed, that most likely meant that he was having sex with some guy who was into bondage or control or some other shit like that. Danny wasn't quite sure what he would do if the guy brought in some heavy-duty equipment like a whip or something. The thought of it made him shiver!

But then, if Danny and some New Haven perve were supposed to be having sex with Danny tied up, where the fuck was the dude? Out getting more grapes? Out getting some hot wax? A fresh whip?

Danny winced. Yow!

What the fuck was going on here?

Danny thought back to what he could remember. It was late Saturday afternoon and he'd gone out with a bunch of the guys to hit some bars and to grab a bite to eat in New Haven. He had every intention of skipping away at some point to partake of the local Yale college boys. He couldn't seem to remember if that ever happened though.

They'd gone to some Thai place on Chapel Street for dinner and then most everyone went back to their hotel. At least the guys who were racing on Sunday went back, a few who hadn't qualified to run in the finals stuck around. Danny was the only one who actually had a final on Sunday that opted to stay out.

So he and three guys he'd just met, two from New York and one from someplace in Vermont, went to catch some live music at Toad's Place. The band wasn't too bad. What Danny remembered most about them was that the name of their band sounded an awful lot like 'Diarrhea.' The four of them found that pretty funny. When the diarrhea band finished up their set, the rest of the gang he was with said they were zonked and they left Danny alone.

Danny stood in front of Toad's Place, it was probably only like 11:00 or so. He watched the guys walk down the street back in the direction of their hotel. And that was the last thing that Danny could remember.

What happened after that?

Danny tried to suck in more grapes, but the distance from his Hoover to the rest of them left on the stems was just too great. They wouldn't budge.

"Fuck!" he shouted.

The combination of sucking in as hard as he could and thinking so much made his head hurt worse. He closed his eyelids, squeezing them together as tightly as he could, that helped a tiny bit. But when he opened his eyes again his headache was back again, same as before. And he really, really had to pee.

Very slowly Danny moved his head from side to side trying to take in all the details of the room he was tied up in.

He was clearly in a bedroom, a fairly Spartan one Danny thought, but the furniture was nice. Not exactly Ethan Allan, maybe a little closer to Ikea.

Danny smiled at the familiar do-it-yourself style of the place. It reminded him of the place he shared with his brother David out in Eugene. When the Leeman twins and their parents had first arrived in Oregon, they stopped in an Ikea on the way up from California. His parents had practically bought out the entire store, not everything could fit in his dad's truck, and so the rest was delivered. It took Danny and David almost the first month of school to set everything up that they got from Ikea. On two occasions, a piece of furniture that Danny built had to be completely taken apart and rebuilt by his brother David. Danny grinned at the memory of how pissed off David was.

He sighed. He really missed his fucking brother.

The bed seemed nice. There was a dresser off to the side with a mirror above. Because of the angle, he couldn't see himself in it though. There was a nightstand on either side of the bed, he assumed they had drawers but he couldn't see below the angle of the mattress, that was too low. There were two doors leading out of the bedroom, both were closed so he had no idea where either of them led.

A funny thing though, there was nothing else. No paintings on the wall. No stuff on top of the dresser. No alarm clock on the nightstand. Nothing. That seemed weird. Who lives like that?

Danny sucked in his breath again. As hard as he could. Trying to lure another grape off of the bunch hanging above his face. This time, they wouldn't budge. Despite his sucking prowess, nothing landed in his mouth. He sucked in again, this time he thought the back of his head might cave in. But the grapes never moved. Shit. And now he had to pee even worse than before.

Danny heard a noise outside of the door. He lay very still, every neuron in his body on high alert. The skin on his limbs was covered in goose bumps. He felt his nipples get hard.

It was another door being opened. He heard a metallic sound, he tried not to breathe. A lock clicking. Shut. Uh oh. Somebody was in the apartment. Fuck! Danny considered his options. There weren't many of them. Basically he could keep his eyes open or he could close them. Beyond that, he was totally fucked. He just hoped that whoever lived here that he had apparently gone home with was cute. Really, really cute.

Danny heard the sound of paper bags outside the bedroom. Being moved around. Now a squeak! Another door? A dungeon? He shut his eyes and held his breath again.

No you idiot, they don't have dungeons in New Haven. Or maybe they do.

No more sounds came from outside the door for another minute. He heard a toilet flush. Considering how much he needed to go himself, that was just cruel.

Footsteps. Hard-soled shoes. Hmm. What did that mean? Could it be a woman out there?

Naw. Even when he was at his worst, even when Danny had drank like ½ a bottle of tequila with his college friends, there was just no way! No fucking way that he'd ever, ever, ever go home on a Saturday night with a woman! Never, ever, ever! And Danny had definitely not had any tequila at any point on Saturday night. He got carded so he couldn't even get a beer at Toad's Place.

Footsteps again, this time without the shoes. Hmm. Getting comfortable I guess. Danny rarely wore shoes back in the dorms at the University of Oregon. Neither did David. They were roommates, of course, his parents choice. David's too, come to think of it.

The footsteps got louder. Was he coming toward his door? Danny froze. He felt his testicles ride up higher into his scrotum. He so wanted to touch himself! When on earth had he last gotten off?

There was a knock on the door.

A knock? Danny took a breath. Who the fuck would knock? He wasn't expecting anybody. Federal Express?

"Come in," Danny said hoarsely. "It's open?"

The door opened a few inches. Danny couldn't see anything through the crack.

"Is your bandanna over your eyes?" the voice asked him.

"Uh no, why? I took it off," Danny answered.

There was a pause.

"Why did you cover my eyes anyway?" Danny asked.

No answer.

"Actually, an even better question. Why am I handcuffed to your bed?"

No answer.

"Did we have sex? Was I a bad boy?" Danny smiled. This was all so mysterious.

No answer.

Danny sighed. Okay, so this was all part of the game. He could get into this. Right after he peed.

The door opened again. Slowly a figure emerged. There was a towel over his head. Danny could only see the man from about the chest down. He was wearing a black shirt with buttons down the front. Black belt. Blue jeans, loosely fitting. Definitely not how Danny would have worn them. The man seemed pretty fit. Not too thin, well built. In his hand he held a cup from McDonald's with a straw sticking out of the top. Something to drink! Yea!

"I really need to piss," Danny said.

"Right," the man said. "I figured you might. I got you a Coke from McDonald's, plus this." He held up an empty milk jug.

"Seriously?" Danny was incredulous.

Very slowly because he couldn't really see what he was doing, the man with the towel over his head set the cup down on the nightstand. Once he had done that, one hand felt for the side of the mattress and then he set the milk bottle on the bed as well.

"Why won't you let me see your face?"

"Because you can't."

"Didn't we already...you know?"

"Nuh uh."

"Really? We didn't. I don't understand," Danny said. If he met this guy in some bar and they had come back to the apartment, it didn't seem possible that the two of them would not have had sex. Why else would they have come back here?

The man was loosening up the blanket on the side of the bed so that Danny could pee. Danny watched him closely. He had nice hands. No wedding ring, thank god. He had on jeans, but it was hard to make out the size of his package from the angle Danny had lying on the bed.

"Why can't I see your face?" Danny asked. "Are you famous or something? Are you a professional wrestler? A movie star?" Danny scrunched his face up as he tried to think of what famous person he could have come across who actually lived in this part of the world. In Connecticut.

"In New Haven? Are you kidding me?" the man seemed amused by Danny's question. Now that he had moved the blanket away, Danny could see that he was wearing a pair of gray athletic shorts, they were not underwear after all. There were some letters on the left leg that he couldn't read.

Danny had another thought. "Maybe you're related to that guy from GE."

Danny pursed his lips and thought hard again. "Um, Jack Welch? Are you like Jack Welch's kid?"

The man laughed lightly, then caught himself. He shook his head. "Nope, I'm not. Do you think I'd be living in a dump like this?" The man swept his hand around the Spartan surroundings of the apartment. Seemed okay to Danny actually.

"Um, amigo, you are going to uncuff me, right? I'm a little pee-shy. If I have to pee into a milk bottle, at least let me get myself in there."

The man ignored Danny and put his hands carefully onto Danny's leg so that he could find the bottom of the gray athletic shorts. Then he slid them down over his thighs. Danny's dick popped free and he was relieved to see it. From what Danny could tell, it was all good. The fresh air felt cool against his penis. His balls hung loosely, as usual, down between the Vee of his crotch.

"Whew!" Danny exclaimed. "That feels nice."

The man under the towel grunted.

"Okay then, how are gonna get my wiener into that milk bottle?" Danny's dick was laying crossways onto his upper thigh. Being on display, even to a man wearing a towel over his head, had caused it to lengthen out a little bit. Danny looked down and smiled.

The man reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a paper towel.

"Really, amigo? A paper towel? To touch my cock? You're using a paper towel? Come on!"

The man placed the paper towel between his fingers and grabbed blindly for Danny's penis. He then placed it delicately inside the opening of the milk bottle as if he were handling a baby bird that needed to be shoved inside the top of the jug but not injured in the process. Danny shook his head. What the fuck was this guy doing?

In less than a second, Danny was peeing in the bottle. He could feel every part of his body start to feel better as he let it flow. Towel man continued to hold the milk jug for Danny.

"Whoa, that's a lot," the man said.

"Yeah," Danny agreed. "When you gotta go, you gotta.....uh, how long have I been tied up here? A month?"

"Nope, only since yesterday," the man said.

"Well, there you have it. And that's the first I've peed since yesterday?"

"Mmm hmm."

The man pulled the milk bottle away and Danny's penis scraped against the inside of the plastic as it flopped out. It appeared to have gotten a little fatter while it was inside, a fact that was not lost on Danny but which the man with the towel over his head could not have known. Danny watched as the man set the milk bottle on the floor beside the bed and pulled Danny's shorts back up. Then he tugged the blanket back across the bed and tucked it in again under the mattress on the side. Danny squinted his eyes.

"So, dude, what exactly are we doing here? I'm a little confused."

The man didn't answer. He picked up the milk bottle and left the room, being sure to close the door behind him. Somewhere Danny heard a toilet flush, then running water. Good, at least he liked to wash his hands after handling the urine of others. Universal precautions. Always a smart idea. Danny smiled to himself.

Danny looked up at the ceiling and sighed. This was definitely the strangest hook-up he'd had in a long time. Danny was strangely turned on by the whole thing. And, now that he had relieved himself, laying here on the bed on his back, he could begin to appreciate how sexy the situation was. Fucking weird! But very sexy too.

The door opened and the man walked in again. He cautiously approached the bed again, using his knees to guide him toward the side. He picked up the cup from McDonald's and put the straw near Danny's face. Danny looked at him inquisitively? But since the man still had a towel over his head, he didn't get the feedback he was hoping for.

"I'm to drink?"

"Mmm hmm," he said.

"What is it?"

"Coke. I already told you."

Danny rolled his eyes. He shrugged his shoulders and leaned forward, placing the straw between his lips. It was cold. His chest became chilled as it flowed down into him. Danny finished off half of the cup while the man held it to his lips. When he was done, he burped. It came out a lot louder than he'd intended and he turned bright red. He couldn't exactly cover his mouth, his hands being otherwise engaged. It was definitely not Danny's habit to burp in front of his tricks, at least not on the first day.

"Okay, so I'm all set then," Danny said with a smile. "I peed. I had a little bit to drink. When exactly do we fuck? I have no idea when was the last time I got off. And I, um, well, I'm a little horned out here." Danny nodded in the general direction of his private parts.

The man didn't answer. He placed the Coke back onto the nightstand and edged away from the bed. Danny watched him head back toward the door.

"Uh, hello? Amigo? I've got a couple questions here you know. And you just keep ignoring me. And you keep ignoring my penis too, by the way. That's not cool at all."

The man continued his slow, shuffling progress toward the door.

"I mean, come on! You can't just keep me handcuffed here to your bed, hold my dick with a... with a... paper towel, and then leave me alone again! I didn't even get a hard-on you know!"

He opened the door to leave, Danny watched incredulously. Why wasn't the guy sucking Danny's dick?

"A boy has needs you know!" Danny shouted.

He left, closing the door softly behind him. Danny couldn't believe it. Who does shit like this? Certainly not any guy he'd ever slept with before! What the fuck was going on?

Fed up, Danny struggled against all four of shackles at the same time. He bounced his hips up and down and bobbed his head. All he succeeded in doing was messing up his covers and digging the handcuffs into the flesh on his wrists and ankles.

"Hey!" Danny shouted at the top of his lungs. "Get your butt back in here! Right now! Fuck me like you're supposed to!"

Outside the room, Danny heard nothing.

"I mean it," Danny said in a normal voice and volume. "Don't make me come after you, cause I will," Danny's voice trailed off.

Silence outside.

"You're really starting to piss me off," Danny whispered to the door.

He signed and closed his eyes.

The pain in his arms and legs where the metal had cut him into him was stinging. The situation was shit, and he was starting to think that this was seriously not the usual weekend pick-up in Connecticut for a session of casual sex. Shit, shit, shit!

But if it wasn't for sex, what was all this for? Why was he still tied up? And why hadn't he been fucked yet?


TJ Tachet

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